Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dude Looks Like a Lady

Dress-Wearing Man Robs Check Cashing Store

Police believe that it may be the same perpetrator as the Wal Mart robbery from November.

How low can someone go?

More from the Decline of Western Civilization file:

Child Porn Suspect May Have Escaped On Sailboat


…investigators say he had hundreds of explicit pictures and videos of children, as young as eight or nine, and it may have started years ago with Smith's own daughter. "He then started pimping her out, living off the proceeds from her, taking photos of her and putting them on a website," explained Major David O'Brien, Flagler County Sheriff's Office.

Watch the video.

Exporting Orlando Violence to Other Areas

Orlando Man Charged In Woman, Infant Deaths
Authorities have charged an Orlando man with murdering a St. Petersburg woman and her infant son, more than a year after they were found slain in their home.

We're not gonna take it...part three

From the crime doesn't pay and it sucks to be you file:

Store Clerk Shoots Robbery Suspects

However, the store owner pulled a gun out and fired five shots at the men, hitting one in the arm and the other in the leg.

My only comment is that someone needs to direct the shooter to a good instructor who teaches Tactical Shooting Techniques for Close Quarter Combat/Battle.

The Latest Trend of Ramming Police Vehicles

It seems like local Law Enforcement Officers lives are being endangered recently by assailants attempting to ram their vehicles.

Two Suspects Crash Car Into Police Cruiser

Suspect Escapes Police After Ramming Two Cruisers In Orlando

Maybe Law Enforcement should start dealing with the Domestic Urban Terrorists (Orlando Insurgents) in the same fashion that terrorists are engaged in other hostile areas of the world, by using an armored Humvee with a turret gunner which could help to insure the Officer’s safety, as well as making the assailants seriously reconsider their actions before they even attempt to endanger the lives of others.

Nothing says halt with more authority than a large caliber round through an engine block.

For those of you who feel that my proposal is a bit extreme, let’s scale it down a bit shall we? Maybe we could substitute an accurately placed round through the engine block delivered from the new Beowulf System which the OCSO has recently acquired to stop the assailant from fleeing the crime scene and endangering innocent lives as well as the lives of our Law Enforcement Officers. When you analyze the situation logically, a 4000 pound vehicle traveling recklessly down the highway at 100+ mph per hour or speeding through residential neighborhoods driven by a person trying to escape arrest who has no concern for the well being of others, is far more dangerous to the safety of the general public than one accurately placed round delivered by a police marksman. Another ancilliary benefit is the money saved in fuel when you will not need to send up the persuit helicopter.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

You have won a free trip on INS Airways

110 People Arrested On Immigration Charges
The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office announced the arrests Tuesday. It was all part of a five day operation in Orlando, Tampa, West Palm Beach, Miami and Broward County…

…Of the 110 arrested, 24 have criminal histories.

If you do the math you will find out that the criminal element deported was around 22%.

For the people who come to America seeking a better life, and to raise their children as good citizens and be contributors to our great nation, welcome to America.

For the criminal element who come here to take advantage of our resources and kindness, mistaking it for weakness, your error will find you out. Have a nice trip.

Father of the Year

From the decline of Western Civilization in Orlando file:

Man Leaves 2-Year-Old In Moving Car
Deputies were searching for a man who bailed from a car and left a 2-year-old girl inside late Monday night. The driver abandoned the car during a traffic stop on Pine Hills Road and Silver Star Road leaving the toddler inside while the car rolled and crashed into a fence.

If this was the mans child, and he has no concern for his own flesh and blood, does anyone believe that he would care about the well being of anyone else?

Could Singing Karaoke in the Orlando Area be Hazardous to Your Health?

Armed Men Burst Into Karaoke Bar, Rob Customers


Deputies were searching for three men who stormed into an Orange County karaoke bar late Monday night, robbed customers and pistol-whipped two people inside.

It looks like we have a few more candidates for pistol whipping rehab.

Maybe we should film a series in Orlando called Pistol Whippers Gone Wild.

For some more of my Hazardous to Your Health in Orlando series, click on the links below:

Monday, December 29, 2008

America needs a morality transfusion and a spinal implant

Ocoee man, 91, shoots at, repels home invaders who threatened his wife


Now 91, he scared off two home invaders with his 38-caliber revolver when the men threatened his wife of 72 years at their home east of Ocoee. "I was going to kill him either way," the retired jack-of-all-trades said Wednesday. "She's all I've got to live for . . . Why would I want to live?"

This man is an example of the generation that built this nation that we now enjoy, and who sacrificed to make America great. This is the generation that understood what it meant to be honorable, and to show courage. I was exposed to this same example of courage while living in California. A transient who was angry at the world for whatever reason, walked into a local restaurant with a revolver and a semi automatic pistol, and started to randomly shoot the customers there. While the patrons cowered, an elderly man of courage, who had served honorably in the U.S. Military during the Korean War, and was also former Law Enforcement got up and rushed the assailant from the other end of the counter as he was shooting and succeeded in knocking him to the floor, even after taking four rounds. This heroic man succumbed to his wounds, but saved the lives of fourteen people in the process, including a young mother who was a waitress he knew, as this was a regular hangout for locals. I felt honored to attend the memorial dedication for this hero, because it reminded me of the America that I remembered, an America with respect, honor, and most of all courage. A take action America.

My readers have probably noticed a trend in my recent reporting, with a fair amount of coverage being dedicated to the crimes being perpetrated against the elderly. This writer will openly admit these cowardly actions incense me to no end, and I can’t even fathom the level of disrespect that the sub-humans who perpetrate these crimes against the elderly must possess in their dysfunctional psyche.

In my recent travels, I have noticed a growing number of elderly people in shops where firearms are sold. I have spoken to some of them personally, and over heard their conversations with the retailers as well. Many of them have lived in their neighborhoods for most of their lives, and now sadly those neighborhoods are turning and crime is on the rise creating a fearful living situation. I spoke with a person that works in sales for a major firearms retailer here in Central Florida about this. He has worked in the firearms retail business for a number of years in various areas of the country, and I have found him to be knowledgeable in regards to weaponry. I asked him if he had seen an increase in firearms purchases by the elderly, and he confirmed what I have been observing for a number of months. He stated that purchases by the elderly had increased dramatically, with some of these first time purchasers being close to 80 years old. Their weapon of choice was typically Old Reliable, the 38 revolver. My first question is who is to blame here that our elderly are now being forced to arm themselves for protection? It it Law Enforcement’s fault that the elderly are living in terror? My answer to that would have to be no, because if you go to review how many people are arrested daily in the greater Orlando area, the numbers are astounding. Is it the Judicial system that returns these domestic urban terrorists back to the streets to commit another violent crime against the innocent? To that I would say that they are to blame in part, but the problem is of a much greater magnitude. America used to be a strong nation that would not stand for these actions by criminals against law abiding Americans. Over the last forty years or so, we have now become a nation that is fearful of liability, and so now no one wants to take action or get involved. With all of the movies and music that glorify the gangster lifestyle, is anyone surprised that this is playing out in real life on our streets daily? For those naysayers who would argue that popular culture doesn’t affect a society, let me sing them a few bars of a popular commercial or TV theme song and see if they know the rest of the lyrics. One only needs to study how the popular culture of the Roman Empire led to the demise of one of the strongest ruling nations of all time, and you will see how history is repeating itself in our country right before our eyes, because a nation that allows its children and elderly to be abused or murdered without being outraged and taking aggressive action to curtail it is a nation in apathy on the road to destruction.

We're not gonna take it...part 2

Man Fights Off Attempted Robbers With Knife
It seems like Orlando area residents are getting tired of being victims, and are now turning the tables on the O-Town Insurgents.

Investigators said three men wearing masks tried to rob a man, but he fought back with a knife.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Decline of Western Civilization in the Orlando Area

From the end of the world as we knew it file:

Two Boys Shot While Walking Near Their Home

Let's recap some of this weeks highlights shall we?

An elderly couple in their nineties who were being robbed at gunpoint were forced to defend themselves with a pistol.

A ten year old girl had to fight off a kidnapper by using elbow strikes. (see video)

And now a couple of kids (one a twelve year old) get shot while walking in their neighborhood.

This city and the surrounding area is spiraling out of control fast. I will be releasing an article shortly about the fear that the increased crime is creating among the elderly.

Local Soldiers Deployed to Afghanistan

Brevard Reservists say goodbye, head to Afghanistan

They are the hard working men of the US Air Force who put themselves in harms way daily to save the lives of soldiers on the ground who are wounded in combat through their MEDEVAC operations. This is a shout out to these men and their vital contribution to the war on terror, in their efforts to keep our ground troops alive. The group that they are replacing will be flying into Orlando this week, so if you are at the airport give them a solid round of applause.

As a side note, the news media gives a lot of recognition to our elite military teams such as Marine Recon, Navy Seals, and Army Rangers, but let’s not forget that our Air Force has Spec Ops teams as well. To learn more about them, watch the video.

And here is my favorite Sarge discussing the Air Force PJ’s.

Some more reading.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Elder abuse by Orlando Insurgents

I just heard a news story about a ninety year old couple from West Orange who were attacked by a couple of Domestic Urban Terrorists with a firearm. One held a pistol to the woman's head in an attempt to rob her, but her husband had a pistol, discharged some rounds, and the assailants fled. No report yet if any of the "terrorists" were hit. Gun Shy personally believes that ANYONE who terrorizes our elderly who have lived productive law abiding lives are less than sewer scum. Mayor Buddy Dyer who stated in Nov of 2007 that he had launched a three year public safety initiative (see his comment at end of report) or the mayor of Orange County should give a good citizens award to this elderly couple publicly, as well as the good Samaritan who shot an assailant and saved a woman from being robbed and harmed at a mall on East Colonial Drive. Maybe part of the money from the Mayor's three year initiative should be put towards giving cash awards to good citizens who deter a violent crime, because murder is at an all time high in The City Beautiful and surrounding areas.

Bust a cap-a-polooza

Maybe they should start filming a series in Orlando called “Guns gone wild”.

Shootout Leaves 18 Year Old Wounded Near Apopka

Shooting Leaves Two In Hospital; Suspects Caught After Chase

Thursday, December 25, 2008

How The Murder Pie is Sliced

Of the 123 homicides in the greater Orlando area for this year with only six days left, there were many homicides that were sprinkled around, but there was also obvious concentrations, and here is how that concentrated murder pie is sliced:

Leading is Pine Hills with 18 murders (14.63%).

Second is Holden Heights with 10 murders (8.13%).

Third is Texas Avenue and Americana Blvd with 7 murders (5.69%).

Tied for fourth is Mercy Drive and Apopka, with 4 murders each (3.25% each).

Maybe we should change the names in these areas to more accurately represent the senseless violence that is occurring there. Pine Hills is already known as Crime Hills, so maybe we should refer to Holden Heights as, Hold up Heights or Bullet hole em' Heights, and change Mercy Drive to No Mercy Drive, Texas Avenue to Texas Gunfire Massacre Ave, and Apopka to A-pop- a- cap-ka. It should be noted that a large number of the homicides occurred in the area that I refer to as The West of I-4 Corridor.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

How it used to be

From the we're not gonna take it file:

Back when America was a stronger nation, people would take action to defend other innocent people against bullies and thugs. Because of liability issues, the trend changed and people started to look the other way and not get involved. I am happy to report that this was not the case last night.

Man Pulls Gun On Robbers, 1 Suspect Shot


However, several holiday shoppers saw what was happening and surrounded the thieves. One of the witnesses to the crime pulled out his gun and shot one of the robbers in the leg.

This sends a clear message to the lawless, that crime is painful and can be hazardous to your health if you are an assailant. This is much better than seeing another marker representing an innocent victim on the Orlando area murder map.

I think the mayor should give these brave citizens who protected this innocent women public recognition for their bravery , as well as a nice Christmas gift in the form of a cash award.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Putting the Orlando homicide rate into perspective

America has been involved in the war on terror since late 2001. One of the areas that we have been fighting in is Afghanistan, an country that is known to harbor ruthless terrorists. From 2001 until now, there have been 405 American soldiers who have died in what is termed as hostile action in Afghanistan. Others have died, but they were not killed in battle. In the greater Orlando area since 2001, there have been 644 homicides to date, many of them innocent victims who had no known association with the assailant, who were shot while being robbed. This is why I have chosen to label these assailants Domestic Urban Terrorists or Orlando Insurgents, because after all, some wear hooded face masks and gloves, do abductions holding people hostage, pistol whip their hostages, and some have AK 47's. I am of the opinion that local Law Enforcement is working hard to try and remedy this problem, but at this point they are probably overwhelmed with the manpower and resources that they have. If the crime in Orlando keeps escalating as it has, there will be no tourism left. It is time to stop the bleeding, and call in some outside support. The writing is on the wall, and it is written in the blood of the innocents.

Please read this earlier entry as well.

Eighty eight pharmacy robberies this year in Orlando area

Does anyone see a pattern here? It is time for the local pharmacies to get private security that is armed and qualified with their firearm(s) before they lose all of their customers. Read my earlier entry and then read my suggestion on how to curtail armed robberies in local restaurants, and apply the concept to pharmacies.

One hundred twenty three and counting

Homicides In Orange County Set New Record


The Orange County Sheriff's Office reports that three separate fatal shootings over the weekend put the city over the top, bringing the death toll for 2008 to 123.

Many of the young men who were murdered this year were in their early twenties. Some of them had children that were left fatherless due to these senseless acts. With every decade that passes in our lives, we learn new things which change our perspectives and the way we make decisions and consequently how we live. I can't help but wondering what the outcome would have been, if the shooter as well as the person who lost their life had lived for another decade where they may have been exposed to a new way of thinking.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Another murder in Orlando

Last night in front of Arby's on Orange Blossom Trail there was another murder. A person who came to pick up an employee was shot to death in their car. I will post a follow up later when the details are released. Ten days to go until New Years. So much for peace on earth and goodwill towards men.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Orlando murder clock ticks towards midnight

Man Shot In Pine Hills Home While Texting In Chair- Victim's Friend Says Neighbors Heard Shots, Saw No One

Alfred Coleman's friend, Vann, said they heard gunshots in their Pine Hills at about 3 a.m., and then his friend was dead. "I'm moving," Vann said. "I'm getting the heck from around here. This is crazy."

Right you are Vann. There have been more Americans killed in Orlando this month, than Americans KIA in Iraq. No matter how people try to trivialize the crime problem in the greater Orlando area, we are in fact, living in a combat zone. I touched on this in an earlier article that approached this serious problem from a somewhat humorous perspective, as well as in this entry.

The murder map has not been updated yet, but with the addition of Caylee Anthony and this latest victim, we may have broken or at least tied the all time record for homicide in the Orlando area with eleven days to go till New Years. In the city of Orlando, homicide is up 11% this year. If this keeps up, we will have to change the name from The City Beautiful, to The City Dangerfull or the City Morgue-is-full.

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Jail Bird State

Florida Prison Pop. Tops 100,000 For 1st Time

Florida's prison population has topped 100,000 for the first time, making it only the third state in the nation to break into six digits after California and Texas…

…In 2005, it cost Florida more than $22,000 annually to house and feed each inmate, a little lower than the national average of just under $24,000.

The U.S. prison population has increased four-fold from 1980 to 2002, growing from 500,000 to 2.3 million now incarcerated. The prison population for the state of Florida has increased by 30,000 inmates since December of 2000. Maybe it would be beneficial to start statistically surveying the country of origin for our swelling prison population to monitor which if any country is contributing to our recent rapid growth in inmates. If a trend can be shown, then immigrants from those areas would need to be screened more closely before being allowed to enter.

I also have another suggestion. Since we are farming out our other industry to foreign counties, why not contract out the incarceration of repeat violent offenders to those same countries. In the prisons of many third world countries, if you don’t work or have your family support you, then you don’t eat. With repeat violent offenders, it appears that the country club style rehabilitation program is not working effectively, so maybe it is time for a new strategy that will also help solve our overcrowding problem.

If the prison polulation keeps growing at this rate, then maybe they should change the saying on Florida license plates from The Sunshine State to The Incarceration State, and make our state seal a jail cell.

120+ murders with twelve days to go

The most recent murder today of a young man brings the total number of homicides in the greater Orlando area this year to 120. The current record was set in 2006, with a total of 121 homicides in the greater Orlando area. Since the death of Caylee Anthony has now been ruled to be a homicide, this may have tied the all time record of 121 with 12 days left to go until the New Year.

Here is a good homicide blog.

Here is the muder map.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are a “sweeps” winner! Now get on the ground and put your hands behind your back to receive your "prize" bracelets.

The Orange County Sheriffs Office is bringing it to the local drug dealers for the holidays, with a week long sweep that took 282 dealers off the streets in the first phase. Law enforcement confiscated drugs, guns, and money in the operation. Anywhere there are drugs, there is always other crime such as robbery and prostitution in order for people to support their habit, and murder because of territorial disputes and unpaid debts. On behalf of the law abiding citizens of the greater Orlando area, Gun Shy would like to thank OCSO for this early Christmas present, because now there will be less armed robbery, murder, and home invasions occuring during the holiday season. This offensive move by the Sheriffs Office is effective, because it puts the remaining dealers back on their heels wondering if they will be next, and they most likely will be. So pack your jail bag and get ready fellows…because you will be going on a holiday vacation where the meals will be served in your room. No need worry about who will take care of your shiny ride and other possessions purchased with the dirty money, because they will be auctioned off to finance future sweeps so there can be more "winners".

Thursday, December 18, 2008

There is something about a girl with a gun...

Café Owner Pulls Real Gun On Suspects Armed With BB Gun


Two men tried to rob an Orange County cafe with a BB gun, so the cafe owner pulled out a real gun and sent them running….

….But there was a catch when one of the suspects pulled out his BB gun and pointed it at Minerva Perez; she had her own gun. After Perez pointed her gun at the robbery suspects, they jumped in their car and headed up the 408.

Watch the video.

A Gun Shy salute to our sister in arms, Minerva Perez, a hard working Hispanic woman who obviously doesn't like criminals talking smack to her while trying to steal her hard earned cash. Too bad there wasn't a video surveillance camera to catch the "oh $hi#" expression on their face when they realized that while they were thinking they were the hunters, they had actually become the hunted. I might have to stop by at the café for lunch and congratulate her personally on a job well done.

Why should our elderly be forced to live like this?

Does this make anyone else angry?

Man Goes To Work With Bullet In Head- 74-Year-Old Struck By Stray Bullet
A Riviera Beach man who was hit by a stray bullet in the back of the head is back at work -- with the slug still stuck in his skull...

...Police said Strickland was hit by a bullet Tuesday night from an attempted robbery outside a Walgreens store.

Chief of OPD has her work cut out for her

Orlando Police Chief Outlines Plan To Cut Crime

Chief Val Demings says she has a lot in the works to reduce the rampant hold-ups in Orlando.

With the increase in criminal activity on the mean streets of Orlando, Val Demings surely has her hands full. The newly elected head of the Orange County Sheriffs Office is her husband Jerry Demings. Hopefully the two agencies will work together to get this city back in order.

And the bodies just keep piling up

Man Shot, Killed During Fight At Strip Club
A man was killed after a shooting at an Orange County strip club late Wednesday night. Investigators said a fight started inside the Diamond Club on Semoran Boulevard near Hibiscus Road.

The video.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My happy post of the day

Apopka Marine Earns Bronze Star For Valor
Capt. Christopher D. Wills received the Bronze Star on Wednesday during a ceremony at Camp Lejeune. The Marines say Wills fought with valor on two occasions as a Military Transition Team leader with the First Iraqi Army Division. In April, he held his ground so Iraqi soldiers could escape and the following day kept his men safe during a mortar barrage. Wills is 37 and from Apopka, Florida.

It makes me happy...yes happy to know that in a world of mediocrity and compromised standards, the Marine Corps is still turning out young men of high character and un-compromised loyalty. A salute to one of our valiant hometown boys who served honorably, along with a loud oorah, because he is a credit to the Corps.

Anyone else see a pattern here?

Target Store Thieves Caught In The Act, Escape

The thieves went to great lengths to get to their target, which appeared to be video games and other electronics. At least two men first stole a Sherwin Williams paint truck, then cut through a fence in the Target garden department before covering up one of the security cameras and entering the main store.

Robbery Suspects Crash Into Cruiser, Ditch

Glass was left shattered all over the ground outside Florida Cleaning Systems in Seminole County from when the men smashed the window out of one of the vans. They hotwired the van and then took off on a crime spree.

Maybe it is just a coincidence, but they went to great lengths to steal vans with company logos on them. Is this the latest move by thieves to appear legit so they are not stopped?

Take me to my happy place

More and more I am getting the feeling that it isn't Orlando.

Man Threatens To Kill Ross Workers After Shooting Way In


Store employees locked out a gunman and ran for cover early Wednesday morning, but it wasn't enough. The gunman opened fire, shattered the glass and forced workers in Orlando's tourist corridor to hand over drawers of cash.

The perpetrators seem to be getting bolder in their activities, which makes them more dangerous. If this is not handled expediently, eventually a tourist(s) will be killed, and then the rest of Orlando’s tourism will go down the drain. The readers might remember my earlier entry.

Maybe my suggestions to make dining safer for tourists could be applied to increase the safety for stores on I-Drive as well.

It is time to start thinking outside the box in order to get the desired results.Time is of the essence.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A very sad day indeed

Husband Accepts Murdered UCF Student's Degree

Please watch the video.

Nicole was murdered in June of 2008 in East Orange County's Blanchard Park before she could finish her studies at UCF.

This is my second soapbox this week and then I will probably shut up for a while (maybe). Here we have a beautiful young woman, who was working hard to better herself and the community, only to have her life cut short by a rapist murderer. This murder happened close to the University of Central Florida campus, which in the past was always thought to be a good area that was fairly safe. I have a news flash for all of my local readers. I have only been back in Orlando a short time after being away for almost ten years, and there aren’t any good areas anymore. In my earlier entries, I reported on the road rage murder at the Steak and Shake, the person shot at student housing, the drive by shooting on Suntree Blvd, and the shooting at the Marriot on University Drive.
There is also suspicion that the person who was shot and died at the hospital, was shot behind Logan’s Steakhouse which is directly across the street from the Marriot. All of these incidents were in close proximity to each other and the UCF campus. These are all events that have occurred very recently. Please read this entry as well.

I am not sure if they are human

Burglars Point Gun At 1-Year-Old's Head

Deputies said the baby was sleeping in the back bedroom of the home when the thieves kicked in the front door, grabbed the child and put a gun to her head.

Gun Held To Baby's Head In Home Invasion

A masked gunman held a gun to the head of a 1-year-old during a violent home invasion in Lake County, deputies said...

...A couple said they were threatened and pistol-whipped before a gun was pointed at the child during a demand for money, according to deputies.

They have the appearance of humans, but they are obviously missing a key component...a heart.

The only thing worse than this, is the person who held a gun to a babies head in the Walmart parking lot while he raped the mother of the child.

Adds new meaning to "going to the club"

From the You play around you lay around column:
Men Try To Enter Store Through Air Conditioning Duct

One suspect who tried to fight deputies received a gash on his forehead when a deputy hit him in the head with a baton.

Maybe the perp will be singing I fought the baton.. and the.. baton won.

It appears that the guys from OCSO never sleep...check out the mugshots for one days bookings here.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Mug Shots Anyone?

Check out what local law enforcement is doing around the clock, and maybe this will explain why citizens shouldn't call them when they leave their vehicle unlocked and then find something missing. (they are busy with serious stuff you knuckleheads)

Make sure you go to the drop down menu and look at all of the various charges found under View Mug Shots By Charge. Let me give you a few to get you warmed up:






Sunday, December 14, 2008

accidental shooting at store

Woman Shot After Man Drops Gun In Store- Man Says He Never Carried Pistol In Public Before

Sixty-seven-year-old Woodrow Monlyn Jr. was arrested in connection with carrying a concealed firearm. He told police he had never carried the .25-caliber pistol in public before and didn't know he needed a permit.

People are living in fear, and so as a by product the number of concealed carry permits have doubled in the last few years here in Florida. It doesn’t matter that this man, who was obviously not of the criminal element had this pistol, because he could have dropped it whether he was licensed to carry concealed or not. Here is the real crux of the matter. Go to a pistol range and just observe what goes on there sometime. What you will see are many people who are extremely unsafe in their handling of a loaded firearm, as well as a large number of people who can’t shoot a tight group on a stationary paper target, even at close range. Heaven help us all if these people ever end up in a close quarter situation in a supermarket full of shoppers where they feel the need to exchange gunfire with an assailant. Many of these people are uninformed about the various type of rounds and their application, so they are carrying a pistol full of ball ammo which skips around so nicely on a tiled concrete floor and block walls. Here is an example of what can happen.

Woman Slightly Hurt In Walmart Shooting

The gunman started shooting while running, firing six times in the crowded store. Woodland, who is six weeks pregnant, was grazed in her back.

Watch the video.

119 and counting

Man Found Shot To Death On I-4- Body Discovered In Polk County
Polk County deputies were looking for clues Sunday night into the slaying of an Orlando man.

Home invader gets an early Christmas "the package"

I didn’t know that people who kicked down doors to terrorize and pistol whip helpless victims (not this time) had any testicles. Maybe we have another candidate for the Class of 2009 Pistol Whippers Rehabilitation program.

Suspect Shot In Groin When Home Invasion Victim Fights Back
Bullets went flying in Deltona early Sunday morning, after the victim of a chaotic home invasion fought back, apparently shooting one of the suspect's in his groin as he fled the crime scene.

2 Men, 3 Teens Arrested In Home Invasion
Deputies found Patrick Lauby, 33, shot in the groin, and determined he was also involved in the home invasion. Lauby was also arrested. Deputies are trying to determine if the gunshot wound was self-inflicted.

Call 911 and die?

I was curiously researching a book titled Call 911 and Die.

Of course as with all books there is always a certain amount of sensationalism created in order to sell the product, so you need to review any book that claims to be reporting the facts using discernment. I agree that there are variables from county to county and state to state in regards to the level of law enforcement efficiency in an area. There are also variables between 911 operators, their call systems, and their personal level of competence/incompetence to put it together and forward it to the correct responders, as evidenced by this incident that occurred in Plantation Florida. You can hear the 911 call here and read the transcript of the call here.

If someone is trying to kick in your front door, Gun Shy believes that you should call 911, after you have you readied your weapon(s) for the perpetrators eventual entry into your dwelling. Make sure that you inform the 911 operator that you are armed, so that information can be passed on to the officers who will eventually arrive on the scene because their job is dangerous enough without receiving friendly fire. As stated in an earlier entry that I wrote, Law Enforcement has no obligation to personally defend anyone, and they do the best they can with the resources they have available. In multiple studies by Professor Gary Kleck (Florida State University) it has been determined that defending oneself and family with a firearm is significantly more effective in deterring crime and preventing personal injury than any other action, including submitting to the assailant.

Some other interesting reading:

Eleven days before Christmas the assailants gave to thee...

Christmas Parade Halted Due To Gunfire


The Titusville Christmas parade came to a halt after two men were shot near where hundreds of people had gathered to watch floats and bands pass by.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pine Hills scores two

More shootings (big surprise) in Crime Hills

Suspect Sought In Pine Hills Double Shooting

Looks like they are working over time to break the record. The Pine Hills area has contributed 17 homicides to the 118 thus far this year in the greater Orlando area.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Local Law Enforcement steps it up

34 Arrested In Raid; Guns Seized- More Arrests Expected, Authorities Say

I have been expecting that they were going to start doing more raids like this one. This removes illegal firearms from the street that were destined for use in violent crimes, which has now saved lives.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

An added option for your family tourist package in the City Beautiful

Gives a new meaning to the term customer satisfaction
Prostitution Suspected In Raid Of Massage Parlor; 4 Women Arrested
Human Trafficking Also Suspected At I-Drive Business


Holfeld confirmed that two of the women lived in the building that housed the spa, which is located in the tourist district of Orlando.

Another good article.

The Video:

Mr Disney is probably spinning in his grave.

Two thumbs up to the Agents with the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation (MBI).

I am considering doing a separate entry on MBI, because they are an interesting combined agency.

Oh Cabbie…take me to where your money is… and step on it.

Cab Company Installing Cameras To Fight Crime
The number of attacks on cab drivers in Orange County is going up. So far this year, there have been 26 robberies in Orange County and many of them violent.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Smile for the cameras please

Police To Monitor Cameras Along I-Drive, Downtown Orlando

It is probably a good idea if they can keep the cameras operational. New Orleans has cameras, but many of them are not operational. As you know, the crime in New Orleans is now escalating again, as it was recently ranked as the most dangerous city in America.

Now here is the bad news. As they ratchet up enforcement using these cameras, the criminals will eventually get tired of getting taken down on a regular basis, and will move to other outlying areas where there is less opposition by law enforcement. We will start to see crime increase in areas that once had very little. You never really get rid of crime, you just move it around to another area. You can read Gun Shy’s pseudo humorous commentary on dealing with Orlando crime here.

Pistol Whipping Rehab Class of 2009

4 Arrested In Armed Robbery Spree-18 Locations Robbed Since Late October

For the readers who are not aware, this is the group that was pistol whipping people who they were robbing at gunpoint, even though they were being compliant just for kicks. Maybe this can be the first group to attend the pistol whipping rehabilitation program discussed here.

Maybe they can be the founders of their own chapter of Pistol Whippers Anonymous (PWA)

Some of their activities contributed to me writing this earlier entry.

Monday, December 8, 2008

I-4 Corridor of Death

A lot of bad stuff happens on this major highway through Orlando
Road Rage Crash Leaves 1 Dead
Watch Dash Cam Video Of Accident

No charge for the extra lead topping

Pizza Man Attacked, Shoots At Attempted Robbers

The attackers hit Jerry Johnson in the face with a brick, but he scared them off when he pulled out a gun and started shooting.

For those of you who do not know, a brick is a deadly weapon, and many have died from head injuries inflicted with one. Once the attackers (plural) hit him with one, he was in a battle for his life.

Now, here is the incredibly stupid quote of the day:

A Dominos Pizza manager told Eyewitness News that it's against company policy for employees to carry firearms and doesn't know if Johnson will get in trouble for defending himself.

It should be noted, that the founder of Domino’s, Tom Monaghan was a former Marine, who sold his company to its current corporate owners. It should also be noted, that the company who now owns Domino's is based in Boston Massachusetts, a city and state that is known for disarming its citizens, which allows them to be terrorized by default. I have to wonder how the founder would have felt about this company policy.

Well, this is Florida where a law abiding citizen can LEGALLY carry a firearm for self defense, and it is fortunate for the driver that he did, otherwise the headlines would have read quite differently. I will never purchase anything from Domino’s again, because they obviously are not concerned about the welfare of their employees, as they flippantly disregard the second amendment of the United States Constitution. I will follow this up to see if this delivery man is fired. If he is, we should take up a collection to give him a scholarship to receive tactical handgun training, so if this ever occurs again the headlines will read Pizza Guy Ends Robbers Careers Permanently.

Tis the season for a drive by...

Man Hit In Neighborhood Shootout- Victim's Friend Returned Fire On SUV, Deputies Say
The Video

So now we have shooters carelessly discharging rounds in residential neighborhoods in low crime areas, which should be making people wonder how safe they are in their urban dwelling. With all of the heavy enforcement targeting crime ridden neighborhoods, it appears that it is pushing the violent offenders into out lying lower crime areas. Last week a man was robbed at gunpoint and shot right up the street at the Marriot Hotel. A short time before that there was a shooting at UCF housing.

With all of the shootings on the news every night, it is starting to make ol' Gun Shy think that he may need to shift defensively to the two pistol threat assessment level.

It is time for Americans to JUST SAY NO to Domestic Urban Terrorists.

Tis the season for elder abuse

First a 70 year old woman gets raped and beaten, and now this:

2 Arrested In Death Of Woman, 82 - Victim's Vehicle Missing, Police Say

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I can only shake my head and wonder...

Attorney Argues That Rape Suspect Deserves Bond

“ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- The man accused of brutally raping a 70 year old woman finally appeared before a judge Saturday morning, and a public defender argued that he should be released on bond….

…At Saturday's hearing, the lawyer representing the Public Defender's Office asked the judge to grant bond to Acosta, asserting that the victim did not believe Acosta was her attacker because she knew him and did not identify him as the suspect. She also said the victim's blood was not seen on Acosta.”

I have an idea. Since the public defender is so sure that her client is not the attacker, and insists on having her client released, then maybe the public defender can set it up so that the defendant can stay with her grandmother while her client is out on bond awaiting his hearing.

Gun Shy wonders out loud… How does someone defend the public by fighting for the release of a prime suspect in a brutal rape and assault? Maybe this is why they are often times called public pretenders.

Friday, December 5, 2008

The face of depravity

Man Arrested In Rape Of Woman, 70, Faces Attempted Murder Charge
Our local Law Enforcement did an excellent job in getting this guy. Hats off to the Orange County Sheriffs Office Investigators who worked the crime scene.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Solution to boost Orlando tourism

Slump In Tourism Leads To Holiday Bargains
Local Attractions Offer Deep Discounts

"Some local leaders will meet on Wednesday to discuss ways to attract tourists during the national recession. Local tourist attractions are already developing strategies to lure visitors to the area. Wet 'n Wild is discounting tickets purchased online and also holding a drawing for free admission. Many hoteliers are also offering deeply discounted rates."

Gun Shy has a suggestion. Instead of deep discounting the tickets, take that money and hire extra qualified armed security so that tourists feel safe when they are here. If the perpetrators start getting taken down on a regular basis, they will go somewhere else to terrorize. If the industry does not take a pro active stance, soon they will have no tourists and that will destroy the area economy.

It isn’t like they didn’t give us a heads up

Check the date.

Crime Wave Spreads Through Central Florida
Number Of Robberies Climbs In Orange County

POSTED: 2:29 pm EST February 1, 2007

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It appears that pistol whipping is in style this season

Suspect Wearing Goggles Robs McDonald's (pistol whips employee)
Deputies: Propane Tank Thrown Into House, Couple Pistol-Whipped

Ocoee store clerk pistol whipped during robbery
Woman pistol-whipped at MetroWest Wal-Mart
Workers Pistol Whipped During Restaurant Robbery
Home invaders pistol-whip man but leave empty-handed
Robbers shoot man, pistol-whip another in Orlando home invasion
Armed robbery at MetroWest Chinese restaurant (more pistol whipping)
Bandits Use Shoe Laces In Robbery (pistol whipping)
Armed Robber Pistol-Whips Woman Walking In Daytona Beach

For the readers who are not familiar with pistol whipping, it is a serious and violent action that occurs when the assailant strikes the victim with the barrel or grip/stock of a handgun. Depending on the size and weight of the pistol used (tupper guns are not as effective), and how forcefully the blows are and where they are administered, the person on the receiving end can suffer cuts requiring many stitches, fractured ocular socket, a concussion, a broken jaw, skull fractures, nerve damage, and even brain damage. Why do these perpetrators feel the need to harm someone who has been compliant is what I don't understand. Well, enough of my complaining. Gun Shy likes to be solution oriented, and has a suggestion for a possible rehabilitation program for all of those wanna be professional pistol whippers who have watched too many Hollywood movies and think it is fun to apply this painful and dangerous action to others. When a puppy wets on the carpet, many dog owners rub their nose in it and spank them. I guess this could be classified as Pavlovian conditioning. When the "bad dogs" (violent offenders) are incarcerated after their fun pistol whipping spree, why not make them stare down the barrel of a loaded pistol, and then rub a little steel on them so they fully understand how it feels to be on the receiving end, so when they get released and return to their criminal behavior, they might not be so apt to smack someone’s mom, grandma, wife or girlfriend in the forehead with their stolen firearm while they terrorize innocent citizens who can not protect themselves.

Knife wielding robber gets a little SEMPER FI

Female Ex-Marine faces down knife welding robber

Woman robbed - The video

Woman attacked in store: Raw footage


"The woman still has a mark where the large knife pressed against her neck. She struggled and even chased after the robber once he let go and ran out of the store...

The retired Marine said she even thought about grabbing the guy and trying to smash his face down onto the counter, but Karen didn't think the clerk would back her up."

The thief is fortunate that she didn't have another Marine there for backup, otherwise he would have peen put under control faster than you could say Oorah!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Orlando area murder clock ticks toward midnight (29 days left)

Kissimmee Man Charged With Murdering Woman

How safe are the friendly skies over Orlando?

Hopefully a little safer here now, as well as in other airports around the country:

Report: Orlando Airport Security Breach Was Mishandled

Report: Officials mishandled security breach at Fla. Airport

Crime is where it finds you

Robbers Shoot Man As He Reached For Wallet
"Detectives were searching for two men behind a shooting and robbery near the University of Central Florida Campus. Investigators said the victim had just checked into the Residence Inn on University Boulevard late Monday night, when two men jumped him. Deputies said one of the robbers pulled a gun and demanded money, but when the victim reached for his wallet the gunman shot him."

Here is another link.

As I stated in an earlier posting, there is no geographic boundaries that define criminal activity. If you live on the outskirts of an area with high crime statistics, you run the risk of being a victim. This story is one that is a little more real to me, because the Residence Inn is where I stayed when I returned to the Orlando area after being away for a ten year period. After my first few days back and watching the news in the evening, I realized I had returned to a whole different city than the one I left a decade ago. I am remaining hopeful that the new dynamic duo of Jerry and Val Demmings will address this violent epidemic with a zealous but methodical approach that will either incarcerate or drive the criminal element out of here to another place. The Demmings surely have their work cut out for them.

Monday, December 1, 2008

2008 Most Dangerous Cities Rewind

I read an entry today by a local crime reporter for a major area Newspaper, and it got me wondering as I often do. First of all, let me say that I like Willoughby Mariano’s reporting, because I feel that she tries to be fair in her assessment, she brings some valid questions to the forefront, and I always read her writing with interest because she makes me think. Anyhow, I started to look at the crime indicators for all of the high ranking cities and their populations, and below are some of my findings.

First of all, let’s look at the top 30 cities and their populations:

City with population (*asterisk denotes city larger in population than Orlando)
1) New Orleans LA 431,153 *
2) Camden NJ 80,371 (four miles from Philadelphia)
3) Detroit MI 884,462 *
4) St Louis MO 346,879 *
5) Oakland CA 398,834 *
6) Flint MI 118,256
7) Gary IN 99,369 (thirty miles from Chicago)
8) Birmingham AL 233,577 *
9) Richmond CA 103,106 (twenty miles from Oakland)
10) North Charleston SC 87,655
11) Cleveland OH 452,759 *
12) Baltimore MD 637,556 *
13) Miami Gardens, FL 101,115 (fifteen miles from Miami)
14) Memphis TN 680,828 *
15) Youngstown OH 82,938
16) Atlanta GA 485,804 *
17) Compton CA 96,520 (part of Los Angeles metro area)
18) Orlando FL 216,819
19) Little Rock AR 186,670
20) Minneapolis MN 375,302 *
21) Washington DC 581,530 *
22) Philadelphia PA 1,464,576 *
23) Jackson MS 177,334
24) Newark NJ 280,877 *
25) Milwaukee WI 581,005 *
26) Dayton OH 159,067
27) Hartford CT 124,203
28) Cincinnati OH 309,104 *
29) Buffalo NY 280,494 *
30) Trenton NJ 84,703

Nine out of the first eighteen cities in this years ranking have a greater population than Orlando, which is listed as having a population of 216,819. Five of the smaller cities ranked are located near major metro areas. In the ten that fall below us, you have seven with a greater population than Orlando. This equates to a total of sixteen of the top thirty surveyed having a greater population than Orlando. Maybe this ranking system that people are complaining about has actually worked in favor of Orlando. If the statistics reviewed had included more of the unincorporated areas, our ranking may have been even higher overall. When Orlando gets reviewed in the category of cities that are closer to our size in population, we rank as the ninth most dangerous overall. Here is how that ranking was ordered:

1) New Orleans LA 431,153 *
2) St Louis MO 346,879 *
3) Oakland CA 398,834 *
4) Flint MI 118,256 (70 miles from Detroit)
5) Birmingham AL 233,577 *
6) Richmond CA 103,106 (within 20 miles of Oakland and San Francisco)
7) Cleveland OH 452,759 *
8) Atlanta GA 485,804 *
9) Orlando FL 216,819
10)Little Rock AR 186,670

Seven of the ten cities in that ranking had a greater population than Orlando, and two cities, Flint MI and Richmond CA both have major high crime areas in close proximity. Orlando does not have the luxury of being able to claim that. Maybe we should just sit quietly and avoid criticizing our ranking, because with a little closer scrutiny, it could be even worse.

The Judicial system has fallen and it can’t get up

It is time to start naming the Judges who are responsible publicly.
15-Year-Old Charged With Orange County Murder

“What's even more stunning, Deandre Griswold has been arrested 28 times before. The previous charges include burglary, grand theft and even carrying a concealed weapon at age 12. More than half of the arrests are for violent crimes, including carjackings.”

Also, please see my earlier entry.

The irony of it all

Wedding Guests Robbed At Gunpoint
Here is a quote:

DeLand police said three people were robbed in the parking lot of the National Guard Armory, located at 410 S. Alabama Ave., following a wedding reception.

How do you like the irony of that? Americans being robbed at gunpoint on federal property which belongs to the National Guard. It seems to me that this crime would now fall under federal jurisdiction, so if they arrest the perpetrators they may be facing federal charges hopefully.

Could picking up your medicine in the greater Orlando area and Central Florida be hazardous to your health?

Pharmacy Robbery Becomes 84th Of The Year

They seem to favor Walgreens. Maybe they offer faster no waiting robbery service for the crook in a hurry.

They rob because all the rocket scientist positions were already taken

It's not Orlando area, but I felt the need to comment.
Tables Turned After Robber Puts Down Gun

Here is a bonus video from another state where a robber with pistol gets disarmed and schooled by female clerk .