Thursday, April 30, 2009

What Do the Readers Think About This?

Watch this and send me your comments. It seems to be a movement that is picking up speed here in America.

Now watch this.

Ms Clinton Has Your Best Interest at Heart and Would Never Intentionally Mislead Americans (wink wink)

If even a small percentage of what is alleged in these videos is true, then it is very disturbing to say the least.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What are “Oath Keepers”?

First of all, watch the video, and then listen to this audio file where the founder of Oath Keepers talks with G Gordon Liddy about the Oath Keepers organization.

Here are some of the points that their oaths are based on:

Why I “Don’t” Love New York

First read this.

Now take a look at this in particular.

Ban the sale, use or possession of 50-caliber or larger weapons, and creates a program to recall those currently legally owned (A.3211A/Eddington);

Here they go with the “now that we know you have them they are illegal” switcheroo. This is starting to remind me of Canada and Australia. For the readers that know firearms and ammo, a 12 gauge shotgun fires a 73 caliber slug. Will they try to make shotguns illegal now under the umbrella of this law as well? New York for the most part, has always been a bastion of liberal thinking, especially in the city. Maybe they should change their slogan on the tag from “The Empire State” to “The Knucklehead State”. New Yorkers often refer to NYC as “The Big Apple”. It is looking more and more like the withered core. Hillary picked a good place to roost I guess.

And don’t forget to take a look at this one where they heap up more attributes to define an assault weapon, which by their definition is a semi automatic rifle:

Here are some highlights:

Section 2.

Repeals subdivision 22 of section 265.00 of the penal law and adds a
new subdivision 22 to amend the definition of "assault weapon" by
reference to devices that amplify the effect and dangerousness of

Section 3.

Amends section 265.00 of the penal law by adding three new
subdivisions 24, 25 and 26 to define three assault weapon enhancement
features: "detachable magazine", "muzzle brake" and "muzzle

Section 4.

Amends section 265.20 of the penal law by adding a new subdivision e
to exempt from misdemeanor violation any person who lawfully owns,
uses or retains control of an assault weapon prior to January 1, 2009
and who, prior to April 1, 2009: renders the assault weapon
permanently inoperable, surrenders the weapon to appropriate law
enforcement or properly registers the weapon with the ballistic

My readers who are former New Yorkers are probably just shaking their heads...

The liberal New York justice system allows violent repeat offenders to be recycled back onto the streets, while pointing their finger at law abiding gun owners and creating stricter gun laws as crime keeps on occurring.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Maybe We Should Register Gangs and Then Outlaw Them Instead

Please read these articles and review the statistics:

Illegal Gun Solution

Illegal Gun Solution

Anti Gun People Who Don't Even Know What They are Lobbying For

Caleb has a great little explanation with videos oh his blog found here.

It is kind of humorous that the people who hold the strongest positions against firearms, don't even understand the hardware, processes, or basic terminology.

Strict Gun Laws in New York City

Anyone who has resided in New York, know what a gun anal state it is, and New York City with its Sullivan Law is even worse. Let's take a look at their success in eliminating violent crime:

Knife Killings in City Increased 50 Percent in 2008

Here is a quote:

In 2008, even as gun killings fell, the number of killings committed with knives or other “cutting instruments” rose 50 percent in New York City, the Police Department said...

...It was possible, but hard to document, Mr. Browne said, that measures like undercover gun-trafficking investigations and interrogations, in which people arrested for lower level crimes are asked to provide information on gun cases, had led to the rise in knife killings and the drop in gun slayings.

This is the point I have been making all along. Violent people will use whatever means handy at the time to perpetrate their evil, while the New York hierarchy disarms law abiding citizens so that they can't protect themselves.

Florida Ranks Low on Brady Bunch Scorecard

The Brady Campaign ranked all of the states in the U.S. supposedly according to how pro active they are in regulating guns. Here is a quote from their press release.

Five states saw their scores drop: Florida, Georgia and Louisiana for passing laws forcing employers to allow employees to bring guns into workplace parking lots, and two states, West Virginia and Wyoming, for passing so-called “Shoot First” laws that authorize deadly force in public against a perceived threat even if ways to avoid the threat are available.

Ok I get it. They are really ranking the states on how repressive their gun laws are. If the state being ranked is a gun anal state, then they get a high score. If it is a state that allows the citizens the right guaranteed in the constitution to protect themselves with a firearm, then that state gets a low score.

If you look at the top of the list, you will see that California is number 1. Gun Shy lived in California, and let me tell you, there are plenty of illegal guns and gun related crime to go around. I also resided in New Jersey and Massachusetts, and the same holds true for those states. The Brady campaign must have their headquarters on Fantasy Island, because that is what they are promoting to the uninformed general public. If the Brady Campaign really wants to impress someone, they should come up with an Anti Criminal Campaign, and rate the states that are the hardest on criminals for their bad behavior towards law abiding citizens. Then they would have to disclose to everyone how their favorite state of California is planning on releasing repeat offenders back onto the streets, because they believe that having them in crowded conditions violates their human rights. So much for the rights of those they perpetrated their crimes on.

The madman's blog had an interesting commentary about the Brady campaign found here, here, and here.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Gun Control Always Works Out Great...

...for petty tyrants and oppressors:

From the net:

In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated…


In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.


Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.


China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.


Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.


Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

What a Great Title...

The City Criminal?

"Certainly having your destination in any type of news polls, in any type of negative light, is certainly not something that you strive for," said Danielle Saba Courtenay, Chief Marketing officer for the Orlando/Orange County Convention and Visitors Bureau...

...If there's any good news, it doesn't hurt tourism, Orlando's largest industry. "We survey our customers all the time on what makes them choose Orlando. Safety actually comes in very low," said Courtenay.

Sigh...more denial instead of implementing a pro-active solution.

Comply and Die

This guy makes an interesting point on his blog titled "the madman raves".

Here is another one about Gun Free Zones.

Domestic Urban Terrorists Uppin Da Body Count

Brothers Killed In Home Invasion


Two brothers were killed in a Winter Park home invasion, according to deputies. Investigators identified Monday the victims as 21-year-old Eric St. John and 24-year-old Chad St. John. The two were found dead near Winter Park Village Sunday, deputies said.

In case people in the greater Orlando area haven't noticed, we are in a war here. Others outside of the area have noticed, but it seems that the powers to be here in O-Town are in deep denial.

According to other media sources, this incident was the 35th home invasion of the year here in Orange County.

What Really Happened at Columbine?

Take a look at this recent article:

10 years later, the real story behind Columbine

An Interesting Debate Discussing the DC Gun Ban

Watch this debate about banning guns, as Sebastian dispels long held gun myths while attempting to educate those with an anti gun agenda.

Part 2 here.

Watch this debate about "assault" weapons:

Pay Off Their Anticipated Ransom Early… in Lead

These pirates had a surprise lead delivery:

Cruise Ship Fends Off Pirate Attack With Gunfire


The small white skiff approached the Italian cruise ship Melody after dinnertime as it sailed north of the Seychelles, the pirates firing wildly toward the 1,500 passengers and crew on board. What the pirates didn't expect was that, in the darkness, the crew would fire back. In a new twist to the increasing scourge of Somali pirate hijackings, the private Israeli security forces aboard the MSC Cruises ocean liner fired on the pirates Saturday with pistols and water hoses, preventing them from clambering aboard, the company's director Domenico Pellegrino said. "It was an emergency operation," Pellegrino told The Associated Press. "They didn't expect such a quick response. They were surprised."

Nothing says “We don’t want to be bothered by you pesky pirates while we are on a cruise” like throwing a little hot lead in their general direction. Maybe the Orlando store owners should consider pitching in and hiring the same private Israeli security company to take care of the armed robbery problems on I-Drive. It is interesting to note, that private Israeli security companies were also hired by private business owners in New Orleans after Katrina hit. Maybe it is time to bring a little bit of the Hebrew Hammer to O-town.

Instead of calling the local violent offenders Domestic Urban Terrorists or Orlando Insurgents, maybe I will start referring to them as O-Town Pirates.

And remember...NEVER negotiate with terrorists.

The O-Town Area Murder Machine Keeps on Turning

It looks like we are picking up speed to beat last years record:

2 Killed In Winter Park

Orange County deputies are on the scene of a double homicide in Winter Park.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The "Mighty Mike" Smackdown Continues "Philly Style"

Off Duty Police Chief Helps Arrest Suspect

First of all, WATCH THE VIDEO.

Gun Shy is laughing, because “Mighty Mike Chitwood” has once again, put his size “philly” shoe in the a$$ of crime in Daytona Beach. No wonder why people in law enforcement who know him say that he is a cops “cop”. I loved it in the news interview when he referred to the “alleged” perpetrator as a “knuckle head”. If Mr Chitwood keeps up this behavior, Gun Shy is going to call his office to get an interview, and get some more of the scoop on this guy because I am liking his style. If he keeps it up at this pace, they are going to have to make a movie about him. Gun Shy has discussed Mike Chitwood in some other commentaries found here and here, so it is no secret that Gun Shy gives Chief Mike Chitwood two thumbs up. (Gun Shy ponders how we could clone him to get a bunch of him over here in Orlando for a while to help out with the mess we have here).

Orlando is “Movin’ On Up”...

...In the most dangerous cities category that is according to Forbes Magazine O-Town is number six.

watch the video.

The prophet of doom aka Gun Shy has been saying it for over a year now, but no one wants to admit it.

Orlando Ranked 6th Most Dangerous City

Rape, assault, robbery and murder are violent crimes, and according to recent statistics, there are 845 violent crimes for every 100,000 people in our area…

…While we are number six now, people are worried about moving closer to number one.

Forbes Magazine Most Dangerous Cities
• 1. Detroit, Mich.
• 2. Memphis, Tenn.
• 3. Miami, Fla.
• 4. Las Vegas, Nev.
• 5. Stockton, Calif.
6. Orlando, Fla.
• 7. Little Rock, Ark
• 8. Charleston, S.C.
• 9. Nashville, Tenn.
• 10. Baltimore, Md.

What is a Weapon?

Robb Allen of Sharp as a Marble makes a good point in his commentary found here.

Two Okaloosa County Deputies Killed In The Line Of Duty


A sheriff's department spokesman says the two deputies were trying to arrest 28-year-old Joshua Cartwright. He was wanted on a domestic dispute that happened earlier in the day. Authorities say the officers hit the suspect with a taser. That's when he opened fire, shooting both deputies.

With all due respect to the deceased officers, hitting an armed suspect with a taser was probably not the best tactical choice. Tasers affect all people differently, and if someone is under the influence of a substance, they may be able to fight through it. If a person is wearing body armor this also makes it ineffective. Since the man was at a shooting range, one should safely assume that he had a weapon. With the level of violence towards law enforcement officers on the rise, there needs to be new rules of engagement when dealing with armed suspects. It appears that these officers are dead because of the restrictive protocol that is put upon law enforcement for fear of using deadly force.

The good news is that the attacker met his own demise:

Authorities say the suspect sped down Highway 90 and was forced off the road in Defuniak Springs. A firefight between Cartwright and Walton County deputies ensued. Authorities say 50 to 60 rounds were fired resulting in Cartwright's death, no one else was hurt.

You can read the complete article and watch the video here.

Th gun grabbers will try to get mileage out of this incident, because it happened at a gun range.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

When Will She Apologize to the Rest of the People She Broad Brushed as Extremists

Napolitano apologizes to veterans over 'extremist' flap

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano apologized Friday for a department assessment that suggested returning combat veterans could be recruited by right-wing extremist groups.

Actually, our returning veterans ARE our homeland security at this point. Since Mr Obama pretty much referred to our soldiers as killers, why would his appointment for DHS surprise me? Could this woman be the next Janet Reno? I don't know about the readers, but this woman isn't making me feel very secure, when it appears that people can be targeted for their beliefs under the guise of keeping America safe.

Here are some other blogs discussing the DHS Memo and related issues:

Friday, April 24, 2009

Here Comes the Slime

Orlando could see more adult businesses

Is it just me, or with the violence, robbery, rape, drugs, and now "adult" businesses moving in, isn't Orlando starting to look like the seventh level of hell more and more every day?

This One Made Gun Shy Smirk...

From the how do you like Orlando now file:

88 fugitives arrested in Orange County warrant sweep

Police arrested 88 people during a multi-agency sweep for fugitives Thursday night, the orange County Sheriff's Department said this morning. In an operation dubbed, "New Sheriff in Town," deputies, along with officers from the Orlando Police Department, served 112 warrants county wide in their search for fugitives with active warrants.

Hat tip to the Demings for demonstrating to local thugs that crime doesn't pay.

And Sometimes Even Illegal Guns Save Lives

Especially when they are taken away from the attacker, and then used on them:

Hat tip to Robb over at Sharp as a Marble.

Todays Domestic Urban Terrorists Don't Need Guns to be Violent

Watch as this thug attempts to attack a store clerk with a machette:

It was obvious by the attackers posture that he was intending to do serious harm or even kill the clerk. All I can think of is David cutting the head off of the phillistine Goliath with his own sword after Goliath attacked him. Sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted.

The Potential For More O-Town Tragedy (stolen firearms)

Outlaw thugs, not legal firearms:

Read this article and watch the video as well.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Assault Weapons Bans

An interesting perspective:

Assault Weapons Bans in the Violence Policy Center's own words (from 1988)(emphasis added)

Taxation Without Representation?

You decide:

Tax Bites

GunFreeZones are a Felon's Playgrounds...Ban GunFreeZones Now

Uncle Ted weighs in on Gun Control and Gun Free Zones:

More Guns, Less Violent Crime as the Bad Guys Run or Die

They Need to be Shut Off Like a Switch

Woman Dragged During Brutal Purse Snatching

Leslie Downs was about to walk into a pharmacy when a man stopped his car to ask for directions. When she stepped close to his car, he grabbed her purse, which she had hanging from her arm and sped away. Investigators said she couldn't get free and was dragged like a rag doll around the corner and nearly 100 yards across the parking lot.

When you watch the video, you can see that the victim is traumatized. I don’t know about the readers, but Gun Shy is getting real sick of this crap. All we need to do now, is find out that the perpetrator is an illegal alien and we can call it a day. My next question would be why has the CVS video not been released after 36 hours of waiting? I am sad that the woman did not have a weapon so that this could have been an open and shut case as she shut him off like a switch so that he could not go on to harm other innocent women victims.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Daytona Thugs and the LEOS Who Track Them Down

Daytona Beach sees crime spree


In just the past twenty-four hours, Daytona Beach has seen a shooting involving a tourist and a carjacking at a popular mall where the victim was threatened with a sawed-off shotgun. In addition, investigators are trying to determine who robbed a Game Stop in a shopping center along International Speedway Boulevard. “I can tell you, we are going to track everybody down that has been responsible from the car jacking to the shooting last night to this robbery,” said Daytona Beach Police Chief Mike Chitwood.

Mike Chitwood went on to say the problem is with the judicial system. I agree with Mike because I have said this in my commentaries many times myself, and I respect how he says what he means and doesn’t worry about plainly and succinctly spelling it out like he did here:

“The problem is, when we arrest these guys, they have 30 or 40 priors. You have to wonder why they are allowed to walk the streets anyway,” Chitwood said. “I can’t stop you from committing it, but were sure as hell going to come after you with whatever we got,” he added.”

I spoke with a guy I know who is a former Daytona Beach Police Officer, and I asked him how Mike Chitwood was doing. He said that Mr Chitwood is a Cops “Cop” that is respected by the men. This is good, because when morale is good in the ranks, excellent law enforcement happens.

You have to admit that Mike Chitwood is kicking major a$$ in Daytona Beach. He walked into a snake pit, and is now using his Philly "charm" to let the thugs know who is really in control. Now all Mike needs is for the judicial system to become effective (don’t hold your breath Mike) and then convince the people in charge of the city to quit whoring Daytona Beach out to every party opportunity that comes along, and then the clientele might change there a bit. (< Gun Shy gets bold like Mike Chitwood).

Mike Chitwood gets the Gun Shy Salute of the week for kickin a$$ and takin names "Philly Style".

9mm NATO vs. 9mm Luger

I just had a brief discussion about this yesterday, and so I though I would post the link from Calebs blog over at Gun Nuts Media.

Could Shopping in the Greater Orlando/Central Florida Area be Hazardous to Your Health?

From the not so happiest place on earth:

Carjacker Stabs Elderly Man, Crashes Into Police

Carjacking suspect has long rap sheet

Woman Robbed In Bathroom At Outlet Mall

Man Stabbed Outside Target Store Dies

Suspects Wanted In Walmart Robberies Hours Apart

Another Violent Attack Outside Central Florida Shopping Center

International Drive Robbers Target Tourists

Recent Violent Attacks Leave Seniors On Edge

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Good and Courageous Man in Life and Death

This is a very sad story about a man who posessed the noble spirit and character that makes America great. In the end, he gave up his life so that another could live.

Don't Try This at Home Kids (playing soldier)

Take a look at this video of the only surviving Somali pirate who took an American hostage until SEAL snipers liberated the American from their midst, while liberating three of the four pirates from this world. So why is this guy smiling you might wonder? His comrades are dead and he is in U.S. custody. This Somali pirate looks quite young. Maybe in Somalia they watch pirate gangsta movies like street thugs do here in the U.S. to get pumped up for a crime. This is what happens when people get some guns and think they are soldiers, and then...the rude awakening comes suddenly courtesy of the Department of the Navy.

More on this young man here.

Welcome to the Gunshine State...

Robb Allen has an interesting post over at his blog about guns and self defense in Florida. Check it out.

It seems that there is a large number of people in Florida who have used a firearm to defend their life and property. Here is how it shakes out statistically for all of the states in the U.S.:

By state: Alaska (31); Alabama (143); Arkansas (63); Arizona (98); California (265); Colorado (48); Connecticut (18); D.C. (2); Delaware (16); Florida (368); Georgia (161); Hawaii (3); Iowa (14); Idaho (19); Illinois (61); Indiana (117); Kansas (37); Kentucky (69); Louisiana (102); Massachusetts (22); Maryland (30); Maine (15); Michigan (118); Minnesota (29); Missouri (89); Mississippi (79); Montana (19); North Carolina (184); North Dakota (6); Nebraska (14); New Hampshire (22); New Jersey (13); New Mexico (29); Nevada (45); New York (87); Ohio (184); Oklahoma (102); Oregon (44); Pennsylvania (146); South Carolina (109); South Dakota (8); Tennessee (181); Texas (506); Utah (39); Virginia (83); Virgin Islands (1); Vermont (7); Washington (76); Wisconsin (33); West Virginia (22); Wyoming (9). (To find all incidents involving a particular state, use this URL with the post office two letter abbreviation substituted for AK.)

Did you notice that some of the "gun anal" states which have a fair amount of crime such as Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and even New York have low numbers of situations where people defended themselves with a firearm? That is because these states have effectively disarmed its citizens so they couldn't fight back. There are other states that are low simply because there is low crime there.

Check out some more statistics and facts here.

Ammo Shortage Facts

Please read this.

This is another interesting discussion.

A Commentary About Ammo Shortages (Michael Bane Blog)

Please read this, and then read this news article.

Why Should Our Elderly Spend Their Golden Years Living in Fear?

Recent Violent Attacks Leave Seniors On Edge

Gun Shy makes the motion that if anyone sees an elderly person getting attacked, that all the people there should kick the snot out of the punk that is doing it. Sometimes the hunter become the hunted. America needs to grow a spine and flush all of the psycho babble out of their system that has been spoon fed to this generation and step up to the plate and do what is right.

Whoop A$$ American Navy Style

Accused Carjacker Has Long Criminal History

James Lanier has been arrested seventeen times in the past twenty years. Investigators say he attacked 90-year-old Clare Cross in the parking lot of a Walmart in Fruitland Park, Sunday. They say Lanier tried to carjack Cross's but the elderly victim fought back and Lanier ran off.

Smacked down by a ninety year old man (former Navy). Gun Shy salutes the brave men of this generation who will stand up for what is right without fear for there own safety. If you read this report, you will see that this ninety year old opened a can of Navy whoop a$$ on this loser. This is the caliber of recidivistic criminals we are dealing with here in Florida. Here is a quote from that news article:

Leesburg Police detectives said James Lanier is the guy who tried to carjack Cross, but Cross wasn't going to give it up without a fight. “Then we went to it!” said Cross. He has the bruises and scrapes to prove it…

…That's when Clare’s wife Caroline walked out of the store. “There he is, dripping with all this blood, and he still wanted to go chase this man and find him and just beat him up,” said Caroline. “I said oh my!”

She said it was the Navy fighter in her husband that just wouldn't let him surrender. “Finally, he said, ’I had enough,’ and started walking away.” Cross said if he had to do it all over again, he wouldn't change a thing. Although now, his wife says he has to go in the stores to go shopping with her from now on, rather than sit in the car…

Unfortunately, the violent repeat offender went on to stab another elderly man, rob him, and steal his car. This clearly proves my point, that if you do not stop these people, they will just go on to attack someone else who may not be able to defend themselves. You can read about the elderly man that the violent repeat offender attacked here.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Video of Canadian Military Capturing Somali Pirates

Gun Shy will state for the record that the Canadian Military has some decent soldiers. It is a matter of record, that the longest sniper kill recorded was performed by a Canadian marksman (using a TAC 50 with American ammo). Here is the video.

The "Other" Part of Your Orlando Vacation Package

Men looking for a good time get robbed


A night out at Universal City Walk ended with three young men facing the barrel of a gun. Orange County Deputies said the victims met three women at the theme park then planned to meet them again later in the Lake Florence Vista subdivision. But, when the men arrived at the meeting the women weren’t alone. Deputies said two gunmen ran from behind a house and robbed the men. Two of the victims were treated at the scene after being pistol whipped.

Gun Shy thinks there are more than enough foolish people who will travel to "happy land" to be victims for the local Orlando Insurgents as many others have already learned the hard way.

Some People Just Don’t Play Well With Others

Carjacker Stabs Elderly Man, Crashes Into Police


A man carjacked stabbed an elderly man, stole his car and led Leesburg Police on a wild chase before finally ramming a police car on Sunday. Investigators say James Lanier brutally attacked a 75-year-old man outside the Bealls Department Store on Citrus Boulevard. He stole the victim's wallet and car before taking off…

…Investigators believe Lanier may be responsible for a similar crime in Fruitland Park. Someone attempted to carjack an elderly man in that area Sunday afternoon. Lanier has an extensive criminal record, police said.

From another media source:

According to Leesburg Police, Lanier was wanted on several felony charges and has a wrap sheet 90 pages long. They also say he tried to car jack a vehicle in Fruitland two hours prior to his second attempt, but in that incident the car owner managed to get away unharmed.

Gun Shy's first question is "Why in the hell is this guy still on the streets?"

Once again, if a law abiding member of the general public was armed in this situation, the elderly man may have gotten stabbed once, but the perpetrator would have been deceased on the scene. As you can see, the assailant has a lengthy criminal record…what a surprise. People like this repeat violent offender are a drain on society and contribute heavily to our looming financial crisis. Just think about it. If a person adds nothing to the productive side, while constantly being arrested and incarcerated, costing our state countless thousands in court costs, court appointed lawyers, incarceration fees, not to mention the money that it costs the victims in hospitalization and lost assets, in the end the assailants are in the negative column when it comes to our failing economy.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thou Hypocrites (media bias)

Please watch this, and see if you shake your head as much as I did.

If there are any liberal readers out there who think this useless economic stimulus package (aka just print more money) is good, here is some tea for your crumpets from the same website.

What Really Happened in New Orleans? (Katrina Gun Confiscation)

Please watch the media’s version first:

New Orleans Gun Confiscation - Part 1 The News Spin

Now watch this:

New Orleans Gun Confiscation - Part 2 The Reality

What else did the news show us?

National Guard Confiscating Guns in New Orleans

So what is the truth? Let’s look a little deeper with this video from Gordon Hutchinson.

Here is an interesting Gordon Hutchinson audio interview from Gun Nuts Radio.

Check out Gordon Hutchinson's blog with more on the update of New Orleans guns confiscation.

After viewing these, my next question was, is there anything like this happening in any other states in America? I was surprised to find this news discussion about the state of Massachusetts, probably the most gun anal state I have ever lived in, with California and New York being a close second.

Boston Police Go Door to Door Looking For Guns

New Somali Pirate Attack Thwarted in Gulf of Aden

The UN today announced that it has stopped an armed attempt by Somali pirates to hijack a Norwegian ship. The pirates tried to ditch their weapons, but they were taken prisoner aboard a Canadian ship in the Gulf of Arden. The pirates were detained and questioned, but eventually allowed to go free. (It appears that we are now we are giving a slap on the wrist for armed pirates attacking ships attempting to take hostages)

Here is the Gun Shy special pseudo comical ending:

In a humanitarian gesture, the Somali pirates were given $100 US (they asked if they could get it in Euros instead) and a white 1962 Ford Fairlane automobile upon being released from custody. There was no news footage of the actual release, but the attached photo shows how the pirates should have been sent on their way home just after their release by the Canadians...

(click on photo to enlarge)

Why Not Teach Them About Firearms Safety Instead?

Watch this and see how instilling the fear of guns into your children will do little to protect them against injury from them.

JOHN LOTT: ABC’s Shameful ‘20/20′ Experiment

Read this to get an eye opener how the desperate media tried to create a rigged experiment using an unreal scenario, and then pawn it off on the general public as science.

University of Chicago found a reduction of crime rates in states that permitted citizens to carry concealed weapons

That is a direct quote from this article. Here is the quote in its entirety:

After the massacre, The Wall Street Journal quoted Professor Lemieux as saying that “mass killings were rare when guns were easily available, while they have been increasing as guns have become more controlled.” A reverse trend in America supported the Canadian scholar’s observation. A national survey conducted in 1996 by the University of Chicago found a reduction of crime rates in states that permitted citizens to carry concealed weapons (homicide by 8.5%, aggravated assault 7% and rape 5%.) Not surprisingly, the number of “carrying” states grew from nine in 1988 to 31 in 1996.

Could it be that Mr Obama missed this important statistical information when he was a senator from Illinois? Please say it isn’t so that our new prez wants to grab the guns under a false premise, even thought the facts clearly demonstrate differently. That would mean that his fervor to eliminate law abiding citizens rights to self defense is not about reducing crime, and is agenda driven…..gasp.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rapist are Scum

Gun Shy is going to call it like I see it, as I always tend to do. Rape is not about sex, because in this day and age there is more than enough consensual sex on the streets available for whoever is seeking it. Rape is about power and control, which in its finality is the violent and willful violation of another. I just read this story about an incident here in Orlando:

Woman escapes kidnapper before sexual assault

A woman was kidnapped at knifepoint while waiting for a bus in Orange County early Saturday. The victim was at the bus stop at Church Street and Ohio Avenue at 5:45 a.m. when a man brandished a knife and forced her into his car. The suspect drove the victim to Roosevelt Martin Park at 210 Bayshore Drive in Orlando where he attempted to rape her, but she managed to escape and run for help, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

The problem with this story, is that even though the woman escaped (thankfully) the rapist is still free to attack another victim in the future where he might be more successful.

Gun Shy would much prefer if the headline read as follows instead:

Woman With Shotgun Kills Rapist in Self-Defense

Please watch the above linked video and see if the readers agree.

Gun Shy has known and trained many strong and empowered women over the years. One of them who was only 5 feet tall kicked the snot out of a would be rapist while forcefully adjusting his equipment for him, and another chose not to be raped in a park, and instead exercised the right to allow her very feisty and extremely protective German Shepherd's teeth to have their way with the rapist instead. In both of those cases, Gun Shy was very pleased with the outcome.

It is no secret that Gun Shy admires strong empowered women:

There are some strong and empowered woman who are on the net blogging these days. You can read some of their opinions here and here, as well as here.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Obama said more than 90 percent of weapons seized by Mexican authorities have come from the United States…

The title of this commentary is a direct quote from the Washington Post article found here. I guess that no one has alerted the prez, as well as his people such as Hillary Clinton about the truth of the matter, as reported by FOX News in this article.

The Myth of 90 Percent: Only a Small Fraction of Guns in Mexico Come From U.S. - While 90 percent of the guns traced to the U.S. actually originated in the United States, the percent traced to the U.S. is only about 17 percent of the total number of guns reaching Mexico.

So I guess all Americans need to ponder the question that I asked in an earlier commentary “If politicians repeat a lie long enough does it somehow over time magically become the truth?”

Here is an interesting commentary on the matter of U.S. guns and Mexico.

This is also interesting.

Put the Gun Down???

Read this article and listen to the 911 call, and you will find out why in many cases if you call 911 without any action on your part to defend yourself, or if you even listen to their advice, you could end up dead.

I first read of this incident on a ladies self defense blog, and they did an excellent analysis of the situation which you can read here.

Gun Shy has addressed the incompetence of 911 operators in earlier commentaries found here and here.

There is something about girls and guns...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

If Politicians Repeat a Lie Long Enough Does it Eventually Become the Truth?

Obama To Seek Ratification Of Arms Treaty- President To Offer Solidarity To Mexico In Drug War


“and the United States is the primary source of guns used in Mexico's drug-related killings.”

If politicians repeat a lie long enough does it somehow over time magically become the truth? Fox News actually reported the facts, and the above statement is unsubstantiated rubbish. Most of todays media has become little more than parrots for error stated by others.


Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said in Mexico City that the U.S. shared responsibility for the drug war. She said America's "insatiable demand" for illegal drugs fueled the trade and that the U.S. had an "inability" to stop weapons from being smuggled south.

Ms Clinton is correct about the U.S. appetite for illegal narcotics, but her statement about U.S. weapons smuggling is once again provably false as Fox News reported, and though it has been brought to their attention (Clinton, Pelosi, Feinstein, etc) on many occasions, they still keep on stating it in hopes that it will eventually become truth, at least in the minds of many Americans who do not research the facts for themselves.

A Totally Different Headline Because …

...the woman was armed with a handgun and was able to stop the murder of her family

Maybe the media doesn’t like having the public armed, because it stops their sensational headlines. If it wasn’t for this woman being armed, they could have talked about how tragic it is that this man killed his whole family with a firearm, and gotten some major mileage out of this story, but instead the situation was ended quickly, and everyone including the attempted murderer is alive.

Don Henley said it perfectly in a song:

I make my living off the evening news
Just give me something-something I can use
People love it when you lose,
They love dirty laundry...

...We got the bubble-headed-bleach-blonde who comes on at five
She can tell you bout the plane crash with a gleam In her eye
Its interesting when people die-
Give us dirty laundry

The fact is that sensational headlines and bad news sells.

Police: Wife shot husband in self-defense

Witness statements and further investigation showed that Troy Christoff intended to shoot several members of his family. Before the shooting, he armed himself with a handgun and began to load the weapon, stating which member of his family each bullet was intended for.

When the handgun was loaded he raised the weapon and pointed it at his wife, who had armed herself with another handgun. She fired multiple shots at her husband, striking him several times.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Outlaw America ?

Here is an interesting one from the Michael Bane blog. I haven't sorted out all of the details yet, but it doesn't look good for firearms owners.

Outlaw America

Time to Re-educate the Somali Pirates

NY Company's Ship Damaged In Somali Pirate Attack - Ship Carrying Food For Famine-Stricken Africa

Somali pirates attacked and damaged an American ship carrying humanitarian aid Tuesday, but the ship and crew were safe under Navy escort, the military and shipping company said. The pirates fired rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons at the Liberty Sun as it carried food for famine-wracked African nations, said the vessel's owner, Liberty Maritime Corp.

It appears that the Somali pirates have a very poor learning curve. There is about to be a major can of whoop a$$ opened up on them in the near future, courtesy of the Department of the Navy. We should also find out who is supplying them with arms. As soon as the Navy gets notice that a ship is under attack, they need to put up some air support and engage the pirates as hostiles. There will be a lot of oil slicks in that area, until the pirates learning curve improves.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Todd Jarrett is Smooth as Silk

For those of you who enjoy competitive combat style shooting at its finest, I have linked to a video of Todd Jarrett doing some competition shooting. A while back I spent three days watching Todd compete, and discussing with him his style of shooting which has been an inspiration to many of the younger competitors who are now winning big in this sport. Pay close attention to the fluidity as he transitions through the course. You can read my two part interview with Todd here and here.

Here are some of the things that Todd does to relax:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

These videos should put to rest any myths that PARA Ordnance pistols are not as reliable as other major manufacturers of 1911 style pistols, because the firearm used in this test was a box stock entry level pistol.

When Law Abiding Citizens are Armed in the Gun Free Zones the Outcome is Excellent

First scenario is unarmed helpless students and psycho killer in a re enactment of the Virginia Tech shootings:

Second scenario is what happens when "the people who keep you safe" are called to protect you:

Third scenario is a law abiding citizen exercising the right to self defense and the protection of others:

I will let the readers decide which method is the most efficient with the lowest body count.

Replace the word Clinton with Obama

With Diane Feinstein's recent babbling about "assault weapons", everyone should watch this video and replace the word Clinton with Obama, and see how history could repeat itself.

Monday, April 13, 2009

“I Refuse to be a Victim of Violent Crime”

That is what the American Warrior said who was featured in this video. This is a video that Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, and the Brady Bunch’s mouth piece Diane Sawyer needs to watch over and over until they get it. It is the story of a private citizen living in their gun anal State of California, who defended his life and business not one time, not two times, not three times, but on four separate occasions.

Thanks For Letting Us Know (Somali Pirates)

Captain Tells Wife: 'US Military Real Heroes'

Pirates Vow Revenge After Rescue

Angry pirates vowed retaliation for the deaths, raising fears for the safety of some 230 foreign sailors still held hostage in more than a dozen ships anchored off the coast of lawless Somalia. "From now on, if we capture foreign ships and their respective countries try to attack us, we will kill them (the hostages)," Jamac Habeb, a 30-year-old pirate, told The Associated Press from one of Somalia's piracy hubs, Eyl. "(U.S. forces have) become our No. 1 enemy."

Thanks Jamac for letting us know that. I am sure there will be a round chambered at some point with your name on it, with a little extra special hooyah/oohrah put behind it courtesy of America's Spec Operators sent to waters near you by the Department of the Navy (Navy and Marines). Jamac is really no different than the Domestic Urban Terrorists here in Orlando. They talk smack and punk people who can not defend themselves, and when they are faced with the reality of their own demise, they tremble like the gutless cowards they are. Sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted Jamac. Just ask your deceased comrades.

Well there is one thing for certain Jamac, we won’t drag your dead through the streets like your people did to our soldiers in the Mogadishu incident, because we are better than that.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Any Questions Now Somali Pirates?

Official: US Sea Captain Faced Imminent Danger


A U.S. military official says the American sea captain held hostage by Somali pirates was in "imminent danger" of being killed by his captors before U.S. Special Operations forces fatally shot them. The hostage, Richard Phillips, was not hurt in the several minutes of gunfire off the Somali coast on Sunday. Phillips was safely transported to a Navy warship nearby.

Another job well done by America's Spec Operators. It has all the earmarks of a SEAL operation… clean and surgical. Marine sniper teams may have been involved as well. In case the pirates are listening, America still hasn’t forgotten about the Blackhawk incident in your lawless nation where a bunch of our people died. It would be best if the pirates do not try this again, as the next time it will most likely be an even harsher retaliation.

Who's Going Through Your Luggage and Keeping You Safe at OIA?

This report was released last year as the TSA agency boasted in the press about the efficiency of their layered security at OIA:

TSA Claims Victory for Arrest at Orlando Airport

04/03/2008 - The arrest of a man attempting to smuggle bomb-making materials onto a flight from Orlando, Florida, to Jamaica, can be attributed to the government's behavioral screening program, says the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Police grabbed Kevin Johnson, 32, an Iraq war veteran who recently worked as a contractor in Iraq, while he walked through a terminal at Orlando International Airport. Behavior detection officers operating under TSA's Screening Passengers by Observation Techniques (SPOT) program had spotted his erratic behavior and requested his bags searched.

TSA's Evolution of Security blog says what occurred Tuesday shows the value of behavior detection officers and TSA's layered approach to security. This is an excellent example of the layers of security in action throughout the airport. This is also a good example of using specially trained Behavior Detection Officers to look for people with hostile intent as well as the items they intend to use. It's a further testament that the behavior detection program works ...

Hold on a second... If their “layers of security" are so efficient, then how did this incident below happen with one of their own employees:

TSA Worker Arrested On Drug, Gun Charges

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- Drug agents have arrested a TSA security officer Wednesday who worked at Orlando International Airport on drug and weapons charges. Eyewitness News has learned that the employee worked as a transportation security officer while going through the TSA's checkpoint at Orlando International Airport, but early Wednesday morning police arrested 41-year-old Timothy Monroe during a high-risk search warrant of his home on Coral Reef Road in Palm Bay. Officers said that's where agents with Palm Bay's special investigations unit found guns, drugs and cash they said he's used in an illegal drug trafficking for quite some time.

Here is a slideshow.

Here is another incident from 2007 involving airport employees at OIA:

Ex-worker at OIA says he smuggled guns, drugs

Agents: Airline Employee Agreed To Smuggle Guns On Plane

Gun Shy has been at OIA on a number of occasions, and has observed some of the TSA employees that work there. In my opinion, many of them are just average people trying to make a living, and not the super security team that was boasted about in the opening article.

Here is a bonus article and video about another OIA worker for the readers.

It is starting to appear that "the people who keep you safe" and the agencies who employ them have their own issues when it comes to background checks, screening, and security.

Here is the latest icing on the OIA safety cake:

Air Traffic Controllers Inexperienced In Orlando

Orlando International Airport may be one of the busiest airports in the country, but federal officials say too many of its air traffic controllers have too little experience. U.S. Department of Transportation Inspector General Calvin Scovel cited Orlando as having the nation's highest percentage of controllers in training to become certified when he testified before Congress. Orlando has the 11th largest passenger volume in the U.S. Forty-seven percent of air traffic controllers at the Orlando airport lack certification -- about double the percentage of uncertified controllers nationwide.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Update on Cowards Who Murdered Marcus Luttrel’s Dog DASY

Please watch this.

Gun Shy has his own perfect world dream vision of equal justice in this matter. These cowards should be taken up in an airplane over Afghanistan, and then be forced to do a HALO jump into enemy territory that is known to be occupied by the taliban. If these "tough guys" managed to survive this rigorous task and make it to the ground intact (SEALS can do it), at that time these wanna be gangstas would most likely be engaged by enemy troops, only to find out that the firing pins in their weapons have been "modified". They would then have the full realization of what it feels like to have someone hunting them without the ability to defend themselves, as the helpless dog DASY did, teaching them a new meaning to the old phrase "hunt you down like a dog".

Part 1 of this commentary can be found here.

As Crime Goes Up Gun Control Advocates Diminish

Please watch this.

Hat tip to Caleb at Gun Nuts Media

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Tale of a Lone Survivor American Hero and Some Cowardly Zeros

Gun Shy is seriously pi$$ed, but before I climb onto my soapbox, let me give you a little background on the hero that I mentioned in the title. Please watch these videos:

So we can all agree, that individuals like Marcus Luttrel and the SEALS that he served with posses a character that is hard to find these days in America. Now I would like the readers to watch this and this.

It is such a glaring contrast between the character that Marcus possesses, and the absolute lack of character of the others mentioned in the video who shot his defenseless dog in cold blood for laughs, that I almost have a hard time mentioning Marcus and them in the same sentence. THIS is the problem with America, and THIS is why we are in rapid decline as a nation, because the cowards involved in this recent incident and those like them are pulling our nation down into a pit while lowering the quality of life in America to that of a crime ridden third world nation. I would like the readers to write and voice their opinion on the matter, and then I will write part two of this commentary. (after I cool off)

Marcus Luttrel by the Grace of God made it home, but there were others who fell during this battle. This is a tribute that was assembled by former U.S Marine Swede to those brave men who served honorably until the very end:

Some Good Tactical Driving

Watch the video. People behave so irrationally sometimes.

Tomorrows Leaders?

Woman, 95, Robbed Inside Publix - 26-Year-Old Man Arrested In Purse-Snatching

A 26-year-old man was arrested Thursday in the robbery of a 95-year-old woman whose purse was snatched from her walker while she was grocery shopping in Melbourne.

You mean to tell me that there wasn't one person in the store who had guts enough to beat this poor excuse for a human being down? (Gun Shy shakes head and sighs)

You Can Trust 911 With Your Life (wink wink, nod nod) … Really

Please take a look at this humorous but still very serious recap of 911 errors and incompetence.

5 Horrifying Tales Of 911 Incompetence

Part 2

I touched on this very same topic in some of my earlier commentaries found here and here.

As my readers know, Gun Shy is very pro Law Enforcement, but as private citizens Americans need to realize that a only small percentage of Law Enforcement Officers have ever discharged their firearm in a combat situation, so there is no guarantee that anyone can defend you or your family but yourself. Your first line of defense is you.

If We Could Just Get All of the Media to Read This…

A Fair Answer to a Fair Question

Michael Bane nailed it in his above linked explanation. For my readers who are firearms enthusiasts, please check out Downrange TV, where Michael Bane is one of the hosts.

Would You Like Some Fries With That .45?

Gunmen Fire Shots Into Crowded Denny's

Has anyone ever sat down and figured out how many robberies and shootings have occurred in the various Dennys here in Central Florida? Is there some dish that they serve that appeals to trigger happy gunmen? Maybe they need to change their color scheme or something, and get more of those soothing colors in their interior design. Or maybe they just need to hire armed security who are well qualified with their weapon.

Let’s take a look at a few of the recent incidents in Central Florida Denny’s:

Suspect Shoots Friend During Robbery Outside Denny's

Denny's Customers, Employees Forced To Floor During Robbery

Woman Stabbed Several Times In Brutal Purse Snatching

I-Drive Wendy's robbed with AK47

Man Steals Register From Denny's Restaurant

And we also have these earlier commentaries by Gun Shy found here and here.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Blogging the Bloggers (Of Arms & the Law)

Here is an interesting article about the kooks who do random mass shootings, and the psychology behind them:

I recommend that the readers visit his blog often for updates on the latest legal aspects of gun ownership, and there are other interesting topics that are covered as well.

Blogging the Bloggers (The Michael Bane Blog)

Fellow gun blogger Michael Bane has a great show and a great blog. He has just evaluated the latest absurdity from the Queen of the Gun Grabbers Nancy Pelosi. You can read about it here:

I recommend that the readers visit his blog often for updates on the latest Brady Bunch follies, as well as other interesting topics that are firearms related.

Blogging the Bloggers (The Firearm Blog)

Here is an excellent article from a fellow gun blogger filling in the blanks on what the media has left out of their facts.

This is an excellent blog, and I suggest that the readers who are firearms enthusiasts can get some excellent info there, so visit it often.

Do You Think She's Hot Now Loser?

Woman Head-Butts Suspected Rapist

When she reached out to help the man, police say he grabbed her hand, threw her to the ground and pinned her down. Investigators say she was able to fight him off, throwing her head back and head-butting the suspect. "She exercises regularly and daily. He picked the wrong woman to mess with," he said.

Gun Shy despises rapists. For a rapist it is not about sex, it is about control and domination. The only thing that would have been better, if she permanently removed his genitals for him. Gun Shy admires women warriors, so this woman receives a hearty Gun Shy Salute for kicking the snot out of this vermin.

Speak Your Mind...While it is Still Legal

Please read this article and be sure to watch the video.

Oklahoma City police officer pulls man over for anti-Obama sign on vehicle

Doctors vs Gun Owners

Someone sent me this in an e-mail. It is funny and makes a point about statistics.


(A) The number of physicians in the U.S. is 700,000.

(B) Accidental deaths caused by Physicians per year are 120,000.

(C) Accidental deaths per physician is 0.171.

Statistics courtesy of U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services.

Now think about this:


(A) The number of gun owners in the U.S. is 80,000,000. (Yes, that's 80 million)

(B) The number of accidental gun deaths per year, all age groups, is 1,500.

(C) The number of accidental deaths per gun owner is .000188.

Statistics courtesy of FBI

So, statistically, doctors are approximately 9,000 times more dangerous than gun owners.

Remember, 'Guns don't kill people, doctors do.'


Please alert your friends to this alarming threat. We must ban doctors before this gets completely out of hand!!!!!

Out of concern for the public at large, I withheld the statistics on lawyers
for fear the shock would cause people to panic and seek medical attention!

Some Days Gun Shy Just Shakes His Head

Please click on the link below:

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Media Doesn’t Even Realize How Ridiculous Their Experts Sound

I had to write about this:

NY gunman fired 98 shots in about a minute, police chief says


• Story Highlights
• Man who killed 13 at immigrant center described as "accomplished marksman"
• 87 shots fired from 9 mm pistol and 11 from .45-caliber handgun, chief says
• Investigators believe victims died almost instantly, he says
• Shooter wore restricted body armor; police investigating how he got it

Now let’s evaluate what the media just said. The shooter was an “accomplished marksman” who fired 98 rounds and only thirteen people died. Gun Shy in no way is trying to trivialize the thirteen innocent victims who lost their lives, but with the ratio of dead versus the rounds expended, this man would hardly qualify as an “accomplished marksman”.

Here is another quote:

Wong was an "accomplished marksman" who frequented a shooting range in Binghamton, the chief said, and he bragged to others that he had fired more than 10,000 rounds.

If he fired 10,000 rounds practicing, and was only able to hit thirteen people with a fatal round after firing almost one hundred rounds, then he should have given up shooting a long time ago, because he wasted a whole lot of money "training". According to media sources, 41 people survived the rampage. He could have killed more people by driving his car through the front of the building into the crowd. He was about as much of an "accomplished marksman" as the media reporting this story are "accomplished writers" when it comes to firearms topics. This is a fine example of the media doing its usual sensational babbling act.

Welcome to Orlando…Now Give Me Your F&%$’n Wallet and Cell Phone or I’ll Shoot You

Imagine yourself working hard all year and saving up enough money to finally take your dream vacation. You decide on Orlando, because you believe that it is your “happy place”, and that you and the family will finally be able to relax for a week and forget about the cares of this world. The next thing you know, you have a gun shoved in your face as your life flashes before you, and all of your vacation cash and credit cards has just been taken by an armed assailant. What is the first thing you will tell your friends and acquaintances when you get back to your home state or country about Orlando, and what will you remember for years to come when someone mentions Orlando? Now read this article.

I-Drive Robbers Getting Away With Crimes

And then read this earlier commentary that I wrote.

Now read any of the related articles that you like from this article search about tourism, and you will see what the prophet of doom (GST) has been trying to tell everyone for quite some time.

Blogging the Bloggers (

This is an interesting site with all the things you need to know about carrying a concealed firearm in the U.S. Check it out if you need factual information.

If You Don't Comply You'll Fry

Drag racing suspects also had gun, machete

A second police officer located the second drag racing suspect. While attempting to secure the driver, the suspect pulled away and attempted to reach into his waist band. The officer deployed his taser and as he was falling to the ground, a hangun was seen in his waist band. After the officer gave the suspect verbal commands to stay on the ground, the suspect continued to resist by attempting to get back up. The officer deployed his taser an additional three to four times

I can almost hear the crackling discharge from the tazer. The officer was very kind to the suspect in this incident. If he was going for a weapon, the officer could have discharged his weapon and it would have been the end of the road for the person attempting to draw the pistol.

Orlando Area Rules of Engagement

Woman Brutally Attacked During Home Invasion


A Maitland woman was attacked during a home invasion after she sent her children off to school...

...She was able to get away during the home invasion. The victim told police she played possum and believes the suspects thought she out of it, but she grabbed her car keys, ran out the front door, got in her car and took off...

...One of the suspects seemed determined to hurt her and threw a brick through the front windshield...

...The woman told Eyewitness News that the suspects got away with her laptop and her handgun before she got a chance to use it on them.

If men wearing masks are trying to force their way into your home, they are definitively Domestic Urban Terrorists and should be engaged immediately without hesitation. If you do not engage them, they will go on to duplicate this same violent crime on a number of others until they are apprehended or finally dealt with. The innocent victims that they might encounter and harm or kill could be someones grandmother, daughter, sister, etc. We now have yet another stolen handgun in the hands of those who would think to use it terrorize other law abiding citizens. Americans need to start doing what is right, and just say no to DUT's. Please see this related article.

As a side note, here is another area home invasion story from today.

Ship Carrying Americans Hijacked

Ship Carrying Americans Hijacked- Somali Pirates Hijack 6 Ships This Week

Gun Shy has a four word solution to this problem…..Send in the Marines.

This is where the rubber meets the road for the newly elected president. Let’s see how he responds. I hope he can have meaningful and respectful dialogue with the hijackers.

Gun Shy Goes Shopping (Smyrna Shooters Supply)

Below is my fourth installment reviewing local Central Florida firearms dealers. I will attempt to do one review a week if time allows. If the readers have a dealer that you would like me to review, please contact me at the email address listed on the blog. I also stated this in an earlier commentary:

In the future, Gun Shy is going to be evaluating Central Florida gun stores and doing a weekly review. If your store gets a favorable review, in my opinion you were knowledgeable and good to the customers and you probably earned it. If your store does not get mentioned, it is either because I some how missed your store, you were rude to the customers, you were clearly taking advantage of the current sellers market and gouging them, or you were slinging too much bull$hit for me to even bother taking the time to mention your establishment.

This week I am reviewing a firearms dealer located in Edgewater Florida with a down home feel. Smyrna Shooters Supply is located on Ridgewood Avenue (US 1) in Edgewater, and their shop is visible from the roadway. I found this place one day when driving out of Edgewater, and their large “GUNS” sign caught my eye. I turned around and went back to see what they had inside. The store had quite a bit of stock, but I found out that there is more to the story. As it turns out, they have a mail order business as well, so they seem to have a lot of inventory moving through their establishment daily, which makes more items available to the local customers on a consistent basis. There was an accessory that I was looking for that was hard to find, so I inquired if they had access to it. Their response was that they always have various items from the manufacturer on order, and if this item came in they would contact me. Sure enough, within a few weeks they contacted me, informing me that a shipment had arrived, and if I wanted the specified item that they would hold it for me. They could have sold this item instantly on the internet, but it appears that they care enough about local customers to extend this courtesy to them. I have never spoken with the owner personally, but it seems that he has done a good job in choosing his staff, because they are all knowledgeable, as well as being friendly and helpful. Smyrna Shooters Supply are a full range firearms dealer, who as I stated earlier, does mail order as well as firearms transfers, and also offers gun smithing to their customers. For those looking to get a CCW, they also offer course instruction. My personal experience with Smyrna Shooters Supply has been a good one, and for me customer satisfaction based on service is high so they get the Gun Shy seal of approval. Stop in and check them out for yourself.

Smyrna Shooters Supply
1401 South Ridgewood Avenue
Edgwater, Florida 32132
Phone: (386)-423-1728
Web Address:

Now for the disclaimer:

Blanket Disclaimer For All Reviews

All opinions expressed, are those of Gun Shy Tourist, and are a first person report according to my experiences with the firearms dealer being reviewed. Gun Shy receives no payment, free goods or services, or reduction of prices for discussing any of the firearm dealers being reviewed. This is not advertising, and should not be construed as such. This is merely my opinion based on my experiences. These opinions are not based on a one time visit, because I realize that anyone can have a bad day. The reviews are based on multiple visits numbering at least three to five. When I initially go into a firearm dealer’s establishment, I go in as your average customer, and the dealer is not aware that I have a gun blog or that I write on firearms topics. While in there, I also observe how the owner and employees treat other customers as well. None of my reviews will discuss *specific* pricing, because “best price”, like music and art, are a matter of opinion. Gun Shy has learned by experience, that the “cheapest price” is not always the “best price”, because when you go to a local dealer, you can actually see, hold, and review all aspects of the firearm that you are interested in including dry firing, which is not possible when one buys mail order. Gun Shy believes that customer service and product knowledge are of extreme value to the customer when purchasing a firearm, and will gladly pay a little more to receive these services from a knowledgeable and reputable dealer.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Teens With Guns

First rule of staying alive in today’s Dangerous Urban Environment. Don’t under estimate any opponent, regardless of what age they are. It seems that more and more, young people are carrying guns these days, and have watched too many Hollywood movies which glorify the gangsta lifestyle. This often makes them automatic deadly in Gun Shy’s opinion. If they attempt to sweep you with the muzzle of their weapon with obvious the intent of doing you harm, sadly you will be left with no other choice but to engage, or get shot. Please watch this video.

Why Gun Control is Important

Fourteen rounds fired and no one hit. Having a firearm does not make you able to protect yourself, as this video demonstrates. All of those rounds went somewhere, and thankfully no innocent bystanders were hit. If you are going to carry a firearm for defensive purposes, it is of the utmost importance that you train to achieve proficient skills in firearms operation.

Monday, April 6, 2009

If They Could Tax People for Shooting Each Other They Wouldn’t Mind

How many people suffer horrible illness and die per day from tobacco and alcohol? How many people die per day from prescription drugs? The powers to be are not really concerned, because there is tax revenue to be had from those items, so it is acceptable. The media likes to sensationalize, and here is their latest shot at it.

Lethal Day at the Range

My fellow gun blogger from the West Coast of the Sunshine State Robb Allen wrote a commentary titled Lethal Day at the Range about the shooting incident in Casselberry yesterday, and the effect that it could cause. I posted his title here and will link you to his site.

Twenty States Move Toward Declaring Sovereignty

Intelligent Americans in many different states have figured out that the dice are loaded and the deck is stacked, and now they have decided to bring their own cards to the table for the next hand.

Watch this.

Read this.

Time to Get Proactive Before There Are No Tourists Left

Woman robbed in mall bathroom


The victim, 44, entered a bathroom near the Dooney & Bourke store Friday morning, according to the Orange County Sheriffs Office. When the victim opened the stall door, she found herself staring at a male pointing a gun at her nose. The suspect, who is believed to be in his 30s, proceeded to kick the woman in her stomach, steal her purse and flee in an unknown direction.

There have been so many problems there at the outlet malls, that it amazes me that they have not hired armed private security to deal with it. If every tourist who leaves Orlando with a horror story about their visit, tells 100 people who tell another 100 people, pretty soon Orlando will look like a ghost town. Unless they get proactive quickly, expect more layoffs Orlando.

Watch the video.

Lights Out for Violent Offenders

Deputies: Gunman Killed In Officer-Involved Shooting- Deputies Take Gunman Down After He Shoots At Them, School Bus

The gunman also shot at two other cars and a Marion County school bus, but no children were on board, deputies said. Deputies said they shot and killed the gunman. The sheriff said deputies had no choice but to use deadly force.

I think this is excellent work by law enforcement. Anyone who would think to endanger the innocent such as children or the elderly need to be switched off in a timely fashion.

Country Singers are Making More Sense Than Empty Suit Talking Head Politicians are These Days

Give this song a listen and see what you think. Music used to have meaning at one time, and then it became mindless for decades. Maybe music with meaning is on its way back.

Now give this one a listen.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Real and Workable Solution for the Obama Administration

8-Year-Old Gunned Down In Drive-By

A suspect has been arrested in the shooting death of an 8-year-old girl in St. Petersburg….

…Police say more than 50 rounds from a semi-automatic assault rifle were fired into the front of the home.

First of all, let me say that I am deeply saddened by the murder of this little girl. Was the rifle the problem, or was it the person wielding it and their evil intent that is to blame? As we can clearly see, criminals already have plenty of weapons, so I can not see how disarming the law abiding public will do anything to rectify this plague of violence that is sweeping our nation. Also, the term “assault rifle” is getting a little played out. It was simply a semi automatic rifle, probably a knock off of a fully automatic real deal assault rifle. Since Mr Obama and Eric Holder are African Americans, maybe their first attempt at lowering violent crime with firearms should be to go into those neighborhoods where the gang violence is, and work to reason with *their people to give up those illegal weapons that are reportedly so abundant there. That would be a good place to start so that they can actually lower the crime statistics in America, instead of just implementing knee jerk solutions to a non existent problem when it comes to law abiding firearms owners.

Here are the incarceration statistics for 2007:

At year end 2007 in the United States there were:
3,138 Black males sentenced prisoners per 100,000 black males
1,259 Hispanic males sentenced prisoners per 100,000 Hispanic males
481 White males sentenced prisoners per 100,000 white males

• Total population of the United States: 299 million
• White: 221.3 million or about 74%
• Hispanic or Latino ethnicity: 44.3 million or about 14.8%
• Black or African American: 40.9 million or about 13.4%

*I am presenting these facts for two reasons. First of all, Mr Obama's pastor is constantly preaching about "their people", which are African Americans, which demonstrates that he is not concerned about "we" the American people as a nation as much as he is focused on one racial group of people. Gun Shy believes that if we can't pull together as a nation, then we are finished. Secondly, Eric Holder said that Americans were "cowards" when it came to honest and open dialogue about races. "We have to have the guts to be honest with each other," Holder said. Gun Shy agrees.

Gun Shy Goes Shopping (Florida Gun Exchange)

Below is my third installment reviewing local firearms dealers. I will attempt to do one review a week if time allows. If the readers have a dealer that you would like me to review, please contact me at the email address listed on the blog. I also stated this in an earlier commentary:

In the future, Gun Shy is going to be evaluating Central Florida gun stores and doing a weekly review. If your store gets a favorable review, in my opinion you were knowledgeable and good to the customers and you probably earned it. If your store does not get mentioned, it is either because I some how missed your store, you were rude to the customers, you were clearly taking advantage of the current sellers market and gouging them, or you were slinging too much bull$hit for me to even bother taking the time to mention your establishment.

This week, I am reviewing a Gun Shop that is located in Port Orange Florida. When you walk through the doors of the Florida Gun Exchange, you realize that it is a store with a whole lot of stuff. Every time I have been in there, they have had a wide selection of pistols, rifles, and shotguns, as well as accessories to choose from. Florida Gun Exchange has a 1911 collection that is typically quite impressive, with some extremely high end pistols. From the very first time that I set foot into that store, my experiences with the sales people have always been very good. Gun Shy has only personally dealt directly with three of the salesman, but has witnessed the other salesman treating the customers like they valued their business. There is one sales person that I have conversed with quite a bit, who has a fairly extensive knowledge of weaponry as well as being quite well versed the history of various firearms, who I will refer to as Mr. Black. I have not been able to ask this young man a question that he didn’t have an answer for in relation to weaponry. He is a firearms enthusiast himself who keeps up to date on the latest hardware available. I have made what I would consider to be some minor purchases in this establishment, but would not hesitate to make a major purchase there. It appears to me that they are another one of the Central Florida firearms dealers who work hard to keep a good selection of firearms, as well as ammo to service their customers. Florida Gun Exchange is a full service dealer that does transfers and mail order as well. I have been in this establishment well over the minimum of three to five times that I normally go into a store to evaluate it, and as far as I am concerned, they are a two thumbs up establishment. Based on the way I have been treated, as well as how I have witnessed other customers being treated, Gun Shy recommends Florida Gun Exchange as a place to stop in and check out when shopping for firearms and accessories. Here is their information:

Florida Gun Exchange
5811 South Ridgewood Ave (U.S. 1)
Port Orange, Florida, 32127
Phone: (386)-304-9499
Web Address:

Now for the disclaimer:

Blanket Disclaimer For All Reviews

All opinions expressed, are those of Gun Shy Tourist, and are a first person report according to my experiences with the firearms dealer being reviewed. Gun Shy receives no payment, free goods or services, or reduction of prices for discussing any of the firearm dealers being reviewed. This is not advertising, and should not be construed as such. This is merely my opinion based on my experiences. These opinions are not based on a one time visit, because I realize that anyone can have a bad day. The reviews are based on multiple visits numbering at least three to five. When I initially go into a firearm dealer’s establishment, I go in as your average customer, and the dealer is not aware that I have a gun blog or that I write on firearms topics. While in there, I also observe how the owner and employees treat other customers as well. None of my reviews will discuss *specific* pricing, because “best price”, like music and art, are a matter of opinion. Gun Shy has learned by experience, that the “cheapest price” is not always the “best price”, because when you go to a local dealer, you can actually see, hold, and review all aspects of the firearm that you are interested in including dry firing, which is not possible when one buys mail order. Gun Shy believes that customer service and product knowledge are of extreme value to the customer when purchasing a firearm, and will gladly pay a little more to receive these services from a knowledgeable and reputable dealer.