Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Somali Pirates Learn the Meaning of ooh-rah

While other countries are paying ransom money to pirates to get their boats back, the good ole U.S.A. has a different method of negotiation, which includes Marine Sniper Teams:

Marines Provide Protection for Counterpiracy Boarding Teams

The article is so jam packed with details, that I don't even know which part to quote, so just read the article.

Most Americans have never forgotten the Somalian incident that the Blackhawk Down movie was based on, so maybe this is just one of our more thoughtful ways of saying to the pirates "have a nice day".

Land of the Free and Home of the Apathetic

There are seven cowards in this report. The cowardly female robber who cut the woman who was being compliant repeatedly as the six other cowardly citizens watched and did not attempt to help, and wouldn’t even call 911. This incident happened in Apopka at the Marshalls store parking lot. The female perpetrator has a history of this kind of behavior (big surprise) and has done time in the past. Let it be noted that a knife is no match for a motor vehicle, which is the ultimate deadly weapon. If everyone was afraid, at least they could have pulled up in their car and tried to block the attacker from the victim while they called 911. Because of this, Gun Shy adds all those who watched and did nothing (not even call 911) to the GST Hall of Shame. If we have any chance of rebuilding America, its citizens need to start doing what is right.

Watch the raw interview footage of the victims thoughts on the attack, and hopefully some of the readers will learn from it. Gun Shy tip. When living in a Dangerous Urban Environment, or anywhere else for that matter, always be aware of your surroundings.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Domestic Urban Terrorists Living Up to Their Name

It seems that copper theft is on the rise in Central Florida, and has even been discussed in a meeting at Orlando Police Department a while back.

Attending the meeting were over 60 representatives from law enforcement agencies across the state along with corporate security representatives from various corporations who have and continue to be victims of copper thefts. Copper theft continues to be an ongoing problem throughout the state and the nation and we are committed to identifying those responsible and making them accountable for their actions. We continue to ask the community to help in our efforts by contacting the Orlando Police Department as it relates to any suspicious activity they observe.

Thieves often target construction sites for copper building materials, as well as abandoned houses and commercial properties that are in foreclosure making the properties unsaleable.They also target power substations because of the large amount of copper present there, and they use trucks to pull out copper wire from underground conduits that feeds street light poles.

Copper theft can disable transportation systems such as railroad equipment. Telecommunication systems such as emergency services, cellular towers, internet and telephone land lines can also be disabled by thieves cutting wires, which begs the question, could stealing copper that disables part of our infrastructure weaken our nation against terrorist attacks? According to the FBI, these actions are in fact a threat to National Security.

Here is an article discussing copper thieves from Orlando.


Deputies responded and seized the truck with its stolen load. The arrested driver was identified as 29 year old Craig Hunter of Orlando FL.

Copper theft has been a major problem in California for years.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Book Em Danno!

It appears that the criminal element is trying to move into the lovely little town of New Smyrna Beach, but they seem to keep running into a Smack Down on a reoccurring basis courtesy of the New Smyrna Beach Police Department. I was forwarded this report by a local citizen named James, who seems to be on top of the local crime scene in NSB. It is interesting to note that the perpetrators had no address listed in this report. I am sure there is the spillover effect from Daytona Beach and Palm Coast, but NSBPD seems to be staying right on top of it. Gun Shy enjoys New Smyrna Beach, and is happy to see effective Law Enforcement in one of the nicest little towns on Florida’s East Coast. If this bad behavior by the imported thugs keeps up, area Law Enforcement might need to start doing some sweeps in the trouble areas outside of downtown that appears to be the staging area for many of the criminal antics occurring in NSB recently. I am sure there are enough outstanding warrants on file for some of the occupants there, as well as probation violations to thin out the criminal herd a little.

It also looks like the K-9 squad is getting their workout this month. Here are a few helpful hints for the perpetrators when faced with the sobering reality that the highly trained dogs have just tracked you down. First, you can’t outrun them, and you will only make yourself tired before they lock on. And second, don’t try and hit them because it makes them a little testy, and puncture wounds can be extremely very painful as well as a permanent reminder of your bad choices.

A Gun Shy salute to the officers of NSBPD, K-9, and VCSO!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Orlando Insurgents Doing Their Part?

Are the Orlando Insurgents (Domestic Urban Terrorists) doing their part to help stimulate the failing economy? Let’s take a closer look and see. When a criminal steals someone's possessions, the person is then forced to replace them whether they can really afford to or not, which increases spending. Criminals also tend to make citizens fearful, so the general public then rushes out to buy firearms and amass large quantities of ammunition hoping to protect themselves, which also increases spending which puts cash back into the economy. With all of the new criminals being incarcerated these days, jail over crowding is becoming more of a problem, which forces prison building projects that create jobs and spending, as well as more hiring of prison guards and additional law enforcement which stimulates the economy by creating these new jobs. And lastly, when a thug gets wounded while perpetrating a robbery (on the wrong person), he gets free medical care which is paid for by taxpayer dollars, creating work for those in health care, which also stimulates the economy. If the perpetrator is fatally wounded during the exchange, the undertaker welcomes the taxpayer funded burial. So you see, although crime is bad for the hard working law abiding tax paying victim, in the end it is actually "good" for the economy. (You aren't really buying this slop are you?) I just hope that no politician reads this insane twisted reasoning, because we might see it being talked about on next weeks evening news by one of them that the rapidly rising crime is some kind of a positive indicator that the economy is on the upswing.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thugs Beware

Victim Jumps On Hood Of Suspect's Car

The victim jumped on the hood of the suspect's car as he tried to speed off from the Fashion Square Mall on Colonial Drive. The suspect then crashed his car and police were able to arrest him.

It appears that the hard working citizens of Orlando have had enough with two bit thugs stealing what is not theirs, and are now getting, pardon the expression, a little ballsy about dealing with the Orlando Insurgents (a handful have also been shot). I have to tip my hat to the person who made this dangerous maneuver in an attempt to protect their possessions that they worked for. Might I suggest next time, that you carry a glass break tool so that you can shatter their windshield and side window as they are attempting to drive away. It makes the car easier to identify if they do happen to get away, but to your credit, they didn’t this time. Here is a hearty Gun Shy Salute!

Effective Rehabilitation?

Man Arrested For 190th Time In Florida

Police say a 46-year-old man was arrested for the 190th time in Florida this week. Authorities arrested Henry Farrell after he tried to carjack a man outside a Boca Raton coffee shop. Police said Farrell threatened to kill the man after he refused to give Farrell a ride.

Here is another article with more details.

What a sad commentary on the justice system. I guess he won't be considered a real threat until he kills a bunch of people in a random shooting. It appears that Law Enforcement has done it's job about 189 times too many because of a questionable and ineffective judicial system. This appears to be a problem that is Florida wide:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

How refreshing...

Clerk Pulls Knife On Robber

Authorities say a knife-wielding robber ran into problems when an Ormond Beach convenience store clerk pulled his own knife on the would-be thief.

The Scourge of Meth

There Goes the Neighborhood...part 2
Deputies Discover Meth Lab While Serving Eviction Notice

Deputies serving an eviction notice at an Ocoee house on Lyman Street Tuesday discovered a meth lab inside.

If Central Floridians thought that crack cocaine was ugly, wait till they get a good look at the damage that Meth can do. It appears that the Drug Task Force is well versed in dealing with this so far, but it is something that they are going to have to stay on aggressively, because it is a Pandora's box that you don't want opened in any community. If you are uninformed about the horrors of meth, please watch this.

Meth is not only a threat to people, but also to the environment.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It Could Happen Here

Please watch the video.

Terrorism is a real and present threat to America. As you saw in the video, some of the tactics utilized by the French did not go off as planned. This is the reason why our counter-terrorist and SWAT teams train so intensely using real life scenarios, because they know that perfect practice makes perfect, and that today's preparation will insure tomorrows success. Hats off to America's Elite Warriors, who train tirelessly in anticipation of the coming storm. We salute you all.

There Goes the Neighborhood

Hotel Evacuated Over Possible Meth Lab

An Orange County extended-stay hotel has been evacuated after a possible meth lab was uncovered, authorities said. Fire officials on Tuesday evacuated the Crestwood Suites, located at 11424 University Blvd., after a suspicious device was found on the hotel's property.

If you Google map this address, you will see that this incident occurred right down the street from the UCF Campus. This is on the far East Side of Orlando, and was once considered a decent area. Recently there have been a number of incidents signaling that the criminal element is moving into the neighborhood. Some incidents that I can recall recently, is the suspected shooting behind Logan’s Roadhouse on 11674 University Blvd, the road rage incident that ended up in a stabbing death at the Steak and Shake which is located on 11700 University Blvd, The Marriot Residence Inn, which had a guest shot in the parking lot as they were checking in which is located on 11671 University Blvd, a drive by shooting on Suntree Blvd just off of University in the same area, and then there was the young man shot near UCF. All of these incidents were discussed in this earlier entry.

As we a sadly reminded of what we once had, the old expression there goes the neighborhood makes the loss all so real.

Little Unsung Heroes

Kids, 8, Halt Attack With Baseball Bats


Two 8-year-olds used baseball bats to stop an armed man who had allegedly threatened to kill a woman in Alachua County, authorities said…

…The woman told investigators that when she left her house with her son and his friend, Bradley hit her with a handgun, put the firearm in her face and threatened to kill her. Bradley left when the children attacked him with the bats, investigators said.

This is a sad commentary on our society, that eight year olds are now forced to use violence to defend someone against an attacker. I do, however, respect the bravery exhibited by these young men, which is more than many Americans who have developed a look the other way attitude would have done.This reminds me of an incident that occured this week in Orlando, when a 10 year old punched a car jacker in the face to try and stop him from stealing his mothers car (reported in another media source). The ten year old was forced to bail from the car as the thief got away, but thankfully was not injured seriously. America needs to pull together now more than ever, and just say no to crime and criminals, in order to start rebuilding this nation.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Florida, Guns, and the People Who Love Them

Gun Sales Increase Amid Violent Crime - 3 Citizen Shootings Reported This Year

Gun sales have increased over the last two years as more Central Floridians are learning to protect themselves amid rising crime rates, Local 6 News reported.
"People are wanting to be prepared. They are tired of being victims," said Larry Anderson of Shoot Straight, a full-service gun shop with three locations that feature indoor gun ranges. "They don't want to be frightened.

Gun Shy has spent a lot of time interviewing people in the last few months, to get a closer perspective on what is going on in Florida and the rest of the country in relation to the firearms frenzy that is sweeping the nation. GST has been noticing the elevated fear and the weapons buying urgency in the general public, so I have been hanging out at ranges and firearms dealers having meaningful discussions with first time gun owners, with some being in their seventies and eighties, as well as expert marksman and all other people who fall somewhere in between to get a handle on this phenomenon. GST started out the earliest years of my life with my first instructor, a dad who was an expert marksman (military) and an NRA instructor. My training went on to develop from there, through a number of twists and turns while learning various combat systems, which also included firearms in those disciplines, so it is safe to say that GST is no stranger to the smell of gunpowder in the morning. Because I have associates that are Range Masters and highly qualified, high level instructors, as well as firearm dealers, I am privy to a lot of the straight talk from people I consider to be quite knowledgeable in the gun game who I know to be solid experienced professionals. As a side note, many of these associates read my blog with amusement or possibly amazement, but many are in agreement. One of the biggest problems I see personally is that some people in the general public who have watched a few Hollywood action films, all of a sudden have mistakenly believed that they are now firearms experts, and I am sure many of my readers have encountered the type that I am referring to. They are the experts who walk around with their finger on the trigger, as they sweep the muzzle of their loaded firearm across the center line of others while waiving it around like some over fed ballet dancer, and who hand a loaded firearm with the safety off across the counter to the range personell barrel first while asking them a question. These experts sadly, are the same people who end up accidentally shooting themselves or others. This kind of carelessness is so foreign to me personally, that I decided to quiz some of my associates who deal with the general gun owning public on a regular basis to see how rampant this behavior is, and so I posed the following question:

“Out of ten people in the general public who operate firearms, how many would you say are unqualified to own/operate a firearm?”

Through various channels of feed back, the final determination was on average about three (some estimated higher). That means that roughly three out of every ten people possessing a firearm, are potentially a firearms related accident waiting for a place to happen. If you multiply that by the number of current gun owners in the State of Florida, coupled with the exponential rise in firearms purchases and concealed carry applications in the last year, I think it is safe to say that we are facing some serious safety issues in the years to come unless this gets addressed. Keep in mind also, that this does not mean that the other seven are skilled firearms handlers possessing a high level of proficiency, because that varies among the shooting public depending upon personal instruction and time spent at the range. It just means that they at least understand how to safely handle a firearm. People need to quit assuming that they know what they are doing, and pay the money to receive qualified instruction first and foremost in firearms safety, and then in the correct operation of their weapon. GST also believes that if anyone is caught carrying a loaded firearm while under the influence of a substance exhibiting unsafe behavior, that their rights to carry a firearm should be revoked immediately while their ownership is also reviewed, and then incidents like the man who was drunk and shot himself fatally with a .357 last week could be reduced. Let me state for the record, that after years of travel, GST is thrilled to be back in a state where the right to possess firearms is still freely allowed for Law abiding citizens, but I believe that the standard of training and testing before someone can qualify to carry concealed needs to be tightened up considerably, because with owning a firearm, the level of personal responsibility increases greatly. If this can be done, then we will once again be a nation of citizen soldiers, instead of just another negligent discharge waiting to make the headlines.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Wave of the Future

Burglars Smash Glass, Kick- In Four Doors

"They found at least five apartment homes that had been burglarized. Four of them had been kicked-in by the front door and the other one was a sliding glass door that got smashed in," said Robert Anzueto of the Orlando Police Department…

…"One of these days these guys are going to break into the wrong apartment and they are going to meet their maker," said Anzueto.

And their maker isn’t going to be very happy with the criminal lifestyle that they chose. Officer Anzueto is correct in his assessment. According to statistics, there are 280 million firearms in the hands of Americans. It is only a matter of time before their number is up statistically, and they receive their free prize. People who are satisfied with their career as a criminal, who enjoy terrorizing hard working Americans might want to refresh their understanding of good vs evil by reading this entry.

These break-ins will be occurring more and more in upscale areas, because that is where the best stuff is, so unless you have private security, it will be coming to a neighborhood near you.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

An Article of Interest for Firearm Owners

Shooting Blanks - Why gun control misses the target


There are 280 million firearms in private hands in America, and in 2006 there were almost 400,000 gun crimes. That means that 279,600,000 guns did nothing wrong. We also know from a 2000 report by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) that in 89 percent of crimes, the person using the gun was not the person who originally bought it. So nine out of ten crime guns changed hands between the first purchase (which was probably legal) and the last purchase (which was certainly illegal).

The Real Enemies of America

The real enemies of America are moral decay and apathy. The reason there is so much crime, is due to the fact that values have become relative and subjective with no moral absolute. Watch this video and see if you can see the pattern, and how it has developed.

The Orlando City Murder Clock Already On a Roll

Man Becomes Orlando’s 3rd Murder Of The Year

We are only half way through the first month of the new year, and already the hands of the murder clock are picking up speed. If you do the averages on this, that would be 72 murders per year in Orlando proper, which would be greater than last years number of forty two for the actual City of Orlando. (not including surrounding areas) Maybe someone should contact Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and get his opinion on this, as well as how he views the effectiveness his three year public safety initiative spoken of at the end of this video, because local people are developing strong opinions on the crime and other issues of performance. Hopefully he will be back from the holidays by now and available for comment on the rapidly growing murder rate.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'll Say It Again

Trail Of Cocaine Left After High-Speed Chase

Wednesday, police finally captured him, but it took a dangerous and destructive chase that ended on Lakeshore Drive in Daytona Beach…

…Over the past year, every time police got near the guy he'd jump in his car and speed away. He did it again Wednesday, but this was different. The man intentionally rammed into two police vehicles.

…"He basically tells you, 'Come and get me if you can.'

As I have stated in an earlier article, a maniac wheeling a 4000 plus pound vehicle through a neighborhood at over 100 miles per hour recklessly, is far more dangerous than a Police sniper switching off his engine with an accurately place round before he gets rolling. At that time, if the assailant wants to get out of the disabled vehicle and attempt to engage Law Enforcement with force, then round number two will already be chambered. I am of the opinion that a law enforcement sniper with a spotter, is a much safer way to apprehend a dangerous armed suspect who has a history of fleeing apprehension than a high speed chase. This will eliminate future Law Enforcement vehicles being rammed, as well as the injuries to officers, and the potential injuries to citizens.

Something To Consider

With all of the Concealed Carry Weapons permits being issued in the State of Florida these days, I am not sure what the criminal mind is thinking when they kick down someone's door to do a home invasion, or when they roll up on someone randomly to do an armed robbery. Some of my readers may not think this is funny, but with the changing attitude towards crime and those who perpetrate it recently in the greater Orlando Area, the odds are increasing that the above picture could be the last image that a Domestic Urban Terrorist (Orlando Insurgent) may see before their career is ended permanently. This now begs this question for those intending to do violent criminal activity for personal gain:

How much will you get from your illegal actions versus how much is your life worth to you?

The Demings Duo Give Citizen Self Defense Their Approval

Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings and his wife Val, who is the head of the Orlando Police Department, made a statement today in the media that they have no problem with citizens defending themselves. Now if we can get the Mayor of Orlando, as well as the Mayor of Orange County to acknowledge the local citizens who risk their own personal safety to defend the innocent, we will be on our way to becoming a safer community. Let it be stated for the record that Gun Shy is in full agreement that vigilantism is not a good concept, and if people are going to use their firearm to protect themselves or the lives of others, they should be certain that they are well qualified to do so. A person with a firearm that does not have a good understanding of the weapon, its application, and the consequences of discharging it, could create a dangerous situation for other innocent citizens. GST recommends that anyone who would attempt to use a firearm for defense train extensively and be certain of their ability before attempting to engage an assailant.

No Good Deed Should Go Unnoticed

Good Samaritans Chase Down Robbery Suspects

As the six suspects began their escape, deputies said they didn’t realize several good samaritans were on their trail. The good samaritans said they didn’t see the robbery, but they knew something wasn’t right. They followed the suspects and called deputies.

As I stated in an earlier entry, there is a wind of change blowing here in Orange County in this New Year. People are sick of the crime and violence directed towards law abiding citizens by Domestic Urban Terrorists, and there is a collective movement growing to do something about it. Now all we need is the elected officials such as Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and Orange County Mayor Richard T Crotty, whose salaries are paid by the general public to get on board and start publicly recognizing these good Samaritans and this collective movement for the good of all will flourish. The readers should feel free to contact these public servants and voice your opinion.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Florida Thugs Getting the Best Weapons That Money Can Buy...

...And the taxpayers are paying for them:

Florida Criminals Target Police for Weapons


Despite the risk, criminals are hitting police cruisers in South Florida and across the country for a reason: Most police cars are mini-armories on wheels. Cars store not only high-powered guns but also bullet-resistant jackets, "stop sticks" to pierce tires of fleeing cars and other devices to combat the firepower of dangerous career criminals...

... In May, a .223-caliber automatic assault rifle and a 12-gauge shotgun were stolen from the trunk of an unmarked police car in Frederick, Md. Two rifles were also stolen from the patrol cars of Orlando officers in January. A gun stolen from a car belonging to a Martin County Sheriff's Office deputy in 2006 was used by a 17-year-old, who accidentally shot a 16-year-old in Port St. Lucie.

I think one of the problems, is that there will always be those who will try to modify the procedures, and therefore department protocol for securing a weapon will not always be followed as specified. In the past locally, there have been incidents where officers changing tires have left weapons on the roadside, weapons have fallen out of open trunks, and SWAT weapons were stolen from a parked vehicle. No one wants to be on the receiving end of someone discharging an AR-15/5.56, an H&K UMP-45, or an H&K G3 ripping 7.62, especially when the weapon was purchased with taxpayer dollars. Maybe the departments need to have an additional alarm on the vehicle/weapon(s) that is tied to a beeper system so that the officer is alerted if there is a breach of the vehicle, and use an implanted GPS device to track the weapon's location once it is stolen.

Due to the current trend of criminals specifically targeting law enforcement for weapons, maybe there also needs to be new guidelines implemented that all LE weapons must be stored in a department issued safe when in the home. The safes should be GPS locatable as well, using the same technology as they do to track money packets stolen from banks these days. If the weapons are secured in a safe, it will slow the criminals down in accessing them, and give the authorities time to locate them via GPS before they are used in a crime. There is no easy solution, because there will always be the human factor, and those who believe that the rules do not apply to them.

Make sure you read the complete article, and it should be noted that there was another incident of a weapons theft from a law enforcement officer's vehicle last night.

Spike knows...

A quote from OCSO Spike Hopkins that can be found here:

"The bottom line is this: People are getting tired of being victims of crimes, and citizens and even off-duty deputies are seeing crimes (taking place), and they're calling 911. Those are the people who help us catch the bad guys," Spike Hopkins of the Orange County Sheriff's Office said.

Spike is correct. There is a wind of change that is blowing here in O-Town as well as the surrounding areas. It might be wise for the criminal element to get re-training for another career while they still have a chance.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gun Shy Tourist Gets Candid (part 2)

I have never been able to figure out the logic put forth by many, that if someone wants to take your possessions that they have absolutely no right to, that you should allow them to do so because after all, it is only stuff and it can be replaced. First of all, you are giving them positive reinforcement for performing a negative action, so that they will go on and do this to another person. Second it is not just stuff, because those possessions represent a part of your life that they are stealing. If you break it down, you as a hard working American spend at least eight hours a day five days a week earning a living. That living is used to purchase your belongings. If you further analyze this, it is one third of your day five days a week, which is part of your life that once it is gone that you can not reclaim it, that you are giving up in exchange for your stuff. If you view it with this mindset, when they attempt to steal your possessions or money that you have worked to earn, they are actually stealing part of your life in theory. Now to further this insult, while you are at work in an honest venture giving up part of your life, they are at home sleeping late and enjoying themselves living their life, drinking, partying, etc waiting for you to get stuff that they can take and then turn around and sell it for a fraction of what you paid for it, further devaluating the part of your life that you expended to acquire those possessions. So the next time someone tells you that it is only stuff and it can be replaced, be reminded that it is part of your life that will be expended yet a second time to replace it. I am a firm believer that Americans need to lose the victim mentality, and deal with this situation that is plaguing America head on, and in unity. In the end, you will either be a victim or a victor, but don’t wait till you are in the heat of the battle to try and decide which one you are, because fear will paralyze you, and indecision could get you killed.

Gun Shy Tourist Gets Candid (part 1)

People sometimes write and ask me many questions, and also leave their comments. I am always interested to hear the opinions of the general public on the topics that I discuss. Some people wonder if GST is prejudice. Let me state for the record that I most certainly am. I am prejudice against any violent criminal, whether they be White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, or for that matter Martian, who would attempt to terrorize and harm law abiding hard working Americans. I will also state for the record that I will demonstrate extreme prejudice against any violent offender that attempts to terrorize women, children, or the elderly in my presence. America is my country and the law abiding Americans who work hard to make this nation great are my people. Let me also state for the record that I have disowned violent Domestic Urban Terrorists, and do not claim them as my people in any aspect until they choose to repent of their destructive evil ways. Gun Shy personally believes that politically correct sucks, and is more impressed by the facts. If someone perpetrates a crime, instead of saying that they are wearing a red shirt and jeans, maybe the news should strive to consistently disclose important information such as their height and weight, hair style, facial features, and racial makeup. If this is done, then maybe the general public could assist law enforcement in identifying these perpetrators before they go on to commit another crime. I would also like to take this opportunity to remind the media that every black rifle is not an assault rifle as they often errantly report. When the criminals are finally arrested, the news should follow up by reporting where they are from, if they came here from another city or state and their affiliations, as well as if they are recent immigrants to this country or if they are here illegally. I will state for the record once again, that there are many who immigrate to America looking for a better opportunity to be the best that they can be, who work hard and raise their families to be good American citizens. To those people I say “Welcome to America, we are happy you have chosen to come to this great nation.” Now conversely for the criminal element, who have already almost destroyed their own nation and are now seeking a new one to degenerate with their lawlessness, let me state that you will be found out, and all Americans will be happy to see you exit here by whatever means available as soon as possible. America is the land of opportunity as well as kindness, but don’t make the error of mistaking American kindness for weakness, while you ponder how many World Wars your nation has won in the last century. If you are a native born American perpetrating crimes against your own people you should be ashamed of yourself, as you are part of the problem plaguing our great nation. As times get tougher in America, there will be more of a shift in focus to you, so today is the day to change your destructive ways. If we are going to rebuild America, all Americans need to do what is right and honorable, and do it now. (Gun Shy steps down from his soapbox)

Please see part 2

Saturday, January 10, 2009

It appears that there is plenty of lead to go around this week

Victim Shoots And Kills Robbery Suspect

Orange County Sheriff’s Deputies said two men with a sawed off shot gun tried to rob a man at a car wash on Orange Blossom trail Friday night. The suspects didn’t bet on the victim pulling out his own gun and shooting.

One of the suspects was hit in the chest. He was rushed to the hospital, where he later died. Investigators said the victim had a concealed weapons permit.

At the risk of being redundant, I once again challenge Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, and Orange County Mayor Richard T Crotty (as I have in past articles) to publicly recognize any law abiding citizen who deals with violent criminals while in the process of protecting themselves and others against a crime in progress according to the legally accepted protocol.

This may not be relevant to this particular incident, but it is winter time in New York, and I have noticed many who have come to Florida to get out of the cold. It was reported in the news media last week that the vehicle used in an armed robbery was believed to have New York tags, so it appears that some of those who have come here of the criminal element, are thinking that Florida is a place that is easy pickings when it comes to armed robbery. You see, New York is a city that has been unarmed by the bureaucracy, so citizens cannot carry a firearm due to the Sullivan Law. When you roll up on someone in NYC, they have no choice but to be a victim, but here in Florida, people still have the right to bear arms and more importantly, the right to defend themselves. As you can see by my recent reporting, people who are tired of all of the robbery, have exchanged their cash for lead, and are willing to give it freely to the violent criminals as they turn the tables on them and cancel their careers permanently. I see a trend developing here in Orange County of law abiding citizens exercising their right to discharge rounds in self defense. If this escalates, the over crowding of jails and return of repeat violent offenders will soon be eliminated through attrition. The next time a criminal thinks about committing a robbery where they may only get $20 or $30 dollars they might want to weigh this against what their life is worth.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kind of a drag

Woman Dragged 200 Feet By Purse Snatcher

Police said two men went to a restaurant in Volusia County on Thursday and tried to steal a woman's purse in the parking lot. When she wouldn't let go, she ended up being dragged hundreds of feet.

There are a number of small pistols that are easy to conceal without an imprint that may have shortened the footage that this woman was dragged, or stopped the incident all together. As the animated rock guitarist and NRA Member Ted Nugent says, you need more than a middle finger and a bag of quarters to throw at them. I tend to agree.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Update on the brave young man, the media’s reporting, and the apologists for violent criminals.

I have decided to release this update in addition to my earlier entry. I can not believe how the media wants to keep focusing on this young man's minor marijuana violation. Why not also talk about former president Bill Clinton admitting that as a mature college student he chose to smoke marijuana. As far as the arm chair security experts that want to keep second guessing why Christopher had to shoot assailant, let me break this down for you. First of all, Christopher was aware of the fact that there were multiple assailants. He had seen an indicator of a potential situation developing, and was assessing it as he went back to grab his cell phone to call 911. When he heard the screams of the woman, it was at that time that he retrieved his weapon from the console of his vehicle. Secondly, with all of the pistol whippings and shootings of compliant victims that have gone on during violent robberies in Orange County as well as surrounding counties, when he saw the assailant beating the woman clerk violently as she was screaming frantically for someone to help her, it is easy to understand why he would believe that this was what was occurring. You need to keep in mind that this all went down in a matter of seconds, and when confronted with such a violent situation already in progress that may call for lethal force, there isn't much time to make a decision, and indecision could get you killed, as well as the innocent victim who the crime is being perpetrated on. Gun Shy has a saying that may offend the apologists for the violent criminal element in our society, but I will present it for those who have a real world understanding of these types situations that may require force on force. "He who shoots first accurately wins." It should also be noted that in other media sources it was reported that the assailant had a five inch knife in his back pocket in addition to the bottle that he was violently beating the unarmed woman clerk with, which could have ended her life. Maybe the judicial system that continues to release these violent offenders back onto the streets to wreak havoc upon the law abiding population should also be held accountable for the assailants death.

It should be noted, that the Ocoee incident made The Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog.

Read the latest article and watch the store video of the attack.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Good Samaritan 1, Violent Offender 0

Man Shoots, Kills Suspected Armed Robber Inside Store

From the you play around you lay around file:


A good Samaritan shot and killed a suspected robber during an attack on a clerk at a convenience store late Monday night…

...The man said he saw the armed robber beating the clerk with what he believed was a gun and when the robber turned toward him he opened fire.

… Officers said they found the suspected armed robber lying on the floor dead inside the store.

First of all, nothing screams punk, like a man who is terrorizing an innocent woman who is a working, law abiding citizen. For those who wish to be apologists for every degenerate in society and will say “He didn’t have a gun, and he was only beating her with a beer bottle”, let me enlighten you. You can kill, permanently disfigure, or put someone in a wheelchair for the rest of their life by striking them with a beer bottle. It is easy to understand why Christopher may have believed that the assailant was pistol whipping the clerk because of all the recent incidences that I reported on here with the latest occurring in New Smyrna Beach this week.

Now for the record let me state as I have in my earlier articles, that good Samaritans such as Christopher should not only be recognized publicly for their bravery, but should also be given a cash award. Once again, I challenge the mayor of Orange County Richard T Crotty to do what is right, and publicly recognize good Samaritans who risk their own personal safety to defend the lives of the innocent as I did previously in these earlier entries.

It appears that the good law abiding citizens have had enough, and are teaching the violent criminal element that crime does pay…but only in lead as they are getting their career canceled permanently:

I would also like to assure Christopher, that even if our local elected officials/politicians do not step up and answer the call to publicly recognize your bravery in defending the innocent, the area citizens do, and you will most likely also be recognized nationally in the NRA Armed Citizen.

I would like to end this report with some quotes from Christopher:

"It's a very bad situation, but not only that, it teaches people right now that want to go out and rob stores that you never know who's going to be in the parking lot."

"So people who want to go out and rob, and do things stupid like this, they might want to think about the consequences that somebody else may bring to them."

Watch Christopher making his statement here.

An armed society is a polite society.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Something from the ooh rah file

72-Year-Old Marine Fights Off Pickpocket

When Gun Shy is out and about, he likes to work out in public parks. A week or so ago, I was in a park doing pull ups, and I noticed an older man watching me and talking with a woman. I overheard him say to the woman “That’s real good, most people cant even do a couple”. The man walked over to me and we started to converse. Standing before me was a man, who appeared to be in his early sixties and was very muscular, appearing to be extremely fit. He started telling me about how many pull ups he could do when he was younger while lamenting that he was getting old. I looked at him and said “Are you kidding me? You are in superb shape for a man in his sixties.” It turns out that he was a former Marine who was 85 years old. We exchanged a few exercises, as I watched him get down and bang out push ups on his finger tips in perfect form. He then sat flat on the ground, pushed up on his finger tips clearing the ground while holding his legs in a a leg lift position. I thought that this was phenomenal, and told him that seeing him gave me hope for the future as I age. We talked for hours as I spent an enjoyable morning with a funny and motivated man. I knew another man in his mid seventies, also a former Marine who was in the same kind of shape and conditioning, so seeing the above video of the 72 year old former Marine owning some dirt bag was no surprise to me. It is amazing how far a can do attitude will get a person in life.

Another Scum Stain Removed From Society

Child Porn Suspect Arrested
Deputies last week said Smith's home computer contained photos showing minors engaged in sexual acts.

I wrote about this blight on humanity who stole the innocence of a number of children including his own daughter (according to news reports he pimped her out) in an earlier entry as well. I hope that they seize all of his assets and auction them off to supply counseling for the innocent children. It is justice that this animal ends up in a cage where he belongs.

Here is another report:

Child Porn Suspect Scales Condo In Escape Attempt
The U.S. Marshals Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force said 46-year-old Alton Everett Smith was arrested early Monday morning at the Oceania Beach Club on S. Atlantic Avenue.

They should probably disinfect the room he stayed in with battery acid.

Five Stars to the U.S. Marshalls, the Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force, and last but not least, the Officers from the New Smyrna Beach Police Department for a job well done. NSB in my opinion, is a nice family town town that has effective Law Enforcement.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Time For a New Approach

Liquor Store Robbed, Clerk Held At Knifepoint

Clerk Elizabeth Drumwright said, "I just thought I was getting ready to die."

According to other news sources, this woman has been robbed a number of times in this same store. Maybe it is time for her to consider a different approach before she does get killed.

The Root of the Orlando Crime Problem May Start With the Letter "J"

Police Shut Down Streets In Standoff With Home Invasion Suspect

The incident started around 9:30am with officers and Orange County deputies arrived at an apartment at Columbia Street and Ola Drive to serve a warrant on 30 year old Delvin Pryor, suspected in an armed home invasion that took place on January 2nd…

…Pryor has a long criminal history, including 51 past felony charges.

And it gets even better:

Police said between felonies and misdemeanors, Pryor has more than 80 charges against him.

Another news source stated that he is wanted for dozens of crimes.

Ok, let’s do the math on this shall we? The accused is 30 years old, so if he started his career at age 10 (highly unlikely) then that would mean in the span of twenty years, he had fifty one felony convictions and twenty nine misdemeanors. Anyone want to do the percentages? I can’t even begin to guess how much his behavior has cost the law abiding, hard working tax paying citizens of Florida in law enforcement investigations, court costs, incarceration fees, court appointed lawyers, and even more troubling, how much it cost his innocent victims. It looks like he has graduated to home invasion now, and I wonder if the judges who have released this repeat offender time and time again even have a conscience. It appears that the local judicial system needs the royal flush.

It should be noted that this is the second call out this week for our highly trained SWAT Operators.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Another Candidate for Pistol Whippers Rehab


Melissa Koch told deputies that she was riding her bicycle to her boyfriend’s house at approximately 12:30 p.m. Tuesday. When she got to the intersection of Spruce Street and Mary Avenue , a man stepped in front of Koch, forcing her to stop. Koch asked what he wanted and she said that he demanded, “Give me your money.” She initially refused, but the man, later identified as Smith, pulled out a small handgun and pointed it at her face. Koch then admitted that she had some money in her pants. She was forced to the ground and Smith reached into her pants and took the cash. Smith also went through Koch’s purse and took her cell phone. Finally, he pistol whipped her and then ran down the road.

Victim's Boyfriend Tricks Suspect Into Arrest

Officers said Smith pistol-whipped Koch, stole her money and cell phone.

The Volusia County Sheriffs (probably assisted by NSB Police) have taken another criminal off the streets. The moral of the story is this. If you come to New Smyrna Beach on a criminal vacation, you'll leave on probation (or worse). I think this violent offender who punked, beat, and terrorized a helpless young woman while robbing her at gun point is a perfect candidate for the pistol whipping rehab class of 2009. Read more here:

I think Gun Shy needs to write an article explaining Florida’s Castle Doctrine, and how it is applicable in various states and situations that a law abiding citizen may encounter when dealing with the rapidly increasing violent criminal element.

Why I Call Them Domestic Urban Terrorists...

…or Orlando Insurgents

Men Set Cars On Fire With Molotov Cocktails

Orlando police are trying to find two men who tried to celebrate the New Year by setting cars on fire. Investigators said two men in a black Toyota Tacoma drove through the Southport neighborhood in east Orange County on Thursday throwing Molotov cocktails at parked cars.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Don’t Do the Crime if You Can’t Do the Time

Mug Shot Shows Crying Suspect After Arrest


Vibber's mug shot shows the suspect was visibly upset when arrested.

Shaddup up and quit your crying ya big baby. You should be counting your blessings that some angry homeowner exercising his second amendment rights didn’t end your career permanently.

It might do you some good to review the following information before your go out engaging in future criminal exploits.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

More Elder Abuse

93-year-old Polk Co. man murdered inside home

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office said a 93-year-old man was robbed and murdered inside his Lakeland home Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

When are Americans going to say enough?

Don't Try This at Home Kids

From the handling firearms is not a hobby file:

Orlando reveler shoots himself during New Year's celebration
Orlando police said a New Year's Eve reveler almost killed himself while firing a gun in celebration of the arrival of 2009. Shunacey Mack, 21, shot himself in the leg outside a party in the 2000 block of West Amelia Street about 12:10 a.m. today...

This is why Gun Shy Doesn't like hanging out at shooting ranges. It seems like every time you turn around, someone is sweeping the muzzle of a loaded firearm across someone's center line. A word to the wise:

Alcohol and gun powder don't mix.