Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A VERY Interesting Read...


The Second Amendment Foundation has filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia against Attorney General Eric Holder, seeking an injunction against enforcement of a federal law that makes it impossible for American citizens who reside outside the United States to purchase firearms while they are in this country.

Time To Issue Warnings to Foreign Tourists About Orlando

International Drive Robbers Target Tourists


"These people were terrified and it was quite traumatic," said Ramada manager Carrie Amador. "To come here for his birthday and his mother had a gun to her head."

Amador said she called 911 after her customers, a Brazilian family with a four-year-old child was held up in the parking lot around 11:30 Friday night. A gunman snatched the 4-year-old child from his mother's arms and demanded she hand over her backpack.

"Grabs her, points a gun at her head and pulls their child. It's scary that crime is escalating I think there is a lot of desperate people out there," said Amador.

No Ms Amador. They are not desperate. They are violent repeat offenders who qualify as Domestic Urban Terrorists. They have no regard for anyone, and are only concerned with getting "theirs". The problem is, that they are too lazy and un-disciplined to work for "theirs", and they think they are entitled to "yours". They should repent while they still have a chance, because as this economy gets tougher, people will start pushing back, and once that concept catches on in the populace, they will have no where to run.

It is Almost Like Someone Pushed the Stupid Button

2 Brevard Men In Custody After Armed Robbery


BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. -- Brevard County deputies say they arrested two men they believe robbed a Burger King at gunpoint. Deputies raced to the restaurant on the Courtney Parkway on Merritt Island just after 11:00am, Monday night.

This news source also reported this:

The men were found in a neighborhood near a Burger King they were accused of robbing at state Road 3 and Alma Boulevard on Merritt Island. The pair was also accused of robbing a Wendy's in Cocoa Beach.

Ten years ago, you would never hear of stuff like this in this area of Brevard County. Just a short time back, a convenience store was robbed in the same area of Merritt Island.


And then this robbery:


And of course, this rape and robbery that occurred near Ron Jon's in Cocoa Beach:


And this mother who was shot in Melbourne last night trying to break up a fight:


Other surrounding areas like Cocoa, Palm Bay, and Titusville, have also had a noticeable increase in shootings and robberies, and even drive by shootings. Nearby Volusia County with its sleepy little towns like New Smyrna beach have had their increase recently as well. Of course, Daytona has always been a bit of a snake pit anyway, but their incidences of violence seem to be on the rise also. It is almost like someone pushed the stupid button in Orlando around 2005 when crime and murder started to skyrocket, and then it spread out like a ripple into a fifty mile radius. It is time for law abiding Americans to say "enough", and take back our country from the thugs, before we end up becoming a third world nation. At this rate, it won't be long before other countries are issuing travel warnings to its citizens about the dangers of traveling to cities in Florida or even America as a nation.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Gun Shy Goes Shopping (Merritt Island Gun Company)

Below is my second installment reviewing local firearms dealers. I will attempt to do one review a week if time allows. If the readers have a dealer that you would like me to review, please contact me at the email address listed on the blog. I also stated this in an earlier commentary:

In the future, Gun Shy is going to be evaluating Central Florida gun stores and doing a weekly review. If your store gets a favorable review, in my opinion you were knowledgeable and good to the customers and you probably earned it. If your store does not get mentioned, it is either because I some how missed your store, you were rude to the customers, you were clearly taking advantage of the current sellers market and gouging them, or you were slinging too much bull$hit for me to even bother taking the time to mention your establishment.

This week, I am reviewing a Gun Shop that is nestled out on North Merritt Island on the road to the back gate of the Kennedy Space Center. It is a small store situated right on North Courtney Parkway, but in this particular case, size doesn’t matter. Gun Shy has been in this establishment more than the standard three to five times that is the criteria needed to evaluate an establishment, and in all of my visits to this store I have been treated exceptionally well, and have also seen the customers treated well on a consistent basis. I found out about this store from some other firearms enthusiasts that I know, and I have had many good experiences in dealing with this establishment. In my opinion, the owner is not only a knowledgeable owner/dealer, but is also a good guy and a good American. Unlike some establishments who are capitalizing on the firearm frenzy by charging ridiculous prices just because they can, the owner of this establishment has worked hard keep a good stock, and to hold his prices so that his customers can be serviced when it comes to parts, ammo, and firearms. I was recently trying to locate a pistol for a friend who lives in another area of the state, and this store and one other had the pistol at the price range that they were looking for. Everyone else that I called had the price jacked up because this model is currently in short supply. I have done business with this store in the past, and will not hesitate to do so in the future. It should be noted, that this dealer also does firearms transfers and is an expert in 1911 pistols, as well as being extremely knowledgeable in other weaponry. Gun Shy gives Merritt Island Gun Company two thumbs up. Stop in and check them out for yourself.

Merritt Island Gun Company
3420 North Courtney Parkway
Merritt Island, Florida
Phone: 321-453-4101

Now for the disclaimer:

Blanket Disclaimer For All Reviews

All opinions expressed, are those of Gun Shy Tourist, and are a first person report according to my experiences with the firearms dealer being reviewed. Gun Shy receives no payment, free goods or services, or reduction of prices for discussing any of the firearm dealers being reviewed. This is not advertising, and should not be construed as such. This is merely my opinion based on my experiences. These opinions are not based on a one time visit, because I realize that anyone can have a bad day. The reviews are based on multiple visits numbering at least three to five. When I go into a firearm dealer’s establishment, I go in as your average customer, and the dealer is not aware that I have a gun blog or that I write on firearms topics. While in there, I also observe how the owner and employees treat other customers as well. None of my reviews will discuss *specific* pricing, because “best price”, like music and art, are a matter of opinion. Gun Shy has learned by experience, that the “cheapest price” is not always the “best price”, because when you go to a local dealer, you can actually see, hold, and review all aspects of the firearm that you are interested in including dry firing, which is not possible when one buys mail order. Gun Shy believes that customer service and product knowledge are of extreme value to the customer when purchasing a firearm, and will gladly pay a little more to receive these services from a knowledgeable and reputable dealer.

The Future of America

7 Teens Accused Of Beating, Robbing Man- Deputies: Teens Stole Gun, Jewelry From 61-Year-Old


A group of teenagers is accused of attacking a 61-year-old man in his Deltona home. According to the Volusia County Sheriff's Department, the teens stole jewelry and guns from their victim's Whitewood Drive home Monday afternoon.

Gee, I hope being arrested didn't affect these fine young citizens self esteem. They are probably just misunderstood. Gun Shy recommends a good a$$ whooping as their initial rehabilitative therapy, and then for probation, they need to mow their victims lawn, paint his house and do other repairs, wash his car, and take out his trash for the next year in order to learn respect for their elders as well as self discipline, and to also learn how to be a servant, instead of being card carrying members of the I, Me, My entitlement generation.

Uncle Ted Gets Candid

You have to admit that he makes a lot of sense for a mere rock n roll guitar player. Watch these clips and get a little constitutional comic relief.




Gun Shy Was Wrong...

In an earlier report chastising the media that constantly sensationalizes every firearms incident while having no understanding of weaponry, Gun Shy stated this:

In the final analysis, it appears that the shooter didn't use his "arsenal" of weapons, and may have possibly shot all of his victims with a common "hand gun", or an "assault rifle" that fires one shot at a time, making it clearly not an assault rifle.

According to today's latest report, it is questionable if the shooter even used a rifle. This is what was reported today.

It appears that the girlfriend and her son were shot with a 9mm pistol, and the shooter took his own life using a .357 pistol. They have not reported what caliber the round was that sent shrapnel into the officers face, but Gun Shy has a hunch. The Brady Bunch will skip right over the facts, and talk about the "arsenal of assault weapons", and how the shooter was armed and ready to do battle.

They Must Have Gotten Their Climate "Facts" From the Same Place They Got Their Gun "Facts"

I would advise the readers to take a look at this pdf. I try to look at global warming objectively, but it is hard to do when you don’t have the facts, and what is presented is skewed. It is the same as Diane Feinstein saying that 90% of all illegal guns in Mexico come from the U.S.

I Guess it Really Isn't That Bad...

Gun Shy was posting on a local news website in their comments section, and a local reader accused me of being negative about the greater Orlando area in reference to reporting about crime, and told me if I didn’t like it, I should leave. My first thought was, can people be so desensitized that they can’t see what is happening here? This morning I went to the same website to see if maybe I was being a bit over critical, and here is a sampling of this mornings headlines.

Latest Local Headlines ››
Deputies Say Woman Shot Husband, Blamed Intruders
One Wounded After Shots Fired At Teen Party
Armed Robber In Camouflage Gets Away
Girl Scouts' Cookie Money Stolen
Elderly Man Pulls Gun In Road Rage Incident
Injured Officer Released From Hospital, Thanks Supporters
Man Stabs Parents Over Money, Shoots Self
Girl Dies In Drive-By Shooting
More News Headlines »
Police Investigate Shooting Near Pool Filled With Children
Person Of Interest Found In Kidnapping, Rape Of Woman
Teen Charged After Pretending To Be Cop
Agents Raid Marijuana Grow House, 12 Arrests

Maybe it is just me, and I guess maybe I should be more appreciative. I need to work on getting over the numerous vehicle thefts, break ins, armed robberies, stabbings, shootings, home invasions, and drive by shootings that have occurred in the "nice area" that I am living in the last 6 months. Maybe I just need to lighten up... now can someone please take me to my happy place?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Interview With Todd Jarrett (part 2)

My first meeting with Todd Jarrett was on Thursday, which was the first day of the Smith&Wesson U.S. National Steel Championships, hosted by the friendly staff of the Titusville Rifle and Pistol Club in Titusville Florida. He was in between stages working on his pistol, so I briefly introduced myself, told him a little bit about my blog, and then asked him if I could get a few minutes of his time a bit later. He was very friendly, and his response was “no problem buddy, see me after I am finished and we will talk”. Well, this isn’t Gun Shy’s first rodeo, and I fully understand how things can come up that create schedule changes in a moments notice, so I figured that I had given it my best shot, and now I would just have to wait and see what his schedule would allow. Throughout the afternoon, I watched him and all of the many other super competitors demonstrating their skill at this great facility, and one thing I noticed, was when one of the other competitors shot a really great time with accuracy, Todd was actually excited for them and voiced that, and even applauded them. I found that to be not only interesting, but refreshing in such a high stakes competition. We progressed into the afternoon and the last stage was almost completed, and I was sitting up on the platform near the exit reviewing the notes I had hastily taken during the day trying to clarify some of them, when Todd walked behind me and said “Hey man, let’s find a place in the shade and talk”. I said “Great, let’s go”. I had a list of prepared questions for Todd, but the discussion immediately took the direction of just being a friendly conversation instead of an interview, so I just ran with it and took a few notes. Todd grew up in Southeast Virginia, and was introduced to firearms early as small boy, and hunted like many other young men do out in the rural areas of Virginia. He got serious about competing in 1984, and in the time span that has past since then, he has fired approximately 2.2 million rounds in practice and competition. Because of the way Todd's movements flow, and his technique when positioning his body in respect to his dynamic shooting as well as the way he manipulates his pistol, I was curious to know if he had any martial arts background. He told me no, but then went on to bio mechanically analyze certain movements and positioning, breaking them down while defining them the same way that a martial artist would do. I am of the personal opinion that Todd is a detail oriented individual who has examined the many aspects of movement thoroughly, and then figured out the most efficient way to apply it to his own specific style. I asked him if there were any crossover sports that he may have participated in that would transfer to his shooting, and he told me that he had raced dirt bikes and snow mobiles. Anyone who has done this (Gun Shy has), knows that it definitely improves your reaction time and how you read and react in a high pressure situation requiring split second decisions.

It is obvious by his many accomplishments, that Todd is a master of the pistol, but I was curious to know how he viewed his skill in regards to other firearms such as rifle and shotgun. He replied that his skill level was pretty much equal throughout the full range of weaponry, and that in his opinion, his weak link would probably be skeet shooting. He then recited some numbers to me, and after hearing them, it didn’t appear to me that he was lacking much in that area either. The discussion then shifted into more of a mechanical realm, and I was very surprised at how knowledgeable and competent his understanding was when it came to the overall operation of firearms and all of the ancillary components that accompany them. He was even versed in various gun oils and their lubricating properties and how some can fail when they become hot or how some tend to attract particulate matter, and pointed out some other things to me that I had never really thought of. I was starting to realize that the interview was turning into me getting schooled by Todd, much to my delight of course. I then shifted to the subject of the hotly debated LDA trigger that many people such as Michael Bane love, but the single action purist will not even acknowledge. I had studied a mechanical diagram of it prior to meeting him, and to me it resembled a Swiss watch with what appeared to be a lot of intricate moving parts. I have fairly good knowledge of the single action trigger, but to me the LDA was still a bit of a mystery. I could hardly believe it when Todd demonstrated his in depth knowledge of this mechanical marvel. Is it reliable I asked? Todd responded that they had one LDA pistol with 312,000 rounds through it that was still functioning perfectly. So much for the small fragile parts myth that some of the single action chauvinists have propagated in the 1911 community.

I guess it should be no surprise that Todd is knowledgeable about Para products, because it turns out that he has been with the company for nineteen years. He is more than just a shooter, and knows about all of their products in depth. I say this because there was no question that I posed that he couldn’t answer. After talking to him, it made me feel confident that I had made the correct decision in acquiring some of their pistols. It was also interesting to learn that Todd had been with Blackhawk since its early days as well, because they are another company whose products I use, and I think their equipment is well thought out ergonomically. Over the three days of the competition, Todd gave me a lot of his time, and Gun Shy was happy to learn that he was in fact the real deal down home guy I had enjoyed so much on youtube. During the time that I spent with him, he was also gracious enough to introduce me to some of the younger competitors who are making big noise in the shooting community such as Max Michel and others, so I jumped on the opportunity to interview them for my future articles. It should be noted that Max who is an amazing shooter had glowing praises for Todd, and I got the impression from some of the younger competitors that Mr. Jarrett is to shooting sports what Wayne Gretzy is to ice hockey. In my opinion, Todd Jarrett also is unique because he was one of the first to take what he learned in the competition shooting world, and transfer those valuable skills over into teaching our law enforcement and military. He has been a trail blazer in the sport, and to me he represents the platinum standard on and off the competition range. He truly is a great ambassador for the shooting sports, and in a world where the media jumps on any opportunity it can to report negatively about firearms, Todd and the other younger competitors who have followed in his path, have put a positive and healthy face on firearms and their use. I will talk further about those competitors and my discussions with them in my next installment.

Another related article can be found here.

And Now For a Musical Video Interlude for a Change

Its my blog and I thought it was relevant. For the liberal readers, I suggest that you get it on ipod and listen to it daily until you come to your senses.


Here are some video variations if you found it catchy:



For those of you who are offended, here are some bonus change videos:





Alcohol and Gunpowder Don’t Mix (Part ?)

Night of drinking ends in 2 deaths
DANIA BEACH, Fla. - Authorities in South Florida are investigating what appears to be a drunken murder-suicide among friends. The Broward County Sheriff's Office says three men had been drinking when the incident unfolded around 12:30 a.m. Saturday at the Dania Beach apartment of 32-year-old Joseph Blanco.

Incidents like this are the fodder that fuels the gun grabbing groups such as The Brady Bunch and the politicians who support them. My advice to anyone thinking about owning firearms, is that if you like to drink and get out of control, don’t even go to a gun show, much less consider purchasing a firearm. When you read the article linked above, you can get an idea of how quickly this misunderstanding went ugly, due to impaired judgment cause by excessive alcohol consumption. You can read commentaries referencing earlier alcohol related firearms mishaps incidents here:




Friday, March 27, 2009

I Am Surprised That the Media Didn’t Label This One an "Assault Weapon”

Deputy Shoots Man Carrying Toy Gun

Authorities later saw that Velez was carrying an AirSoft BB gun, which uses a mold to capture the look, feel and weight of a real weapon.

I am surprised that the media didn’t label this Airsoft an “assault weapon” as they normally do with any other black gun. After all, that is what the semi-automatic AK knock offs do. They capture the look, feel and weight of a real fully automatic weapon, but because they allow only one shot per trigger pull, they clearly are not. The media needs to quit calling them assault weapons.

Bad Ammo, Light Strikes, and Squib Insurence

Gun To Woman's Throat, Man Pulls Trigger 3 Times

Marquas Marshall was arrested Wednesday. Investigators say he held a gun to Marlo Corbett's throat and pulled the trigger three times. Luckily, the gun did not fire.

Violent criminals need to either start stealing or buying better stolen or illegal guns. Actually, I have a better idea. Maybe legitimate gun owners need to start chambering their stored pistols with an intentional squib round. This way if they are stolen, the thief will fire the squib round, and then cycle the next round and end up in catastrophic failure land, insuring that your legal firearm will not be used in a crime.

Why Full Metal Jacketed Ammo and Steel Targets Are a Bad Combination

From the "that ding" could be the last thing that you hear file:

Watch this video.

This same situation happened to a buddy of mine a while back at a pistol range, and he had to go to the hospital to get the splintered round removed from his arm. I was reminded about this today, because it happened at another location that I was at.

Yes, frangible ammo is more expensive, but what is the cost of losing an eye, or worse yet your life? When my buddy was hit in the arm, there was a woman standing next to him that got a splinter lodged near her heart from the same round.

My Interview With Todd Jarrett (part 1)

For my readers who are not aware, Todd Jarrett is like royalty in the world of competitive shooting. If his pistol was a musical instrument, Todd would most certainly be a rock star. I have to admit to my readers, that even though I am a firearms enthusiast, I never really followed the sport of competitive shooting that closely. I did take notice of Todd a few years back when I was watching one of the sports channels, and there he was tearing it up in the heat of competition, and admittedly it was quite impressive. Part of my back ground consists of years of studying, and then teaching empty hand combat systems and disarms, as well as systems that include weaponry which spans over a good share of my life. At one juncture, I also worked with high level athletes who participated in fast paced contact sports such as ice hockey and lacrosse, so when I see someone who moves smoothly, deliberately, and methodically while pushing the speed envelope as they compete in their particular sport, I am always captivated by this high level of performance.

After watching a lot of footage on the net, and then observing him in person, in my opinion Todd Jarrett is definitively more than just a competitive shooter. A more accurate description would be a martial artist with a firearm. When he moves from box to box, it is done with smooth cat like movements, combined with a system that I have often referred to in other sports as soft feet. He doesn’t stomp through the course, he flows through it while always maintaining a quiet upper body, which is key to achieving a stable shooting platform. I had a chance to observe him warming up at each station yesterday as he was preparing to shoot. It almost appeared like he had a step motor built into his midsection, as he smoothly and accurately rotated his torso quickly to the exact detent where he could accurately align his front sight to acquire the target. We are talking the perfect blend of fast twitch muscle combined with accurately controlled fine motor skills. It was quite impressive in person to say the least.

Now before I go any further, let me back this up a bit and give the readers a little background of what compelled me to do this interview with Todd Jarrett in the first place. A while back, after returning to Florida from living in the gun repressive state of California, I was in the market for some new 1911 style pistols, and a friend of mine, who is a knowledgable gunsmith that works on Colts introduced me to Para Ordnance pistols. He demonstrated all the quality features found on their pistols, and then put one in my hand. I admitted that I liked the quality and feel of them, and within a few weeks, I ended up purchasing a few. When I got the pistols home, there was an instructional DVD inside, and after I got over my man ego thinking of “I already know everything about 1911’s” attitude, I decided to pop it in the player and take a look. I was multi tasking writing as I usually do when the DVD started to play, I looked up when I heard a voice and there on the screen was Todd Jarrett extolling the virtues of the LDA trigger. My first thought was, is this another sports celebrity endorsing a product or feature that they probably don’t even use themselves? I lightly dismissed it and went back to my writing. A few days later I was over on fellow gunblogger Robb Allen’s Sharp as a Marble blog snooping around in his archives, when I ran across his articles about the gunbloggers camp sponsored by Para Ordnance, that was hosted at the Blackwater training facility in North Carolina. Their instructor for the camp was none other than Todd Jarrett, so I decided to watch a video. I ended up getting sucked in and watching the whole video series that was hosted over at Down Range TV. During the very first segment when the bloggers were getting off the Blackhawk bus meeting and greeting, and after a little basic classroom instruction Todd says with this big kid like grin “Something is wrong with me I’m telling you…I’m going into DT’s or something…I gotta shoot!…I’m ready!…LET’S GO!”, right then I found myself starting to really like this guy. To me personally, Todd’s energy and excitement was almost addictive. He reminded me of everyone’s best friend when you were a kid, that had just gotten a new bb gun with a huge tube of bb’s, and wanted to go out and shoot it with you, so that you both could share in the excitement. As the videos progressed, you see Todd encouraging the campers as he instructs them, saying to Caleb from gunnuts media after he shot a nice group, “Who did this...is this you? I need to take your class”. The final footage that hooked me in was when the bloggers did a little run and gun in the Blackwater shoot house. After Todd finished cheering on the bloggers, and sharing in their excitement as he watched them run through the shoot house, he decided to make a run of his own where he blew through the rooms at light speed, like a machine running flat out with only a fractional margin left before reaching the point of meltdown. At the end of the run, the camera zoomed in, and winded he says with a big boyish grin “That was awesome man…you know what? As much as I see my students do here, I still get the biggest rush that you have ever seen man…the funnest thing that you can do with a handgun…I’m juiced buddy…let’s do it again!” After watching the final segment and getting all pumped up myself, I started to wonder if this guy could really be as animated and down home as he appeared to be. Could anyone be this good of an actor? Was this just another sports celebrity doing sponsored public relations type mugging for the camera? Needless to say, when some of my associates who are range masters at a facility where I shoot informed me that Todd was going to be in town competing at another outdoor facility, I decided that I was going to have to make the trek there to view the competition and meet this man in order to find out for myself if Todd Jarrett was the real deal, and in the process, hopefully ask him all the questions that my readers would probably want to ask for themselves if they had the opportunity.

Click here for part 2 of my 3 part article…

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Firearms Facts and Fallacy

Two Found Dead In Shooting Suspect's Home

quotes from article:

They went into the home and found the bodies and an *arsenal of weapons*...

We found many weapons in the house *placed strategically in every room*," said Johnson.

Johnson said it appeared Langford had cut lines around his house *to create shooting lanes*. One of weapons deputies found was *a .50 caliber gun*.

So once again, we have the typical sensational, non specific, non factual guns are evil reporting. It would be good if someone actually detailed what was in that *arsenal*, and as far as a *.50 caliber gun*, there is a big difference between a single shot Black Powder rifle that fires a .50 caliber ball, a Desert Eagle pistol, and a Barrett sniper rifle, because all three could be considered a .50 caliber gun. Feel free to contact Gun Shy next time, and maybe I can help the media sort out these important details for the readers, so that they are not confused. In the final analysis, it appears that the shooter didn't use his "arsenal" of weapons, and may have possibly shot all of his victims with a common "hand gun", or an "assault rifle" that fires one shot at a time, making it clearly not an assault rifle.

Here is some further reading and viewing for the media.

Here is some bonus viewing.


The news article has been updated, so I will address those comments as well:

At a news conference Thursday morning, Sheriff Ben Johnson said there was a detonator-type box at Langford's feet, which they had to disarm. However, there were no explosives connected to it.

A "detonator" with no explosives connected to it, is merely a switch with a power source feeding it, meaning all you need is an electrician to "disarm" it. I hope no one got a shock.

Police said Bryan Langford was ready to fire a 50-caliber sniper rifle, which pierces armor and can take out a tank.

Unless he had a SLAP or HE round (and most .50 cal sniper rifles wont fire a SLAP round), he had nothing more than a rifle that would fire a .50 caliber round. Maybe the media should check to see if he had the ammunition that I mentioned at his disposal. The media may also want to view this:


It was a combination of handguns, assault rifles, armor, even gas masks

Well, armor and gas masks are not weapons capable of injuring anyone, so let’s see a list of these "assault weapons".

I am troubled that this man killed and wounded people, but I am equally sick of the press not giving detailed information while making assessments that they really have no ability to make. The Nancy Pelosi's, Diane Feinstein's, and The Brady Bunch have generated enough false "statistics" for a lifetime, and don't need any more help from sloppy media sources. Let the public see the list of the firearms included in this so called "assault weapons" cache.

Can You Identify an "Assault Weapon"?

Click here to take the "quiz", get informed, and learn what the media doesn't know.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gun Defense Blogs (Blogging the Bloggers)

Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog

CCW Saves Lives

If there are any criminals or wanna be's reading my blog, I would recommend that you take a close look at these two blogs, because this could be your future if you don't repent of your evil ways.

They Stole the OPD Police Chief's Gun

Orlando Police Chief's Gun Stolen

The incident took place nearly one month ago but Eyewitness News has just learned that Orlando Police Chief Val Demings' gun was stolen. Chief Demings says a burglar stole her service weapon. Demings says the gun was taken out of her city vehicle that was parked outside her home in February.

You can also read more about it here. The video can be viewed here.

Well, criminals are getting bolder these days in O-Town it seems. Gun Shy believes that all weapons should be treated like a small child, meaning they shouldn’t be left alone in a vehicle unattended. If you secure it in the trunk of the vehicle, all a thief needs is a pry bar to gain access. I wrote about this in an earlier commentary found here. Below is a quote from that commentary:

Maybe the departments need to have an additional alarm on the vehicle/weapon(s) that is tied to a beeper system so that the officer is alerted if there is a breach of the vehicle, and use an implanted GPS device to track the weapon's location once it is stolen.

Now let’s take this situation and examine it a bit further to illustrate a point. According to Mr. Obama, guns are the problem, and if we can eliminate them the violence in America would decrease. It seems that Mr. Obama is concerned that the guns possessed by law abiding citizens could fall into the hands of criminals and be used to perpetrate a crime. I guess that would now beg the question of how do we handle the situation that happened with Orlando Police Department Chief Val Demings firearm? Should we now disarm law enforcement because there is a chance that their weapons could (and did) fall into the hands of criminals? I am pointing this out, because it is my understanding that the Demings supported Barack Obama for President. For me, this is not a racial issue, or even a partisan issue, it is simply a constitutional issue. The constitution affords rights to law abiding citizens, and one of those is the right to bear arms. Mr. Obama would like to usurp those rights, therefore in my opinion, if someone supports Mr. Obama, then by default, they are against the constitutional rights of American citizens. I discussed this in an earlier commentary. Here is a quote :

If the logic that Mr. Obama is using, is that he must disarm the law abiding public, because those guns have the possibility of being stolen by criminals and then be used to perpetrate crimes, then based on that logic, he should also disarm Law Enforcement, because criminals often break into Police vehicles and steal weapons as I discussed in this earlier commentary. In order for his logic to be consistent on all levels, then Mr. Obama should also disarm our military, because thieves steal weapons from armories, and in the final progression, then I guess it would also be prudent to disarm those who protect him and his family around the clock, because there is a possibility that those weapons could also be stolen and end up in the wrong hands as well. When you analyze this critically, you will realize that twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year for the rest of his life, Mr Obama will have the best Executive protection for him and his family that money can buy...taxpayers money that is. And ironically, these are the very same taxpayers who afford him protection that he and his associates would like to disarm, eliminating their right to protect themselves and their families.

It should also be noted, that in an earlier commentary, I informed the readers that American citizens, have no right to personal protection by law enforcement, and should not expect it.

My two final points are these. First of all, Chief Demings did not give her gun to a criminal or forget it in a public place where it fell into the wrong hands. It was stolen from her vehicle by a criminal. My second point, is that If law enforcement can not stop criminals from stealing their own personal property, why would any citizen expect that law enforcement could personally protect theirs. For the record, Gun Shy is pro law enforcement, but this is the reality of the matter. Your personal protection begins with you, and if Mr. Obama has his way, he would like to eliminate that right from the law abiding citizenry of this nation.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gun Shy Goes Shopping (TD Weaponry)

When it comes to firearms, Gun Shy is always looking for something, therefore anytime I see a Gun store, I usually stop in and take a look around. During this recent sellers market, I have witnessed a few dealers that have not been very friendly to the customers, as if their business doesn't matter now. There was one store that I went into a few months ago, and was requesting pricing on a few high end firearms. The people were very short with me like they were doing me a favor while bordering on being rude, which quickly helped me to make up my mind... to do my purchases elsewhere.

Below is my first installment reviewing local firearms dealers. I will attempt to do one review a week if time allows. If the readers have a dealer that you would like me to review, please contact me at the email address listed on the blog. I also stated this in an earlier commentary:

In the future, Gun Shy is going to be evaluating Central Florida gun stores and doing a weekly review. If your store gets a favorable review, in my opinion you were knowledgeable and good to the customers and you probably earned it. If your store does not get mentioned, it is either because I some how missed your store, you were rude to the customers, you were clearly taking advantage of the sellers market and gouging them, or you were slinging too much bull$hit for me to even bother taking the time to mention your establishment.

Now for my first review of the series:

TD Weaponry (Tactical Defensive Weapons)

TD Weaponry is located on 16129 State Road 50 in Clermont Florida. I stumbled upon this firearms dealer by accident one day while driving through Clermont, when I saw the sign out front with the large word “GUNS” and immediately took a quick right into the parking lot. My overall first impression on entering the store was a good one, and is the impression that I still maintain after being in the store on a number of occasions. The owner as well as the staff are friendly and accommodating, and have shown me a number of firearms on various occasions, and one pistol that I am rather fond of they have allowed me to look at on four separate occasions. They are knowledgeable, and the staff are not only employees, but are owners of firearms and shooters that keep informed of the latest and greatest in weaponry, as well as gun rights issues. TD Weaponry is a full service firearms dealer who offer many different lines of pistols, rifles, and other firearms and accessories, and have worked hard to keep a good stock of firearms and ammo, even throughout the recent buying frenzy where many dealers were sold out. For you Kimber fans, they are a Master dealer, and always have some interesting models, including some of the higher end pistols on display. TD Weaponry also does firearms transfers, offer concealed carry classes, gun smithing, and will also do mail order sales. They have a qualified trainer that is associated with the store, who offers tactical training in pistol and rifle, and they also offer an all inclusive training package for first time firearms owners to get them acclimated to gun handling safety and operation. I have been treated extremely well in this store and witnessed other customers receiving the same quality of treatment. Gun Shy has yet to make a purchase in this store, but it is an establishment that I would not hesitate to do business with, and I am certain that I will in the near future. Gun Shy recommends that you stop in and check it out for your self and see.

Here is their contact information:

TD Weaponry
16129 SR 50
Clermont, Florida 34711
Phone: 407-656-8855

Now for the disclaimer:

Blanket Disclaimer For All Reviews

All opinions expressed, are those of Gun Shy Tourist, and are a first person report according to my experiences with the firearms dealer being reviewed. Gun Shy receives no payment, free goods or services, or reduction of prices for discussing any of the firearm dealers being reviewed. This is not advertising, and should not be construed as such. This is merely my opinion based on my experiences. These opinions are not based on a one time visit, because I realize that anyone can have a bad day. The reviews are based on multiple visits numbering at least three to five. When I go into a firearm dealer’s establishment, I go in as your average customer, and the dealer is not aware that I have a gun blog or that I write on firearms topics. While in there, I also observe how the owner and employees treat other customers as well. None of my reviews will discuss *specific* pricing, because “best price”, like music and art, are a matter of opinion. Gun Shy has learned by experience, that the “cheapest price” is not always the “best price”, because when you go to a local dealer, you can actually see, hold, and review all aspects of the firearm that you are interested in including dry firing, which is not possible when one buys mail order. Gun Shy believes that customer service and product knowledge are of extreme value to the customer when purchasing a firearm, and will gladly pay a little more to receive these services from a knowledgeable and reputable dealer.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

Everyone needs to watch this one:

Wayne LaPierre - Mexican Cartels Getting Guns from Central America and Russia.

Tamara K Talks Gun Safety Issues (Blogging the Bloggers)

Fellow gunblogger Tamara K has an excellent overview of range safety from her well articulated perspective that can be found here. I would encourage the readers to poke around on her blog for a bit, and you will get an eyeful of well thought out and well informed commentary. If you are into classic hardware, check out her other site. In the future, Gun Shy is going to do a special page on women gunbloggers.

I will leave the readers with a thought provoking quote from her site:

When I put my AmEx bill on my Visa, it's stupid; when the government does it, it's stimulus.

Does Shooting Competitively Increase Your Safety Awareness?

Caleb of Gun Nuts Media makes some good points in an article that can be found on his site here. He discusses how shooting competitively in a disciplined IDPA format can train one to have better safety habits and more natural movements when it comes to manipulating their weapon. I tend to agree with his assertion. If a person does any motion around 500 times correctly and consistently, that motion becomes part of their permanent muscle memory program, making it automatic and fluid in their presentation. In an earlier commentary by Gun Shy found here, I addressed some of my safety concerns after witnessing your average gun owner at various ranges. Caleb is a good writer, as well as an excellent shooter, so I recommend that the readers take the time to look over his blog.

Call 911 And Die (locally)

911 Operator Says Kidnap Victim Was Wasting His Time

Be sure to watch the video on the article page linked above.

A 911 operator is under investigation after he took a call about a kidnapped woman and more than once the operator lectured the victim, saying she was wasting his time...

...However, police didn't get on the case until a half hour after the 911 call and the victim ended up dead. Police found the woman four hours later. Officers said they found the woman dead as well as her kidnapper.

Here is a quote from my earlier commentary found here:

I agree that there are variables from county to county and state to state in regards to the level of law enforcement efficiency in an area. There are also variables between 911 operators, their call systems, and their personal level of competence/incompetence to put it together and forward it to the correct responders, as evidenced by this incident that occurred in Plantation Florida. You can hear the 911 call here and read the transcript of the call here.

Gun Shy also stated this in the earlier commentary:

If someone is trying to kick in your front door, Gun Shy believes that you should call 911, after you have you readied your weapon(s) for the perpetrators eventual entry into your dwelling. Make sure that you inform the 911 operator that you are armed, so that information can be passed on to the officers who will eventually arrive on the scene because their job is dangerous enough without receiving friendly fire.

You will need to go to the link above or here to be able to click into the other links in the earlier commentary.

War On Guns (Blogging the Bloggers)

Here is an interesting gun blog that the readers might enjoy. You can get to it by clicking here.

Cheaper By the Dozen

Polk Deputies Involved In Fatal Overnight Shooting

LAKELAND - Two Polk County Sheriff's deputies shot and killed a man who pointed a 9-mm pistol at them outside an apartment near Lakeland early this morning. The deputies fired eight to 12 rounds at Carlos Torres-Ramos, 38, when he aimed a semi-automatic pistol at them…

…After the gunfire, Torres-Ramos went back in the apartment that only seconds earlier had been cleared of a woman and three children, ranging from 9 to 13 years old. A SWAT team entered the apartment and found Ramos dead, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said.

…Ramos has faced weapons, drug and domestic violence charges in Puerto Rico, Judd said.

Here is the long and short of it in this video.

It seems that many in the drug trade these days have a sort of Scarface thing going on. Puerto Rico has many violent criminals, and I addressed this in an earlier commentary. Here is a quote from it:

This video shows joint operation by the FBI/National Guard/PRPD as they sweep public housing projects around the island of Puerto Rico. These public housing projects are so dangerous that police do not enter with anything less then a small army of highly trained operators.



What Heroes are Made Of

Living in California was a bitter sweet experience for me. During my time there I met some really great, good hearted people who were native born Californians, but personally I found the government of that State to be quite restrictive, especially when it came to gun owners rights (California is the home state for Nancy Pelosi). I was reflecting last night about some of the things that I participated in during my time there, things that I was proud of accomplishing while residing in that State.

Please take a look at this video clip.

It was filmed at a surf camp that we did while I was in California, for combat veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, who received serious injuries during their deployment. Sadly, many of the young men had received spinal cord injuries, or became amputees due to those injuries that many had sustained from IED’s. David Mendez, who had recently returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan himself, is the guy who shot the video, and worked extremely hard day and night in order to get the story told. David was raised in Florida, and had moved to Los Angeles to do film work. He is also an actor who seems to get cast a lot playing bad guys in Hollywood films and TV. I worked with David assisting him in getting around to certain locations that were hard to access, hauling him and his equipment around on the beach in my Jeep so that he could get additional footage for the film.

The Camp was made possible due to the efforts of Janis Roznowski, founder of Operation Comfort, and a local amputee surf instructor named Rodney Roller, as well as local surfer Scott Drawta and the support of local people and businesses.You can read more about the organization here.This was the second annual camp that was held there. A blurb about the first one can be found here.

It was a privilege and honor to work with these courageous young heroes for that week, and I will explain why I feel this way. The first morning of the camp, because I was in decent shape physically (Gun Shy likes to condition), I was assigned to transporting the young amputees down to the waters edge. The way that this is accomplished, is to assist the young men into a specially designed wheel chair that has balloon tires, and then physically push them through soft sand for quite a long distance, because it is low tide when we take them out to surf. I had my first surfer of the day, a young double amputee in the chair and I was working hard to get through the soft sand to the waters edge, while attempting to keep the front of the chair tilted back. The young soldier turned to me and said with a somewhat disappointed look “I am sorry sir that I can’t be of more assistance in helping you”. I quickly responded with “That’s okay son, you are here for R&R, and I will take care of it…no problem”. I turned away for a moment to wipe the tear from the corner of my eye that was forming, and then pushed onwards toward the beach with a renewed vigor and sense of purpose, while counting my blessings that I physically was able to push this wheelchair through the deep sand down to the beach. It really put all things for me into perspective quickly. All of the young men that I worked with at the camp had the same attitude as this young man, and I never once heard any of them ever complain, as they demonstrated their can do attitude on a daily basis. Please keep in mind that many of these young men had never surfed before, and the California water typically hovers in the 50’s temperature wise, and is cold even with a wet suit. This is the same cold California water that the West Coast Navy Seal’s Hell Week is notorious for. (the water in San Diego is actually warmer than the Central coast). Now that I am back in Florida, I hope to get involved with other camps run here that offers the same opportunity to our injured young soldiers and Marines returning from battle, because I feel that it is truly a worthwhile endeavor.

If you are interested in learning some more about the camp which is now a yearly event in California, there are some additional links here and also here.

Please pray for the sons and daughters of America, who serve in our military, and are deployed in regions where they are in harms way on a daily basis, that they all return home safely.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

England, Australia, Canada…Next Stop America if You Don't Speak Up Now

I would like the readers to go to the site linked below, and review how the Canadian government has treated this individual. Many Canadians were passive initially when it came to their gun rights, and now this is the out of control monster that it has become:


Are there any readers in the U.S. who can with out any doubt boldly proclaim “It can’t happen here”?

Now watch these videos from his daughter:



I can only hope that this shakes all of the American readers to the core.

Now THIS is News

Thousands Rally Against Bailouts At ‘Orlando Tea Party’

ORLANDO -- Thousands gathered around the Lake Eola amphitheater to send a message to the government that they are not going to tolerate anymore of what they called "wasteful Washington spending." The group Floridians United staged a Boston Tea Party-style protest, hoping to make it loud and clear to politicians that they were tired of bailouts and what they called a push toward the socialization of America.

Gun Shy stands up and salutes the organizers of this protest and the people who attended, and let it be known that it makes Gun Shy proud to be an American. The sleeping giant known as “We the people” is waking up from its slumber, and the manipulating talking heads must surely be dismayed. Thankfully, Florida is still one of the free states left in America.This is not about Democrat or Republican, because those parties we hijacked long ago by the greedy and self serving. Make sure that you read the article in its entirety. And let's just see how much the liberal media covers this.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Is There any Truth to the Rumor That the Number of Weapons Background Checks has Increased Just Before During and After Mr Obama’s Election?

Why not see for yourself?

Orlando Exporting Crime to Daytona Now

Police Say Man Selling Drugs Shot Teen At Point-Blank Range

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Police said an urban terrorist is preying on spring breakers in crowded Daytona Beach…

… "He pulls out a .380 and says, 'Does anybody want some of this?' and then he shoots our victim three times," said Daytona Beach Police Chief Mike Chitwood….

"He's an urban terrorist," Chitwood said. "We are giving warnings to spring breakers about going to Mexico because of foreign terrorists. (He's) nothing but an urban terrorist."

Good point Mike, but Gun Shy likes to refer to them by their full title of Domestic Urban Terrorists, and since this guy is from Orlando, he also falls under the title of Orlando Insurgent.

In a television interview, Mike Chitwood also stated this:

During the altercation, the gutless coward he is, pulls out a .380 and shoots our victim three times... once in the groin, once in the hand, and once in the head…

…He’s an urban terrorist. He’s destroying the social fabric of this country. Its guys like him that are destroying us from the inside out.

Gun Shy couldn't have said it better Mike.

Doctors say the victim is not expected to survive. Gun Shy is hoping for a miracle on this one, because this kid was shot by the perpetrator because he stood up to the shooter, and refused to buy his drugs.

In an earlier commentary about crime in Orlando, Gun Shy stated this:

The official death toll here in the greater Orlando area for the year is currently at 100, but it could jump rapidly at any time depending on how many shooters are involved on any given night. When I last checked on 9/26/08 the count was at 85, so as you can see, the violent Domestic Urban Terrorists have been quite busy. When you examine these statistics In light of the fact that our killed in action in Iraq is currently in the high two hundreds for the year with ten KIA in roughly the last thirty days, while in the same time frame we have fifteen dead here in the Orlando area, maybe we should become less preoccupied with Iraq and start working on a plan to pull out of Orlando. An even better suggestion might be to redefine all the districts of greater Orlando according to crime saturation and officially designate some areas as hostile zones. Then we could have the State Department issue warnings for Americans traveling here as they do for other counties since many of the combatants in the area are now armed with AK47's, the same rifles used by insurgents to assault our troops in Iraq.

By the way Mike, Gun Shy likes your style, but it appears that you have your work cut out for you in that town. For the readers who do not know, Chief Chitwood once worked in Philadelphia. If he can do it in Philly, he can do it anywhere. Gun Shy wishes Mike and the Daytona Beach Police all the best.

Rapists Still in Action Here in O-Town

Rape Suspect Sought After Metrowest Home Invasion

According to police, a man in the apartment was subdued, then the suspects went into a bedroom where two women were sleeping. The women were ordered into the living room, and while one of the men ransacked the apartment, the other sexually battered the two women.

Sorry that this happened….again, because rape is such an ugly violation of the victim. What is this..like the fourth home invasion/rape in the last month or so here in O-Town? For those of you out there that voted for Mr Obama, don’t worry, because he is going to make America a safer place by removing guns from the hands of law abiding citizens. Surely this will lower the crime here in Orlando, as I am certain that the rapists/home invaders would never ever even consider carrying illegal handguns (Gun Shy rolls eyes). Criminals love an unarmed victim, but don’t worry, because Mr Obama is going to insure your unarmed safety, just like he did the people in his city of Chicago.

So you can go along with Mr Obama's iron clad plan to disarm law abiding Americans in order to lower the violent crime, but for those of you (especially women) who don’t believe this ridiculous notion, there are other alternatives that you can explore:







I Am Not Sure Why This is News

Sheriff's Official Shoots, Kills Intruder - Man's Wife Uninjured In Incident


Sheriff's spokeswoman Teri Barbera said the man entered the home of Maj. Richard Jenkins at about 8 a.m. Friday while Jenkins was getting ready for work. She said Jenkins and the intruder struggled, and Jenkins shot the man in the head.

I am not sure why this is news. Did anyone expect the homeowner to make coffee for the intruder instead? In Gun Shy's personal opinion, this is what should happen every time a violent offender dares to forcibly enter the dwelling of a person and attack them, especially when there are family members there. I guess it is shocking to some, because America has become a nation of people who are constantly living in fear of lawyers and lawsuits, so they just back down and let criminals have their way, and many of the victims get seriously hurt or die in the process. Those who have done this, are guilty of giving these criminals positive reinforcement for negative actions, and when those same criminals went on to hurt or kill others later on, those who enabled and empowered them by their fear to confront were part and parcel to their bad behavior. Americans need to pull together, look out for each other, and start knocking the snot out of these violent offenders who would think to do harm to any hard working law abiding Americans. The more common place this becomes, the less crime you will see. It is time to re-adjust their learning curve.

Guns in Israel (Blogging the Bloggers)

For those who are not aware, Israel is a country about the size of New Jersey that is surrounded by those who would like to assist in the demise of that nation. As many of the readers may have witnessed in the media, Israeli citizens face a lot of violence and hostility in their tiny country daily. Because of this, the citizens must be trained in dealing with these types of situations in an effective and expedient fashion, while always being in a state of heightened awareness. In Israel, it is a requirement for everyone, including women to do service in the military, which helps to make for a nation of citizen soldiers. Here are Question and Answers from the blog of an Israeli citizen known in the blogging world as Double Tapper, explaining the firearms situation in the tiny State of Israel.


His site will also keep you informed of the latest Israeli hardware. (Gun Shy thinks that Tavor is pretty nifty)

When I read about the problems in Israel, and then analyze some of the violence that is happening here in Orlando, that is perpetrated by home grown Domestic Urban Terrorists on their own people, I wonder what the future holds for us here. It is getting to the point where in some areas, we need to sit facing the door while eating, so that we can remain alert in case there is a violent robbery. We have car jackings and shootings, home invasions and home invasions with shootings, people fighting back against home invasions, robberies with shootings, and just plain shootings in this dangerous urban environment. Sometimes it feels like we are the ones living in a country at war, and even The Brady Bunch are talking about our city. (we are mentioned three times in their report) What their report failed to mention, is that they were all stolen or illegal guns used in those crimes.

As a side note, I have spoken with people from Israel, as well as around the world who read my blog, and are surprised to see that Orlando, The City Beautiful, and home of The Happiest Place on Earth has had such a huge increase in violent crime in the last five or so years. One Israeli that I spoke with, who had been here ten years ago was very shocked and surprised.

Another One of the Brady Bunch Clown Troupe

From another blog, we find this commentary about one of Barry's appointments for Secretary of Education named Arne Duncan.

Mr Duncan was Chicago Schools Superintendent, in charge of education in the Chicago school system. Here is an example of how he and Mr Obama made those schools safe through their agenda of attempting to eliminate firearms from lawful owners. If they (and their performance record) can not convince free thinking adults of their non factual dribble when it comes to their supposed gun facts, then they will now have to try and massage the minds of children to get their agenda implemented. Others in education have used this method to teach school children that aberrant sexual lifestyles are ok and acceptable, and now they are going to attempt anti gun programming on these little ones. If I remember correctly, one of the tenets of communism was to try and shape the thoughts of the children early, so that if their parents were doing something that the government didn’t approve of, their children would turn them in so they could be sent away for re-education. Take a look at this list of Communist goals from 1963.

Communist Goals (1963)

Another interesting read for all gun owners.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Another Interesting Read for Gun Owners

Is Brady Campaign for or against workplace safety? (Part 1)

When you present the substantiated facts to the gun grabbers, it is like fingernails on a chalk board to them.

Another Heroic American

68-Year-Old Shot While Confronting Gunmen

OCALA, Fla. -- A 68-year-old customer in a Texaco gas station was shot when he went up against two gunmen...

...That's when Stan Romberg ran in tackling a man almost twice his size and more than likely less than half his age. But before Romberg could confront the man, a second masked gunman appeared and moments later flashed a 45-caliber weapon. A short struggle ensued and Romberg was shot on the upper right arm. "I felt like I was doing what a person should do," said Romberg. Stan Romberg told WFTV reporter Melonie Holt when a gunman burst into his favorite convenience store he didn't have time to think, so he acted.

"I just knew he wasn't going to come on there and take that little girl's life. If he's going to get anybody's life, he's going to get mine. I've had a good life. But, she has a lot to live for. That's what really went through my mind," he said.

The readers can watch the video here.

This man is the type of individual that makes America great. Instead of cowering and letting the Domestic Urban Terrorists have a free reign to wreak violence and havoc on the innocent hard working people, he instead demonstrated his bravery and fought back without concern for his own well being. The only thing better, would have been if he had a firearm and stopped them dead in their tracks. For this, Mr Romberry gets a hearty Gun Shy Salute!

A similar situation happened in California a few years ago, when a man armed with two pistols walked into the local Denny’s and started randomly shooting people because he was having a bad day. The father of a person that I know rushed the shooter to stop the melee, because the gunman was going to kill a young waitress with two small children. In the process this 72 year old hero took four rounds which ended up being fatal, but due to his heroic actions he stopped the lunatic gunman while fourteen people including the waitress escaped with their lives. The distraught gunman then turned the weapon on himself. Men like the ones discussed above, make me proud to say that I am an American. This is the example of what our nation needs to get back to if we ever want to rebuild our nation to the standards of honor and courage that Americans once held.

A Humorous Spoof on the Uninformed

Assault Weapons Watch

I hope the anti's take this site seriously, and send the site donations. I can hear the website owners laughing all the way to the range.

Be sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions page, as well as the about us page. It demonstrates the idiocy of the uninformed gun grabbers and all of their false claims made in the media to try and create fear in the general population. This website should be mandatory reading for all of the The Brady Bunch members, including Pelosi, the Clintons, Holder, and Mr "Hope" himself, so that they can see how silly their facts look when compared to the real facts and statistics. That includes you too Michael Moore.

Here's the story… of a bunch of goofballs
Who were making up a plan to take the guns.
All of them had liberal ideas… like their leader,
Their folly was so dumb …

… and that's the way they all became the Brady Bunch.

Everybody!!! Sing Along!!!

I would like for my fellow bloggers and readers to take a look at the original Brady Bunch theme song from the TV series in its entirety, and then write some lyrics of your own and submit them to me. If you do, I will post the most creative ones on my blog.

The American Way

If we are going to rebuild America, the first step is courage. I read the article linked below this morning and it made me feel good. It reminded me of an America that I once knew, where Americans cared about each other and demonstrated it through their actions. It is time that we all start making a conscious decision to take back our country from the criminal element and to establish the consistent attitude of “Not on my watch”.

Robbery Victim Fights Back, Suspect Caught


"He pushed me and the money flew all over and he started to pick up the twenties so I ran up and pushed him to try and get him away from the money and started yelling, this guy robbed me, someone come help me!" explained O'Brien. Several eyewitnesses started chasing after the suspect, through the gas station and into the Searstown Mall parking lot. Robert Hollis was the security guard on duty and he tackled the robber.

You’re a good man Robert Hollis as well as all those who chased after the suspect. You are all good Americans, and the recipient of this weeks Gun Shy Salute.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Second Ammendment Task Force

It has kind of a nice ring to it doesn't it? Read about their most recent activities here. I don't think Barry is gonna be too happy. This article is from another blog titled The McCarville Report Online, making this another installment of my Blogging the Bloggers series. You can read more about this administrations agenda here.

What Were They Smoking That Day?

I was driving south on Orange Blossom Trail today, and as I was just about to crossover Highway 50, I noticed a sign by the road side that read “Welcome To Orlando…The City Beautiful”. For some reason, I guess it kinda struck me funny when I read that, because the area I was about to enter is lined with run down weekly rental motels, and as you get a little deeper, you can witness the usual drug deal going down, or prostitutes walking the streets. I guess there might be a few people, who would view these things as beautiful, along with the violent crime and murder that occurs in these areas, but I don’t believe that your average tourist would be all that amused. I thought to myself, how would we respond if we saw a sign that read “Welcome to Beirut Lebanon, the City Beautiful” or Welcome to Falujjah Iraq, the City Beautiful”. I am starting to think that maybe the politicians have become out of touch with the pulse of this city being so far removed in their ivory towers. Maybe as a cost cutting measure, they could open up their offices on this stretch of OBT. I am sure there are plenty of cheap motel rooms for rent that could be converted to office spaces.

Let it be noted for the record, that Gun Shy does have a heart for the hard working law abiding people who also live in these areas, and wishes that it could be better for their benefit.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Police: Homeowner Shoots Would-Be Burglar


Collins then allegedly pried the back door open with a crow bar. What he didn't know was the homeowner, who worked as a security guard, was home with his two small children.

Police say during the incident Collins tried to hit the homeowner, who was armed with a loaded gun. The homeowner fired at Collins, hitting him once in the arm and again in the head.

You can read the entire article here.

There are some who would say that when a robber breaks into your house, that you should just let them take your stuff. Gun Shy doesn't agree and here is why. There are some who would say that they are not really bad people, but this is just their way to cry out for help, and it is really not the fault of the poor violent offenders that they do these troubling things. After all, times are tough, and they have some other issues to contend with. Well, Gun Shy has an opinion on this as well. When an assailant forcibly enters your dwelling that you have worked to pay for to steal belongings that they have no right to while threatening to do harm you and your family, they are doing these things because they have made a choice, AND also because their bodies are actually deficient in a specific mineral. The only solution for this problem is if the law abiding citizens help to supplement their diet liberally with the mineral that they are lacking....which is lead.

To all violent assailants who would think to do evil to law abiding citizens:

It is time to review the Castle Doctrine, paying special attention to the Stand Your Ground clause, or even better yet, change your lifestyle before the last thing you see is this.

The View From North Central Idaho/Snowflakes in Hell (Blogging the Bloggers)

The first blog listed in the title is another gun blog from Joe Huffman. Joe has an interesting perspective based on a commentary that he had read on the Snowflakes in Hell blog which can be found here.

You can find Joe's commentary on the previous commentary linked above here. The readers need to click on both links and read both commentaries in their complete form. While you are on those blogs, poke around a bit and check out the other topics of interest related to firearms on Joe and Sebastian's blogs.


I found this video on another blog that I will be blogging about shortly, but it was too good to wait, so I am posting it now.


And here is another one about the terrorist detainees and their treatment:


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blogging the Bloggers

Gun Shy Spotlights Other Gun Blogs

For the next couple of weeks, Gun Shy is going to be posting various commentaries from other gun bloggers that I think are of interest. This way, it will direct my readers to their sites to get a wider variety of information. Make sure that you take a look at the entirety of their site, because there are many firearm related topics of interest to be found there. This is from a blog by former Marine Robb Allen, who is here in Florida on the West Coast. He has a lot of interesting things to say on the topic of firearms ownership. Here is one such comment by him in reference to New York State gun laws. I resided in New York at one point of my journey, and the government there is nothing but a ship of fools. As the readers know, Hillary Clinton was truly in her element with Schumer and friends.


In an earlier commentary, Gun Shy discussed a shoot house, and gave an explanation of what it consists of for the readers. Here is Robb Allen at the Blackwater training facility in North Carolina, runnin’ and gunnin’ in the shoot house with the fastest overall time of 39.87 seconds.

Maybe Gun Shy will get an invite to this years shin dig (hopefully they will have one) and write a first person report for the readers. Thanks Robb for your insight. As a former resident of New York for a time, I agree with your on point, dead on perspective.

Deputies Collide Chasing Robbery Suspects

here is the link for the article.

I will once again reiterate my position by quoting some excerpts from my earlier commentaries:

Nothing says halt with more authority than a large caliber round through an engine block.

Maybe we could substitute an accurately placed round through the engine block delivered from the new Beowulf System which the OCSO has recently acquired to stop the assailant from fleeing the crime scene and endangering innocent lives as well as the lives of our Law Enforcement Officers. When you analyze the situation logically, a 4000 pound vehicle traveling recklessly down the highway at 100+ mph per hour or speeding through residential neighborhoods driven by a person trying to escape arrest who has no concern for the well being of others, is far more dangerous to the safety of the general public than one accurately placed round delivered by a police marksman. Another ancillary benefit is the money saved in fuel when you will not need to send up the pursuit helicopter.


As I have stated in an earlier article, a maniac wheeling a 4000 plus pound vehicle through a neighborhood at over 100 miles per hour recklessly, is far more dangerous than a Police sniper switching off his engine with an accurately place round before he gets rolling. At that time, if the assailant wants to get out of the disabled vehicle and attempt to engage Law Enforcement with force, then round number two will already be chambered. I am of the opinion that a law enforcement sniper with a spotter, is a much safer way to apprehend a dangerous armed suspect who has a history of fleeing apprehension than a high speed chase. This will eliminate future Law Enforcement vehicles being rammed, as well as the injuries to officers, and the potential injuries to citizens.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Death Won't Make You High

Camera Captures Armed Man Robbing Pharmacy

More than 100 local pharmacies have been robbed over the past year and drug store executives said the rash of robberies is only happening in Central Florida.

If any of the robbery suspects are reading this blog, you might want to click on the video link below, to see what could happen to you at any time during one of your next robberies:


Is your life only worth a bag of dope? If you are addicted, there is help, and you need to seek it out before your career is ended like the fellow on the video. Don’t let your video be the next one that is posted on my blog. Get help now!!!

Around O-Town Crime Blog Has Been Picked Up by GunBloggers.com

Gun Shy is pleased to report, that gunbloggers.com has recently added the Around O-Town Crime Blog to their website, which is also a clearing house that lists blogs which report on firearms related topics. If you check the right hand column on their home page, you will see the blog listed, as well as some other great blogs. I encourage my readers to go to their website, as well as the other sites listed by them often. Thanks to gunbloggers.com for directing readers to my blog, and I hope that this will help to aid in the dissemination of information and ideas throughout the gun owner community.

Congratulations…You Have Bankrupted the Company..Now Here are Your Bonuses For a Job Well Done

Does anyone else but me find this to be a little troubling and surreal? Read this article and watch this video, and you will be even more troubled. While Americans are losing their jobs and their homes, people who played a part in our financial meltdown are receiving bonuses. These are not corporate bonuses from profits, but are bonuses funded by the Americans tax dollars payed by the same people who have lost jobs and homes because of the meltdown, and whose retirement portfolios have plummeted in value. In my opinion, the people who have taken this money and who feel they somehow deserve it, should be named publicly for all to see. In reality, they should be tried for treasonous actions against our nation, in their intentional and deliberate attempt to destroy of our economic system. Their actions have caused great suffering for many American families, and the impact of their actions will be felt by hard working Americans for years to come. So where did the rest of this bailout money go that was received by AIG? Take a look at this quote:

AIG, a recipient of at least $170 billion in federal bailout money , got an $85 billion loan from the Federal Reserve. The list released Sunday of "counterparties" that benefited from the bailout is topped by European banks Societe Generale and Deutsche Bank, which received $4.1 billion and $2.6 billion, respectively.

Whaaaatttttt????? European Banks received U.S. Taxpayers dollars while Americans are going hungry and homeless? Does any of the readers remember voting on that one? Did we missed the memo on that? Would any of the readers ever agree to that? Talk about taxation without representation. Americans better wake up from the slumber that the media induced hypnosis has lulled them into before it is too late.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Link of Interest to All Gun Owners


If you are a gun owner, the above link may be of interest to you. If you are not a gun owner, what are you thinking?? As the crime quickly rises, there may be a situation someday in your life when you wish you were one, so just buy it now and get it over with already. Maybe that is just my view, from here in the “City Beautiful”, aka The Jungle.

Here is something else that American gun owners and citizens alike may be interested in as well.

U.S. Army soldiers from Ft. Rucker patrol the downtown area of Samson, Alabama after a shooting spree March 10, 2009.


Nice camo. Does anyone know why U.S. Military are wearing vests that say POLICE on them? And oh yes, I was just curious, does any of the readers here speak Latin?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I’m Your Ice Cream Man...Shoot Me When I’m Passing By…

Teen Arrested In Slaying Ice Cream Man-16-Year-Old Arrested On Unrelated Charge

Investigators believe a 16-year-old was involved in the fatal shooting of an ice cream truck driver in Palm Beach County.

What is the world coming to, when the Good Humor man has to wear body armor and sell ice cream to the children through a little slot in a bullet proof glass window, like you see in the gas stations in Washington D.C. (maybe Obama should work on cleaning up D.C. first before he attempts to tackle America's crime problem, which he believes is tied to gun ownership)