Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tis the season to be shooting

Holiday Shoppers Scatter As Shots Fired Inside Wal-Mart
Armed man disguised as woman attempts to rob Walmart on Kirkman Road

Watch for my next entry titled "Could Holiday shopping in the Orlando area be hazardous to your health?". (writer shakes head)

Some of you may remember this earlier shootout in another local Wal-Mart. Here is another link. I couldn’t resist throwing this one in due to the clever title. And another incidence involving a firearm:

Wal-Mart Rape Suspect Rejects Plea Deal

Here is the video.

And an interesting discussion about Walmart.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

There is still a little love in this world

Please watch the video. There is no explanation necessary.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tips for Surviving in a Dangerous Urban Environment

First of all, we need to define what constitutes a dangerous urban environment. We can achieve this in part by reviewing yearly crime statistics. Orlando is ranked as number 18 this year overall out of 385 cities surveyed, but in the survey of cities with a population of 100,000 to 499, 000, out of 215 cities evaluated, Orlando is ranked as 9th overall. The State of Florida is also ranked 9th overall out of 50 states surveyed. This is usually a fairly good indicator, as well as what is being reported on the nightly news. Based on this information how dangerous is Orlando? The answer is that some parts of the city and surrounding areas do qualify more than others, as evidenced by the 115 homicide victims thus far this year, as well as the recent daylight armed robberies in the tourist district, and armed robberies of restaurants. Any city with a relatively high crime rate can also have safer areas, and cities like Detroit are an example of this. So now the reader is probably thinking “Okay Gun Shy, so what would you recommend as a means of personal defense?” First of all, steer clear of areas that are known trouble spots. If there is no reason to travel into those areas why tempt fate. If you end up finding yourself in an exchange of gunfire, the little voice in your head should be telling you that you have probably made a number of serious errors in judgment. My next tip is, if you are going to carry any weapons for personal defense, make sure of the following:

1) That they are legal for you to carry to carry concealed (different states have different restrictions)
2) That you understand the hierarchy of weaponry both defensively and legally to avoid being charged criminally, or even worse yet, being hit with a civil suit.
3) That you are extremely proficient in their use in all applications.

As stated above, there is a hierarchy of weaponry, with the options being hand to hand combat (blocking, punching, kicking, grappling skills, disarms), chemical weapons (defensive sprays), impact weapons (baton, metal flashlight etc), energy weapons (taser, stun guns), edged weapons (knives), and firearms. It is best to start out by learning some *realistic* hand to hand combat, which takes time, practice, and commitment, as well as live training with a partner to be proficient at it. In order to protect yourself legally, you need to have these unarmed combat skills and non-lethal force options available, because you cannot justify using lethal force to defend yourself in non-lethal situation, and it should only be used if a jury would determine upon review that it was necessary to avoid death or serious injury. Also keep in mind, that a pistol will be of no value defensively if an assailant takes it away from you before you have it un-holstered and ready to discharge. This also creates the dangerous possibility of them now using your own weapon against you. The same holds true for a knife or any other weapon. I should also state for the record, that the best way to gain the proper understanding of how to defend against a knife attack, is to first learn how to be an effective knife fighter. All of this, of course takes time, hard work, and dedication, and those who want the quick fix will try to take the short cuts.

It always puzzles me when I see people wearing T shirts with slogans on them such as “Body piercing by Glock” complete with a human silhouette punched full of bullet holes. Does anyone think that this shirt will somehow deter an armed assailant? What you have effectively done, is announced that you have a concealed firearm which eliminates your element of surprise. All the assailant has to do is beat you to the draw, and he now not only has your wallet, jewelry, cell phone, and credit cards, but also a spare firearm to be used in future crimes that is probably worth more than the cash you had in your wallet. If he is forced to shoot you in order to get your firearm it will not trouble him, because now that you are terminated this will afford him even more time to max out your credit cards before they are reported stolen reducing the risk of him getting caught. If you are going to carry concealed, make sure you have a firearm and holster that does not imprint (not easily detected by outline) because this will announce that you are carrying a concealed firearm.

So what are some of the writers more specific thoughts on this you might ask? Gun Shy likes to explore the full range of weaponry so there is no defensive stone left unturned. This would include, but is not necessarily limited to the following:

A)*Realistic* hand to hand combat training
B) Defensive Spray (I recommend Sabre Red with OC/CS combo)
C) An ASP Expandable Baton (some prefer a tactical flashilight with a crenelated bezel for striking)
D) A high quality folding knife (also a useful tool)
E) If you are at a perceived threat level that warrants carrying a firearm (make sure you are licensed), then I believe that carrying two pistols is the best option (with different draws of course) Make sure you are trained for handgun utilization (with correct ammo) in a close quarter environment, because there may be innocent citizens around you during the confrontation, and their safety should be a primary concern always.

By having the full spectrum of defensive weaponry available, the use of deadly force will be justifiable in the event that the other options were not enough to subdue the assailant first. If the assailant is armed with a firearm, go immediately to plan E if the situation allows and or demands it, with the primary objective being to protect yourself and others from bodily harm, and not to force the assailant into an unnecessary shootout. Always keep in mind that material possessions are not worth people dying over.

As an additional note, there are some who might also add a tazer or stun gun to the list as well (not this writer). Keep in mind, that the inexpensive devices are typically not effective and some what unreliable, so when it comes to defensive weaponry, spare no expense to get the right tool for the right application (threat level). Your life, and more importantly the lives of others may depend on it.

Please check out these previous entries on personal defense:

Surviving a Knife Attack

How Close is Too Close

OC (pepper spray) and CS (tear gas) used as effective?

Pistol Accuracy in a Combat Environment

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Judicial System falls down again

Murder suspect in custody following car fire

Let’s look at a quote from a local news agency:

Stevens, 18, is accused of killing 22-year-old Maxie Graham on November 10. Deputies allege that Stevens was trying to get to his girlfriend inside a house. "He called her moments before he showed up, telling her he was coming over to kill her or harm her and her children," James Clark said with the Seminole County Sheriff's Office. Clark also said Stevens had been threatening his girlfriend for over a month.

Stevens has had 15 prior arrests, a charge for significant possession of a weapon, firing a weapon into a car and carrying a controlled substance charge.

Let’s do some quick math here. Fifteen prior arrests at 18 years of age. Does anyone else but me see a pattern here? The Judicial system that allowed this to happen, should not only be chastised publicly, but should also be considered as an accessory to murder in my opinion. Once again, it appears that Law Enforcement is doing their job, but the Judicial systems keeps putting the violent criminals back on the streets.

OCSO takes some more down

This is an example of the citizenry working with Law Enforcement to deter crime in the Orlando area. If people started doing this with their neighbors property as well, it would send a strong message to the criminal element that they need to move on to another area where their profession is a little safer to practice. Make sure that you watch the video.

Man Catches Suspected Boat Thieves In Action

As 'ol Gun Shy Tourist likes to say, "You play lay around"...and sometimes it is with deep and painful puncture wounds from a well trained Shepherd that takes exception to being hit on the head (it tends to make them a little testy). A little future tip for those would be criminals concerning the hierarchy of weaponry. The fastest human can not out run a dog, and if you attempt to use your bare hands against a well trained Law Enforcement canine, you will be lunch, because the dog(s) will lock on relentlessly until the handler releases them. As a consolation, it appears that the canines are getting their on the job training hours in.(writer smirks)

Here is some more bonus footage for the dog lovers.

Five stars to the Helicopter Team, the K-9 Unit, and all the people on the ground from Orange County Sheriffs Office.

How Florida cities ranked in the 2008 Dangerous Cities Survey

Most cities held their relative positions from the 2007 survey with a couple of new entries, and there were also a few cities that did not make this years list.

City ranking 2008

#13 Miami Gardens
#18 Orlando
#35 Miami
#41 Saint Petersburg
#47 West Palm Beach
#50 Miami Beach
#66 Pompano Beach
#72 Jacksonville
#86 Tallahassee
#103 Gainesville
#111 Fort Lauderdale
#105 Tampa
#149 Hollywood
#171 Clearwater
#173 Lakeland
#177 Melbourne
#191 Hialeah
#203 Deerfield Beach
#210 Miramar
#227 Palm Bay
#230 Sunrise
#266 Plantation
#268 Davie
#280 Boca Raton
#294 Cape Coral (new)
#310 Port St Lucie (new)
#334 Pembroke Pines
#351 Coral Springs

The following from last years list (with pervious ranking), did not make the list on the 2008 survey
#231 Largo
#299 Port St Richie
#351 Coral Springs

Monday, November 24, 2008

I have both good and bad news for Orlando area residents (2008 Most Dangerous Cities)

This year Orlando was not the Most Dangerous City in Florida, as we were beaten out by Miami Gardens:
No. 13:
Miami Gardens, Florida

Rankings in Crime
Assault: 5
Murder: 24
Rape: 61
Motor Vehicle Theft: 39
Robbery: 12
Burglary: 32

Orlando is ranked as number 18 this year overall, right below Compton which is 17, even though our homicide rate has obviously escalated. But don’t rejoice just yet. In cities with a population of 100,000 to 499, 000, out of 215 cities evaluated, Orlando is ranked as 9th overall.

It should be noted that in 2005, Orlando did not even make the top 25, but in 2006 when Orlando's crime problems started to become obvious, the city was ranked 25th. In 2007, Orlando was ranked 11th, and this year Orlando is now ranked 18th. Maybe this should beg the question, is Orlando’s crime going down, or are the other cities with a higher ranking in this years survey experiencing a major increase?

And in the Most Dangerous States category, Florida also ranks high at number nine:

No. 9: Florida
Rankings in Crime (out of 50)
Assault: 5
Burglary: 10
Murder: 15
Motor Vehicle Theft: 12
Rape: 17
Robbery: 5

There are some who would like to decry these statistical rankings as I reported in an earlier entry, but we do not need these statistics to know that there needs to be some changes implemented in the Orlando area, especially when we review Orlando homicide statistics from past years that clearly demonstrate the emerging pattern:

1996: 47
1997: 40
1998: 46
1999: 45
2000: 50
2001: 42
2002: 53
2003: 59
2004: 55
2005: 71
2006: 113
2007: 98
2008: 115 (in under eleven months and growing steadily)

And the various headlines:

Numbers Show Increase In Orlando Crime
Hotel-Motel Burglaries Increase 47 Percent

It’s not like there hasn’t been any sign posts along the way:

FBI: Murder rate soars in Orlando

FBI, ATF To Fight Crime In Orlando

There have been plenty of recent indicators in the news.

Even former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani has recently taken note of our homicide rate.

And of course, Gun Shy Tourist even offered up his pseudo humorous solution to the growing problem.

There were some cities that were missing in action in the report due to incomplete submision of data as well as some missing metropolitan areas.

In the end, New Orleans, which I discussed in an earlier somewhat humorous diatribe was ranked as the number one most dangerous city, followed by Camden NJ, Detroit MI, St Louis MO, and Oakland CA.

Carjacker Smacked With Frozen Turkey

Well, it’s not Orlando, but it was too good to pass up so we will file it under personal defense concepts (writer grins). Maybe they will consider outlawing frozen turkeys now.

Could Dining in Orlando Area Restaurants be Hazardous to Your Health?

Should customers start to sit facing the door with a fire arm on their lap as a precautionary measure while they eat? Here is a small sampling of the escalating threat to citizens:

Restaurant Robbery Suspects Arrested After Massive Search

Police seek suspect in robbery of St. Cloud restaurant

Armed robbery at MetroWest Chinese restaurant

Chinese Restaurant Employee Opens Fire On Gang Of Robbers

Armed Men Attempt McDonald's Robbery In Broad Daylight

Armed Robbers Force Employees Into Freezer

Men Force Restaurant Workers, Customers Into Room During Attempted Robbery

Suspects Terrorize, Rob Two Orlando Fast Food Restaurants

Men On Crime Spree Rob, Attack Restaurant Workers

Man Armed With Steak Knife Robs Crowded Restaurant

Road rage leads to stabbing outside Steak n Shake

Gunmen Sought After Restaurant Robbery

One possible solution is for the restaurant establishments to hire armed private security who are highly qualified with their firearm.

Read my earlier entry for an even better possible solution.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Local Law Enforcement rounding them up bringing them in

Make sure you use the drop down menu under the title of View Mug Shots By Charge.

Robbery with a firearm
or Robbery armed with a firearm is always a good category to start with.

Orange County Sheriffs making armed robbery a bad career choice

Deputy Shoots Armed Robbery Suspect
When the armed robbery suspects rammed the Sheriffs car endangering the lives of the officers as well as the general public, that in itself was enough of an indicator that it was time for the officers in pursuit to formally declare game on. The moral of the compliant and cooperative when being taken down, or both you and your armed robbery career could end up being canceled permanently.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Could Orlando Tourism be Hazardous to Your Health?

Orlando Ranks High On List of Dangerous Cities

I-Drive Wendy's Robbed At Gunpoint

Man Shot At Hotel On I-Drive

Tourists Kidnapped From Downtown Disney And Robbed

Tourist Robbed At Hotel Near Disney

Robbers target tourist on I-Drive

Ohio Couple Robbed In Orlando Tourist Area

Tourist shot in the leg during robbery attempt in Orlando

Holidaying Scot shot in the leg

Tourist robbed at Disney area hotel

McDonald's manager held at gunpoint near I-Drive

Police: Tourist Robbed For Gas Money

Nike Outlet Store Again Targeted By Robbers

Deputy Shoots Armed Robbery Suspect

Man Arrested In Connection With Universal Orlando Shooting

Another Hostage Released In Bank Standoff Near Disney

Worker Robbed at Downtown Disney

Two Officers Shot Near Disney World

Guardian Angels Patrol Orlando's Tourist Area

Could Persuing Higher Education in the Orlando Area Be Hazardous to Your Health?

This entry is to make a case in point. Criminals do not recognize any type of territorial boundaries. They roam through out Orange County, as well as adjacent counties practicing their chosen profession. Criminals go where there is stuff to steal, and what better place than a college campus and parking lots, and the adjacent student housing. Most college students have expensive electronic items such as computers, video games, GPS and other items that are easy to sell. College students typically have a reasonable amount of cash and credit cards, and most have never faced a robbery situation so they will most likely be compliant to the assailant’s wishes. It is highly unlikely that a college student will be armed, making it a low risk for the criminal. When you have a surrounding area that has a high crime rate (Orlando is ranked #11 in Most Dangerous Cities in America survey) there will most definitely be spill over into outlying areas.

Former UCF Football Star Sentenced To 5 Years For Armed Robbery

Armed Robbery at UCF

Armed robbery at Pegasus Pointe

UCF Apartments Hit By Home Invaders For Second Time In A Week

Man Shot Near UCF Found Lying In Parking Lot
Someone Shot Man In Neck, Shoulder, Authorities Say

Man shot at apartment complex near UCF

More robberies at UCF area apartments

One AK-47, 54 bullets
Man arrested at affiliated housing in possession of AK-47, revolver

UCF should have disclosed AK-47

Grand theft auto up again on campus

Overall burglary reports on rise

People carjacked at nearby housing

Man robbed at UCF complex

Police pin Landing robbery suspects

Armed home invasion spikes security
Apts. add guards after 2nd armed robbery

Becoming a victim can change opinion

Students Fed Up With Crime At UCF

UCF Student Carjacked Near Campus

How Florida Cities Ranked in 2007 Most Dangerous Cities in America Survey

City ranking and population
#11 Orlando 216,819
#26 Miami Gardens 101,115
#35 Miami 392,934
#39 West Palm Beach 99,142
#53 Miami Beach 89,408
#54 Saint Petersburg 253,280
#73 Fort Lauderdale 170,203
#74 Tampa 331,487
#77 Pompano Beach 105,036
#88 Tallahassee 101,173
#101 Gainesville 110,009
#115 Jacksonville 795,822
#151 Melbourne 77,939
#168 Lakeland 90,204
#185 Deerfield Beach 77,636
#186 Hollywood 148,085
#189 Clearwater 110,520
#191 Palm Bay 94,399
#217 Miramar 108,421
#227 Hialeah 224,203
#231 Largo 75,729
#261 Sunrise 92,117
#289 Plantation 87,439
#291 Davie 85,624
#299 Port St Richie 133,913
#312 Boca Raton 88,093
#331 Pembroke Pines 152,916
#362 Coral Springs 130,976

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Orange County Sheriffs kickin butt and taking names... again

Make sure you watch the video:

Avoiding fatal errors in judgement

There was a stabbing locally last night, the by product of road rage that put one of the people involved in the hospital in critical condition with a stab wound to the head. One news agency reported the incident as follows:

Witnesses told detectives it started as road rage when drivers of a car said Monjito cut their car off. At some point, both cars ended up in the Steak n Shake parking lot. Monjito went into the restaurant and is accused of walking back outside, waving a knife at the female driver of the other car. Officers said a friend of the driver got out of the car and attempted to settle the argument. This friend, identified as Hunter Rosier, was then stabbed by Monjito.

I only wish that the person who is now lying in the hospital in critical condition had read my earlier entry as well as the second related entry. GunShyTourist’s number one tip for survival. Do NOT take your empty hands to a knife fight unless you are cornered and there is no other option. If the occupants of the vehicle had just rolled up their windows and driven away when the party with the knife exited the restaurant headed in their direction in a threatening fashion, the altercation could have possibly been diffused, and even if the assailant decided to get in his vehicle and pursue them, law enforcement could have been notified by cell phone and could have intervened in the situation.

Raising our road rage statistics

We have beaten out Miami in every other crime statistic (we are #11 in Most Dangerous Cities, they are #35) except road rage (they lead the nation), so maybe the citizens of the Orlando area are working on that to make us number one in the road rage category as well.

A suggestion for local law enforcement

It was reported on the news last night that the newly elected Sheriff is seeking input from the community on how to deal with crime in our area more effectively, so I just can’t pass up a request like that without sounding off.

One of the great features about flying post 911 security wise, is that potential hijackers never know when they board the plane, if there will be a team of highly trained Federal Air Marshals in plain clothes who are totally undetectable riding on that plane. Air Marshals have to go through intense firearms training in live scenarios to insure total accuracy if they discharge their weapon at 30,000 feet. In other words, they will always shoot a tight accurately placed group no matter what the situation or conditions. It seems that we are having more and more armed robberies on restaurants that fall within certain regions of the city, which poses a serious threat to the law abiding citizens who frequent these establishments. Why not have a floating team of operators who are qualified as expert marksman with pistol (I am sure our SWAT operators would qualify) who go from restaurant to restaurant during certain time frames posing as customers, who are prepared to deal with such incidences should they occur. There is a certain psychological value to such an operation, because most Domestic Urban Terrorists prefer unarmed victims so that they can be in total control of the situation because like rape, armed robbery is also about power and control. The perpetrators will suddenly find themselves in a situation where they will have no option but to comply immediately or deadly force will be utilized in a surgical fashion. After a few of the armed robbers have their careers halted by this select team while at the same time being reported heavily in all of the news media outlets including print, I have a suspicion that the number of incidences would decline very quickly.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Preemptive Law Enforcement foils home invasion possibly saving lives

Watch the video:
Helicopter footage of chase:
Hats off to Oviedo Police, the Eyes in the Sky, as well as all other agencies involved in the pursuit for a job well done. This sends a strong message to future would be home invaders. As an aside, the perpetrators should be thankful that law enforcement is not allowed to use a door gunners in persuit helicopters, because the pilot was riding the alleged home invaders escape vehicle like a pony at the fair.

Your Personal Protection Begins With You

It amazes me how many Americans I have conversed with who mistakenly believe that they somehow have a constitutional right which guarantees them protection on a personal level. The Supreme Court on multiple occasions has demonstrated in its rulings that this is clearly not the case, as justices have gone on record stating that law enforcement does not have a constitutional duty to protect an individual citizen from harm. If you review the errant perception held by many who have this misconception of a government afforded protection from a statistical standpoint, you can see how it is physically impossible for law enforcement to guarantee personal protection for every American citizen. We live in a nation of roughly 300,000,000 people. I have seen estimates that the number of sworn law enforcement personnel on our streets at any given time totals about 100,000. Even if this number were five, or even ten times higher, if you do the simple math, you can see how it would still be impossible for law enforcement to protect everyone, even if they wanted to. Now add to this, all of the legal restrictions that have been placed on law enforcement by our liberal lawmakers, and the problem becomes even more greatly compounded. It is an established fact of law as demonstrated in over ten Supreme Court as well as State Court cases that in the end individuals are responsible for their own personal safety as well as that of their families. Law enforcement does the best that it can with the manpower and resources it has, but as the number of violent criminals increase, their work load becomes even greater. It is time for Americans to stop blaming someone else and take responsibility for their own safety and well being by coming to the realization that you are your first line of defense. To be fore warned is to be fore armed, so let this be duly noted by the reader.

I have included two videos for your viewing enjoyment. The first one is from Boston Massachusetts, a liberal state that is notorious for disarming its citizens. Watch as apathetic and fearful citizens walk and drive by for the longest time doing nothing as a law enforcement officer is in dire need of assistance:

Now watch this video from Texas, where there is a slightly different attitude about personal protection, as well as the safety and well being of others:

Quiet Efficiency On Display

As discussed in my earlier blog entry titled Quiet Efficiency, the posturing, loud tough talk and the flashy moves are great for Hollywood movies, but have absolutely no application value when facing the reality of a potentially dangerous confrontation. I have linked to a few videos that demonstrate this concept, and will leave it to the reader to decide which party I am referring to in the subject title:
Now see if you can decide who the quietly efficient party is in this video clip:

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Domestic Urban Terrorism

Firebombing Blamed For Pine Hills Blaze
Fire Marshal: Missile, Molotov Cocktail May Have Ignited Fire

Just the facts

I have been referencing the soon to be released Most Dangerous Cities report recently in my writing. When I reviewed all of the latest Orlando area crime news this morning, I noticed that an area crime reporter whose work I respect was commenting on it as well, so I decided to make it a topic for today. It seems that in our politically correct society where facts have become the main casualty, we are now being accused of being insensitive to the needs of cities with dangerous rankings. Here is a quote of interest:

The costs of ranking cities by their rates of reported crime outweigh the benefits, criminologist Richard Rosenfeld of the University of Missouri at St. Louis asserted yesterday. Rosenfeld spoke at the American Society of Criminology, which is holding its annual meeting in St. Louis. CQ Press, publisher of an annual volume that ranks cities and metropolitan areas, is scheduled to issue this year's edition on Nov. 24. The company says it will no longer refer to cities at the top and bottom of the list as the "most dangerous" or "safest" cities. Rosenfeld argued that the rankings misinform the public about the true risks of crime in a particular area.

I am sorry that Mr. Rosenfeld is upset with the findings, but it is understandable. You see the city that Mr Rosenfeld hails from is ranked #2 on the 2007 most dangerous cities ranking list referenced in the above quote, which is released by CQ press yearly:

It should be noted that in 2007, CQ Press acquired Morgan Quitno Press who was the originator of this yearly report. Many people who rank high on the list are quick to contest the ranking according to the CQ Press analysis which details their overview of annual FBI crime statistics gleaned from the Uniform Crime Report. The CQ Press report statistically reviews 378 cities with a minimum population 75,000 people, and makes their assessment based on per-capita rates for aggravated assault, auto theft, burglary, homicide, rape, and robbery. I guess one could argue that this is an imperfect system of assessing danger, but the crime statistics are still factual none the less. Cities holding top positions would not have that honor unless they ranked poorly in all of the six crime categories used in the evaluation process. Instead of people attempting to sweep the statistical crime data under the carpet, why not instead just ratchet up enforcement and appoint judges that are tough on crime. If St Louis does this, then they might gain a more favorable position on the 2009 Most Dangerous Cities report. A fine example of this is the once crime ridden Miami, which is now #35 on the CQ Press list.

As I reported earlier, Miami had no murders last month.

Miami Goes "Murder Free" For A Month

The Feds are Back In Town

Federal Agents Raid Apopka Home, Cars Seized
It could be that some Federal money has been released to assist in ratcheting up local enforcement, which could make 09 a banner year for arrests here in the greater Orlando area.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The year end race is on to beat the all time murder record

Orlando Police See 3 Shootings In 1 Hour

When you have lemons, make lemonade

Orlando Makes Orbitz Top 10 Destination List

My first thought after reading the above article, was here comes more unsuspecting tourists from around the world into our area who will not fully realize the serious potential for personal theft, hotel burglaries, vehicle theft, armed robberies, car jackings, supermarket shootouts, and other violent crimes that are occurring here in the greater Orlando area on a daily basis, or even the occasional bus hijacking or fast food restaurant shootings. It is kind of ironic that while we are listed in the top ten tourist destinations, at the same time we are ranked as the eleventh most dangerous city in America out of 378 cities surveyed. At the rate we are going, I am sure that our ranking in the dangerous city category might even move up a few notches in next year’s survey.

I guess there is no accurate way to monitor how much the steadily increasing crime is adversely affecting our tourist industry, so maybe we should consider getting more creative so that we can maximize our tourist industry dollars during this troubled economy. Instead of having our unsuspecting tourists responding with shock and disbelief, maybe we could offer Law Enforcement Adventure Vacation Packages for those who like to watch TV shows such as COPS, and use this approach to put a more positive spin on the situation. When an innocent citizen is attacked, pistol whipped, robbed at gunpoint or shot and the suspect flees, we can offer ride along packages with our local law enforcement so that the Adventure Tourist can get a front seat view of the persuit (much better than a dash cam) and the takedown. When a suspect robs a local children's eatery armed with an assault rifle, or when an armed perpetrator flees the crime scene and barricades themselves in a residential neighborhood, we can offer a package where the Adventure Tourist can get suited up in full protective equipment and ride along with SWAT team members into the area in an armored High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV or Humvee), or APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) and observe the tactical operation from a closer perspective, with the option of purchasing a CD copy of the operation to share their adventure vacation experience with other family members. This way we could recoup the costs of the operation while increasing our Adventure Tourist's level of customer satisfaction. I know it is wishful thinking, but maybe we could even negotiate a deal where some of the the perpetrators could dress up as theme park cast members. If the Adventure Vacation idea takes off, then maybe we can open up affiliate programs in Beirut Lebanon and Falujah Iraq for those who enjoy adventure, but wish to experience it in an area that is less hostile than Orlando.

I regretfully report

I regretfully make this report, but in remembrance of this fallen young Marine, who served his country honorably and also demonstrated his esprit de corps as a private citizen, I feel that it is my duty:

How troubling it is, that this fine young man who gave so much to our nation while deployed in Iraq as well as when he returned home to his community, had his life cut short by a domestic urban terrorist on American soil.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Automatics only please

Carjackers Frustrated By Stick Shift Car Shoot Victim In Face
Man Recovering From Gunshot To Head By Carjackers

I am sure the reader can appreciate how frustrating it must be when an assailant is in a rush to steal a vehicle so they can crash it into the front of a gun store to gain entry, or use it for a drive by shooting, home invasion, or kidnapping, and they cannot figure out how to operate the stolen vehicle. How embarrassing it must be in front of their peers who are aiding them in the VLP (vehicle liberation procedure) when the carjacker, who is trying to stay on schedule is suddenly faced with the troubling realization that they do not know the difference between the clutch and the brake pedal. I am sure the readers would agree that it is completely understandable why they shoot those thoughtless inconsiderate car owners to punish them for purchasing a standard shift vehicle which served to lower the carjackers confidence and self esteem, but most importantly their productivity.

Maybe we should petition the state to implement a standard shift driving school as part of the perpetrators rehabilitation program once they are incarcerated, in order to cut down on future shootings by the repeat offenders who specialize in carjacking as their main occupation.

Preemptive Law Enforcement by Orlando Police Department

OPD Sets Up Shop In Dangerous Apartment Complex
Watch the video:

Friday, November 14, 2008

48 days till New Years with the body count at 114 and climbing steadily

There have been some adjustments in the latest body count to more closely reflect all the activity in the greater Orlando area. The reason why I personally believe that this is more accurate, is because there is an overlap of criminal activity between all of these areas, with many of the same people or groups involved. Domestic Urban Terrorists do not recognize town, city, or county boundaries, and they practice their chosen occupation in all of the outlying areas surrounding Orlando. I am going to report the 114, but I believe there is another murder being investigated as I write this. You might want to check the map later.,0,4865031.htmlpage

If you want my recommendations (with a slight humorous twist) on how to handle this situation which is escalating out of control, read this earlier entry:

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Confirmation of what we knew all along

Numbers Show Increase In Orlando Crime

Some of the good things about Orlando

I know this crime blog sometimes seems a little dark, because let’s face it, there is nothing uplifting about crime and the emotional trauma that it causes to individuals and families. In an earlier entry posted a few days ago, I stated that I would not be writing about the Caylee Anthony investigation again, but I had an experience today that changed my perspective on the matter. I was biking through Blanchard park this morning and came across the dive team doing today’s search making preparations for the operation. The team was diving under the flag of Blackwater Divers, which is a local group from here in the greater Orlando area. I was fortunate enough to catch part of the pre-dive briefing, which left me with the impression that the team was very well organized. The initial group consisted of four divers with a shore support team of about five, one of whom had a side arm strapped on as alligator insurance. I was told by one of the shore support team that approximately twenty additional divers were expected to be there later today as well to assist in the operation. As the team set up in the water, my initial impression of them being well organized was reinforced, as they gave a solid impression of being well equipped professionals in every aspect. I am confident that if there is anything to be found in the murky alligator infested waters of the Little Econohatchee River, this group will find it. I think we should all applaud the volunteer efforts of Blackwater Divers, because when people from the community show up and volunteer their time and resources to support an effort such as this, the least we can all do is recognize them for their hard work. If there is anyone interested in showing financial support for this operation in the form of donations, you can contact Todd Bosinski at 321-438-5402.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

From Bad to Worse

Woman Says She Was Kept As Sex Slave For 2 Days

The troubling incidents that are making the headlines around our little town seem to be worsening in nature and are occurring with much greater frequency. It was a good move to call out our well trained SWAT team because of the nature of the area where the incident occurred and the alleged crime. Many of the housing complexes in the greater Orlando area have become more crime ridden and extremely dangerous and violent while law abiding citizens are forced to live in fear. Maybe it is time to put pressure on these areas by performing regular sweeps. You can never really eliminate all of the crime, but you can put enough pressure on until the criminals move to another area or city that has less effective law enforcement. Let’s take a look at how they do it in another U.S. affiliated area which is Puerto Rico. This video shows joint operation by the FBI/National Guard/PRPD as they sweep public housing projects around the island of Puerto Rico. These public housing projects are so dangerous that police do not enter with anything less then a small army of highly trained operators. Maybe Orlando area law enforcement should consider this approach for use in future operations in the city’s crime ridden areas.

It is time to liberate the crime ridden neighborhoods of Orlando from the Domestic Urban Terrorists so that the good law abiding people need not live in fear another day. It is time to stop trying to put a band aid on a deep gaping wound. It is time to stop the bleeding now.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Effective law enforcement at its best

Take a look at this footage:
Area law enforcement has been kicking some major butt lately. Hats off to all involved from the Lake Mary Police Department for the flawless execution of a Tactical Vehicle Intervention, and other sound tactics utilized in apprehending the suspect and putting him under control. Great driving guys, and nice teamwork!

The cost of a handgun, a mask to conceal identity, and other incidentals used to perform an armed robbery on a restaurant... $400.00

The look on the perpetrators face when he gets owned at gunpoint by the Lake Mary Police Department after the flawless execution of a PIT maneuver and precision teamwork in the takedown… PRICELESS!

The Gun Control Myth

"More guns very simply lead to more violence"-- Mayor Adrian Fenty -- District of Columbia

Watch this factual video and decide for yourself:

Some additional quotes that are not only memorable, but also very logical:

"It seems that most of the "mass shootings" we have witnessed in the United States take place within gun free zones. I know people say guns are the problem. But oddly these mass shootings don't occur at gun shows" -- Author unknown

" If guns cause violence, then all of mine are defective." --Ted Nugent

Let’s close with a little humor, in which there is always truth:

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Danger on the mean streets of Orlando

The AK 47 is the weapon of choice for armies around the world. It is also a weapon that is becoming more prevalent on the streets of O-Town:

Men With AK-47 Storm Chuck E Cheese's

Robbers armed with a handgun and AK47 assault rifle in Osceola County try to shoot store clerk

Man armed with a high-powered assault rifle escapes from deputies

AK-47 Assault Rifle Used In Robbery

Eatonville Teen Shot With Assault Rifle

Leave the AK-47, take the cannoli

I-Drive Wendy's robbed with AK47

'Disposable' AK 47s—trend that worries cops,0,563660.story?track=rss

Suspects Armed With AK-47 Rob Coin Laundry Mat

Drive-by shooters toss AK47 out of their truck

Another interesting story referencing an assault rifle like the one our local law enforcement carries:

Man charged with attempted murder after firing assault rifle during robbery,0,4825474.story

The AK 47 is a rifle that is manufactured in Russia as well as other East Bloc countries. It is also manufactured in China, and other countries in Asia. They are inexpensive to acquire, while still being a very formidable weapon for close and medium range combat situations. Statistically there have been more AK-type rifles manufactured than the total of all other assault rifles combined. The AK 47 was designed by a Russian soldier named Mikhail Kalashnikov and was put into service with the Russian Army in 1947. It is also known as the Kalashnikov assault rifle. This rifle fires a heavier round (7.62x39mm) than the M16 (5.56x 45mm), which gives it more penetrating power, The AK47 requires minimal maintenance and rarely jams no matter what conditions the rifle is exposed to, do to loose tolerances in the operating system. It was reported that during the early Afghanistan conflict in the 1980’s, the freedom fighters were servicing their AK 47’s by dipping their boot strings with knots tied in them in motor oil, and using them to clean the bores of their rifles without doing any other maintainence. If you tried this with an M16 the outcome would be disastrous, and would probably make the weapon inoperable.

Let’s see how the AK47, the weapon of choice for Domestic Urban Terrorists compares to the M16/ M4 that our law enforcement officers are equipped with:

So as demonstrated in the video, the AK47 is not as accurate as the M16, but has greater firepower. While law enforcement has rules of engagement that they must follow to insure the safety of innocent citizens, Domestic Urban Terrorists have none, therefore accuracy is not really a primary consideration. To paraphrase one popular rap song, “The more you spray the less you have to aim”.

How much lead can an AK47 deliver down range at a target quickly? Let’s see just how long it takes for an AK47 set on full automatic to discharge 300 rounds:

You will notice that even though the rifle became seriously overheated, it did not fail and all 300 rounds were expended. The AK 47 is a wrecking machine that can take a licking and keep on clicking. Standard magazines are available for the AK 47 that hold 30 and 40 rounds, and drum magazines are available that hold 75 and 100 rounds. In theory, the AK 47 has the capability of firing 600 rounds per minute.

The person firing the weapon in the video was a little slow changing the magazines and fumbled at times, so let’s take a look at how quickly a trained professional can reload his weapon during battle.

Now I would like to define some terms for my readers that are not familiar with military hardware as to eliminate any confusion. When I refer to an AK 47, I am referring to a rifle that is capable of being operated in a fully automatic mode. There are AK47 look alikes that are semi automatic, and the distinction needs to be made, especially when being reported by the media. A semi automatic AK 47 is not an assault rifle, although it may look exactly like one. There are semi automatic scoped hunting rifles that create a far greater threat than a semi automatic AK47 does because of the scoped rifles accuracy. I could give a lengthy explanation of why this is, but I found a video explanation that will suffice for my readers:

This is not to trivialize the serious threat posed by a fully automatic AK 47 firing multiple rounds, but to demonstrate that there are bigger fish in the weapons pond that would not be considered an assault rifle, and most people who have no understanding of weaponry would not even consider them a threat from a visual standpoint:

It should be noted that I have confirmed that many of the Ak 47’s removed from the streets of Orlando are in fact fully automatic assault rifles. Here is a quote from a report about a recent sweep done by a Florida law enforcement agency.

Details by County:

Orange County:

399 assigned offender contacts
25 law enforcement teams involved
29 offender arrests (25 assigned offenders, 4 non-assigned offenders)
Contraband seized: 3 firearms (including 2 AK-47 assault rifles) with ammunition , 142 grams of Marijuana, 44 tablets of Hydrocodone, 25 grams of Ecstasy, 10 grams of crack cocaine and 1 Lorazapan pill.

Orlando Is not the only city in Florida that is plagued with this dilemma:
AK 47’s seem to be the topic of discussion by law enforcement all over Florida these days:

Orlando does have the distinction of having the highest number of murders of any city in the state of Florida, and ranks #11 in the survey of the most dangerous cities in America based on the 2007 crime statistics. After this years high number of murders and violent crimes, O-Town may move up a few positions in next years survey.

52 days left with 105 dead

We have 52 days left until January 1st, and the current body count in the greater Orlando area is at 105. If you review the average number of murders per month, this is not an encouraging sign.

If they keep adding to the body count as they have in past months, we could easily break the all time record of 113 murders set in 2006.

I am not trying to be the prophet of doom, but I am also not one to intentionally overlook statistical data either, so as we now enter into the Christmas season let us all pray for Peace on Earth…and especially here in the Orlando area.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Why Our Troops and Law Enforcement Need the Best Body Armor Available

First the raw footage:

Now the explanation behind the video:

The future of body armor:

Just how safe are the friendly skies?

It appears that post 911, the Federal Air Marshals, who have to go through rigorous training in order to get certified for duty have done an excellent job with in flight security. We should also consider the other possible venues that cowardly terrorists might use to try and create a fear of flying in the general population, which could in turn create a negative impact on our economy. As we know, Florida was the host state for some of the 911 hijackers, including the leader Mohammed Atta. With OIA and Disney being located in our immediate area, there exists the potential for other threats that need be evaluated and monitored as well.

Here is a clip done by a group from the anti-gun lobby. I do not respect their fear mongering tactics, but their short presentation does make a few valid points.

Here is a little background information on the rifles:

Keep in mind, that these rifles can be broken down and carried in a special backpack, making them fairly mobile. As shown in the video clips, .50 Caliber ammunition is available in armor-piercing, incendiary, and explosive rounds, which could create instant havoc if delivered accurately, which these rifles are consistent in doing.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Useful tips to avoid being car jacked

Car jacking is becoming more and more popular here in Central Florida

Be sure to check out the other security topics in the left column

Car jacking blog

Carjacking, Stabbing At Same Apartment Complex

Baby Dangled Upside Down By Feet Outside Vehicle During Carjacking

Volusia Carjackings End In Fatal Shootout

Carjackers Frustrated By Stick Shift Car Shoot Victim In Face

Man Fights Off Carjacker, Takes Gun At Orlando 7-Eleven

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Central Florida Gang Members Arrested

"Operation Blood Out" Nets 13 Arrests In Violent Crime Ring

Other Recent Law Enforcement Activity In Orange, Seminole, and Volusia Counties:

A headline I would like to see about Orlando

Miami goes a month without murder

As discussed in my earlier report, Miami was ranked number 35 in the 2007 survey of most dangerous cities while Orlando was ranked number 11. At one time Miami was saturated with violent crime and murder:

Miami Crime 1980's

What are they doing?

Just for nostalgia’s sake, take a look at the Florida crime stats for 1989. Make sure you take a glance at Orange Couny:

How safe are you in your urban dwelling?

With all of the thugs running around these days randomly spraying rounds with very little skill, and even less concern for the safety of others, it might be a good time to evaluate how your house rates safety wise. Watch this video and make your own personal evaluation. I promise you, it will be both informative, and enlightening.

This will also give the reader a better idea of what our law enforcement officers are up against these days in dealing with criminals, which I prefer to label as Domestic Urban Terrorists, who are armed with AK 47's and other similar weaponry.

OC (pepper spray) and CS (tear gas) used as effective?

Is OC and CS an important addition to your defensive arsenal? My answer to that question would be yes and no depending on the situation. If an angry combatant five feet away is rushing you with a ten inch knife with the intent of killing you, then the clear answer would be no. This is because defensive sprays are not the panacea that some manufacturers have led the general public to believe. Let's take a brief moment to examine the most commonly used compounds found in defensive sprays. The main component found in Pepper Spray is OC, (Oleoresin Capsicum) a substance that irritates the nerve endings near the skin's surface and causes a painful burning sensation in the eyes, nose, mouth, and throat. CS (ortho-chlorobenzylmalononitrile) which is sometimes referred to as tear gas got its denotation from the initials of the chemist who first formulated it. CS is an incapacitating agent often used by military and law enforcement to subdue a person who is combative, and also for crowd control. The most common effects of CS are severe burning sensation in the eyes with the production of streaming tears, excessive production of mucus, and severe coughing which can create the onset of panic in some individuals. It is also a skin irritant that causes a burning sensation to any skin exposed to it.

With some controlled exposure and conditioning, a trained person can learn to work through the effects of OC as well as CS. It should also be noted that not all defensive sprays are created equal, and the effectiveness of OC is dependent on its heat rating, which is measured in Scoville Heat Units. A weaker spray with a lower SHU rating will be less effective. One of the hottest sprays manufactured in my opinion is Sabre Red which is an OC/CS combination. I reviewed an independent assay of all the major brands, and Sabre was consistently the highest in the active ingredient. Sabre is used by large metro departments such as NYPD, and is also used in many maximum security prisons as a means of crowd control. When my friends ask me what their wives and daughters should carry, this is the manufacturer that I have recommended for many years. You should also keep in mind that when someone is sprayed with OC or CS, there is an initial delay time until the compound begins to irritate the skin and inflame the mucus membranes fully. With that being said, here is a video of a trained private security professional working his way through a face full of Sabre Red:

In all fairness to the Sabre product, they should have let the film keep rolling so that you could see the effects once the spray had become fully activated, but as demonstrated, pepper spray against an attacker armed with a handgun is probably not the best defensive option.

Here are police training exercises where Sabre Red is used:

Here is some other footage of our military that you may find of interest:

Army training with defensive sprays:

Marines becoming acclimated to defensive sprays:

As you can see from the above video clips, when an assailant has a high quality defensive spray administered on them correctly, there are effects created that could afford the defender a window to escape the attack. Many have asked me how effective defensive sprays are against an assailant that is under the influence of a major stimulant. It has been my observation that an apparent by product of methamphetamine use is that it seems to elevate the pain threshold in some individuals which raises the question, can defensive sprays stop a person who is high on methamphetamine, crack cocaine, or PCP? Let me just say that I would not want that to be the only line of defense between them and myself. As I stated in an earlier posting, there is a hierarchy of defensive options, and defensive sprays are somewhere near, if not at the bottom of the list. However, another aspect to be considered is that in the event a defensive spray doesn't succeed in completely deterring the assailant, it may at least slow them down or partially incapacitate them affording you enough time to escape the attack, or to implement your next level of defensive options. If you are an outdoor person who runs, skates, or bikes a lot, an ancillary benefit of carrying a defensive spray which contains OC, is that it will make an angry dog become passive almost immediately.

Some suggestions for selecting and using a defensive spray:

If the application is outdoors, choose a defensive spray that is delivered in a ballistic stream. This is a narrow high pressure stream that can be easily focused on a small area such as the face from a distance of ten or so feet. Because the stream is narrow, you need to distribute the spray in a side to side motion so that you target both eyes, the nose, and the mouth, almost like you are painting the face using horizontal brush strokes. The advantage of the ballistic stream for outdoor use, is that it is less affected by wind, therefore lessening the chance of you receiving any blow back. Be careful not to direct your defensive spray directly into the wind, or you will get to feel the effects of it first hand. A cone type dispersal pattern is best for indoor use, as the spray pattern covers a wider area and distributes a larger pattern more rapidly, and is better for crowd control. Some instructors who teach people how to use defensive sprays instruct them to hold the canister up so the attacker can see it while commanding them to stop. I personally feel that this alerts the attacker to shield their face or hold their breath and close their eyes, which could reduce the effectiveness of the spray, because it is more effective if they get it directly their eyes and airway. After you spray an attacker, be sure to move to the left or right and back by sidestepping on a 45 degree angle, because this puts the greatest distance between you and the assailant in the least amount of time, in order to evade the attack in the event that he keeps moving forward in his original direction (where you were) due to his vision being impaired by the spray.(charging blindly)

A sampling of greater Orlando area crime for the last thirty plus days

I may add additional links as I find them (there are many):

Deputies: Four home invaders rape woman, beat man with bat

Four suspects force man back home and cut his roommates

Killer crime spree strikes south Orange Blossom Trail,0,6050359.story

Woman suffers broken pelvis when she has no cash for suspect
(scroll down)

Armed man hijacks bus; forces driver to go to Downtown Disney,0,3669076.story

One dead in shooting at McDonald's near Universal

Man Shot At Hotel On I-Drive

Even more dead after bloody weekend

Leave the AK-47, take the cannoli

Deputies identify Orange County's double homicide victims

The Palms killings: a .40-caliber pistol and $11,500 in cash

Wal-Mart Rape Suspect Rejects Plea Deal

Baby Dangled Upside Down By Feet Outside Vehicle During Carjacking

Some more Carjacking:

Deputies Responding To Carjacking Make Arrest In Unrelated Stabbing

Even former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani takes note of our homicide rate

Orlando-Area Murder Victims (current count 103),0,4865031.htmlpage

Monday, November 3, 2008

Pistol Accuracy in a Combat Enviroment

How accurate is a pistol in a combat environment? If it is pressed up against your chest or forehead, unfortunately for you it is extremely accurate. Once you introduce other dynamics such as movement and distance, the accuracy begins to diminish at varying rates depending on the proficiency of the shooter. Below is a link to a video that clearly demonstrates this concept. It is a video of the final competition between two SWAT team members engaged in Close Quarter Battle. This video is from a segment of a show titled Combat Missions that ran on the USA Channel a few years ago. It was a competition where 750 former Special Operators from Marine Recon, Navy Seals, Green Beret, Delta Force, SWAT, and CIA Spec Ops submitted their bios for review, with the objective of being chosen to compete for the grand prize money of 250K. After reviewing the bios of the applicants, 24 participants (4 squads of 6) were chosen for the competition. The two final participants, who both happened to be SWAT team members (from LAPD and Miami Dade), were the last two left standing at the end of the 15 week competition after many major twists and turns. Here is a look at some of the competitors.

The objective of the final evolution was to place a round (head shot) into a five inch circle located on the competitors protective face shield, using marking rounds to make the hit immediately apparent to the judges who were monitoring the exchange via helmet cams. The first one to place a round in the opponents circle would be the winner. There were 85 or so rounds fired collectively by the two competitors before the objective was finally achieved. Here is the video.

Please note that the participants were wearing full protective equipment, so in an actual situation using real ammo, some of the other rounds discharged could have caused fatality if taken in the CNS or a vital organ.

With a little practice, a person can go to the pistol range and shoot tight groups all day long when sighting a stationary target, but once movement is introduced, combined with the pressure of the combatant returning fire, a new set of complex dynamics get added to the equation. The moral of the story is this. If someone has a pistol and is definitely intending to inflict bodily harm and you are unarmed, and you are not close enough to close the gap or do not posses enough training to disarm them, do NOT remain stationary. Get moving immediately by making your escape in an irregular pattern using random direction changes to increase the difficulty of the shooter sighting you (hopefully they will not have a laser sighting system) while creating distance between you and the shooter as you search for effective cover. One cannot out run a bullet in a straight line, so making it more difficult for the shooter to train his sights on you is a better tactic that may decrease the odds of them delivering a round that could end your career. This is not to guarantee that you won't get hit, but being wounded and ending up dead are two vastly different situations with two very different outcomes.

Other factors that may also affect the outcome if you are shot:

-- The distance from where the round originates

-- The caliber of the firearm

-- The type of round (shape, coating, hollow point, fmj, etc)

-- The powder charge propelling the round (a larger charge multiplies
velocity ie .38 and .45 are slower FPS than .357 and .44)

-- The barrel length of the firearm

-- The weight and muscular density of the person receiving the round

-- Where and what the round enters and or exits (if it exits), whether it be bone, muscle, organs, arteries, etc.