Thursday, February 26, 2009

If it Dresses Like a Terrorist…

Woman Shoots At Masked Man In Driveway - No One Injured In Incident

A woman shot at a masked man in an Orange County neighborhood Wednesday night in an apparent robbery attempt, deputies said...

...The culprit was described by deputies only as a black man dressed in black clothing and wearing a black mask.

The only problem with this story, is that the lady missed. As people familiar with firearms know, when one discharges a round, it will keep traveling until it loses its energy, or it hits something. A bullet has no ability to distinguish between friend and foe. This can pose a danger to surrounding neighbors and their children. I would recommend that the woman get some firearms training so that the next time, she hits her intended target. It appears that it may be open season on Domestic Urban Terrorists now, after the two home invasions last week where the women were raped and robbed.

Black hooded face mask... four dollars

Black terrorist style clothing... twenty five dollars

The expression on the insurgent's face when what he thought was a helpless woman draws her weapon and discharges a round in his direction as he soils himself... PRICELESS!!


A person wrote me saying that they are a neighbor of the victim, and that the media report may be incorrect on the racial identity of the suspect. Here is a quote from their e-mail:

My neighbor did not say that the man was black. In fact, she believes he is white. Where did you get that information from, or did you add that part? I know that reporters don't report on racial identity, especially if the person is masked, so I don't know how you came to that conclusion.

The media is sloppy and sometimes supplies incorrect information, but what I quoted was what was written verbatim in the article linked above and here. Let it be noted that Gun Shy is prejudice against ALL criminals regardless of race, who would think to do harm to hard working law abiding citizens. I just try to report the facts as presented in media sources, and welcome additional information.

Some other articles referencing Domestic Urban Terrorists:

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Decline of O-Town

Dyer To Deliver State Of The City Address Today

ORLANDO -- Mayor Buddy Dyer is set to deliver his annual State of the City address Wednesday.

Here is a thumbnail sketch. Tourism is way down. Job layoffs are staggering, but the drug dealers are busier than ever. Home foreclosures are way up, we have no shortage of home invasions this week, and the other violent crime is completely out of control. We are rapidly turning into a city that resembles New Orleans. All the mayor needs to do is step up to the microphone and utter “pathetic”, and that would be an accurate summary. At this point, I think most people here have stopped listening to him anyway.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Humanity Gets Uglier by the Moment

Child Prostitutes Rescued In National Sting - FBI, Police Rescue 45 Child Prostitutes Around US

What can you say about the above headline? Gun Shy believes that we should start having televised public execution of convicted child molesters, and that would of course include anyone who would pimp out an underage person sexually for filthy monetary gain. Rapists should also be included on that list in my opinion. We have become a spineless nation wallowing in moralistic indecision, fueled by defense lawyers who whine about the rights of the ones perpetrating these heinous acts against our children, while ignoring the fundamental rights of the children themselves. The Roman Empire eventually collapsed because of some of this same type of moral decay that we are witnessing today, and with that said, we should all keep in mind that those who do not know history are most certainly doomed to repeat it. Gun Shy vaguely remembers a quote spoken by Dick the butcher in Shakespeare’s Henry the VI which had a reference to lawyers. Gun Shy believes that anyone who can speak deceptively in order to defend someone who they know is clearly guilty for monetary gain, has already defined their moral character in my opinion, and are in fact, pimps themselves. Maybe Shakespeare had the ability to see into the future.

I Guess Only the Thugs Stayed Behind

Orlando Ranks 7th On List Of America’s Emptiest Cities

According to the survey, 12 percent of the city's rentals are vacant, along with 7 percent of the city's homes, the highest home vacancy rate in the country.

Now read these commentaries:

How Florida cities ranked in the 2008 Dangerous Cities Survey

2008 Most Dangerous Cities Rewind

I have both good and bad news for Orlando area residents (2008 Most Dangerous Cities)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Fairly Smooth Operation

Man fatally shot during drug raid


Deputies served a search warrant at the Holiday home Friday morning. SWAT team members found 38-year-old Luther Hudson in one of the bedrooms, and authorities say he began firing a handgun at deputies. One deputy was hit, but a bulletproof vest protected him from serious injury. A sheriff's office report says that deputy returned fire and hit Hudson in the chest. Hudson was taken to a New Port Richey hospital where he was pronounced dead.

With the exception of the officer taking the round (sometimes it can't be avoided), this is how it should go down. This is also why there is the need for high level Law Enforcement operators to wear the best protective gear that money can buy. Violent offenders when engaging Law Enforcement need to be switched off to insure that they will not harm others in the future. Sadly, his selling of crack cocaine has already ruined the lives of many I am sure. When the perpetrator opened fire, he signed his own death warrant. Justice has been served and the public has been protected thanks to a team of competent operators.

Some other entries that discusses SWAT:

A False Sense of Security

Neighbors Install Security Cameras After Recent Rapes
Two women have been raped in two of the five invasions in Orange and Seminole counties, all in the last week alone, but some neighborhoods are not sitting back and waiting to become victims…

…Neighbors like Paige Politte said it is not going to happen again. "If people know we're going to have security cameras out front, it's going to hopefully keep them out of the neighborhood, but if someone does come in for some criminal activity, we're going to be able to record license plate numbers of who goes in and who goes out," Politte said.

It has been proven time and time again, that a security camera in and of itself will not keep you safe in many situations, therefore they tend to create a sense of false security. All you need to do is look at all of the security camera videos on youtube of robberies in convenience stores and businesses, where the robber got away and was never brought to justice. Keep in mind that there have been instances where eye witnesses to the crime in progress couldn't get help to the scene fast enough by calling 911. In some cases, people have relied on 911 and been killed. Unless there is a human monitoring those cameras (and humans sometimes have error) who is armed and ready to take action immediately, the crime will still occur, and the tape *may be* useful for evidence to secure a conviction of rape or murder at a later date. New Orleans which was rated as the most dangerous city in America this year has video cameras, and the crime is escalating there daily. Please note that Orlando ranked 18th out of 385 cities surveyed. Please read my suggestions on how to survive in a dangerous urban environment, and remember that you are your first line of defense.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Its a Family Affair

Please read this article:

Mother, Sons Arrested After Armed Robbery

Gun Shy has an idea. See what you think. If these people are foreign nationals that are here illegally (this is occurring more and more), then the U.S. needs to build a detention center to hold detainees who have entered America illegally and have committed a crime against an American citizen. While incarcerated at this facility the detainees will have to work until the cost of restitution to the victim, arrest costs, judicial costs, and incarceration costs are satisfied, and then at that time they will be deported (they will also need to satisfy deportation fees). Americans need to quit paying for foreign nationals to come to our country and commit crimes against our people. If these criminals have recently become legal citizens, their citizenship needs to be revoked and they need to be sent packing AFTER they have settled the debt that they chose to incur by their illegal activities. NO MORE FREE RIDE! For the people who come to America from another country, and choose to live good and productive lives, raise their families to be good citizens and good Americans, and contribute to this great nation, Gun Shy welcomes you, and I am happy that you have chosen America as your new country.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

This Administration Needs to Say What it Means and Cut the Double Speak

Is the current administration comprised of Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, and Barrack Obama eager to implement gun control? If you posed this question to them publicly, they might reply that they are not in their own roundabout lawyer-ease phrasing, but what do their previous actions demonstrate? One does not need to impose an outright ban on firearms to create a chilling effect for gun owners. Since this administration has taken office, the price of ammunition has been creeping up steadily. Ammo for a .45 caliber pistol will be five dollars per box more than it was before this administration took office in the very near future. If this administration puts import restrictions on foreign made ammo, at some point in time, gun owners will have no access to ammunition making their defensive firearm no more than a very expensive hammer. These subtle tactics are some of the many ways to effectively disarm law abiding citizens. What does this administration really believe?

You decide:

As I said in my earlier commentary, when you see the clowns enter the tent, the circus is about to begin. It should be noted, that for the most part, law enforcement has no problem with law abiding citizens possessing firearms, and this is strictly a political maneuver motivated by elected officials. I find it ironic that these politicians had secret service protection during their campaign, they have it now, and will have it after they leave office for the rest of their life, but private citizens shouldn't worry about the protection of them and their families. It is almost surreal when you analyze it logically, isn't it?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Gun Shy Moment

It is no secret that Gun Shy detests rapists and pedophiles. Why you may ask? Because they get joy from exerting violent control over someone who can not defend themselves. If Gun Shy had his way, all rape encounters would end something like this. For those of you who think this is cruel, Gun Shy believes that a woman who is battered sexually, and has to live with those feelings of violation for the rest of her life, is a far more cruel situation than the demise of someone who willfully chose to cross the line and was neutralized by the victim (or someone coming to her aid) so that they couldn't go on to harm others.

Gun Shy believes that the rights of the innocent victim out weighs the rights of the evil assailant. For those of you who agree, please enjoy this bonus footage, as well as this additional double bonus footage.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rapist Scum Strikes at the Innocent Again

College Student Raped During Avalon Park Home Invasion

A violent home invasion has upset a quiet, upscale neighborhood in Avalon Park. Deputies say two gunmen robbed a group of students and then raped a woman before making their getaway…

…"It's a pretty safe neighborhood and to see something like that happen is shocking," neighbor Stephen Schultz said…

…Residents of the Avalon Park neighborhood were shocked to hear of a home invasion there and even more shocked by the rape of a college student after armed men showed up at their home around 3:00am.

I am sorry that these students did not get to read my earlier commentary found here. As I said in another one of my other earlier commentaries, there are no longer any nice areas of Orlando, because the slime of crime oozes into all of the outlying areas. When this young student is graduated and it is twenty years from now, and out working at her chosen profession that she was trained for through her study and hard work, her memories of college will not be of parties and friends she met while attending college, but of being sexually assaulted by vermin scum. I think that the universities need to start issuing warnings (send them to the O-Town Blog) to the new students about how dangerous this area can be, along with a razor sharp folding knife that can be worn around the neck on a chain, so that when the rapist tires to make the union, the victim can help him lose a little weight in the genital area with one smooth motion. That should help to take away his urge....forever if her aim is good.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Somali Pirates get Schooled

This is from the how do you like us now file:

I was watching the news this evening and saw the report about the U.S. Navy capturing a group of Somali pirates who have been hijacking ships and demanding ransom. I touched on this operation in an earlier entry here. For those of you who do not know the history between the U.S. and the Somali rebels, back in 1993, the Somalis killed eighteen Sons of America (Army Rangers and Delta Operators) and then dragged the bodies of our two Delta Snipers through the streets of Mogadishu. There were also eighty three other soldiers who were wounded in that battle. The Night Stalkers provided air support, and the Air Force PJ’s were also involved in that rescue operation. This incident was the basis for the movie Blackhawk Down. Maybe some of the Somali pirates forgot about this incident. Well I can assure them...

We didn't.

Taser vs Armed Assailant

How effective is a Taser in stopping an assailant with a firearm? Watch this and decide.

And while we are having fun, you might wonder how effective OC/CS (defensive spray) is against an assailant with a firearm. To satisfy your curiosity, watch this.

You may also want to read this related commentary.

Tourists From All Over the World are Starting to Get It

Quote from this article:

Tammy Lee's family was staying at the hotel across the street and said gunshots woke them up Monday morning. "I grabbed my youngest son and I told him to stay on the far end of the room," said Lee…

"I'm still kind of shaky, because I can't believe this happened on my vacation," she said…

And here is the crux of the matter:

Lee, who is from Minnesota, told Eyewitness News that she doesn't plan on vacationing in Orlando again and, if her family wasn't flying out Monday, they would have changed hotels.

Sometimes Gun Shy feels like the prophet of doom, but when all is said and done, it is all about the facts which are hard to deny. The prophet commented on this in an earlier commentary from November 2008 found here.

Could Dining in Orlando Area Restaurants be Hazardous to Your Health? (part deux)

Man Shot Outside Denny's Restaurant

I have also commented on this in earlier postings:

Maybe someone could direct Sheriff Demings to my commentary found here.

With all of the recent activity, maybe it would be a good idea for the Denny's chain to hire its own private security:

Denny's Customers, Employees Forced To Floor During Robbery

Woman Stabbed Several Times In Brutal Purse Snatching

Bloodhounds Used In Search For Orlando Denny's Gunman

Friday, February 13, 2009

Orlando Made it Under the Radar...this time

Fla. City Among 'Most Miserable' In U.S.
MIAMI -- A Florida Congresswoman is calling out Forbes magazine for including Miami in its list of Top 10 Most Miserable Cities in the country. The publication ranked major metropolitan areas on nine factors, including commute times, unemployment and weather.

I guess Forbes didn’t take a very close look at Orlando. The highways here are just as bad as Miami, and with the road construction they could even be worse. Of course, unemployment here is soaring with all of the layoffs. Here is the quote that got me started:

It docked Miami for its level of violent crime and corruption, and said the city "has been crushed by the housing collapse."

It should be noted that Miami ranked number thirty five this year as the most dangerous city in the U.S. while Orlando beat Miami out by being ranked eighteenth most dangerous city in the nation. As far as the real estate market goes, has anyone looked at all of the foreclosed homes? If you check statistically, home values here have plummeted.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Trail of Slime..

As I expected, the slime who raped the eleven year old girl had some other DNA hits related to other local sexual assault cases.

DNA Connects Rape Suspect To Florida Mall Case
"Once we put the suspects' DNA into the system, we obtained another hit. This was a January 2008 case where a girl was at Florida Mall, she was picked up by two Hispanic males in a black car, taken around some buildings at the mall and sexually battered," Detective Rich Mankewich said Thursday afternoon during a news conference.

Typically, people who do these types of heinous acts don't just wake up in the morning and decide out of the blue to rape an eleven year old. They usually have a trail of prior activity that they may have gotten away with making them even bolder. They are recidivist predators. I touched on this in my last commentary where I posed the question "Does anyone believe that this is the first time these guys have done this?".

I am sure that there is a trail victims in their country of origin as well.

It's Time for INS to do a Massive Sweep in the Greater Orlando Area on a Weekly Basis

quote from an article about the child rapists:
Investigators said it is likely both men and their families were in the country illegally.

This is a fine example of people leaving a country that they have destroyed through their own bad actions, a country which is full of crime, heinous murder and corruption at all levels including governmentally, and when they get here, they try to carry on the same lawless tradition. INS needs to start putting major pressure on continuously now to purge America of the illegal criminal element. It is less expensive to fund these operations and deport them, than it is to house them in our already overcrowded prisons and take care of them for the rest of their life after they have committed something as heinous as this on an innocent child. Does anyone believe that this is the first time these guys have done this? It is sad that these low lifes actions give the hard working clean living Hispanic people a bad name.

Child Rapist Scum are Incarcerated

Men Confess To Raping, Abducting 11-Year-Old Girl

Two men were arrested Wednesday night for allegedly abducting and raping an 11-year-old girl last week. Investigators said Richard Morales-Marin, 24, and Juan Hernandez-Monzaldo, 25, admitted to the crime.

First of all, they made a mistake in the title of the article, because these two are not men, but subhuman scum. Did you notice in the picture that one of the attackers was smiling? It has been reported in the television media that one of them had immigration issues. This clearly illustrates some of the problems that occur due to the flood of immigrants that enter our nation daily, many who here enter illegally. I am guessing by the names that they may be Mexican nationals. It is too bad that these two are now going to give a bad name to all Mexicans, many who have come to America through legal channels, and who have worked hard and raised their families to be good Americans and have added to the status of our great nation. The media interviewed the wife of one of the attackers, and she was devastated to find out that she was married to, and had children with the filth who did this to this innocent little girl. I hope that the woman and her children are not deported, but it would be nice if her husband was deported in a pine box. I also addressed this situation in my earlier commentary. Hats off to the OCSO sex crimes division for the timely capture of these disgusting individuals.

The Validity of Alternate News Sources

The major news outlets reported on two robberies in Volusia County yesterday. The robberies occurred in New Smyrna Beach and Daytona Beach. The major media barely gave any details on the New Smyrna Beach robbery, so once again I had to go to a local citizens blog who reports on the crimes in Volusia County, and acquires much of his information by monitoring law enforcement radio using a scanner. Here is his report.

S.R. 44 McDonalds Held up by Knife

Sometimes I think that the major media outlets could learn a few things from citizens with blogs that are interested in reporting as much factual information that is known at the time of writing. Let it be known to all of the readers, that when there is a situation brewing in that area of Volusia County, Gun Shy immediately goes to this blog and so should you, because there is usually a host of raw information and details there that the mainstream media misses in their reporting.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Knock Off the Noise...I Am Trying to Eat

Surveillance Video Released Of Papa John's Robbery
quote from statements made by the reporter on the video found in the article:
Bold robberies like this is the main reason some customers told us that they don’t feel safe dining in at restaurants any more.

I think it is interesting that the woman they interviewed on camera stated that she calls in her orders now, because eating in Orlando restaurants is way too dangerous these days. Maybe she read my earlier commentary from November of last year found here where I asked this question:

Should customers start to sit facing the door with a fire arm on their lap as a precautionary measure while they eat?

I also offered Sheriff Demings a solution to the problem, since it is a specific area of the city that is being targeted often.

There have been 15 robberies at business around the intersection of OBT and Oakridge in the last seven months.

Maybe someone could direct Sheriff Demings to my commentary found here.

What’s In a Name?

Pipe Bomb Forces Tenants To Evacuate
Deputies arrested the suspect on various drug charges. During the investigation they found a pipe bomb in his closet.

Let’s see now. Some Orlando thugs have AK-47s, dress in black and wear hooded masks and gloves, pistol whip their victims, firebomb vehicles and houses, do hostile takeovers of businesses and homes, kidnap people and commandeer personal vehicles and even hijack buses, and now we find that they have their own version of Improvised Explosive Devices. (IEDs). Does anyone wonder why Gun Shy refers to them as Domestic Urban Terrorists or Orlando Insurgents?

Pistols Discharging Make it Hard to Enjoy Your Meal

Suspect Opens Fire In Pizza Shop During Robbery
Frightened customers made a run for it when an armed robber opened fire inside an Orange County pizza restaurant late Tuesday night.

Gun Shy discussed this topic in an earlier commentary.

Violent Crime is like a disease that takes away from the quality of life of the hard working, law abiding, tax paying citizens of the Orlando area. Gun Shy has a suggestion for the cure. If this seems too extreme, then maybe the restaurant owners should hire trained private security who work in conjunction with local law enforcement, which seems to have been fairly effective in the attempted New Smyrna Beach pharmacy robbery. Area thugs need to get an honorable profession before time runs out.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Wonder What Was Going Through This Guys Mind?

Please click here to view the image that the title is based on first before reading the copy below.

Orange County Sheriffs Office removed another felon off the streets today. It was reported that the Officers did a Tactical Vehicle intervention also known as a PIT Maneuver in order to apprehend the fleeing suspect.

You can see an example of what a well executed PIT Maneuver looks like in action up close by clicking here.

You can read about today’s action by clicking on the title below:

Wanted Felon Arrested After Orange Co. Chase

This is a shout out to OCSO and any other area Law Enforcement who were involved. If you watch the video of the chase and apprehension, you will notice how the lead car in the chase starts setting up in the left lane for a while before executing a flawless PIT Manuever on the suspect, with excellent team support from the other officers in containing the vehicle. Let it be noted, that Gun Shy has a solution for those who would think to evade apprehension by initiating a situation that creates a dangerous high speed chase. You can read about it here and here.

Prisoner Rights?

California may have to cut prison population by 40 percent
Federal judges tentatively ruled on Monday that California must reduce the number of inmates in its overcrowded prison system by up to 40 percent to stop a constitutional violation of prisoners' rights.

Implementing the court's ruling would result in up to 58,000 prisoners being released...

The liberal judges have once again determined that the rights of criminals is more important than the rights of law abiding tax paying citizens. Gun Shy worked in California, and what I observed, is that it is a state that is eaten up with methamphetamine. When methamphetamine becomes commonplace in a region, it is easy to fill up the prisons quickly because of the crime that accompanies it. Florida law enforcement had better stay on top of the meth problem here, or that will be the future of this state as well.

Another quote:
Those who would be released would be very low risk, according to Don Specter, director of the Prison Law Office, a group that provides free legal services to California prisoners.

So let me make sure that I am clear on this. The same liberal judges and lawyers who have been releasing repeat violent offenders and recidivistic child molesters back into society, only to repeat their previous offenses, are now going to be the ones to decide who would be very low risk.

Gun Shy has an idea. Maybe if the liberal judges and lawyers are so sure of their choices of who is very low risk, then they can give those who they release a job caring for their elderly moms, grandmas, and let them provide child care for their children in their home, so that they can give these newly released people a fresh start with a job and a place to stay.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Wild Wild East

Police Fatally Shoot 3 In 60-Hour Span
Jacksonville police have fatally shot three people in the span of 60 hours.

It appears that our Law Enforcement neighbors to the near North have decent firearms skills and are ready to demonstrate them upon demand. Welcome to the Wild Wild East, as this looks like the shape of things to come. As I stated in an earlier commentary, it appears that the rules of engagement are changing, and the slap on the wrist that the criminal element used to look forward to from the liberal judges is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. It is time for people to think about their actions carefully, because it seems like more and more the lead is flying these days, and it could be the last poorly thought out decision they will ever make.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lou Dobbs Asks the Hard Questions

Watch this video:

With the likes of Biden, Clinton, and Holder now in leadership positions, it is hard to believe they they won't attempt to restrict firearms ownership to the point of disarming law abiding citizens one law at a time. Most people know, that when you see the clowns enter the tent, it won't be long until the circus begins. Print media has addressed this is a number of articles as well. A gun grab directed against law abiding citizens with no criminal history by this administration would only be a smoke and mirrors attempt at ignoring the real problem, which is violent crime. Since Eric Holder and Barack Obama are African Americans, their efforts would be better focused if they concentrated on creating programs in the minority communities to help young men realize the error which comes from emulating bad role models which could lead to bad choices that can negatively shape their future, so that they will instead choose to pursue higher education which will make America stronger and lead to a lower percentage of incarceration in the minority communities.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another One Who Failed to Get an Honorable Career

Security guard shoots, kills pharmacy robber

At about 10:15 a.m. Saturday, New Smyrna Beach police officers arrived at the Medicine Shoppe after received a 911 call reporting gunfire. Witnesses told them a masked man had entered the store and demanded money from the pharmacist. The store's security guard then shot the robber, who died at the scene, according to Sgt. Michael Brouillette.

And this quote from another media source:

The robber was shot twice in the chest by a security guard at the Medicine Shoppe pharmacy Saturday at 10:15 a.m. Police said the masked robber entered the store at 653 N. Dixie Freeway, put a gun to the head of the pharmacist and demanded drugs.

It appears that the security guard had adequate firearm skills to rapidly end the confrontation. I hope that the assailant wasn't some kid who had watched too many Hollywood movies that glorify the gangsta lifestyle, and this was his first attempt at being accepted as a part of that culture. Gun Shy has issued pleas and warnings in my commentary for the criminal element to change their profession to something more honorable that will help to build America up instead of tearing it down, but it seems that many like their career choices. If the assailant was a repeat violent offender, then all I can say, is that justice has been served. Also, let it be duly noted by the criminal element that it appears the rules of engagement have changed here in Florida with the advent of all the new law abiding citizens who are now licensed to carry a concealed firearm, so the days of the slap on the wrist by some liberal judge are rapidly becoming a thing of the past as the stakes have now become considerably greater that someone could be sending some hot lead in your direction. Now let me once again, at the risk of being redundant, issue this warning to the violent offenders, or any wannabes for that matter. If you walk into a business establishment carrying a firearm wearing a hooded mask, you will probably be taken for an urban terrorist and be shot as many others have been recently here in Central Florida. Please be sure to read the disclaimer below:

WARNING: The lead contained in bullets has been known in the State of California (and other states) to cause severe injury and even death, especially when exiting the barrel of an accurately aimed firearm traveling at speeds well over 1,200 feet per second.

Thanks to James for the heads up on this situation. I was in NSB today, but somehow I missed the action, or I would have drifted over to the crime scene. Once again, I only hope that it wasn't some kid addicted to oxy.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Giving Animals a Bad Name

Sheriff's Office Detective: Rape Suspects "Are Animals"
Hundreds of deputies are hunting for the two men who kidnapped and raped an 11-year-old Orange County girl. "These guys are animals. They need to be taken off the streets," said Sgt. Rich Mankewich, Orange County Sheriff's Office.

You can watch the raw video of the interview here.

Gun Shy has intentionally been waiting to comment on this. The reason being, I was hoping to report that the perpetrators were tracked down, and had attempted to resist arrest with violence and had succumbed to lead poisoning courtesy of a multitude of law enforcement officers accurately emptying the magazines from their side arms in the “animals” specific direction. Unfortunately, this has not yet happened. I guess I can dream.

Gun Shy apologizes to all animals on the planet for comparing this in-human urban terrorist scum to any species in the animal kingdom. I will include cock roaches and dung beetles as well.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Urban Terrorists are Restless Again

Suspects Punch Man In Face, Steal Car
Matthew Zifferblat was getting gas Wednesday on Conway Road and Hoffner Avenue when two cars blocked him in. Zifferblat said one man pointed a gun at his chest and demanded that he get out of the car. When Zifferblat took off running they chased him and punched him in the face.

I guess the local Domestic Urban Terrorists are getting restless again. It appears that there weren’t enough of them on the receiving end of an accurately discharged firearm last month when there was a wave or armed citizens canceling their crime careers, to keep them thinking straight. The thugs need to stop watching Hollywood movies that glorify their lawless criminal lifestyle, and get a legitimate honorable profession while they still have a chance.

You Have Just Won a Free Trip From INS… Now Beat It

117 Arrested In 5-Day Immigration Sweep - 30 Had Criminal Histories, Officials Say
Officials said 30 had criminal histories. The sweep targeted the Orlando and Tampa areas and Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

The criminal element has once again been deported back to the country of their birth, the same country that they destroyed through their criminal actions while residing there. It seems that on average, about 25% of the people deported in these sweeps typically have a criminal background as noted in this earlier entry. If the criminals who come to America to take advantage of its citizens and resources are not getting the message, let me repeat it for you. Americans have had enough.

For the immigrants who come to this country every year, who are looking for an opportunity to work hard, live right, and better themselves and their families, and to become good Americans, Gun Shy welcomes you.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Man Against Beast

watch the video:
Chimp vs. Navy Seal
Here is additional video of Florida native Scott competing for $250,000 in prize money in a simulated war games exercise/competition called Combat Missions which was aired on TV a few years back (2002).

I am sad to report that Scott was one of the operators killed in Fallujah Iraq in 2004. He was working as a private contractor, when the vehicle he was riding in was ambushed and he and his squad members were all killed.

In the private sector, Scott worked as a consultant on Hollywood films such as GI Jane with Demi Moore and others.

He also produced a few workout videos titled Navy Seals Workout, which were no frills videos filmed on the California coast as well as other locations. If you like to workout with a military cadence, this is a good video for you. The video also has levels that are less challenging for beginners. All proceeds from the purchase of the videos go to the family he left behind, which includes his two children. The videos can be purchased here.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Now That They Have Made You Defenseless, Here is How They Will Protect You

Bus murder opens door to justice re-think

Completely unprovoked, a fellow passenger on the bus turned from his seat and began stabbing Tim with a large hunting knife. "Repeatedly, repeatedly... must have been 40, 50 times... just like a robot stabbing the guy," said eyewitness Garnet Caton. The driver pulled the bus to a stop, and he and the other 34 passengers fled to safety. The accused murderer spent the next three hours desecrating Tim McLean.

And now this quote:
On the scene quickly, RCMP spent hours formulating strategy.

This story is out of Canada, a country that has effectively disarmed its citizens. Since the perpetrator didn’t have a firearm, he just stabbed the victim repeatedly until he was dead. Since the law abiding citizens were not allowed to have a firearm, the perpetrator was allowed as much time as he wanted to perform his heinous crimes while the RCMP spent hours formulating their strategy. Australia, England, and Canada have been for the most part disarmed. Now they are attempting to do it state by state here in America. Contemplate what I am saying carefully, because you are peering into the future of America if second amendment rights are revoked. Have you ever noticed that random shootings and armed robberies never occur at gun shows? Now check to see how much violence occurs in gun free zones. Criminals love an unarmed victim, because it makes their profession safer. Just ask the violent felons who have had their careers canceled by an armed law abiding citizen with a firearm recently in this area.

The Easy Money Ain't So Easy These Days

Driver Possibly Shot By Deputy Caught After Search - Culprit May Have Tried To Ram Deputy With Car
A driver who was possibly shot by a sheriff's deputy was taken into custody Tuesday afternoon by Orange County authorities.

It appears that local law enforcement is stepping it up again. It seems that the flurry of violent crimes is actually down locally. Maybe Gun Shy is just becoming desensitized.

Now That They Have Effectively Disarmed You, Here is How They Will Protect You and Your Family

From the Judicial System has fallen and it can’t get up file:

Man pleads guilty to raping boy in public library
A convicted sex offender pleaded guilty Monday to raping a 6-year-old boy at a Massachusetts public library last year while he was on probation...

...Saunders had been released in 2006 despite objections from prosecutors, who are allowed under state law to ask that sex offenders be locked up indefinitely after completing their prison terms. Three psychologists supported the commitment request, but the judge granted him probation, citing his lack of sexual crimes while in prison.

Lack of sexual crimes while in prison??? It should be noted, that in Massachusetts, a state where you have to possess an FID Card to even own a shotgun, their concept of gun control has just about ruined gun ownership in that state. It should also be noted, that there is still more than enough violent crime to go around in that state. You can read more about Massachusetts gun laws here.


In April, a judge who heard the 6-year-old boy's videotaped account revoked Saunders' probation and sentenced him to the maximum five years in the earlier case.

Only five years for destroying the innocence of two innocent child victims?? I guess the price of innocence and the value of the rights of children has gotten cheap these days. God help us all.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Your Driving Privileges Have Been Revoked Permanently

Dash Cam Shows Cop Dragged By Fleeing Car
Newly released dash cam video shows a car pulled over Friday by Ocala police taking off with an officer hanging out the driver's window...

...Police said Sheldon reached speeds as fast as 80 mph before hitting a raised median

I don' want to try and second guess the officers actions, and I am sure he was hanging on with both hands for dear life as the perpetrator was probably doing maneuvers to try and dislodge the officer from the door, but if he could get his side arm un-holstered and the perp did not comply, he should have cancelled his driving privileges permanently.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

There Goes the Neighborhood...part 3

Teen Girl Attacked While Walking Dog
The Orange County Sheriff's Office is trying to locate a man who knocked down a 16 year old girl Saturday night and attempted to rape her.

The East side of Orlando is in steady decline it seems:

Yet Another Domestic Urban Terrorist

Kissimmee Police looking for robbery/assault suspect
Kissimmee Police are looking for 40-year-old Michael Williams. He robbed 78-year-old Margarita Aponte and hit her in the face with a metal pipe near Shelby Place subdivision in Lakeside on January 14....

...He was released in May from Wakulla Correctional Institute near Tallahassee, after serving 19 years for homicide.

Let us now pose this question to the court appointed psychologist and the prison rehabilitation programs director:

How is your latest terrorist that you returned to the streets to harm law abiding citizens and abuse the elderly doing in his program? Gun Shy gives you all an F in your ability to instruct students. I guess the color TV in their viewing area didn't help with the rehabilitation process.

There was another situation in the media this week where a convicted felon was released in June, only to perpetrate the same type of crime on another law abiding citizen six months later. I wrote about that incident here.

If prisons are having problems with their operating budgets, maybe the can layoff all the people who administer the touchy feely programs, because they have proven to be of minimal impact when it comes to implementing change in respect to the violent offenders.