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What is a “Congressional” Medal of Honor Really Worth These Days?

First, here is an excerpt from wikipedia:

There are two distinct protocols for awarding the Medal of Honor. The first and most common is nomination by a service member in the chain of command, followed by approval at each level of command. The other method is nomination by a member of Congress (generally at the request of a constituent) and approval by a special act of Congress. In either case, the Medal of Honor is presented by the President on behalf of the Congress.

As I was driving in my car today I was pondering the very thought expressed in the title of this commentary. Let me say up front, that it is not the acts of the recipient that is in question. Those who have been awarded this medal are men of the highest courage, honor, and valor. What is in question is in the acts and true character of many of those in congress these days. How can something be truly honorable if those who bestow it are not? America needs to “clean house” and push for some new people in congress, and make it one that will once again be imbued with honor, or tell congress to keep their hands off that medal until they are clean.

For information of interest about congressional corruption, please read this.

Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On

Take a look at this and this.

Florida is Going the Way of California

California is in the drink financially, and next on the list is Florida. This is where the state will start to tax the citizens to death and raise tolls as a feeble attempt to turn it around. The bureaucrats have ruined this state in my opinion, and I see the same pattern occurring here as I saw when working in California. After being gone from Florida for ten years and returning, it is very disheartening. Florida citizens need to find out who voted to raise licensing fees and vote them out of office. Here is a little blurb about it found here:

Next Tuesday Floridians will be paying more for a driver’s license. Starting September 1st the price to renew a Florida license will go up from 20 to 48 bucks. Lawmakers voted to raise the fee to help fill a three billion dollars state budget hole. Governor Charlie Crist signed off on the deal. Crist cited semantics, saying at least it’s not a tax hike.

As usual, the news did not name the "lawmakers" who are responsible. So what happened to all of that Obama stimulus money we were promised?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

If You Remove it From the Internet is it Like You Never Said it?

Czar's 'communist manifesto' scrubbed from Net - Founded group with 'commitment to fundamental ideas of Marxism-Leninism'

Gun Shy Always Viewed Tom Cruise as a Lightweight New Age Hollywood Liberal

…then I saw this clip on the net from a movie where his character owns two thugs. (thugs take notice..this is how quickly your day can end permanently)

The person in the movie clip moved swiftly and precisely, so my first thought was that Mr Cruise must have had an expert in close quarter combat (hand gun applications) as a stunt double. As I pondered this more, I decided to do some research, and this is what I found.

It turns out that Tom Cruise trained hard for three months with some top operators (SAS) to learn the moves that he performed in the movie in real time.

So Tom….Guns Shy will now drop the light weight part the next time I speak of you…

Why Gun Shy Would Not Recommend a Tazer or a "Stun Gun"

In an earlier commentary, I stated this:

As an additional note, there are some who might also add a tazer or stun gun to the list as well (not this writer). Keep in mind, that the inexpensive devices are typically not effective and some what unreliable, so when it comes to defensive weaponry, spare no expense to get the right tool for the right application (threat level). Your life, and more importantly the lives of others may depend on it.

Now go to this page and watch the video of an incident that happened to an officer where he was nearly killed. The sound of something hitting against the steel pipes of the bridge is probably the officers head.

Israeli's Creating Future Weapons

While liberal American Jews are fighting against the posession of weaponry, Israeli Jews are busy developing the weapons of the future. Here is a link from my pal Double Tappers blog in Israel so the readers can get the latest scoop. Check out some of his other articles while you are over there.

Maybe Mr Obama Should Appoint a Homicide Czar

Many of the people who support Mr Obama are from New York. Last year, there was an article in the New York Daily News which presented statistics for murder according to race. You can read the article found here:

Blacks, Latinos lead crime stats - NYPD

It might behoove Mr Obama to set up a czar and a panel to intervene, because if he doesn’t, the minorities in the city are on a path of self destruction statistically speaking.

You can get a cross section of the crime here in Orlando by going here.

Americans Need to Hear This Motivational Speech...

...from an eleven year old.

Now watch this.

Hat tip to Gun Slinger

Are the Unions Bussing People in From Out of Town to Create an Illusion of Local Support for Obamacare?

Watch the video and take note of these statements:

“Today hundreds of people came from across the state TO Orlando to rally about health care reform”

How did they come there? Did they drive their own cars? They didn’t need to, because a bus was provided for them. Who provided the buses? You will find this out at the end of the video.

”Kenneth Motin talked to residents who want to see something done now”

Are these Orlando residents? Well, not exactly all of them. Some were bussed in from somewhere else…like Miami-Dade, which is 4 hours away or West Palm or Broward (about the same) Tallahasee (4 hours) ...or Jacksonville (3 hours)... or Tampa-St Pete (2 hours). I noticed that the first person interviewed that was labeled as an Orlando resident had a New York City accent. I was curious who this Mr Barry Tillis was, so I did a quick search and found this. If this is the same Barry Tillis, then he is the vice president of the local IATSE Union and you will see his name in the top left column of the page. It is a theatrical union, which I guess is appropriate. There is a Barry Tillis listed as a contributor to the Obama campaign also found here, who is involved with the IATSE Union. Maybe this is just a coincidence. Why didn't "Kenneth" ask the supporters where they were from on camera, or ask them if they were affiliated with the unions? What happened to Who, What, When, Why, Where? Last time I checked, the unions had a great health plan, so I am not sure where their concern is coming from.

“Hundreds came by the busload to pack the Orlando Down Town city complex on Livingston street, and they traveled from different parts of the state to rally for president Obama’s plan to change the health care system

Did you notice all of the nicely printed professional signs stating “Health Care Reform Now”? I didn't see one hand drawn sign in the crowd. Here is the part you have all been waiting for:

“Some community groups and UNIONS operating under the name Health Care America organized that rally.”

Let me translate the term “organized” for the readers. The union possibly took members who are out of work, and put them on a bus paid for by the union and sent them to Orlando to create a “theatre” illusion for the media of local citizens showing up of their own volition to support Mr Obama's health care plan. I assume they also bought them lunch and may have even given them expense money for the day. This of course, is only my speculation.

Can a leopard change it's spots? Thus far, this has been the support that Mr Obama has presented to the media, and they are lapping it up. Did you catch this statement early in the video?

"But unlike recent protests, people came to support the effort to push through reforms"

"This gathering had a different feel. There was no angry shouting, or yelling at legislators"

Translated that means that the actors played their parts well.

It is time for Gun Shy to be very clear about my position. This is where I will get my yearly quotient of using the word suck in print. First of all, I do not care about the Democratic OR the Republican party, because they both suck. Second of all, I am not a fan of insurance companies and the practices of the medical business, because they suck as well. What Obama is trying to do SUCKS OUT LOUD, and is bad for America. The only reason why the unions are behind it, is due to the fact that the unions are pro Democrat because the Democrats spend a lot and there is work created for the unions through various government building projects. In other words, it is not passion because their members already have great health insurance, it is personal agenda. For the record, Gun Shy is not against the unions, and will admit that the unions have done a lot to advance a living wage for work performed, but what we have here is an agenda where truth becomes the victim, and as long as the unions keep promoting this charade, they are guilty by association. It should be noted that this writer laughed as Mr Grayson acted on camera like this was just a random get together of local residents that happened to wander into the building to show their support without his prior knowledge. There should be acting awards given out for all involved with that video including the "reporters". Of course, many of the local readers know that WFTV has had its own share of controversy in the past.

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Maybe They Should Start Holding the Town Hall Meetings at a Different Place...

other than schools, because they have "very different first amendment rights than anywhere else" according to the person on the tape.

Watch this and you will get the gist of it.

You can also read about it here.

Southern Poverty Law Center continues hate smear against Oath Keepers

Read all about it here.

Some Important Things for All Americans to Consider

This was sent to me by a reader:

The U.S. Post Service was established in 1775 - they've had 234 years to get it right; it is broke, and even though heavily subsidized, it can't compete with private sector FedEx and UPS services.

Social Security was established in 1935 - they've had 74 years to get it right; it is broke.

Fannie Mae was established in 1938 - they've had 71 years to get it right; it is broke. Freddie Mac was established in 1970 - they've had 39 years to get it right; it is broke. Together Fannie and Freddie have led the entire world into the worst economic collapse in 80 years.

The War on Poverty was started in 1964 - they've had 45 years to get it right; $1 trillion of our hard earned money is confiscated each year and transferred to "the poor"; it hasn't worked.

Medicare and Medicaid were established in 1965 - they've had 44 years to get it right; they are both broke. Now our government dares to mention them as models for all US health care.

AMTRAK was established in 1970 - they've had 39 years to get it right; last year they bailed it out as it continues to run at a loss!

This year, a trillion dollars was committed in the massive political payoff called the Stimulus Bill of 2009; it shows NO sign of working; it's been used to increase the size of governments across America, and raise government salaries while the rest of us suffer from economic hardships. It has yet to create a single new private sector job. Our national debt projections (approaching $10 trillion) have increased 400% in the last six months.

"Cash for Clunkers" was established in 2009 and went broke in 2009 - - after 80% of the cars purchased turned out to be produced by foreign companies, and dealers nationwide are buried under bureaucratic paperwork demanded by a government that is not yet paying them what was promised.

So with a perfect 100% failure rate and a record that proves that each and every "service" shoved down our throats by an over-reaching government turns into disaster, how could any informed American trust our government to run or even set policies for America's health care system - - 17% of our economy?

Maybe each of us has a personal responsibility to let others in on
this brilliant record before 2010, and then help remove from office
those who are voting to destroy capitalism and destroy our
grand children's future.

Hat Tip to Steve-o

Will the Real Ted Kennedy (not the media generated one) Please Stand Up?

The fellas over at Black Five have a few tidbits about the media spun fairy tales to share with the readers.

More "hope" Chicago Thug Style

Take a look at this article of interest.

A Look at True Patriotism Through the Lens of a Camera

This is a news photo from a surf camp that is held in Pismo Beach California every year. Combat veterans who are wounded in action come to this camp for a little R&R, but also to learn how to surf as part of their rehabilitation. When living in California, I was involved with this camp, and I will tell you that it gave me a sense of duty that words can not express. My father was a combat vet who was wounded in action, and worked through disability daily throughout his life, which gave this an even deeper meaning for me. I touched on this in some of my earlier commentaries found here and here. The above photo is of a young soldier whose wounds received in action led to the amputation of a limb. On his prosthetic you will notice the American flag flying in the breeze, a symbol of the freedom that all Americans enjoy daily because of the sacrifice of young men like these. My only regret, is that I couldn't get to California this year to be a part of this noble endeavor. To all of my brothers and sisters who made this event possible once again, and especially to the heroes who attended the camp, Gun Shy Salutes you.

Click here to see other photos of the camp.

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When the Pressure Becomes Too Great

If you have ever suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or have had a family member or friend who has, you may find this article to be of interest.

Glen Beck is Alive and Well

In an earlier post, I linked to some videos that exposed some of Mr Obama’s czars that ended up putting Glen Beck under attack. When Mr Obama was in the process of getting elected, gun sales soared and the re arming of America came about in a very short time span. It appears that Obama’s supporters attacking Glen Beck has had the same effect on his ratings. Take a look at this.

Some Great Advice on Hardware...

Tam spells it out for the nubies that are getting acclimated to firearms and hard core practice. You can read her commentary here,

Give This Young Man an Award

Read how this fine young Hispanic man defended his mother and baby sister when a thug robbed them at gunpoint

Son Beats Up Teen Who Robbed His Mom


ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- An accused robber's fate was written on his face. Detectives say he got cuts and a black eye after trying to rob an Orange County mother...

...Pabon, 18, was booked into the Orange County jail Wednesday with a swollen cheek and big black eye.


California Hasn’t Got Nothin on the “GunShine State”

CCW Permits Soar in CA


“The number of concealed weapons permits issued in San Bernardino County has skyrocketed, soaring seven fold from last year’s pace, according to San Bernardino County Sheriff’s data. For all of 2008, the Sheriff’s Department issued 646 concealed weapons permits. But in” the first half of this year, the department issued 2,358 permits — a 730 percent jump.

Now take a look at the raw numbers for Florida in my earlier commentary found here:

"We're still sitting on about 50,000 applications," Bronson said. "We're getting in about 14,000 or 15,000 a month, and whenever they get a good slug out, they're getting another 15,000 in." As of July 31, Florida had 607,977 concealed-weapon permit holders…

Keep in mind how huge the state of California is compared to Florida. Even though the statistics shown about California is only one county, if you multiplied that by all the counties in the state of California, I still think Florida would be in the running for top slot when it comes to CCW permits.

I Was Wondering the Same Thing...

Uncle Jimbo over at Black Five posed a few questions that inquiring minds such as myself would like to know the answer to. You can read about it here:

Pirates fire at Navy chopper

It appears that the Somali pirate's learning curve is not very good. One would have thought after the last time that they were engaged by a few SEAL snipers from the fan tail that they would have gotten the point. Who told the crew of the NAVY helo to stand down is my question. Could this be the new kindler gentler U.S. military courtesy of Mr Obama?

Honey…I am a Little Short of Cash for the Rides…

tell the kids to hold on and I will be right back. Click here for the rest of the story.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This Ain't Hell...

is the title of a blog which has articles of interest that I think the readers might enjoy. You can check it out here.

School Sends Girl With Anti-Islam Shirt Home

That is what the title of this article reads.

Gun Shy would never send a ten year old to school wearing that shirt, because it is a topic that should probably be addressed by adults. But one also has to evaluate if this is a move to create a chilling effect on free speech. The bottom line, is that this family is expressing what they believe according to the interpretation of their faith. Below are some more articles that address "the religion of peace" as some politicians have called it:

And we just had this incident locally:

Interpreting Obama Speak

watch this.

O'Donnel Needs to Shut Up and He Might Learn Something

watch this.

There is a New Movement in Motion

people are pushing back

watch this and this.

A Review of Obama's Success Thus Far...

...or "It's Gonna Be a Long Four Years"

Take a look at this recap.

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Reclaiming 2A Rights

Please read this:

He Had a Gun and Nothing Happened

Do a Little Dance...

Steven Crowder tells you why here.

Opportunity is Knockin..ANSWER THE FREAKIN DOOR!!!

"Bob" presents the latest installment of his always logical diatribe here.

Socialized Medicine is Really Great (wink wink nod nod)

Watch this.

Hat Tip to Gun Slinger

Open Carry "Israeli Style"

An article of interest from Mr. DT (Double Tapper) can be found here. While many liberal American Jews (many of them politicians) are constantly whining that we need more gun control here in America (especially NYC), the Israeli Jews know how to boogie in guntastic style. While you are over there, check out his many other articles.

Guns are Okay for "the chosen"

My sentiments exactly Gunny.

Well, it seems that another gun grabber has used a firearm to save his bacon. All I can say is "Thou Hypocrite". Take a look at this commentary that links to the article,

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Obamacare is Really Great (wink wink nod nod)

Now watch this.

And then watch this.

Get Up Offa That Birth Certificate...

...and Am-er-ica will feel better

Congressman eyes lawsuit over president's eligibility - Republican finds birth certificate sizzling topic at Arizona town hall

Semper Fi Spirit Invades the Political Ring

Take a look at this.

Why All the Focus on Swine Flu?

Take a look at this from Maine:

National Guard drill at high school to prepare for possible H1N1 riot


Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School will be the site of a National Guard riot control drill Thursday morning to prepare in the event of a panic over distribution of serum to treat the swine flu...

...During the April conference, concerns were raised about a possible out-of-control rush on the serum, Parker said. Because of that concern, Gov. John Baldacci and Gen. John Libby, adjutant general of the Maine National Guard, agreed that a plan should be devised to quell such a disturbance.

Some more kooky stuff for your konsideration.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Where the Republican Party is Headed..

actually, it is where both major parties are headed.

Republicans "Drive The Discussion" Of Party's Future


ORLANDO -- There's a general buzz of excitement in the air. Hundreds of Republicans are meeting to talk about the future of their party. The motto of Saturday’s event is "Drive the Discussion." Republicans hope to start figuring out what it means to be a Republican in this day and age.

Let me now use another article that demonstrates what it means to be a Republican politician these days:

Republican Party Cuts Up Credit Cards

ORLANDO -- The Republican Party of Florida is done with American Express.

Chairman Jim Greer on Saturday cut up the cards that were issued to party leaders, saying he's tired of reading news questioning the party's use of American Express. The latest news was made this week when a prosecutor released American Express statements that showed former House Speaker Ray Sansom racked up $173,000 in charges, including a family trip to Europe and other personal expenses

...He said he won't release the statements from the other cards that were issued to leaders.

The Republicans and the Democrats are nothing more than two crime gangs battling for the loot of the American people. It is time for a fresh start.


What does Mr Obama really believe? At one time America was told that Mr Obama was a Christian. Then we were told about his exposure to Islam. Then we later found out, that he was as a child raised in the Unitarian Church, which is not considered Christian by mainstream Christianity. Then we found out about the hateful reverend Wright, whose teachings Mr Obama sat under for twenty years.

It is starting to appear that Mr Obama has a blended religion that is really hard to define, but it is almost like a one world religion of sorts.

Pamela Geller posted a commentary over at her website that is interesting.

Not All Hollywood Stars are Left Leaning Liberals...

Take a look at this.

Why I Don’t Support PBS (public broadcast)

Because fear mongering babbling talking heads like the one mentioned in these articles work for them:

New York is Much More Sane and Moral Since They Banned Firearms

watch this and see.

Who Does Ca$h for Clunkers Really Benefit?

First of all, watch as the media talking heads parrot what was told to them by the government about this program.

When you watch the video link below and also here showing them destroying a fuel efficient Volvo engine, you will realize that their babbling about "gas guzzlers" was a bunch of obama speak to help sell this ridiculus program to the uninformed public by giving it a green sheen.

Instead of taking the cars traded in (many of them perfectly good vehicles) and giving them to single moms who can't afford a vehicle so that they get to work, or other less fortunate people who qualify, they instead put a chemical solution into the engines to make them seize up, and then crush them for scrap metal. Watch as these morons gleefully celebrate the destruction of a perfectly good Jeep Cherokee that I would have liked to have owned. Thus far, this administration has created nothing but destruction, and so now we should take the time to examine who really benefits from this folly of wanton waste in the end. Read this business report from a few years back and you might view this from a new perspective when you are finished.

What in the Hell Has Happened to Canada?

First watch this.

Canada used to be a great nation before socialism crept in. Now they have disarmed all Canadians, and demonized anyone who thinks to own a firearm. There are still a lot of great Canadians, but their liberal government, quite frankly....SUCKS.

Does This Make Sense to Anyone?

a reader sent this:

Let me get this straight...

We are going to pass a health care plan written by a committee whose head says he doesn't understand it, passed by a Congress that hasn't read it but exempts themselves from it, signed by a president that also hasn't read it, and who smokes, with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn't pay his taxes, overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, and Financed by a country that's nearly broke.

What possibly could go wrong?

Hat Tip to Steve-o

Interesting William Kostric Interview (New Hampshire "gunman")

Some stuff that the mainstream news didn't report, or reported incorrectly:

Part 1

Part 2

New Hampshire Liberty Advocate Dave Ridley discusses the talk show host who interviewed William Kostric.

Open carry is becoming rather commonplace in New Hampshire these days, due to liberty activists.

Gun Shy Salutes a Young Marine

One of Americas Finest recently demonstrated what Marines are made of. You can read about it here.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ca$h for Thumpers?

Watch this video.

Could this be the replacement for the failed Ca$h for Clunkers program? Maybe this is one of the latest "programs" that the hopey changey crowd has been waiting for. Bill Clinton would have probably endorsed this program.

When you think about it, it makes about as much sense as destroying a perfectly good vehicle that could have been donated to a worthy cause such as a single mom with no vehicle, while also enticing people to go further in debt in a bad economy.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Hypocrisy of "hope"

Felony Vandalism Charges Possible in Obama Joker Poster Case


A Florida teenager could find himself in a sticky situation as a state attorney prepares to review possible felony vandalism charges in connection to the posters depicting President Obama as the Joker, has learned.

Now take a look at this:

Moffitt said Montgomery scraped off the "very, very adhesive" substance used to hang the posters with a pen knife or putty knife, which removed the mailbox's blue paint. The mailbox then had to be primed and repainted, adding to labor costs, which totaled roughly $200. "It wasn't like a Post-It note where you could easily pull it off," Moffitt said. "Nothing's free anymore."

now this:

But it could have been a lot closer to free. An employee at Home Depot suggested a $6 bottle of Goo Gone would have done the trick. "It does take a little rubbing," the employee said.

And then this:

Maria Kayanan, associate legal director of Florida's American Civil Liberties Union chapter, said the case does not appear to be a First Amendment issue, citing the property damage. "If it was just a poster that didn't cause any destruction, that'd be an entirely different thing," she told

This is what the ACLU is all about. If it fits their agenda they represent it. If not, oh well. The post office employee took on a task he wasn’t qualified to do, so that is what created the need to repaint the mailbox.

If the State is going to push for prosecution of this teenager on felony vandalism charges, then they need to also mount an investigation and prosecute the Obama supporter who destroyed public property in New Smyrna Beach by stenciling an Obama “hope” image on the entrance way to the beach on Flagler Avenue. You can read about that and see pictures of the damage to public property in my earlier commentaries found here, here, and here.

The Birth Certificate Controversy Still Moving Forward

Tom Delay speaks his mind on the topic here.

Some Potentially Good News

Ex-ACORN Vegas director to testify against group


LAS VEGAS (AP) - A former Las Vegas director for a political advocacy group accused of illegally paying canvassers to register voters during last year's presidential campaign has pleaded guilty to a reduced charge and agreed to testify against the group and another employee.

Chief Deputy Nevada Attorney General Conrad Hafen said Wednesday that Christopher Edwards' plea deal strengthens a felony case against the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now and Amy Busefink, a former regional voter registration director for ACORN.

Department of What?

I have a hard time finding any justice in these actions:

Attorney: FBI trained NJ blogger to incite others

Another Piece to the Obama Joker Flyer Campaign..

It appears that it all started with alternative radio host Alex Jones. Here he is on a rant.

Some bonus video.

Double bonus video.

Triple bonus video.

Bonus video GRANDE!

Even liberal HollyWeird got in on it.

Gun Shy Breaks it Down for da Thugs

Court OKs Force Against Retreating Attackers

Let me translate this into Gun Shy speak for any thug who might have thoughts of breaking through the door armed and ready to do violence:

"You can't outrun the bullets from the weapon du jour, so it is best that you reconsider your foolish life ending scheme before you come through the door."

It's Not the Law Abiding Gun Owners That Are the Criminals in New Jersey..

It is the people who push for gun control it seems.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Bob" has a Solution for the Swine Flu Problem

watch this.

The “Fish House” is Now Closed for Business

First read this.

Good Americans like these put the heat on which helped to send a strong message to the watchers.

That’s Why We’re the "Gun Shine State"

Belleview Considering Gun-Carrying Resolution - Resolution Encourages Residents To Be Armed


BELLEVIEW, Fla. -- The city of Belleview is considering a plan that encourages homeowners to carry guns to protect their families. The resolution, written up by a resident, goes before the city commission Tuesday. It encourages everyone to own a firearm and get training on how to use it.

This might be the solution for cities that are forced to cut their law enforcement budgets. An armed society is a polite society.

Main Stream Media Experiencing PSH (pants $hi&ting hysteria) Twice in One Week

It seems like open carry is becoming a new trend in America. Read the article and watch the video.

It should be noted, that in all of the media's "assault rifle" hysteria, they forgot to report that the man also had a sidearm on his left side. Take a look at this pic as well as this one.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Still Waiting For the Outrage...

(click to enlarge)

I am still waiting for the public outrage and news reporters to start their media flurry discussing the vandalism created by Mr Obama's supporters, that can be found on public property in New Smyrna Beach. The stenciled image shown above of Mr Obama, was applied using permanent spray paint, and is still on the post that is part of the gateway to enter the beach on Flagler Avenue. Another budding artist figured if it was good enough for the prez, it was good enough for his artwork as well. It has been there since before the last election. If any of the readers see any of the mainstream media driving around in their vans, flag them down and tell them there is another story to report, instead of the "joker poster vandalism" story that they have been reporting for the last week, that I discussed in my earlier commentary.

A Good Article From a Feisty, No Nonsense, Redheaded Woman that Everyone Should Read

It is on Bridgit’s blog found here.

Second Amendment-a-polooza

Pax Parabellum is holding it on his website found here.

The Smoke and Mirrors of the Mainstream Media

While the mainstream media were focusing on William Kostric for carrying a pistol openly in New Hampshire which is legal, and errantly reporting that it was "registered" (you do not have to register a gun in New Hampshire like other gun anal states such as Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York) they were avoiding their responsibility to report about the thugs that were attacking those who were at the town hall meeting to protest against Mr Obama's health care plan. Watch this video footage as one of the thugs spits on a man who is with William Kostric. Dave Ridley posted some footage as well. It was reported that the thug attempted to kick the victim in the groin as well. I think there needs to be an investigation into who orchestrated the muscle to try and silence the protesters, and then see if AG Eric Holder does a better job prosecuting those people, than he did the New Black Panther Party thugs who were intimidating voters in Philadelphia at polling places during the elections. Petty tyrants are petty tyrants, and thugs are thugs, no matter what race, color, or creed.

More on the Open Carrry Incident at New Hampshire Town Hall Meeting

Click on the video links on the right side of the page for the news that the mainstream media failed to give you.

Ron Paul commented on it.

More here.

Some footage of a discussion between William Kostric and law enforcement.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

All the World is a Stage...

And it appears Mr Obama's people have been busing in "actors", some from out of state as they did in New Hampshire to support him at the town hall health care meetings. You can read more about this here. I reported on this a bit in this earlier commentary, but now instances of this are being uncovered all over the country. You can read about two other ones here and here.Maybe the transparency that Mr Obama was talking about during the elections, is the fact that many Americans, including some who voted for him and supported him initially can now see right through him.

More "Transparency" You Can Be Grieved In

When the prez said he wanted "transparency", I guess he meant in every aspect of your personal life, not government transparency. Read this:

Obama seeks to track visits to .gov websites

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Inside Story on the “Dangerous Maniac” Open Carry at New Hampshire Heath Care Meeting

Grainy low budget video of a personal interview... just the way I like it.

I love New Hampshire and many of the locals who live there. (not the liberal more government /less freedom imports from Massachusetts who have now infiltrated the state ) For the most part, New Hampshire is still a free state, but there are those who have come in from outside that are trying to change that a little at a time. If you want to know more about open carry in New Hampshire, you can get a lot of information from Dave Ridley’s website found here, and his youtube channel found here.

As a side note, if you would like to know how they “selected” participants for the New Hampshire Town Hall Healthcare meeting, watch this.

Alternative media echoed the fact that people were being hand picked for the meetings as well. Eyewitnesses in New Hampshire stated that supporters of Obamacare were bussed in from Massachusetts for the meeting.

This is how they have a little fun while giving a little lesson in New Hampshire personal defense logic.

Listen to this testimony about New Hampshire liberty.

The Truth About Obama Care

Read this and see what you think.

Here is Your Ransom

Egyptian fishermen escape from Somali pirates


The crews of two Egyptian fishing vessels have escaped from Somali pirates after overpowering their captors and killing two of them, an associate of the pirates said on Friday...

...An associate of the pirates told Reuters the Egyptians escaped on Thursday after seizing his colleagues' weapons. Two pirates were killed in a shoot-out, several were captured and one was rescued after being stabbed and thrown into the sea.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Yet More Change You Can Believe In

First watch this.

The egotist in chief had no problem with another fly over until it created public outcry.

Hat Tip to Steve-o

"You Know it Makes Me Want to Shout"

watch this

New Hampshire Health Meeting Gun "terror"

Stormbringer has an interesting commentary that the readers should check out here.

So You Think Your Pistol is a Bad Mammer Jammer?

Read this and watch the video.

More Obama Hypocrisy Busted by Alternative Media

Since the mainstream doesn't have the ethics to present all the news, other sources will.

This is the Radio Station You Must Listen to....comrades

get a load of this.

Watch pirate radio stations increase in numbers now.

Hypocrisy You Can Believe In

First watch this.
And then read this.

Now read my earlier commentary, and look at the picture that I posted. This "hope" image of Mr Obama, was spray painted on a street light pole which is public property using a stencil, and it is still there in downtown New Smyrna Beach just a block or so from the beach on Flagler Avenue. Because it is painted, you can not just scrape it off. There was no outrage, no work crews to remove it, and no media coverage for days on end. It has been there since before the election in November. These images appeared in other places as well. It appears to this writer, that there are more people drinking the Obama Kool-Aid than I had originally suspected.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

News That Makes Gun Shy Smile

read this.

Angry Unruly Mob Disrupts Health Care Meeting

I figured I might try some main stream media tactics in order to sensationalize the story and increase my readership. Now watch this video.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Some New Truth About the DHS "Rightwing Extremists" Report

You can view the new info on this blog.

Crazy Insane Muderous Gun Toting Protestor

Chris Matthews has a hard time sensationalizing this one. Mr Matthews clearly demonstrates his anti gun bias as he embarrasses himself publicly. The interviewee had his way with Mr Matthews. You can view my earlier commentary of the subject here.

Vandalism is in the Eye of the Beholder

(click on image to enlarge)

Here is an image that turned up on light poles around Florida months before the last presidential election. This particular one can be found by the beach in New Smyrna on lower Flagler Avenue. These images are painted on city street light poles with permanent spray paint using a stencil. No one complained about vandalism of public property. No one was shocked and outraged. There was no out cry in the media in print or electronic form, or news casters discussing it on the six o'clock news. This is another fine example of the hypocrisy and double standards of those who support this administration. I guess to them, this is just art work.

Now take a look at this, which only represents a small portion of the media attention that this recent Obama joker situation has created. To view an earlier commentary that I wrote click here.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Father of Handicapped Son Threatened by Obama's Thugs

Watch the video here.

Note to Nancy Pelosi and friends:

Denying constitutional rights of citizens is UN-AMERICAN

Why is This News?

Watch this video.

That’s one of the things I love about New Hampshire. It is a Free State that for the most part, recognizes the right to open carry a firearm. I know this will come as a shock to many of the gun grabbing liberals, but crime is extremely low in New Hampshire. If I were Mr Obama, I would be far more nervous about giving a speech in his hometown of Chicago which was supposedly made safe by the restrictive gun laws there which he supported, than I would about being in New Hampshire. There is one question that I would have liked to ask the reporter when he made this statement "I can't imagine that there aren't enough lawyers in New Hampshire that can't file some kind of emergency injunction, but I'll leave that to the lawyers on the ground". He said this in reference to removing the person carrying the handgun openly from the area. My question of course would have been what injunction can you file against the second amendment and the constitution?

As a side note, I always enjoy it when talking head reporters (spin doctors), who have absolutely no knowledge of weaponry or security, try to educate the American public about these things. What they failed to consider, is how many people in the crowd that were licensed to carry were armed with a concealed weapon. Next is ballistics. A hand gun will do very little against a limo with bullet resistant glass and panels in the doors. The undercarriage has also been reinforced with armor to with stand a blast. If this guy had drawn his pistol, he was probably surrounded by agents in plain clothes and would have been taken down instantly, and if not, a sniper may have shut him off like a switch, because he was possibly already in the cross hairs with a spotter watching his every move. Reality vs news room fantasy, and sensational fear mongering by those supporting gun control.

It Appears That Obama Joker Posters are Coast to Coast Now

Post Office Vandalized With Obama 'Joker' Posters


CLERMONT, Fla. -- A vocal and graphic Internet campaign attacking President Barack Obama just hit Central Florida and one of its first targets was a U.S. Post Office. Several Lake County residents called WFTV when they spotted the 'Joker' posters on stop signs and saw workers scraping them off the post office in Clermont. The postmaster told Eyewitness News he was deeply offended by what he saw, as were many residents who drop off mail at that location. He said he was getting so many calls he had to come out and scrape them off himself…

…"They've gone much too far. This is what I would call an extreme," he said. Montgomery says he has already contacted the Postal Inspector to look into it. He said defacing a Post Office is a federal offense.

And so is treason. Treason has a much more sever penalty however. I was driving through Clermont today, and saw some of the posters. They were at almost every intersection I went through on my journey. They were different than the ones shown in this article. They were black and white and said “New World Order” underneath the picture. The media must have missed that detail. The DOJ’s time would be better spent prosecuting hate crimes instead of worrying about somebody or group slapping up posters to make a political statement.

It Isn't Over Yet

Eric Holder still has some splainin to do. Read about it here.

They Link to me So I Link to Them

One stop shopping for all second amendment news and more here.

The Facts Are What Really Matters

say uncle demonstrates a few here

Monday, August 10, 2009

Change You Can Believe In

The winds of change are blowing in America. Read about it here.

For more information about Peter Schiff, check out this earlier commentary.

Good but Not Good Enough

Man Wakes To Burglar, Throws Him Out Window

You will note in the report, that the homeowner suffered lacerations. You will also note that the intruder got away, to go on and attempt another burglary or violent act. If the young man had greeted the intruder with a shotgun, there would have been a totally different outcome.

The Thugocracy Rears it’s Ugly Head Again

It isn’t bad enough that the administration set up an email address (which could possibly be illegal) where Americans could rat out each other, now the administration has rallied the unions to silence anyone who speaks out against the health care program that they are trying to ram through. It should be noted, that the email address was It is interesting to note the use of flag as a sort of patriotic symbol. I believe that this quote from Samuel Johnson sums up my feelings on the matter:

Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Man Gets Attacked Selling Flags At Meeting In Missouri By SEIU Member

Black conservative attacked by violent SEIU thugs

The Raw Footage

A Modern Day Archie Bunker Expresses His Views

The Young Turds (liberal talking head apologists for the current administration) try to spin the supression of freedom of speech as no big deal

Sunday, August 9, 2009

White House Move to Collect 'Fishy' Info May Be Illegal, Critics Say

That is the topic of this article. Why am I not surprised. Change you can be grieved in once again.

Spokespeople for the Obama Cause

Check out Maxine (bridge over troubled) Waters opening up her heart here.

"Bob" is a Little "hot" about Ca$h for Clunker$...

hear what he has to say here.

An Interesting Commentary About Proposed Healthcare

Traction Control has a must read commentary about mean care. You can check it out here.

A Son of America Returns Home

This video illustrates why I love Texas and the people who live there. The rural areas are full of good hearted people whose families have lived there for generations, that still have a strong sense of true patriotism, and a love for God and Country. You will see what I mean when you watch this video of the local community welcoming home a young fallen hero. I would suggest that you turn up the volume and view this full screen.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Second Ammendment Foundation Slams D.C. With CCW Lawsuit

How do you like them now?

That’s Why They Call it “The Gunshine State”…

Requests For Gun Permits Jump 67%


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Florida is seeing a huge increase in applications for concealed weapon permits. The state is on pace to handle 150,000 requests -- a 67 percent increase over 2008. The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services was so overwhelmed that Commissioner Charles Bronson petitioned the Legislature for 61 temporary employees, giving him 202 workers to wade through a spring backlog of 90,000 requests. That amount alone represents as many petitions as the state received in all of 2008. "We're still sitting on about 50,000 applications," Bronson said. "We're getting in about 14,000 or 15,000 a month, and whenever they get a good slug out, they're getting another 15,000 in." As of July 31, Florida had 607,977 concealed-weapon permit holders…

…"There are over 6 million gun owners in Florida -- people who care about freedom, who care about the 2nd Amendment, who are concerned about their ability to protect themselves," Hammer said.

Thugs please take note. As the economy worsens, more of your careers will be ending abruptly if you do not repent of your evil ways. Do it now before this is the last thing that you see, as you find yourself suffering from a terminal case of bust-a-cap-in-your-ass-itis.

I Wonder How the Finish Was on This Pistol

Watch the video on this page.

Kid’s With Guns

The hens have come home to roost. We have a culture of youth that were raised watching movies and listening to rap music that glorifies the gansta lifestyle, where there is no repercussion for their violent actions. Now every time there is a disagreement, this generation of wanna be thugs errantly believes that burning gunpowder with the help of a primer is the automatic solution for everything. They have no care what happens to innocent bystanders as they “blaze” with very little skill or accuracy.

Two Teens Shot Overnight, Deputies Searching For Gunmen


Orange County deputies are looking for the people reponsible for two shootings. The first shooting happened after 20 to 30 people spilled out on Bolling Drive and started fighting around 12:45 a.m. Saturday. A 16-year-old girl standing nearby was hit in the arm during the chaos…

… A short time later, deputies raced to Wilmer Ave., when someone opened fire near the Oasis club. Investigators think the shots came from a church parking lot near the club. A seventeen-year-old girl walking nearby was hit in the leg.

The readers might wish to visit an earlier commentary of mine found here.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Thugs Go "Cop Shopping"....again

Cop's gear stolen from home


Orange County detectives are trying to figure out who broke into an Orlando Police officer's home on Wednesday and stole his department-issued gear...

...On August 5, someone broke into the home and took five of the officers police uniforms, along with his gun belt, badge, taser and hand gun. It happened in the middle of the day while the officer was away from his home.

I wrote about this in an earlier commentary that says it all.

This is interesting...

I am no fan of the ACLU, but this is funny...and troubling as well.

You Know You Want One... pony up and help benefit the Sons and Daughters of America. Let it be duly noted, that Pay Chump has been permanently scratched off of Gun Shy's list, as it should be for all other good Americans as well. Vote with your dollars to let Pay Pal know that this is the last time that they will ever have an opportunity to pay punk our troops.

Click here for the rest of the story.

Gun Shy loves the "Not For Sale in NY and CA" stickers on the box, and it is a GI fitting.

Peter Schiff...Modern Day Financial Prophet

Check out this video.

Take a look at his track record.

Bonus video.

Extra Bonus video.

Here..have another.

Make sure you note the dates on the videos I posted.

Cars and the Socialists Who Hate Them

Papa Delta Bravo has an interesting commentary about Ca$h For Clunkers.

Law Enforcement Officers are Pondering the Possibilities

take a look at this.

Hat Tip to Steve-o

"individuals" Spreading Disinformation About Obamacide (obamacare)

Read about it here.

ACORN Census Takers?

Glen Beck discusses it.

Who are these census takers anyways?

Watch the video.

Census taker eventually gets mad when he realizes that there is video being taken of him.

One mans preparation for answering the ACORN census takers

Thursday, August 6, 2009

You Have the Right to Remain Dead

Kellene Bishop has a succinct commentary over at her blog that spells it out clearly for any would be home invaders. Here is an excerpt:

I’m sure I won’t win any popularity points with the liberal media and its adoring admirers with this comment, but here’s a warning to home invasion criminals: if you come into my home uninvited, you better plan on having a current will drawn up and have repented of everything else in your life. (Sorry, you can’t repent of the breaking and entering just before you do it. It just doesn’t work that way.) I say this because chances are very high that you’re going to meet your Maker relatively soon after you pass through my homestead threshold.

Make sure you check out some of the other commentaries while you are over there.

Armed and Safe

I am surprised the mainstream media even reported this.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Can't Believe This is Happening in Texas

The people in the cities must be losing their minds, because this would never happen out in the country.

Snitching for Dummies

Breda tells you all about it here.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

You Should Have Called and Let Me Know You Were Coming

Ocala Man Killed In Home Invasion


One man is dead, and his brother wounded following a home invasion in Marion County.

Investigators say two men broke into the Ocala home of Robert Jamerson, 43, and shot him, and his brother, Terrence, 38.

Both suspects were reportedly armed with handguns, one of which was equipped with a laser.

It seems that the thugs these days have gone high tech. I guess it finally dawned on them that the sights are not on the side of the pistol after all.

If someone breaks into your house equipped with a laser sighted weapon seeking to do violence, it is probably prudent at that time to introduce them to a technique which Gun Shy has termed “the Claymore effect”. This occurs when you discharge a 12 gauge shotgun chambered with a three inch shell, that releases fifteen copper coated 33 caliber lead pellets at the velocity of 1450 feet per second. After a few of those rounds, your feed tube will automatically transition to the 73 caliber slugs that you already have chambered next in anticipation of the high tech thug who has donned a stolen bullet resistant vest so that you can introduce them to the sledgehammer effect if needed. There is the possibility that additional weapon transitioning may be needed as well. It should be noted that as an ancillary benefit, the muzzle blast from your large bore weapon will most likely interfere with him being able to see the focal point of his laser...

Obama "for dummies" by Ben Stein

We've Figured Him Out

Hat Tip...once Steve-o

Saturday, August 1, 2009

This is a Need to Read

Here you go.

I Sure am Glad They Have Strict Gun Laws In Rhode Island to Keep the People "safe"

From the people who keep your kids "safe" file.

Be sure to watch the video found on this site.

There are Still a Few Things Out of New York That Make Sense

Take a look at this article.

Your Tax Dollars are "Stimulating" to Incompetent Bankers

Nothing like rewarding poor performance while our grandchildren will pay for it. Read this.

More Guns...LESS Crime

You heard me correctly Nancy Pelosi, Babara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Ted Kennedy, Michael Bloomberg, Frank Lautenberg, and the other host of gun control liberals. Time to take your medicine. (review real factual data)

WARNING: Being a Politician Could Be Hazardous to Your Health

Read this and find out why.