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Pennsylvana Senator Weighs In On Identity Issues

Check out this article.

Psst..Hey Janet N...You Have Been Looking in the Wrong Place...

...for "potential" and DHS need to leave the veterans and constitutionalists tea partier types alone because they are really no threat to America, and let me make an attempt to help you out a bit...

try looking here.

This administration's approach to determining who are "potential" enemies of the state has amazed and appaled many Americans, and even some in the British press. Check out this quote from this article:

Obama's problem is that he does not know who the enemy is. To him, the enemy does not squat in caves in Waziristan, clutching automatic weapons and reciting the more militant verses from the Koran: instead, it sits around at tea parties in Kentucky quoting from the US Constitution. Obama is not at war with terrorists, but with his Republican fellow citizens. He has never abandoned the campaign trail.

Abortion Doctor Murdered

AP Source: Suspect In Killing Of Abortion Doctor Arrested


A Wichita city official told The Associated Press that a suspect was in custody Sunday in the shooting death of late-term abortion provider George Tiller…

…Late-term abortion doctor George Tiller, a prominent advocate for abortion rights wounded by a protester more than a decade ago, was shot and killed Sunday at a church in Wichita where he was serving as an usher and his wife was in the choir, his attorney said.

First of all, the man who pulled the trigger was wrong in doing so. Now with that being said, Gun Shy does not like the way that the media is trying to play up the deceased doctor’s church membership card. If one is going to say that they belong to a certain faith, shouldn't they follow the book that is the foundation for that faith? The Bible is clear about the taking of innocent life, and it is simply not acceptable.

Secondly, I wish people would wake up to the facts. Abortion is not about womens rights. Abortion is about making money. It is a business, and the profits generated are phenomenal. When the doctors start performing abortions for free without a state reimbursement, then they can take the position that it is about woman’s rights. As long as they are getting paid, it is a business, and they are fighting for the right to conduct their business, which is performing abortions. It is time to quit the semantics and just say it.

The National Organization for Women also issued a statement about the incident:

"Bringing the killers to justice is not enough – the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security must root out and prosecute as domestic terrorists and violent racketeers the criminal enterprise that has organized and funded criminal acts for decades," said the statement, attributed to NOW President Kim Gandy. "We call on the new attorney general, Eric Holder, and head of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano to treat these murders in the same way they would treat politically-motivated domestic terrorism of any other kind and put the full resources of their two departments behind that effort."

The "Obama Man" Can

This funny song parody of the "Candy Man" song was sent to me by a reader. You need to watch the video.

Here is Greg's song after he polished a bit and took it on the road.

There is another version floating around on he net as well.

Hat Tip....once again to...GUNSLINGER

For All of the Sons and Daughters of America Who are Serving Honorably

One of the readers sent me this video, which I am sure that all the readers who have served, or are currently serving, as well as all those who are proud Americans will enjoy.

Hat tip to GunSlinger

Congratulations...You've Won "The Sweeps"

This is the new beginning for pro active effective law enforcement here in Orlando. Watch the video. Hat tip to the Demings Duo and all the officers involved.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Selfish Self Serving Americans

America has become a nation of self. A mindset of people "getting theirs" has swept the nation, and is becoming our downfall. Time for Americans to get introspective about what is really important. "Bob" has, and as always, is extremely vocal about it. See his thoughts here.

Where's the Change??...Any Day Now...

I am going to let "Bob" explain it.

Here is a clarification.

Who Said the Saudi's Don't Get Some Things Right?

Convicted killer beheaded, put on display in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Interior Ministry said Ahmed Al-Shamlani Al-Anzi was sentenced to death and then "crucifixion" -- having his body displayed in public -- for the kidnapping and killing of an 11-year-old boy and for the killing of the boy's father, according to the official Saudi Press Agency...

...The ministry said Al-Anzi kidnapped the boy and held him for a "malicious purpose" at a grocery store where he worked. He tied rope around the boy's neck and strangled him to death, the ministry said.

Amnesty International was quick to denounce the punishment as deplorable. Now let's look at some headlines from a local Orlando news paper from one day this week:

Man Charged With Performing Sex Act On 4-Year-Old
Undercover Sting Nets 35 Child Porn Arrests
Police: Man Molested Child During Game Of Hide-And-Seek
Kissimmee Police Arrest Pennsylvania Rape Suspect

Now I will let the readers decide which is more deplorable. Pedophiles have already lost their minds as well as their sense of what is moral, so why all the public outcry about their heads? I have heard that beheading greatly decreases their "libido" (desire for innocent children) The only victims here are the children...PERIOD.

They Only Want “Their Speech” to be Free

American talk show host Michael Savage is suing the British Home Secretary for trying to silence him by making defamatory statements about him, as well as banning him from entering the country. Read this from a British newspaper.

Some America media people discussed the situation.

The liberl NPR tried to use a caller to spin the story insted of letting him voice his views, but Mr Savage shut them down instantly.

Here is Michael Savage discussing the situation with a BBC reporter.

Here is another reaction from Michael Savage.

Are tea partiers really the new 'terrorists'?

I found this article from alternative media to be interesting. I did not verify the allegations made, but if even a small percentage of them are true, then it appears that there is an intentional chilling effect being promoted by the current administration.

New York’s Oppressive Gun Laws Didn’t Do Anything to Change the Behavior of This Woman

She shot and stabbed her own father who she was staying with in Michigan over a dinner roll. How disconnected would someone have to be to do such a thing. Watch the video.

Many crimes also committed here in Florida with a weapon, are done by people who are formerly from New York. As we can see, oppressive laws that negatively affect law abiding citizens, and restrict them from defending themselves does nothing to remove criminal intent from the lawless. Those people will use whatever weapon is available to wreak their havoc wherever they go.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Obama's Skeletons are Strarting to March Out of the Closet

From an alternative media source:

Steven Crowder on Nancy Pelosi and Waterboarding

This young guy is very clever and kind of funny. I am sure there are those who will be "shocked" and "offended" by his brand of humor. Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Here is some bonus comedy relief.

Gun-o-phobia...a real disease

For those who have an aversion to firearms, I have posted a link to an article you should read. I can be found here.

Another Chapter From "The People Who Keep You Safe" File

DCF: Caseworkers missed threat to baby

A state report shows foster care workers underestimated the domestic threat posed by a Tampa man now accused of throwing his girlfriend's infant son out a car window. According to a 13-page report from the Florida Department of Children and Families, Jasmine Bedwell told caseworkers that Richard McTear Jr. beat her on two occasions and threatened to harm her son…

…McTear's criminal history, which includes including kidnapping and burglary, was largely overlooked.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

This Came in an E-mail... made so much sense that I thought I would re-post it for the readers:


Not long ago I read a joke ... It said all the politicians running for president are promising change to the American people.
We send them billions and billions of tax dollars and they send us the change.


Not really; there is too much truth in it to be funny.

That got me to thinking ... They all promise change. How about if they run on a promise of restoration rather than change.

A restoration that would take us back in time to a place where things ran better, smoother and life was more enjoyable.


That, in truth, is what they have been giving us all along.

We used to have a strong dollar .. Politicians changed that.

Marriage used to be sacred .. Politicians are changing that.

We used to be respected around the world ... Politicians changed that.

We used to have a strong manufacturing economy ... Politicians changed that.

We used to have lower tax structures ... Politicians changed that.

We used to enjoy more freedoms ... Politicians changed that.

We used to be a large exporter of American made goods ... Politicians changed that.

We used to teach patriotism in schools ... Politicians changed that.

We used to educate children in schools ... Politicians changed that.

We used to enforce LEGAL citizenship ... Politicians changed that.

We used to have affordable food & gas prices ... Politicians changed that, too. ... and one could go on and on with this list.

What hasn't been changed, politicians are promising to change that as well, if you will elect them.

When, oh when, is America going to sit back with open eyes and look at what we once were and where we have come and say, enough is enough?

The trouble is, America 's youthful voters today don't know of the great America that existed forty and fifty years ago. They see the world as if it has always existed, as it is now.

When will we wake up?

Tomorrow may be too late. When will America realize ... Politicians are what is wrong with America ?

What is needed is for the constitution to be amended to limit all Senators and Representatives to TWO terms in office like the president.

Oh, by the way, no big pension either, social security just like the rest of us.

Being a politician shouldn't be a person’s life work but rather a call to service then back to being an honest hard working citizen.

Molon Labe: What Does it Mean?

You see many gun enthusiasts these days wearing caps and shirts with this Greek slogan on them, but many do not know what these Greek characters translate into or the history of this slogan. Well, wonder no more. Click here and get the historical perspective.

U.S.Tax Dollars Used to Train Street Gang Members

Gangland - Gangs In The Military 'Basic Training' 1 of 5

watch all five parts

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

Gun Shy Salutes Polk County Sheriffs...

...for taking pedophile garbage off the streets.

12,000 Images Of Child Porn Seized In Bust

The Polk County Sheriff Office released the results Thursday of a huge undercover investigation. They arrested 39 people on child pornography charges and one of the men is from the Poinciana area.

There are some very disturbing allegations against the suspects. Detectives seized 12,000 images of child pornography off the suspect's computers, including videos of children being raped.

Crist Stops Florida "Pirates" from Raiding Gun Owners Licensing Fund

Crist blocks 2 percent state employee pay cut; gun license sweep


But Crist vetoed two items he had been heavily lobbied on: a $25 million cut to the pay of state employees making more than $45,000 annually; and a $6 million raid on the licensing trust fund for gun owners.

Both presented potentially thorny issues to the first-term governor who has announced he plans to run for the U.S. Senate in 2010. Gun-rights groups bombarded his office with more than 25,000 complaints. And state workers, unions, and Democratic allies also pressed the governor to block the pay-cut. Crist said both cuts were unneeded and state agencies could adjust their spending plans to do without the roughly $31 million in savings they would have absorbed.

Here is a quote from another article:

The NRA, which has about 450,000 members in Florida, sought the trust fund veto because the money that goes into the fund comes from concealed weapons permit application and renewal fees.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gangs in the Military

Watch this interesting report, as well as this one.

If you are interested, here is another one.

Second Amendment Foundation Reviews Obama's Pick For Judge

Why am I not surprised?


You may want to check this out as well.

More From "The People Who Keep You Safe" File

Video Shows Cop Driving Erratically, Crashing


The incident didn't prompt his first internal affairs investigation. He's been involved in at least six wrecks and had been pulled off the streets before.

The time has come for fellow officers to address these types of incidents, because if they don't, it makes them all look bad in my opinion. Read the article and watch the video.

Deer Hunting After the Obama Administration Gets Done...

The photo was sent to me by a reader:

The title should be "I really support hunters (wink, wink) Second Amendment rights...really".

Hat Tip to GunSlinger

Mr Obama Needs to Get This Guy on Staff Fast

Watch this video of Peter Schiff predicting the financial future of America as early as three years ago. They all laughed at him, but I wonder who is laughing now. I would love to hear his commentary on Mr Obama's plan to fix the economy.

A Fresh Perspective on “Torture”

The terms torture and water boarding have been the latest buzzwords since the new administration has taken office. Anyone who understands water boarding, knows that it is used to invoke a strong reaction of fear in the person being interrogated, but does not physically harm them. Now let’s consider this form of “torture” while pondering the Americans who had their heads cut off by terrorists while being videotaped for broadcast on television, and the four American private contractors who were attacked while delivering supplies in Iraq, and then their burned bodies were dragged through the streets and hung off a bridge as terrorists danced around with glee. Kind of puts it in a different perspective, doesn’t it? Comedian Steven Crowder does his own analysis of the terror at Gitmo. Check it out.

The First One Hundred Days: A View From Across the Pond

Here is the link to a commentary written in the UK Telegraph.

If al-Qaeda, the Taliban and the rest of the Looney Tunes brigade want to kick America to death, they had better move in quickly and grab a piece of the action before Barack Obama finishes the job himself. Never in the history of the United States has a president worked so actively against the interests of his own people - not even Jimmy Carter.

Obama's problem is that he does not know who the enemy is. To him, the enemy does not squat in caves in Waziristan, clutching automatic weapons and reciting the more militant verses from the Koran: instead, it sits around at tea parties in Kentucky quoting from the US Constitution. Obama is not at war with terrorists, but with his Republican fellow citizens. He has never abandoned the campaign trail...

...President Pantywaist's recent world tour, cosying up to all the bad guys, excited the ambitions of America's enemies. Here, they realised, is a sucker they can really take to the cleaners. His only enemies are fellow Americans. Which prompts the question: why does President Pantywaist hate America so badly?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Cavalry Isn’t Coming...

...and if they do, they will be delayed due to human error, mechanical failure, or a breakdown in communication.

From the more of “the people who keep you safe” file:

I am not a big fan of Mr Rivera, but this reporting should make Americans think.

Here is some more footage.

It is time that Americans quit expecting someone else (especially the government) to take care of them. It is time to reclaim the pioneer spirit that America was founded on.

IDF Elite Unit (Force Recon)

Here is a link from Double Tappers blog in Israel. If they are looking for terrorists, maybe the should come to America. I am sure they could find quite a few in our cities lurking and waiting.

It Appears That Gov Crist May Listen to Gun Lobbyists

Gun Lobbyists Fire Back At Cut To Concealed Weapon Premits Fund


The National Rifle Association’s top lobbyist in Florida pointed out the permit program is self-sufficient, drawing on application fees to operate.

“When they sweep that money, it becomes a de facto tax on the exercise of a constitutional right: Your right under the Second Amendment to keep and bear arms for lawful purposes,” said Marion Hammer, with the United Sportsmen of Florida.

There is a strong chance the gun lobby may get its way. Gov. Crist has indicated that when he signs the state budget Wednesday, the permit funding will emerge intact.

This is How They “Roll” in Titusville

This is an instant cure for carjacking

Here is the link.

Like a Deer in the Headlights (their lips are still moving)

Watch as Mr Obama's national spokesman attempts to dispell a "myth" and gets owned.

It appears that the media spotlight angered Mr Obama's people, because this letter was sent by his legal team.

The NRA sent some letters of their own.

Please review this letter as well.

Finally, Hillary was right about something. The sad thing, was that we couldn't trust her or her husband with our guns either. How ironic.

Now watch this and then watch this, and then reflect on all that has happened since the election in reference to gun rights and the Obama camp.

The charade is up. Here is some bonus footage to think about. Then stop in at this website as well.

“The People Who Keep You Safe” During Natural Disasters (Katrina)

How did the powers to be keep the law abiding citizens of New Orleans “safe” in the aftermath of Katrina? They illegally confiscated all of the firearms from law abiding citizens leaving them defenseless against looters. Please watch this video.

I find it disturbing that the California Highway patrolmen who traveled to New Orleans to “help out” would beat that elderly woman down to take her unloaded firearm away from her. You can see in the video that she was holding it flat in the palm of her hand in a non threatening manner, and the pistol was unloaded. Their effort would have been better applied to the thugs that were roaming the streets armed, instead of focusing on law abiding citizens.

Now read this:

Katrina made police choose between duty and loved ones


Schubert is among more than 200 New Orleans officers who have been under investigation by the police department for leaving their posts during the hurricane crisis. Since the fall, the officers have been appearing, one at a time, in often emotional hearings in which many of them have pleaded for their jobs before a review panel at the department's temporary headquarters in a hotel on Bourbon Street.

If you read the article, you will realize that 200+ of “the people who keep you safe” fled the city before the hurricane hit which reduced the number of available law enforcement from the approximately 1400 total, and so the mayors solution was to forcibly disarm law abiding citizens making them potential victims for roving bands of criminals. Here are some of the other allegations of how some officers focused their energy to keep the citizens “safe”. First watch this video.

The read this news release.

New Orleans police may have participated in looting


NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The New Orleans police department said Thursday it is investigating a dozen officers in connection with looting during the lawlessness that engulfed the city after Hurricane Katrina.

The second amendment foundation issued a statement after the New Orleans gun confiscation was made public:


There was another press release by the Second Ammendment Foudation as well calling for the city to pay the cost to replace damaged guns that were illegally confiscated.

The media also reported on it lightly:

Gun seized after Katrina? NRA wants you

The NRA initiated a lawsuit against the city of New Orleans for this illegal action, and won the case, although some were slow to admit it.

NRA to settle suit over Katrina gun seizures


Mayor Ray Nagin and Police Superintendent Warren Riley were defendants in the case, which was scheduled to be tried next month. In their lawsuit, the gun lobbying groups accused the city of violating gun owners' constitutional right to bear arms and leaving them "at the mercy of roving gangs, home invaders, and other criminals" after Katrina. In response, the city argued that federal law doesn't apply to the plaintiffs' claims against city officials "because the right to keep and bear arms has never been recognized as a fundamental individual right."

The NRA later released this:

New Orleans Mayor Finally Admits Illegal Gun Confiscation, Settles With NRA


Friday, October 10, 2008 - After a three-year legal battle over the unconstitutional confiscation of lawfully owned firearms during Hurricane Katrina, this week, the City of New Orleans agreed to settle a lawsuit initiated by NRA. A permanent injunction has been issued against the city, Mayor Ray Nagin, and current Police Chief Warren Riley. The Second Amendment Foundation assisted NRA in the legal battle against Mayor Ray Nagin and the City of New Orleans.

"This is an important victory for the citizens of New Orleans and the Second Amendment," said Wayne LaPierre, NRA's executive vice president. "We fought for three long years in a fundamental legal challenge to assert the inherent self-defense rights for law-abiding citizens, knowing the Constitution would prevail. Today it has prevailed and freedom has won."

Judge Carl J. Barbier presided over the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana. Judge Barbier signed the permanent injunction against the City of New Orleans. The city admitted the firearm confiscations carried out by Nagin and Riley were unconstitutional and illegal.

Once again, Gun Shy will go on the record stating that I fully support effective law enforcement when done within the definitions prescribed by the U.S. Constitution. Gun Shy also believes that there is no room for "rogue cops" in law enforcement, and when they break their sworn oath to serve and protect, that they should be removed from their position immediately and made an example of publicly as a warning to others who might consider doing similar actions.

Monday, May 25, 2009

This One is in Honor of Obie...

Your 100 day evaluation from some Chicago homeboys.

Please watch the video:

Systematically Turning Law Abiding Citizens Into Victims

What does Alaska, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York have in common? Those states have all enacted laws to prevent their citizens from carrying the most effective defensive sprays to use in case they are attacked. Please take a look at this catalog for Sabre products, which is one of the better defensive sprays made and note this quote:

“State laws prohibit us from shipping this pepper spray model to AK, HI, MA, NJ or NY”

I am surprised the spray is not illegal in California, but I imagine that it is just a matter of time, given the people in charge who believe that they know best how “to keep you safe”, even though they have no real credentials in this area. I guess it could be cruel and inhuman to spray a violent attacker with this spray in order to stop them from harming or killing a law abiding tax paying citizen.

P.S. I am not sure why it is illegal in Alaska, and who made it illegal there, but Gun Shy is going to do some snooping around and find out if Sarah Palin realizes this.

This Car Says It All

This car should be named "The Spirit of American Freedom and Vigilance”, and let me explain why. Gun Shy often has discussions with a lot of veterans at gun ranges and various other places, and during the discussions, the topic always seems to end up being “What happened to our country”? This beach car is a roving billboard that boldly presents that question wherever it travels. It is painted in Stars and Strips, and the bumper sticker on the back poses the question “What happened to the country I fought for”? The vehicle was built by a former Army Ranger who served in Vietnam, and in Gun Shy’s opinion, this vehicle carries the message of the true price of freedom, as well as the need for vigilance which hopefully all will ponder. The message found on the front of the vehicle loudly proclaims “Land of the free, home of the brave”. (please click on photos to enlarge)

It is no secret to the readers that I do not approve of the current administration and the direction that it is trying to steer our nation in. I assure that it is nothing personal, and is purely constitutional in nature. I often wonder, if the founding fathers could witness some of the events that have transpired, if they would view them merely as poor judgment, or intentional acts of treason. I think it is time for all Americans to turn off their televisions, and spend some time brushing up on early American history and the biographies of the founding fathers, and decide the answer to this question for themselves.

God bless all of the American heroes that fell on foreign soil, those who returned, and those who are currently serving in a foreign land. Please pray for the Sons and Daughters of America who have chosen to serve our great nation by voluntarily putting themselves in harms way on a daily basis, that they will all return home safely, and remember…

Freedom isn’t Free.

In Memory of Those Who Served Honorably

My first and possibly only post of the day, is to honor all of the fallen who have sacrificed their lives in defense of our Constitution and the great nation that was founded upon it, as well as those who were wounded during combat. Gun Shy salutes you all.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

More From “The People Who Keep You Safe” (border patrol/DPS)

Beaten by The Department of "Public Safety" ironic.

From what I have gathered, this incident did not occur at a border crossing between the U.S. and another country, but at a checkpoint that was set up along the highway within the U.S. Please watch the videos below and decide for yourself. Once again, Gun Shy supports Law Enforcement when it is done within the guidelines set forth by the constitution.

Here is something I find disturbing:

Alex Jones is always a bit sensational in his reporting, but I must admit that he made some good points in this interview:

If you are interested in reading further and learning more about this situation and its outcome, here is the pastors family blog:

Some other articles that are relative:

I Couldn't Have Said it Better

Jeff waxes poetic on this one:

Idiot of the Day

For the record, I have plenty of gun buddies in California who do not share the view of the person that Jeff wrote about. There are many great Americans in California who believe in second amendment rights, but it seems they rarely get interviewed by the liberal California media. Be sure to read the responses to the writer of the silly article that Jeff commented on. I particularly enjoyed the comment from a reader named "Jarhead".(comment 10)

Did This Innocent Man Die Because of an Impotent Failed Judicial System?

Driver Killed During Pursuit Of Armed Suspect


A Haines City man was killed during a pursuit between Polk County deputies and an armed suspect. Deputies say Jesus Sandoval-Zapien, 49, was out looking for his son, who had not yet come home from a party, when he was hit head-on during the chase...

...Brinson has a lengthy criminal history, with warrants out for his arrest in Orange County for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, conveyance burglary, tampering with a witness, criminal mischief and petty theft. His license has also been suspended five times. In addition, Brinson has 27 prior felony charges and 22 prior misdemeanor charges. He has been convicted of one felony and four misdemeanors. He is facing charges of aggravated fleeing to elude, vehicular homicide, leaving the scene of a crash involving death, burglary of a structure and several others. He is being held without bond.

This is the exact situation that I was discussing in my earlier commentary, where the Orange County judicial system is pre-occupied with putting a man in jail for felony littering, while repeat violent offenders are loose on the streets killing innocent victims.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

More From "The People Who Keep You Safe" (rogue cop)

FHP Trooper Arrested For Trading Sex


PALM SPRINGS, Fla. -- Authorities say a former Florida Highway Patrol trooper followed a woman to her home, made her strip naked and then coerced her to have sex with him to avoid a traffic ticket.

It is no secret, that Gun Shy is pro law enforcement when it is done within the confines of the constitution. LE has a tough job, and with all of the budget cuts and rapidly rising crime, it is getting tougher by the moment. There are many “bad dogs” out there roaming the streets, and Americans should be thankful for the men and women who risk their lives daily to serve and protect. The man mentioned above violated the oath that he was sworn to uphold. Plain and simple, if he is found guilty, he needs to be made an example of for all to see, and should receive an even harsher sentence because he took advantage of the authority vested in him by the people. The good news, is that another petty tyrant using his position of authority funded by tax payers to perpetrate evil has been removed from the streets of America. Now they need to arrest and remove the politicians who are doing the same (raping) to America.

Friday, May 22, 2009

The "Where is the Birth Certificate" Movement

It seems to be picking up speed. They need to adapt the slogan "Just Show It".

Americans vote with wallets to see Obama birth certificate - $40K in 1st 4 days for 'truth and transparency' billboard campaign

The People Who Keep You "Safe"

I would like the readers to take the time, and read this three part summary of one persons personal experience with the TSA at airports. It is from Breda, who is a fellow gun blogger and firearms enthusiast:

Fun with TSA

TSA, pt. II

TSA, pt. III

And then read my commentary found here.

America and Marxism??

Snarkybytes has an interesting commentary about an article that appeared in the Russian newspaper PRAVDA. You can read the commentary here.

Anti Gun Restaurant Saved by a...GUN

Oh, the irony of it all.

Restaurant with anti-gun policy saved by a gun

Make sure you read it with a smirk on your face.

The Gun Grabbers Proved Themselves Wrong

too funny. :-)

Violence Policy Center proves that more guns means less violent crime, murder

A Funny Commentary... fellow gun blogger Robb Allen about Obama's former city of Chicago that he made "safe" from guns. In Obamanese, that translates as he made it impossible for law abiding citizens to be armed so that they could defend themselves, which then triggered the typical violent free for all for street thugs who do not obey the law.

Here is Robb's commentary, on Say Uncle's commentary, which may somehow be tied to another commentary about this article.

It should be noted, that Chicago has a gang members exchange program with Orlando.

Lots of Obama Chatter in the "Alternative Media"

Is Obama constitutionally eligible to serve? WND's complete archive of news reports on the issue

Grand juries cite Obama for ineligibility, treason - Hundreds of 'presentments' being handed to prosecutors

Obama eligibility lawyer cites dangers from delays - 'Every passing day impacts lives of Americans'

Gun Shy will openly admit that I have never really studied the issue, therefore I will hold my opinion on the topic, but will keep my eyes open. Gun Shy can not vouch for the validity of any of the statements made in the above linked articles, but I will admit that I found this one to be interesting:

Is Obama campaign cash quashing eligibility suits? - FEC shows more than $1 million paid to top law firm since election

Just Because You are Paranoid...

...It doesn't mean that the ba$tards aren't after you.

Take a look at this article:

'Killer Chip' tracks humans, releases poison - Saudi inventor applies for rights to GPS-linked lethal security device

The device would emit encrypted radio waves that would be picked up by satellites and "used to track fugitives from justice, terrorists, illegal immigrants, criminals, political opponents, defectors, domestic help, and Saudi Arabians who don't return home from pilgrimages," Sweden's The Local reported.

The application included a request to patent a model B of the device that could release poison to "eliminate" the individual if he or she became a security risk.

Are Our Prisons a Breeding Ground for Terrorists?

Please read this commentary.

A Little Commentary on Our Border Problems From Texas Fred

The commentary can be found here.

Men Assault Flight Crew At OIA

First question...where were the U.S. air marshals? None are mentioned in the article.

Man Assaults Flight Crew At OIA


Fontanez-Mercado then turned violent and assaulted the flight crew, police said. Luis Rodriguez, who was traveling with Fontanez-Mercado, also turned violent. He was accused of hitting a flight attendant in the face. Both Fontanez-Mercado and Rodriguez had to be physically restrained, authorities said. The flight attendants suffered numerous bruises, bite wounds and lacerations.

It appears that the people who keep you safe were not on duty for that incident, which is why Gun Shy likes to remind the readers that your personal protection begins with you. There is no guarantee that "the people who keep you safe" will always be there, because as departments get budget cuts and layoff people, they do not have enough officers to be everywhere. Learn to protect yourself, and these skills may also be used to protect one of your fellow law abiding Americans against a violent attack.

How Do You Lower the Violence in a Corrupt Nation?

53 Inmates Walk Out Of Prison On Video


MEXICO CITY -- Security camera footage shows that guards at a Mexican prison nonchalantly stood by as 53 dangerous inmates walked out -- and didn't rush into action with their guns drawn until well after their convoy of escape vehicles had disappeared into the inky night.

This news report should be a wake up call to the current administration as to why their is so much violence and murder in Mexico. It is not because of the massive flow of guns going across the border from the U.S. as they have continuously and errantly accused. It is because the country of Mexico is eaten up with corruption as evidenced by this incident, which is one of many such incidents that have occurred in that country. This begs the question, why should Americans be forced to give up constitutional rights in a futile attempt to make this corrupt sold out nation safe?

Let it be a matter of record that Gun Shy appreciates the hard working legal Mexican immigrants that come to America. Those who come here for a better life, who work hard and raise their families to be good Americans as well as law abiding citizens are an asset to our great nation, and are some of the hardest working people I have seen in my travels throughout the U.S.

It is about time that we faced the facts, and realize that the real danger is the drugs that flow from Mexico to the U.S., and put pressure on the talking heads in Washington to address the real and evident problems, and then let it be known who are the corrupt Americans that are benefiting from the illegal drug trade that comes across our borders and is destroying our nation. The citizens of America might be surprised.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Women's Firearm Blog Discusses Janet N and DHS Memo

Take a look at this.

The Absurdity of the Orange County Judicial System

"Junk Man" Out Of Jail, Promises New Sculptures

While repeat violent offenders with a lengthy history of felony convictions roam the streets of Orange County selling drugs, assaulting, raping, and killing innocent law abiding citizens, the local Judicial system is busy putting this man in prison for what they have determined is littering. The saddest thing, is that the media doesn’t even ask the simple logical questions, and make the comparison that I just presented above, not to mention that they are cutting Police officers because of lack of funds while they are warehousing this non violent protester which costs the citizens of the county more than the pay of a few officers. It appears that the ego of some judge has been bruised by this man, and there needs to be a new investigation into what the hell is going on in this county. Orange county Florida is like living in a surreal fantasy land of illogical insanity.

I Wonder if Janet N Has Gotten Her Layoff Slip Yet?

Panel votes for probe of 'extremist' report

Democrats joined Republicans on a key House panel Tuesday in voting for a formal inquiry into the development and distribution of a contentious Homeland Security Department report that described military veterans as possible recruits for extremists.

In a rare bipartisan move, the House Homeland Security Committee unanimously approved a resolution of inquiry that calls for Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to turn over all documents used to draft the report "Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment."

Maybe her and Janet Reno can open a flower shop together or something. Speaking of Janet Reno, I found this to be interesting.


On April 17, 2009, Reno was awarded the Justice Award by the American Judicature Society.[20] Eric Holder, Jr, Attorney General under the Obama Administration, presented Reno the award. Seth Andersen, Executive Vice President of AJS said the award recognizes “her commitment to improving our systems of justice and educating Americans about our great common enterprise -- to ensure equality under the law.”[21] The award is the highest given by the AJS, and recognizes significant contributions toward improvements in the administration of justice within the United States.

Maybe someone should explain the terms "to ensure equality under the law" and "significant contributions toward improvements in the administration of justice within the United States" to the survivors, as well as to the parents and siblings of those who perished in the Waco incident. You can read Janet Reno's bio here.

Well it’s official…

Gun Shy has finally made the class of ’09, in the “Possible” Right Wing Extremists Academy. Go to this website that is linking to one of my commentaries and notice the yellow flag in the top left corner of the page.

The notice all of the gun bloggers and possible right wing extremists and alternative media sites that they are linking to.

Oh…the shame of it all…

Who's Afraid of an Empty Suit?

Mr Obama wants to try the "friendly" approach with Iran. Anyone who knows anything about Islamic culture, realizes that they despise weakness and respect strength. The first rule of order, is NEVER negotiate with terrorists. Do you remember how long Iran held our people hostage in the 1980's while Jimmy Carter was acting president? When did they let them go? When they realized that a new guy (Reagan) would be coming into office that would turn their land into a parking lot. The spineless liberal media also made fun of Ross Perot, but he got his people out that were being held hostage by the Iranian regime, and spent a lot of cash to do it by assembling a team of private soldiers. Below is an excerpt about that mission from this article:

COL Simons retired from the Army on 31 July 1971, and moved with his wife to a small farm in Red Bay, Florida, engaging in livestock farming and doing amateur gunsmithing on the side. In late 1978, Simons was contacted by Texas businessman Ross Perot, who requested his direction and leadership to help free two employees of Electronic Data Systems that were arrested shortly before the Iranian Revolution. Simons organized a rescue mission and ultimately freed the two men from the Iranian prison. All involved returned safely to the United States. Three months later, while on vacation in Vail, Colorado, COL Simons died of heart complications at the age of 60. He is buried in the Barrancas National Cemetery in Pensacola, Florida.

Ross Perot and others founded a scholarship initiative for the children of the casualties from the Iranian hostage rescue attempt, and named the fund in honor of COL Simons' memory.

COL Simons' great contributions to the Army and the Special Forces community are honored with a life-size statue that stands in front of the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School (USAJFKSWCS) on Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. He was also inducted into the Ranger Hall of Fame.

The John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School presents an annual award called the "'Bull' Simons Award" to an outstanding special forces operator.

Now watch this, and see if the video rings true to you:

More Writing on the Wall in "Obamanese"

In the last few weeks I have coined some new phrases such as Obamanomics and Obamanese. I would like to explain Obamanese to the readers. Obamanese is the double speak that Mr Obama uses to try to mesmerize Americans into believing that he has our best interest in mind when it comes to gun rights. Obamanese is a language that is comprised by combining two languages which are lawyer speak and politician babble. An example of this is Mr Obama saying that he is for second amendment rights, when he is clearly against personal gun ownership and the right to self defense by law abiding citizens. When Gun Shy hears Obamanese, it sounds a lot like this once it passes through my built in All American pro-constitutional filters. It is probably more easily understood and comprehended by socialists, communists, and New York and California liberals, who are willing to sell away their heritage and constituional rights for the promise of safety bowl of porridge. Now, take a look at this article to get the crux of the matter:

Obama May Grab for Guns


The above article is from alternative media, which could indicate that you may be considered a right wing extremist if you frequent these sources for information.

Gun Shy feels a song coming on:

I think I'm hearing O-ba-ma-nese I think I hearing O-ba-ma-nese I really think so...

The Enemy Within

FBI Foils Plot To Bomb NYC Temple; 4 Men Charged

"This latest attempt to attack our freedoms shows that the homeland security threats against New York City are sadly all too real and underscores why we must remain vigilant in our efforts to prevent terrorism," New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in a statement. The mayor is expected to appear at Riverdale Jewish Center morning services with Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

Mr Bloomberg is correct that there are homegrown threats to the security of America. Sadly, his solution as well as Charles Schumer, is to use the threat of terrorism to disarm law abiding citizens. Please read this report, as well as this one.

Here is a blurb about Charles Schumer:

While serving in the House of Representatives, Schumer authored the Assault Weapons Ban in 1994 with California Senator Dianne Feinstein, which expired in 2004. The National Rifle Association and other gun groups (see gun politics) have criticized him for allegedly not knowing much about guns, pointing to various errors regarding the subject. Supporters of gun control legislation, however, give him much of the credit for passage of both the Assault Weapons Ban and the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act despite intense lobbying from opponents. The Assault Weapons Ban, which banned semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, and handguns possessing certain cosmetic features, expired in September 2004 despite attempts by Schumer to extend it. He was one of 16 Senators to vote against the Vitter Amendment, which prohibited funding for the confiscation of legally owned firearms during a disaster.

The complete article can be found here.

It should be noted, that Israel's solution to terrorism, is to allow ALL law abiding citizens to be armed, which makes them a nation of citizen soldiers. If a terrorist wants to attack a place of worship in Israel, they had better be ready for a gun fight, as clearly evidenced by the following photos.

The same holds true, if a terrorist decides to attack Israelis on the street, because many of the law abiding citizens are armed as this video demonstrates.

The video has graphic violence.

There was another attack on a place of religious learning in Israel, where armed students also fought back.

The gunman was shot twice by a student at the yeshiva who crawled out onto an adjacent roof...

It appears that the Jewish people in Israel are armed and ready to fight anyone who attacks them, while Bloomberg, Schumer, and Feinstein (all American born Jews) seek to disarm law abiding Americans. Here is another incident that happened on U.S. soil recently.

Police: Seattle shooting suspect ambushed teen - Muslim man held on $50 million bail after deadly attack on Jewish center

For an Israeli perspective on homeland security and personal self defense, I would suggest that you read fellow gun blogger Double Tapper's blog from Israel, to get the opinions of a tough Jew who knows what it takes to survive when surrounded by enemies who seek your destruction. The Jews in Israel (a nation built by holocaust survivors) clearly remember what happened to six million unarmed Jews at the hands of the nazis, and have taken steps to insure that it will never happen again.

Be sure to read these other commentaries about guns and Israeli's approach on personal defense from Double Tappers blog:

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's Official...You Can Take Your Firearms Camping in National Parks

House votes to allow guns in national parks

Now for the serious stuff. One never knows when they might need a weapon, especially when they accidently run across all of the illegal alien marijuana growers cultivating their cash crop in our national forests, who are armed with "assault" rifles. Here is a quote from an article:

Illegal immigrants connected to Mexico's drug cartels are growing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of marijuana in the heart of one of America's national treasures, authorities say. It's a booming business that, federal officials say, feeds Mexico's most violent drug traffickers...

..."This is about serious criminal organizations," Walters said. "They're willing to kill anybody who gets in their way. They're taking money back to those who kill prosecutors, judges and law enforcement."

Take a look at this article, as well as this and this.

Maybe He Should Work on Controlling His Own "Gun"

Read this and shake your head:

Anti-Gun Former Governor at it Again

Maybe Mr Spitzer should work on his own self discipline, instead of worrying about what firearms law abiding citizens should be "allowed" to own.

Support for Gun Control in America is Going Downhill Fast

Polls Show Fading Support for Gun Control

It is not good timing to try and disarm law abiding citizens when crime is clearly on a rapid rise.

Gunbloggers Contributing to a Better America

Affirmation of the Gun Bloggers


If you want to find out what's going on in the world of firearms and Second Amendment rights, and get a dose of attitude along with it, just tap into the stream of commentary coming from the gun bloggers. They are out there heating up the blogosphere with fact, opinion, political rants and product raves. Any gun blogger would tell you this is old news, but it seems "mainstream media" is just catching on to this online phenomenon...

...While nobody is saying that the readership of gun bloggers rivals mainstream media, it is growing and, as the story points out, the bloggers' rise is coinciding with the change of opinion among Americans who now favor less gun control...

What Happens When “The People Who Keep You Safe” No Longer Can?

Take a look at this article.


California residents have long assumed that they could successfully transfer responsibility for their safety to the professionals in law enforcement and criminal justice. But the state’s economic downturn has led to drastic drop in property and sales tax revenues, and now municipalities are being forced to cut public safety budgets to the point that Californians must confront a harsh reality.

A recent article noted how fiscal issues required Contra Costa County to cut back on both Sheriff’s services and in the prosecutor’s office. Fortunately, last-minute negotiations, along with a voluntary pay cut by District Attorney Robert Kochly, averted the proposed policy of not prosecuting certain misdemeanors. However, there is only enough funding to continue prosecutions for another four months. Nor was there any eleventh-hour miracle for the Sheriff’s Office.

With the tightening of funds due to America’s financial crisis, many Police Departments are cutting back on officers to try and get their budgets in line. In some areas of the country, this has been a catalyst for rising firearms sales.

We have experienced this here in Orlando recently as well. I am here once again to remind the readers, that your personal protection begins with you.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

NEWSFLASH! 90% of All The False Information About Guns Being Smuggled Into Mexico Originates From Gun Grabbers

Increased Border Patrol checks fail to provide evidence of gun smuggling


Evidence resulting from the recent surge in U.S. border patrol inspections contradicts government allegations that Mexican drug cartels are arming themselves with American firearms.

Fellow Examiner Dave Workman examined how U.S. government representatives have been spreading the myth that 90% of all the guns obtained by Mexico’s drug lords come from the United States. Another article examined the disconnect between these claims and a Los Angeles Times report that drug cartels are buying military weaponry on the international arms market and smuggling them in from Central American countries or by sea.

Now, the Associated Press reports that in the first seven weeks of increased Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) activity at U.S./Mexico border, inspectors found few guns:

According to CBP, between March 12 and April 30 officers seized:

—Fifty-one pieces of ammunition, weapons parts and guns, a minuscule fraction of the 2,000 weapons the Mexican government estimates are smuggled south every day.

That’s not even 51 guns: They could count one round of ammunition as one of their “51 pieces.”

When will they stop parroting their errant 90% myth?

Howard Nemerov Exposes Paid Anti Gun Lobby Writers

Take a look at this.


Josh Sugarmann, Executive Director of the Violence Policy Center (VPC), is worried about this trend. In the Monitor article, Sugarmann stated:

“If you compare the pro-gun activity in the blogosphere versus the pro-gun-control activity, the scales have just tipped tremendously in their favor,” says Josh Sugarmann, founder of the Violence Policy Center in Washington, which advocates for more gun control in the US. “There’s much more engagement, more involvement, and they clearly have more free time than people on our side of the issue do.” It’s curious that Sugarmann forgot to mention that he has nothing but “free time,” except that his time is paid for quite handsomely by the Joyce Foundation: In 2007, he made $132,894 in salary plus another $3,987 in benefits. Perhaps he worries about what would happen if a bunch of wealthy Liberty-lovers got together–a la Joyce Foundation–and paid pro-rights writers $136,881 per year.

While Sugarmann disparages what he considers amateurs with too much free time, the Christian Science Monitor notes: “the pro-gun forces are, for now at least, winning the battle for hearts and minds, even gun control advocates concede.”

The Happiest Armed Robbery Place on Earth

Crying Woman Tricks Tourists Into Opening Motel Door


It was the second time in just a week that tourists have been the target of a violent robbery on I-Drive. Last Wednesday, two tourists in their 60s were beaten, tied up with duct tape and robbed after answering a knock at the door of their room at the Quality Inn.

There have been thirty robberies on I-Drive so far this year.

The 'Less Legal Firearms Equal Greater Crime' Statistics Are In

I hope Teddy and Company are proud:

It's about control

Just read this commentary and you will see what I mean. It is so sad that the state know for "the shot heard round the world" has systematically disarmed it's law abiding citizens.

Here is a quote:

If the intent of the Gun Control Act of 1998 was to discourage the sport of hunting and competitive target shooting and to disarm Massachusetts citizens, it must be considered a howling success. In 10 years since its passage, the number of licensed gun owners has decreased from 1,500,000 to 220,000, an 85 percent drop, according to figures provided by the by the House Post Audit and Oversight Committee. Well done!

If the intent was to reduce crime, then that law must be considered a miserable failure. Based on incidents per 100,000, gun-related homicides are up 68 percent, assault related gun injuries up 72 percent, assault related hospital discharges up 160 percent, gun assault Emergency Dept visits up 222 percent and gun assault outpatient observations up 538 percent. Keep in mind that these increases occurred when there were 1,280,000 fewer licensed gun owners in the state.

"Bob" Has Strong "feelings" About Nancy Pelosi...

...and so do many other Americans.

Please watch this video to get "Bob's" perspective.

Some more of Bob's commentaries on Ms Pelosi can be found here and here.

Sarah Palin is an Uppity Woman...

...Gun Shy kinda likes that. Watch this.

"Bob" has an opinion about Sarah Palin.

Empty Promises From an Empty Suit

Please watch this. simple you can explain it with a hand full of "change"

Please watch this.

Might as well watch this while you are viewing. Maybe you should watch this and this as well, just to be sure.

Crist urged to veto budget raid on state's gun funds

You are probably asking yourself why you haven't heard about this anywhere in the Central Florida media (except on my blog). Call me paranoid, but it appears that the anti gun media is trying to ignore this one with a conspiracy of silence. I would appreciate it if the readers would contact their local papers here in Central Florida, and ask them why it isn't news, when someone steals funds from taxpayers and gun owners that are specifically earmarked for firearms licensing.

Here is the article from a West Coast newspaper.

Hat Tip to Steve-o

Crime Increasing in Clermont Florida

It appears that the criminal sludge from Orlando is spiling over into Clermont now:

Deputies: Gunman Pistol-Whipped Clerk - Lake Co. Sheriff's Office Searches For 2 Attempted Robbers

When the clerk's refused the men's request, one of the men pistol-whipped and then tried to shoot one of the clerks, the sheriff's office said. The gun did not discharge and the man was seen putting a bullet in the gun and trying to shoot the gun again, but was not successful, the sheriff's office said.

Watch the video here.

Well, "the people who keep you safe", were obviously not available for this incident. The fact that the pistol misfired not once, but twice, was the only thing that kept the clerk safe. It is too bad that someone was not in the store carrying concealed to give these thugs an instant attitude adjustment, because they now will find another innocent victim to harm in the future. When law abiding citizens are unarmed, all they can do is flee evil, instead of confronting it head on like is needed.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Christian Science Monitor Discusses Gun Bloggers

...but they didn't publish my comment at the bottom, but just to show I am a good sport, you can find the article here.

A Funny Commentary From an "Alternative" Media Source


When I recently compared Obama’s spending spree to that of a drunken sailor, a few readers, including Larry Reznick, took umbrage, pointing out that the sailor is spending his own money, not ours. So I am taking this opportunity to offer my sincere apologies to drunken sailors everywhere.

You can read the complete commentary here.

Here is a more serious commentary.

One of the Good Things About Orlando

You are all aware how I feel about the mess that Orlando is rapidly becoming, but I just realized that this organization has an office here in O-Town.

If you are reading this blog on a regular basis, then you might want to go over to this page on their website and become an official card carrier.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Disturbing News From the Obama Camp

Legal Advisor Nominee Advocates Global Gun Control


Last week, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a hearing on the nomination of Harold Koh, a former Dean of the Yale Law School, to be Legal Advisor to the State Department. One of the many concerns with Koh is his belief that international organizations should be empowered to regulate the Second Amendment right to own a firearm....

...On April 2, 2002, Koh gave a speech to the Fordham University School of Law titled “A World Drowning in Guns” where he mapped out his vision of global gun control...

...Koh advocated a U.N.-governed regime to force the U.S. “to submit information about their small arms production...”

...Koh supports the idea that the U.N. should be granted the power “to standardize national laws and procedures with member states of regional organizations...”

...This regulatory regime would allow U.N. members such as Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea and Iran to have a say in what type of gun regulations are imposed on American citizens.

Read enough yet? Well, it appears that this administrations cards are squarely on the table if this information is correct. If you want to learn more about Mr Koh, I would advise that you go read his speech about global gun control found here.

Hey Gun Shy…Why So Many “Right Wing Extremist” Commentaries?

The readers may have noticed my flurry of commentaries about Americans being labeled as “right wing extremists”. Yes, I was having some fun with the goofy report issued by DHS and Janet Napolitano, as well as the report issued by the Missouri Information Analysis Center that had been compiled with the assistance of DHS. Why you may ask? Because as Ricky Ricardo used to say on the “I Love Lucy” show, “It is jusssst soooo ridulous”.

Let’s recap what to look for in a potential “right wing extremist” according to a report issued by the Missouri Information Analysis Center that linked conservative groups to domestic terrorism. This report had been compiled with the assistance of DHS:

quote from an article discussing the memo:

"Police were instructed to look for Americans who were concerned about unemployment, taxes, illegal immigration, gangs, border security, abortion, high costs of living, gun restrictions, FEMA, the IRS, The Federal Reserve, and the North American Union/SPP/North American Community. The 'Missouri Documents' also said potential domestic terrorists might like gun shows, short wave radios, combat movies, movies with white male heroes, Tom Clancey Novels, and Presidential Candidates Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and Chuck Baldwin!" ALIPAC wrote. It said the report cited the Southern Poverty Law Center as a resource.

You have to be kidding me , right? Let’s take a sample of some of the “indicators” in the memo, and ponder how many average hard working law abiding Americans might be concerned about these topics:

unemployment, taxes, illegal immigration, gangs, border security, high costs of living.

And THAT is why I have been having a field day with this topic.

Any readers interested in becoming a card carrying “right wing extremist” can apply here.

You can read more about it here

Since Gun Shy just linked to two "alternative media sources" (also on the watch list) I guess that makes me an extremist now as well. See how easy it is!

Here is a bonus alternative media sight, just to secure my newly acquired status.

It May Be Time to Review Firearms Training Proceedures

Polk Co. Deputies Fire 24 Shots At Armed Man - Polk County deputies shot and killed an armed man Thursday night.

…When deputies arrived, Sutton was holding a .22-caliber gun and pointed it at the deputies….

…The deputies ordered him to drop his weapon, but said he refused to do so. Three deputies fired a total of 24 shots at Sutton, with 10 hitting him. He died at a hospital.

I am not trying to second guess the officers that responded, but with a shooting average of less than 50%, it may be time to review firearms training and qualification procedures for the department.

Mike Chitwood Enlists Science to Fight Daytona Crime

Citizens Join Police To Fight Crime - Meetings Held To Track Problem Areas

Not only does the often outspoken Mike Chitwood have the guts to take crime head on, but it also appears he has the intelligence. Read the article and look at the science behind a new approach that Chief Chitwood has enlisted to smackdown crime in Daytona Beach.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Obie and His Peeps Must Really Hate Guns

From the More of the One World Pseudo Socialist Agenda File.

So much for sovereignty...

A Glimpse Into the Future of America if…

Mr Obama keeps up with his own personal brand of “voodoo economics”.

Watch this recap of the last 6 years of California’s tragic financial history.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Gun Bigotry in Ol' New York

This politician's husband, who was a law abiding citizen ended up being a victim when he didn't have a weapon to defend himself and his son, so the solution is to now disarm law abiding citizens so they can be victims as well. To me that is flawed logic.

Watch this and you will realize why I don't love New York:

The watch this to see how informed she is on the finer points of guns and gun control:

Why Sarah Palin Doesn't Care if She Can "See Russia From Her House"..

Okay, so the media misquoted her and then everyone repeated it. Anyhow, here is why she wouldn't:

Gun Shy Sees a Trend Developing in America

watch this video and see what I mean. The harder the goverment pushes to regulate the firearms of law abiding Americans, the more movements we are seeing appear. Check out this site for more information. For maps of open carry sates go here.

Here are some other video blurbs.

There is also some controversy:

Women and Weapons...An Excellent Combination That Makes Sense

Kellene Bishop has an excellent article on the subject found here.

While you are there, you should read this one as well.

This Guy Defines What "Right Wing Extremism" Looks Like...

...just like the founding fathers did as well.

watch this

I guess they will need to add a line item in the administrations new budget to re-write all of the history books so that the people don't get any of these crazy ideas in their head anymore.

You Might Be a "Potential" Right Wing Extremist if...


The 'Missouri Documents,' as they came to be called, listed over 32 characteristics police should watch for as signs or links to domestic terrorists, which could threaten police officers, court officials, and infrastructure targets.

"Police were instructed to look for Americans who were concerned about unemployment, taxes, illegal immigration, gangs, border security, abortion, high costs of living, gun restrictions, FEMA, the IRS, The Federal Reserve, and the North American Union/SPP/North American Community. The 'Missouri Documents' also said potential domestic terrorists might like gun shows, short wave radios, combat movies, movies with white male heroes, Tom Clancey Novels, and Presidential Candidates Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and Chuck Baldwin!" ALIPAC wrote. It said the report cited the Southern Poverty Law Center as a resource.

Read the article.

And then read this as well.

No Firearms For You - Bad "suspected" Possible Right Wing Extremist

Next step? No guns allowed for right-wing 'extremists' Bill empowers attorney general to forbid firearms for those 'suspected dangerous'

There are days when you have to wonder if the inmates are running the asylum.

Arizona: Governor Vetoes Pro-Gun Bills

More news from the systematic attempt to disarm America file:

On May 27th, Governor Janet Napolitano vetoed NRA-supported House Bill 2629, which would have allowed the defensive display of a firearm, sponsored by State Representative Russell Pearce. The Governor also vetoed Senate Bill 1106, sponsored by State Senator Chuck Gray, which would have created a lifetime concealed carry license for Arizona residents.

Read the complete document here.

Many of the readers are familiar with Janet Napolitano's recent embarrassing incident with her DHS memo broad brushing American veterans as possible candidates for becoming right wing extremists. If you read her bio, you will find that she is a transplant to the state of Arizona, and not a native of that free state.

Here is a link to a site that is very critical of her policies, but houses links to many other mainstream media articles about her.

There Are Honorable Americans in Every State (even the ones whose state government is a mess)

Read this and you will see what I mean.

Here is a quote:

Massa did more than talk about the importance of being an informed citizen. He demonstrated it. After a question about gun control, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a copy of the U.S. Constitution. "This is the owners' manual for Congress," he said, flipping to the section containing the amendments and reading the second amendment, the one that establishes the right to have a militia and to bear arms. "I will not, have not and won't vote for any new gun control regulations," he said. "We have not begun to enforce the laws we have."

New York tends to attract petty tyrants from all over the U.S. that eventually end up in the state government, so it is refreshing to see a man such as this who is on the side of truth and upholds what is clearly written in the constitution. If my memory serves me correctly, Ms Clinton moved there and served in the New York political machine before her jump back to the white house.

Criminals Should Learn That New Smyrna Beach Isn't a Good Place to Try and Operate

NSB Police take a few more of the streets:

Two arrested for counterfeiting

New Smyrna Beach Police officers arrested two men accused to passing counterfeit money. The two were taken in custody after police were dispatched to a possible fraudulent purchase at a Winn Dixie located at 1835 SR 44...

...Officers located the car and performed a traffic stop. A search of the vehicle revealed over 37 counterfeit bills in $100 and $50 denominations. Also found in the vehicle were numerous receipts, indicating that the counterfeit money was passed at another retailer in New Smyrna Beach and possibly other locations throughout the Central Florida area.

This once again proves my point, that the criminal element is traveling into NSB from other areas to try and perpetrate their crimes. It appears that these two have learned what many others in the criminal community already know, that NSB has been declared a "thug free zone" by local Law Enforcement. Gun Shy once again salutes NSB Police for always putting forth their absolute best effort to keep New Smyrna Beach clean of criminal debris, which makes it one of the best little towns on the Central Coast of Florida. (and possibly the State)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

4 California Residents Filed A Lawsuit Challenging Ca Gun Law

This is what citizens need to start doing to protect their constitutional rights. California is rapidly going broke, so if they want to try and defend their asinine oppressive unconstitutional actions, let them pay for it in dollars. Maybe Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein will fund the states defense personally, since they all contributed to this mess.

Read about it here.

Just How Many Americans Purchased Firearms in April You Ask?

Read this, and then do a little dance...and be sure to send Mr Obama a thank you note for being an unwitting catalyst in the rapid re-arming of America .

What Can You Say About This Great American?

Army Soldier, 60, Is Oldest Killed In Iraq - Arizona Man Served In Vietnman, Re-Enlisted In 2007

A 60-year-old Vietnam War veteran killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq has become the oldest Army soldier to die in that conflict, the military said Thursday. Maj. Steven Hutchison, of Scottsdale, Ariz., served in Vietnam and wanted to re-enlist immediately after the 9/11 terror attacks, but his wife was against it, his brother said. Richard Hutchison told The Associated Press on Thursday that when she died, "a part of him died" so he signed up in July 2007 at age 59.

"He was very devoted to the service and to his country," Richard Hutchison said.

This man and his family deserve a special award in my opinion. In a world full of self serving mediocrity, this man went above and beyond the call of duty to serve honorably.

Two Different Standards (Nancy Pelosi)

Pelosi: CIA Misled Her On Waterboarding


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi bluntly accused the CIA on Thursday of misleading her and other lawmakers about its use of waterboarding during the Bush administration, escalating a controversy grown to include both political parties, the spy agency and the White House.

If these allegations are true, then Ms Pelosi should consider it an even trade. She blatantly misled ALL 300 million of the American people about "assault weapons" with the so called facts she presented, so she has no room to criticize anyone else’s honesty.

Orlando Officials Just Don't Get It

15 Orlando Police Officers To Be Laid Off

Orlando police officers thought they were safe from city layoffs. But 15 officers out of 700 on the force will soon be out of a job. That has some residents concerned about how the city will be able to fight crime. “It doesn't sound like that many but we need them,” said one resident...

That should make the tourists coming to Orlando feel safe.

...Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer's office says the layoffs announced are a result the economic crisis and voters who want lower property taxes. “More than half of our total budget is police and fire, the two largest departments had to participate in this in order to match our expenditures with our revenues, that's the challenge we have,” said Orlando Chief Administrative Officer Byron Brooks...

Gun Shy has a better idea. How about if the mayor takes a pay cut. And then after that, the people who raised the tolls while giving themselves way too much money as a salary. Maybe use some of the revenue from the increased tolls (to travel some of the worst roads I have seen) to pay for the salaries of the Police that they want to cut. I guess we need to face the fact that the Florida government is just plain corrupt. They even took money from the branch that issues concealed carry permits and transferred those funds to another branch that has nothing to do with firearms licensing. Now applicants get to wait four to six months instead of the original ninety days (maximum). You can read all about that here.