Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Maybe We Should Send the Gunny to Washington...

...and see if he can straighten this administration's head out. Click here to see the method.

Sadly, he would probably have to send their sorry a$$es back to motivational.

Former Oil Worker: The Cleanup Is All For Show

And it isn't even a very good show. How much help did Obie turn away for how many days? Read the story from the above title here and be sure to watch the video.

Like it Wasn't Obvious?

Former Justice Department Lawyer Accuses Holder of Dropping New Black Panther Case for Racial Reasons


A former Justice Department attorney who quit his job to protest the Obama administration's handling of the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case is accusing Attorney General Eric Holder of dropping the charges for racially motivated reasons.

J. Christian Adams, now an attorney in Virginia and a conservative blogger, says he and the other Justice Department lawyers working on the case were ordered to dismiss it.

For a Holder-polooza of earlier commentaries click here and also here to review Eric's past performance.

Once Again: An Attempted Terror Attack in the City With Mandatory Disarmament...

...and that city would of course, be New York.

Al-Qaida Operative Tied To NY Subway Plot


NEW YORK -- U.S. counterterrorism officials have linked one of the nation's most wanted terrorists to last year's thwarted plot to bomb the New York City subway system, authorities said Wednesday.

Current and former counterterrorism officials said top al-Qaida operative Adnan Shukrijumah met with one of the would-be suicide bombers in a plot that Attorney General Eric Holder called one of the most dangerous since the 9/11 terror attacks.

Of course the attack was targeted in New York. It is like shooting unarmed fish in a barrel. Terrorists target New York for the same reason that active shooters target gun free zone. That is because they are gutless, and want no opposition to their violence on innocents. The people of New York need to stand up and say enough to Bloomberg and his gun grabbing cronies before it is too late. New York needs to become a city of citizen soldiers now.

Is it Time to Send Mexico an Invoice?

Since Mexico is trying to sue Arizona for violating the rights of Mexicans, this article asks the question if we should invoice Mexico for taking care of it's citizens who are in America illegally.


In an effort to hold every country responsible for the tax burden of services rendered to their citizens who are here illegally, it’s necessary that we know the impact of non-United States citizens on all organizations and agencies that receive funding from the government. I propose that as a requirement of accepting government funding, these organizations must ascertain the legal citizenship of their clients by requesting proof of citizenship. We will then have grounds to seek reimbursement for the taxpayer-funded services we provide to their citizens. Accountability and budgeting is the motivator to implement this strategy.

We should apply this strategy to every country in the world whose citizens are here illegally. If we continue to host millions of citizens of Mexico, we must request reimbursement or compensation from the Mexican government for services rendered. First, we’ll need to determine what we’re spending to provide health care, welfare and education, and other services to non-United States citizens. By conducting actuarial studies to determine how much each state and the nation spends to provide healthcare, welfare and education for citizens of Mexico, an invoice can be produced and sent to the Mexican government. First, we request reimbursement for taking care of its citizens, or suspend any and all federal aid, such as the funding mentioned above. Next, we request payment in resources if money isn’t available. Mexico, the 2nd largest exporter of oil to the U.S., is rich in minerals like oil and gas, though much of it hasn’t been developed. The United States could facilitate the extraction of mineral resources in the form of payment for hosting Mexican citizens, while creating jobs for folks in Mexico.

Another Song for Your July 4th Cookout

Click here.

You can watch an interview with the songwriter about the song by clicking here.

Once Again "mighty" Mike Chitwood Puts Both Feet Into the A$$ of Daytona Crime

31 Suspected Gang Members Arrested


Daytona Beach police said the sweep, which resulted in 31 arrests, was an effort to put a stop to gangs in Volusia County.

Police began the sweep at 7 a.m. Monday and Daytona Beach Police Chief Mike Chitwood said his officers hope to make more arrests.

Tuesday morning, Chitwood announced a massive police effort to shut down the 819 Boyz street gang with the help of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

The suspected gang members were arrested on charges ranging from crack cocaine possession to possession of stolen weapons.

Some Brady "logic" From the Main Stream Media

What's the difference?

Farrakhan is at it Again

Anti-Semite Farrakhan Wants Jews to Apologize to Blacks For “Centuries of Abuse”

Since Louis Farrakhan is busy making accusations, I have an article that Mr Farrakhan and his supporters should read that may clarify a few misconceptions that they have. It can be found here.

Music For Your July 4th Gathering

Click here, crank it up, and sing along loud America.

Leftist Kalifornia Politician Mocks Concerned American Patriots

Click here to read all about it and watch the video.

More From the People Who "supposedly" Keep Your Kids Safe

Cops: Crossing Guard Beats Teen Who Called Him "Fatso" - Crossing guard allegedly attacked a middle school student who taunted him


The boy was sitting outside the Shadeland Avenue Pharmacy on Garrett Road when Kelly, a 6-foot 4-inch-tall, 200-pound man with a criminal history of assault, attacked the 14-year-old after the two exchanged words, Chitwood said.

A crossing guard with a criminal history of assault. Who was the genius who hired this guy?

Admit Nothing, Deny Everything, Make Counter Accusations.

Putin Rips Russian Spy Bust

Putin is a master of manipulation, and knows very well how to play the game.


Many Russian officials and analysts said they presumed that hawkish elements within the U.S. government had engineered and timed the arrests to embarrass President Obama and undermine the "reset." Mr. Putin echoed that concern during a meeting at his residence outside Moscow with former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

"Back at your home, the police went out of control [and] are throwing people in jail," Mr. Putin said. "But that's the kind of job they have," he added, drawing a laugh from Mr. Clinton when he heard the translation.

I am not sure what Slick Willie was laughing at. His administration did every thing they could to deny personal freedoms while selling our great nation down the river.

Do You Still Want the Government in Charge of Your Health Care??

If your answer is yes, then click here. (and even if it isn't)

While Some Americans are Concerned That Spanking is Child Abuse...

Click here to see how the other half of the world lives.

The Bottom Line is They Hate All Things Western

Watch the video about what is going on in Australia here.

The Plot Thickens (obama/blago)

Witness: Giannoulias at meeting with union leader and Valerie Jarrett


Also in his testimony, Balanoff revealed Jarrett knew Obama called him the day before the election about her being named senator.

The morning of the election, Balanoff said he had a discussion on the phone with Jarrett in which he talked about her wanting the Senate seat.

"Didn't Barack call you last night?" Jarrett asked, according to Balanoff. "Well, I am interested." He said she told him.

Is it almost time to start the impeachment proceedings?

Obama Care is Based on the Same Flawed and Stupid Logic

Watch the video to see it demonstrated.

Women: Learn to Keep Yourself Safe

Robber Attacks Woman In Front Of Kids - Man Dragged Victim By Purse In Parking Lot


OCOEE, Fla. -- Officials say a robber is on the run Tuesday after attacking a woman in front of her children and dragging her on the ground...

... The woman said she saw her attacker while leaving the store, but when she turned her attention to her children, he moved in.

"I didn't really know what was going on," she said. "I kept yelling 'No! No! No!' after I figured out what happened."

The victim had been putting her three children into her SUV when the man grabbed her purse and wouldn't let go.

"I saw him glance at my purse, and he slipped his hand through my purse straps," the victim recalled.

The man wouldn't let go, and the victim said she couldn't either since her arm was entangled in the strap.

Here are a few simple rules for avoiding situations such as these. If you must carry a large purse, don't put the straps over your head and neck thinking that it will stop someone from taking your purse. If someone drives up from behind in a car and gets a good grip on it, you can not release it and you may be dragged to your death or at the very least, incur serious injury. I discussed this in some earlier commentaries.

Next, always walk TOWARDS the flow of traffic when in a parking lot so you can see what is coming at you, and so that no one can drive up behind you and grab onto your purse. This is a good practice for everyone when walking in a parking lot.

Need an Extra Hundred Grand??

Click here to find out how to get a 100k reward.

This Definitely Needs to be Addressed Once and For All

State's 'emergency' gun ban in lawsuit bull's-eye - Suspending 'fundamental civil rights' challenged as unconstitutional


Less than 24 hours after word erupted in Washington the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed 2nd Amendment gun ownership rights for all Americans, a lawsuit has been filed over a practice in North Carolina of banning guns during "emergencies."

The case was brought today in federal court for the Eastern District in North Carolina by the Second Amendment Foundation and Grass Roots North Carolina, a leading gun -rights group in the state.

Also taking the lead in the challenge to state officials are Michael Bateman, Virgil Green and Forrest Minges Jr. Defendants in the action are North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue; Reuben Young, secretary of the Department of Crime Control and Public Safety; Stokes County and the city of King.

I commented on this earlier here and also here.

It's bad enough that a state forces you to pay for a permit to carry concealed, but then to turn around and revoke it based on somebody's whim? Any public servant who does not understand the language of the Constitution and supporting documents, should not be allowed to hold a position as a civil servant.

The readers may also remember, that the gun confiscation in New Orleans was found to be illegal.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Connecticut Marines Fight for 'Don't Tread on Me' Flag Display

I don't think that it is an unreasonable request, and will drive the lefties nuts.

Click here to read the story by the title above.


The group says the yellow banner, which sports a coiled rattlesnake and its trademark motto, is the original flag of the U.S. Marine Corps and clearly fits into the section of the policy which states that the Connecticut State Capitol can fly “flags of recognized military organizations of the U.S.A.”

The Brady Bunch's Lips are Moving...Again

Not even 24 hours later, the Brady Campaign lies...

The readers might also be interested in this article:

Why are Brady Campaign supporters so violent?

15 Radical Christians Killed by Their Own Bombs Inside Church

no, wait...

The article by the above title can be found here.

Maybe Joe Biden Can Take Over His Job (McChrystal)

You laugh? Is it any more far fetched that Janet from another planet Napolitano being in charge of homeland security?

Army spokesman says McChrystal to retire

Here's Something the Custard Stand Owner Could Have Said...

In the video, the store owner said he was shocked and didn't know what to say to Joe Freakin Biden. Let me help you out.

"How about you drag your five time deferment, assault weapons ban writing, constantly sticking your foot in your mouth a$$ out of my business that I have worked hard to build while you and your socialist buddies are working overtime to destroy it and the American way while getting yours by doing nothing but riding on the backs of hard working Americans"

Custard Store Owner: “Biden Went Off On Me… I Was Shocked”

The Global Warming "emperor" Has No Clothes

Former Vice President Gore Visits San Diego


Little has been seen of Gore in the past several weeks since confirmed reports of a split with his wife, Tipper, and after allegations surfaced that a 54-year-old masseuse in Oregon reported Gore made unwanted sexual advances toward her in 2006 and accused him of being "a crazed sex poodle."

While 10News cameras were ushered out of the Convention Center by members of Gore's camp prior to his speech, some in attendance spoke about the former vice president's appearance at the annual convention for the Society of Human Resources Management.

Isn't it amazing how the stench of the Clinton administration has lingered for so many years?

Police release tape from Gore accuser's interview

We Can Only "Hope"

Supreme Court ruling could prompt pro-gun lawsuits


Experts anticipate the ruling will unleash a wave of lawsuits challenging gun possession ordinances in cities and states across the country, placing it near the top of the Supreme Court’s agenda.

“Today’s decision completes the shift of the gun rights battle from the legislatures to the courts, mirroring the seismic shift in the abortion rights battleground following Roe v. Wade,” said Curt Levey of the conservative Committee for Justice, which supports the rights of gun owners.

Monday, June 28, 2010

But of Course He Did...

Because gangsters do not respect the constitution and the will of the people as well as that of the highest court in the land.

Daley Vows New Gun Ordinances


As expected, Mayor Daley and Chicago's City Council are circling the wagons to defend against an unfavorable decision by the Supreme Court concerning the city's gun ban.

Daley said the city would have in place a new ordinance aimed at making it difficult to purchase and own a gun in Chicago.

"We'll publicly propose a new ordinance very soon," Daley said at an afternoon press conference concerning the gun ban.

"As a city we must continue to stand up ..and fight for a ban on assault weapons .. as well as a crackdown on gun shops," Daley said. "We are a country of laws not a nation of guns."

What an ironic statement, coming from a man that does not respect the law of the land as determined by our highest court. Chicago needs to give this guy (Obie's buddy) his walking papers.

Could This be in Store For American Bloggers in the Future?

Think before you answer. For those of you who were around in the 60's, you probably remember Kent State. Sometimes dissonance is punishable by sudden death at the hands of those or their agents who need you to be silenced.

EU voices concern over Egyptian blogger's death


According to witnesses, Said was killed when plainclothes policemen dragged him out of an Internet cafe and beat him to death on a busy Alexandria street.

It is much easier to bully and intimidate an unarmed citizenry through violence, and that is why the founding fathers included the second amendment so that would not happen here.



They Don't Need No Stinkin Travel Advisories... (border incursions)

Click here to watch the video.

Obie Swings as Oil Fires Burn

Maybe he should change his name to "Oilbama".

"Bob" is here to tell you about it.

"Bob" Wants to Discuss Obie and Amnesty

Click here to watch his latest rant.

Today the Eifel Towel...Tomorrow the Statue of Liberty

FRANCE: MUSLIM TERRORIST plot to attack Eiffel Tower in Paris averted by good police work

I'm Going to Agree With Janet N...

Napolitano: ‘You’re Never Going to Totally Seal That Border’


Washington ( – Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, whose agency is charged with securing America’s borders, told an audience in Washington, D.C., in reference to the U.S.-Mexico border, “You’re never going to totally seal that border.”

I think for once I am going to agree with Janet from another planet Napolitano. You never are going to seal the border unless you GET OF YOUR FAT ASS AND DO SOMETHING OTHER THAN PUTTING TOGETHER A LAWSUIT AGAINST THE STATE WHO IS ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING!

While Obie and Friends Were Busy Trying to Drill in Your Wallet... one was minding the leadership store.

CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE: Obama’s Mishandling of Gulf Oil Spill Caused Destruction of Coastline

Follow the link and study the chronology of incompetence.

It's a Big Day For Gun Owners

Gun rights extended by Supreme Court


WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court held Monday that Americans have the right to own a gun for self-defense anywhere they live, advancing a recent trend by the John Roberts-led bench to embrace gun rights.

By a 5-4 vote, the justices cast doubt on handgun bans in the Chicago area, but signaled that some limitations on the Constitution's "right to keep and bear arms" could survive legal challenges.

Justice Samuel Alito, writing for the court, said that the Second Amendment right "applies equally to the federal government and the states."

Now take a look at this.

Of course the people who hate personal freedom will still attempt to manipulate the system any way they can to make it extremely difficult for anyone wanting to possess a firearm for self defense in the gun anal areas of America. This is still a great ruling, since the politicians who are rabid to disarm you, and who are supposed to "keep you safe", have proven time and time that they can't (although they have their own personal body guards), and the courts have gone as far to rule that Americans have no personal right to state afforded protection. The next hurdle is to get the gun anal areas of America (New York etc) to grant reciprocity of concealed carry permits from other states such as Florida so that concealed carry gun owners won't have to plan their trip routes around those states. It should be noted that states rights are only recognized when it works in behalf of the gun grabbers.

Is it Really the End of the World as We Know It?

Watch ABC "news" avoid firearms like the plague while discussing TEOTWAWKI

I have read the books of all the major religions. Here is something found in the Christian Bible:

Luke 21
26 men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of heaven will be shaken.

Maybe Mel Gibson will save us all.

Or maybe it is just one big media/government psy ops push to create fear in the population in order to manipulate a calculated outcome…yawn.

I think I will go to the beach and enjoy myself.

Notice Who Purchased the Ad Space at the Beginning of These AP Reports

Rescuer: Call To BP’s Oil Hotline “Unbelievable”

Drilling Protesters Join Hands on Florida Beaches

Does this mean that every time the Associated Press has a news report that isn't favorable to BP's position, that AP will sell the ad space before it to BP to help neutralize the report?

Obie Kicked the Cat Because the Dog Was Barking

Uncle J is here to tell you about it AND the solution to the problem.

Obama Can Shut Down Internet For 4 Months Under New Emergency Powers

Read the article by that title here.


Fears that the legislation is aimed at bringing the Internet under the regulatory power of the U.S. government in an offensive against free speech were heightened further on Sunday, when Lieberman revealed that the plan was to mimic China’s policies of policing the web with censorship and coercion.

“Right now China, the government, can disconnect parts of its Internet in case of war and we need to have that here too,” Lieberman told CNN’s Candy Crowley.

While media and public attention is overwhelmingly focused on the BP oil spill, the establishment is quietly preparing the framework that will allow Obama, or indeed any President who follows him, to bring down a technological iron curtain that will give the government a foot in the door on seizing complete control over the Internet.

On a related topic:

FBI/DHS Attempt to Seize Colorado Indymedia Server and Silence Our Users

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Hypocrisy of Obama and

First read this.

MoveOn Scrubs “General Betray Us” Page From Website . . . Update: Flashback to 2007, Obama Skipped Senate Vote to Condemn MoveOn . . . Update 2: Rationale Page Also Flushed. . .

Here We Go Florida

(click image to enlarge)

Now watch this video.

The above image was borrowed from this website.

Bill O'Reilly Needs to Read Up On Mexico's Illegal Gun Facts...

...and this s a good place to start Bill.

I Know it's Not as "hip" as Paul McCartney...

...but Obie should listen to this song until he gets it.

The Good News is That He Can't Run For President

...unless he gets a certificate of live birth from the state of California.

GOP: Schwarzenegger 'a great disappointment'

Life is About Opportunity...

Click here and have a laugh.

Quote of the Day





Hat tip for original quote to Steve-o

And Now For the Bad News

While Obie was playing golf...AGAIN

"Alas, a few months shy of the 9th anniversary of 9/11, it remains easier to pass undetected into the United States than to get into a rock concert without a ticket"

Joe's Quote of the Day on 2A

Click here to read this beauty:

Quote of the day--Justice Antonin Scalia

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Great Job Obie...

...yet another broken least he is consistent. Maybe if they set up a golf course there he would be more interested in securing it.

Click here to see his latest.

Hey Joe...How About You Quit Being a "dumbass"?

Biden Calls Manager Who Told Him To Lower Taxes A "Smartass"

Read this for more information on the incident.

The "efficiency" of Government Agencies...

Aren't you glad that they put themselves in charge of your health care?

6-Year-Old Northeast Ohio Girl on 'No Fly' List

Peddling "dope" is a Dangerous Business

Click here to find out why.

Only in Noo Yawk

They are doing it to our military, and now with our law enforcement as well.

Cops furious at 'don't-kill' bill


The "minimum force" bill, which surfaced in the Assembly last week, seeks to amend the state penal codes' "justification" clause that allows an officer the right to kill a thug if he feels his life or someone else's is in imminent danger.

The bill -- drafted in the wake of Sean Bell's controversial police shooting death -- would force officers to use their weapons "with the intent to stop, rather than kill" a suspect. They would be mandated to "shoot a suspect in the arm or the leg."

Gun Shy wonders if Bloomberg's private security would use these rules of engagement if their client was attacked by a violent offender.

Hat Tip to Steve-o

Serves Them Right to Suffer

The only thing lower than a rapist is a child molester.

South African doctor invents female condoms with 'teeth' to fight rape


The woman inserts the latex condom like a tampon. Jagged rows of teeth-like hooks line its inside and attach on a man's penis during penetration, Ehlers said.

Once it lodges, only a doctor can remove it -- a procedure Ehlers hopes will be done with authorities on standby to make an arrest.

"It hurts, he cannot pee and walk when it's on," she said. "If he tries to remove it, it will clasp even tighter... however, it doesn't break the skin, and there's no danger of fluid exposure."

They should invent one with a timer that starts up and runs like a wood chipper.

Now Obie and Pals Can Sue All of the States

Praising Arizona: Lawmakers in nearly 20 other states pushing similar immigration legislation


BOISE, Idaho - Arizona's sweeping new immigration law doesn't even take effect until next month, but lawmakers in nearly 20 other states are already clamoring to follow in its footsteps.

Gubernatorial candidates in Florida and Minnesota are singing the law's praises, as are some lawmakers in other states far from the Mexico border such as Idaho and Nebraska. But states also are watching legal challenges to the new law, and whether boycotts over it will harm Arizona's economy.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Gun Shy's Poster of the Day

Click here and then nod your head in agreement.

A Quick Review of Recent Activites Among the Politicians

Click here to read it.


The Tyranny of the Majority now manifesting itself in another 2,000 page bill that will not be read until it is signed. Like Nancy Pelosi's famous quote: "We have to pass the bill to find out what's in it", Chris Dodd is being quoted as saying: "No one will know until this is actually in place how it works. But we believe we've done something that has been needed for a long time. It took a crisis to bring us to the point where we could actually get this job done."

Ah, yes. The famous "Crisis" reasoning. As a result of Crisis, the following intolerable acts were committed or perpetuated by this President and the Democrat Congress:

The government has nationalized health care, effective 2013. They have taken over major industries, home mortgage finance, student loans, education policy, and now Wall Street. They are stifling political speech, forcing control over the internet, and are still trying to find a way to confiscate the arms of the citizens. They are going to try and take over the energy companies.

The threat of being voted out is being counteracted by a proposed executive order making 20 million new voters suddenly appear. Loyal to them, we assume.

Anybody who does not think that these efforts are coordinated, and the culmination of a century of Progressive power grabs is deluded. The aggressive undoing of America as we know it has been in the works, by any means necessary, since November of 2008

Are you ready for what comes next?

An Interesting Post to Say the Least

I don't know the validity of it, so I will post the link for the readers and let you decide.

They'll be a Bunch of New Secret Laws Here Soon

After all, the lackeys are beholding to their masters:

'Secret' law lets police arrest for failing to show ID near summit


TORONTO — The McGuinty Liberal government secretly passed a law giving police sweeping new powers for the duration of the G8 and G20 summits.

The law gives police the power to jail anyone who refuses to furnish identification and submit to a search while within five metres of a designated security zone in downtown Toronto.

Did you see who enacted this secret law. It was the LIBERAL government.

If This is true...

...then these cops need their asses kicked all the way to Timbuktu and back:

'Don't Taze My Granny!'

TSA: Still Missing the Point...Still Out of Control

First watch this video.

Then read this:

Humiliation... And Now I'm Angry

I had an earlier commentary of the same type of situation here.

Here We Go

House, Senate leaders finalize details of sweeping financial overhaul


"It's a great moment. I'm proud to have been here," said a teary-eyed Sen. Christopher J. Dodd (D-Conn.), who as chairman of the Senate Banking Committee led the effort in the Senate. "No one will know until this is actually in place how it works. But we believe we've done something that has been needed for a long time. It took a crisis to bring us to the point where we could actually get this job done."

Anyone who has followed Dodd's career, knows that he is a whore for sale to the highest bidder.

So my question is this. Do the liberals have a legion of demons sitting in a backroom somewhere writing all of this stuff that the politicians never read such as the obamacare bill, the stimulus bill, and now this?

More From Obie's Violent Lefty "anti-gun" Followers

Click here and shake your head.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Simply Stated They Want Total Control

I am referring to Pelosi and pals. It is too bad that the NRA has lost it's spine rendering them ineffective at this point.

Pelosi Trying to Shove DISCLOSE Act through Congress Once Again

Motivational Poster of the Day

Click here to laugh your a$$ off.

Great Job Obie!

What the Taliban Think of McChrystal's Ouster - To them, it means they're winning.

Let me Know When the Impeachment Process Begins...

Testimony: Obama Had 4 Senate Successors In Mind

Harris: Obama knew of Blagojevich plot - BLAGO TRIAL | Price of Senate appointment of president-elect's friend

Canadian Security???

Now that they have disarmed all of there law abiding citizens, this is their new definition of weapons I guess.

Toronto Police Arrest Man With Weapons in Vehicle Near G-20 Security Zone


“At 1:04 p.m., officers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle at 45 The Esplanade,” Vella said. “An array of weapons and hazardous materials were seized,” he said. The items included a chain saw, axe handle, sticks and fuel containers, said Nena Snyder, a spokeswoman for the Integrated Security Unit for the G-20 summit.

Maybe I'm no security genius, but it would appear to me that this man was a logger, not a terrorist.

An Interesting Blog That the Readers Might Enjoy

It is titled TEOTWAWKIAIFF (The End Of The World As We Know It And I Feel Fine) and can be found by clicking here.

Here is a blurb about the author:

About Me

I’m your typical geek. I work in IT, play video games , and can set the time on your VCR (although that skill isn’t nearly as useful as it used to be.) I was born and raised in Massachusetts, and damn proud of it. This state was the birthplace of the American Revolution, but it’s been hijacked by Collectivist-Altruistic-Statist shitheads who want nothing more to subject us to the Nanny State via “good” old-fashioned Euro-Socialism.

I’ve been an active prepper since February of 2008. Just in time to watch the entire financial sector collapse into ruin. I stocked food and water, made sure my camping gear would work in a survival situation, and then bought a home arsenal. I’ve slowly added to my preps, and will continue to do so. I’m not Jim Rawles, who’s buying hospital beds, I’m not some nitwit with a BOB thinking I’ll survive in a national park. I’m somewhere in the middle.

I live in the suburbs, not in some retreat in East Bumfuck. That means I have my own challenges to face in the event of any disaster, from blizzards to the collapse of the dollar. This blog is for the vast majority of preppers who cannot drop everything to move out to the sticks and raise bunnies and chickens. We suburbanites are the largest segment of preppers, and we range from a family with a weeks worth of supplies to outlast an ice storm to a group with a common retreat to run to, but live near the cities because of our jobs.

The Other 52% Must be Sleeping...

All one needs to do is take a look at the federal government getting ready to sue Arizona for enforcing their immigration policy, the takeover of "emergency" control the internet, and the gun rights case in D.C.

48% See Government Today As A Threat to Individual Rights


Nearly half of American Adults see the government today as a threat to individual rights rather than a protector of those rights.

It Would be Great...But He Probably Won't

Wouldn't it be great to get the inside story of the rampant incompetence on the part of this administration? They would do something vindictive to end his career I am sure.

Pro-troop group wants McChrystal to 'come clean'- Urges him to explain 'frustrations,' 'mismanagement' in Afghanistan conflict

It Appears That There are Some Logical People Left in California

2 Riverside County cities vote to support Arizona's anti-illegal immigration law


The city councils of Hemet and Lake Elsinore, both in Riverside County, approved proclamations Tuesday in support of Arizona’s controversial anti-illegal immigration law. The Yorba Linda City Council in Orange County approved a similar resolution earlier this month, countering actions taken by leaders in cities such as Los Angeles, who voted to boycott doing business with Arizona companies in protest of the law.

Arm Them With a Few Hellfires and They'll be Good to Go

Oops...that wasn't very politically correct Gun Shy. As the readers well know, politically correct sucks and will get innocent Americans killed. If we have foreign nationals invading our sovereign nation to do violence and harm to law abiding American citizens, then by definition we are at war, and the invaders should be treated like enemy combatants. We now have narco terrorists threatening to snipe our law enforcement agents in Arizona. If these were snipers in Iraq or Afghanistan, they would be treated to a fifty caliber round to snack on immediately.

Homeland Security To Use Drones On Border - Unmanned Surveillance Plane To Be Based Out Of Texas


WASHINGTON -- The Homeland Security Department will use unmanned surveillance aircraft and other technological upgrades in its ongoing effort to protect the southern border of the United States.

I will repeat myself at the risk of being rude. Send in some teams of private contractors and when they are engaged by the enemy combatants, with having the drones in the air as well as helicopters, the teams will be able to call down some heat if necessary and end it quickly. Then we can release the footage on international television as a warning to others.

This is Why Gen McChrystal Thinks Obie is Clueless

Click here and listen to this babble.

Brave New Schools?

Click here to get offended and then bewildered.

Time For a Reality Check

Click here for the wake up call and smell the coffee while you are at it.

How's Those California Gun Laws Workin Out For Ya Arnie?'s time for the govenator to wake up a legislate against criminals.

One Shot Dead- 5 Wounded- At Oakland Vigil Against Violence

Actor Jon Voight Gives Obie a Verbal Spanking

An open letter to President Obama from Jon Voight

Here is a little more salt in the wound.

Big "Al" is Against Drilling Offshore but For "Drilling" in Hotel Rooms

It appears that he and slick willy had more in common that we thought. Maybe that is how he got the title the "vice" president:

Portland woman says Al Gore groped her in hotel room


In her detailed Jan. 8, 2009, statement to a Portland sexual assault investigator, the woman said she was called to the hotel about 10:30 p.m. Oct. 24, 2006, to provide a massage for Gore, who was registered under the name "Mr. Stone." Once inside his ninth-floor suite, she said he pushed her hand to his groin, fondled her buttocks and breasts, tongue-kissed her and threw her down on the bed as she tried to thwart his advances...

...She called him a "crazed sex poodle" and tried to distract him, pointing out a box of Moonstruck chocolates on a nearby table. He went for the chocolates and then offered her some, cornering her, fondling her and shoving his tongue in her mouth to french kiss as he pressed against her.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

After Thoughts on the Obama "Dismissal" of General McChrystal

When I was watching the news, I couldn't help noticing what I perceived to be a smug Joe Biden standing behind Mr Obama. I guess the two of them are feeling like the power brokers they wish they could be if they only had the "goods" down below. As we are all aware, Joe Biden was a five time deferment recipient during the Vietnam war. In the end, General McChrystal was correct in his perception, and was dismissed for telling the truth.

lord of the flies??

Click here to view the image.

It is a scientific fact that flies are attracted to bull$hit. Do you rmember this other incident with a fly?

Of course there was the rat, and the swarm of bees....hmmm.

Another Gun Grabbing Hypocrite

52 Shot, 8 Dead and Mayor Daley Still Resists Self-Defense


The U.S. Supreme Court could rule any day on the case of McDonald v. City of Chicago, filed by SAF, the Illinois State Rifle Association and four Chicago residents. That ruling will likely strike down the handgun ban, thus opening the door to legal self-defense by Windy City residents.

"Chicago has become a slaughterhouse," said SAF Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb, "where defenseless victims are terrorized by armed thugs who have taken full advantage of an unarmed populace. Daley and his predecessors who perpetuated this ban are wading knee-deep in the blood of hundreds of crime victims who should have had the means to defend themselves.

"Year after year the statistics have piled up," he continued, "yet Mayor Daley has stubbornly defended the city's ban. While he has luxuriated at his vacation home with the safety of armed bodyguards, the bodies of Chicago crime victims have stacked up like cordwood.

So Daley, like New York mayor Bloomberg (Daley probably belongs to Bloombergs organizaition MAIG) has armed guards to protect him while denying the rights of law abiding citizens to carry a firearm to protect themselves. What a hypocritical ass.


OBAMA FIRES GENERAL McCHRYSTAL- Top Afghan General Questioned Obama’s Leadership Skills

Of course the megalomaniac in chief fired this extremely experienced and competent warrior. That is because Mr Obama doesn't know his a$$ from his elbow when it comes to war strategy, so in the end, General McChrystal was fired for telling the truth. (something obie doesn't have to worry about) Click here to see an image that sums it up perfectly.

Nikki over at The Liberty Zone has a no hold barred view of the Afghanistan situation that you can find here.

Change is Here Alright...

...and "Bob" is here to tell you about it.

Obie's Boy Bet on the Wrong Horse to "save the world"

Just ask the people in the Florida Gulf:

Secretary of Energy Steven Chu in 2007: BP is Going to Help Us Save the World

Obie's Pal Daley Just Doesn't Get It

Click here to read all about it.

The Facts About Obie

All lined up in a nice concise package. To view them click here.

Freedom of Speech is the Casualty in Dearborn Michigan

America, 2010: Christians hauled to jail for preaching Jesus - 'Apparently the Constitution carries little weight in Dearborn'

So much for Dearborn Police keeping their oath to defend the Constitution.

Dearborn Police: Defending Islam against the Constitution

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Little Free Advice For Mexico

STFU and take care of your own drug infested corrupt crime ridden nation.

Mexico asks judge to void Ariz. immigration law


PHOENIX — Saying it needs to protect its citizens in Arizona, legal and otherwise, the Mexican government on Tuesday urged a federal judge to strike down the state's new law aimed at illegal immigrants.

What about AMERICAN farmers that are being murdered by your violent illegal narco terrorists you STUPID BUNCH OF BASTARDS!!!!!!! Once again...STFU..Americans are tired. Look forward to more border states enacting the same type of law soon. Gun Shy can't wait for Texans to say enough.

Well...There's "stimulus" Somewhere

Wake me up when this ship of fools surreal nightmare is over.

U.S. Spent $2 Million on Study Promoting Condom Use Among Intravenous Drug Users in Kazakhstan

If You Can't Do Your Job, Put Pressure on the Warrior Who Can Until He Resigns

Breaking: General Stanley McChrystal tenders his resignation

I guess this is all part of the plan for the joker in the white house.

Nothing a Little Napalm Wouldn't Take Care Of

Mexican Gangs Maintain Permanent Lookout Bases in Hills of Arizona


“To say that this area is out of control is an understatement," said an agent who patrols the area and asked not to be named. "We (federal border agents), as well as the Pima County Sheriff Office and the Bureau of Land Management, can attest to that.”

Much of the drug traffic originates in the Menagers Dam area, the Vekol Valley, Stanfield and around the Tohono O’odham Indian Reservation. It even follows a natural gas pipeline that runs from Mexico into Arizona.

In these areas, which are south and west of Tucson, sources said there are “cartel scouts galore” watching the movements of federal, state and local law enforcement, from the border all the way up to Interstate 8.

“Every night we’re getting beaten like a pinata at a birthday party by drug, alien smugglers," a second federal agent told Fox News by e-mail. "The danger is out there, with all the weapons being found coming northbound…. someone needs to know about this!”

If these people are doing illegal activities, and initiating violent attacks on Americans on the soil of our sovereign nation, then they are by definition enemy combatants and should be treated as such.

There is No "honor" in Killing Your Children

Click here to read an informative article by Pamela Geller.

More Problems for the Students at UCF

Serial Rapist Targeting UCF-Area Apartments

A True Warrior Comments About the "joke in chief"...

...and his clown act administration.

Afghan Gen. McChrystal on Obama: “Unimpressed” With His “10 Minute Photo Ops” …Update: President Thin-Skin Calls McChrystal to White House

Reporter: President Thin-Skin Will Sack McChrystal After His Honest Rolling Stone Interview

It's Time to Send in the Teams and Clean House

Click here to watch the video.

There are plenty of high level operators who are military trained who could probably use the work. Hire them as private contractors to support the area law enforcement agents and let's get the party started.

I wouldn't be surprised if there are American politicians who are making money indirectly from the illegal smuggling of drugs, and that is why there is no major push to stop it.

Lies, Lies, and Damn Lies

Click here to hear a slew of fallacies about guns and the NRA.

The Facts are Often Painful

Click here to get a factual understanding of the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

Anyone See a Pattern Here?

Is U.S. Now On Slippery Slope To Tyranny?

They Aren't "clowning" Around by UCF

Man Wearing Clown Mask Wanted In Home Invasion - 3 Robbed At Home Near University Of Central Florida


ORLANDO, Fla. -- An armed man wearing a clown mask and another masked man carrying a shotgun ambushed a man smoking a cigarette before robbing him and two others at an east Orange County home, deputies said.

The incident occurred about 12:30 a.m. Tuesday at a home on Eastcove Drive off Alafaya Trail near the University of Central Florida.

The area around UCF is an area that has not been without problems in the past. Click here to read an earlier commentary.

Monday, June 21, 2010

What Goes Around...Comes Around

Kagan Says Bork Hearings Were Best Thing That Happened to Constitutional Democracy… Bork Says He Will Oppose Kagan


Elena Kagan, Barack Obama’s radical nominee to the Supreme Court, told an audience in 1997 that the she loved what happened in the Bork hearings- “It was the best thing that happened to Constitutional Democracy.”

You Can Take the Man Out of Noo Yawk...

...but you can't take Noo Yawk out of the man...and that man is O-Town transplanted (from da Bronx) "homeboy" Alan Grayson.

Busted. Slimy Alan Grayson Caught Running Fake Tea Party Candidate

Yep...Obie and Daley Made Chicago "safe" Alright...

...aren't you glad that they are not in control of your city....yet.

8 dead among 52 shot across city over weekend


Eight people were killed and at least 44 others were shot across the city Friday night into early Monday, including a baby girl who suffered a graze wound to the neck when gunfire erupted at a Near West Side barbecue.

When America Was Strong and Raised Boys to be Men...

...and the politically correct crowd would have been told to STFU.

Below are links to some videos that would have thrown the Brady crowd into pant $hittin hysterics.

Click here and here, and especially here.

"Bob" Thinks We Need an American President

Click here and he will tell you why.

"Bob" Has Some Questions for Congress

Click here to get an overview of the line of questioning.

Obama Supporters Were Duped by Madison Avenue

Click here to watch the video.

Even the Dems Who Voted For Obie are Spitting Mad

Click here to watch the response.

How Big a Gun Do You Need?

Exceptional firearms instructor Mas Ayoob will answer that question for you if you click here.

And remember, make sure you learn the rules of gun fighting.

Is a .45 the Best Choice?

1911: The classic homeland security pistol

A Crystal Ball for America's Future??

Click here to watch the video.

What Part of the Middle East is Dearborn Michigan Located In??

Click here to read an interesting article and be sure to watch the videos.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oh Really Adam??

Al-Qaida warns of new attacks deadlier than before


CAIRO – Al-Qaida's U.S.-born spokesman warned President Barack Obama Sunday that the militant group may launch new attacks that would kill more Americans than previous ones.

I am sure that Adam and his buddies will probably attempt to attack Americans who are unarmed in gun anal states such as New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, California (where Adam received his indoctrination) and other places where law abiding citizens have been disarmed by their political leaders, and who happily accept that. I say this, because if they decide to attack in other states where there is a strong push in favor of the second amendment, this will be the new headline:

Armed Vigilant Americans Were Cocked, Locked, and Ready to Rock as They Systematically Ventilated Terrorists in the Process of Trying to Kill Innocent Americans.

Let it be duly noted that you have been warned Adam.

Now read these quotes from this article:

The June 2004 issue of the Gottlieb-Tartaro Report carried the following item under the headline Armed Israeli Citizens Help Curb Terrorists: “Israel’s police spokesman Gil Kleiman says that citizens who carry their own guns are helping to curb the damage terrorists can inflict by being able to stop a terrorist situation. ‘We’ve seen it time and time again,’ said Kleiman. ‘Armed civilians who are well trained can save people’s lives. If there isn’t a policeman, civilians can deal immediately with a terrorist.’” Emphasis is Gottlieb’s and Tartaro’s...

...The citizens of Israel have proven that you don’t need exotic counter-terrorist equipment to deal with scumbags who open fire on the innocent. The typical gun used there successfully by armed citizens is the ordinary 9mm semiautomatic pistol, of any of several makes. The key thing is that it be reliable. Be sure to load it with jacketed hollow point ammunition. It is designed to open up inside an offender’s body and lodge there, instead of tearing out the other side and homing in on an unseen bystander located behind the attacker and out of the shooter’s line of sight. The hollow point is also a more decisive “manstopper.” In shooting after shooting in Israel, terrorists have had to be shot again and again and again before they ceased their hostile actions, because the typical full metal jacket ammunition used there just punches a narrow wound profile like an ice-pick and does not deliver as much energy to surrounding tissues as does the American style bullet with the hollow cavity.

.45 caliber is a traditional American choice, and it’s no trick to teach even a small person to use one effectively. This powerful round has a good reputation for one-shot stops on violent human aggressors. Again, hollow points should be the choice of ammunition. The .45 kicks harder than the 9mm and so, for some, will warrant more training and practice time to gain competency. The US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) is partial to the .45 caliber semiautomatic pistol.

Send in the Teams...

...and when the illegally crossing the border into a sovereign nation to commit violet crime thugs try to engage our teams, send them back across in a box.

Five Federal Lands in Arizona Have Travel Warnings in Place


Imagine the federal government closing a section of the Lincoln Memorial because it was under the control of Mexican drug lords and bands of illegal immigrants.

That scenario is playing out as reality in southern Arizona, where parts of five federal lands -- including two designated national monuments -- continue to post travel warnings or be outright closed to Americans who own the land because of the dangers of "human and drug trafficking" along the Mexican border...

...Bishop, who has introduced legislation that would remove environmental restrictions the Department of Interior imposes on U.S. Border Patrol agents, questioned the message sent by federal authorities by closing off part of the Buenos Aires Refuge.

"That is a ludicrous message," he said. "That policy in unacceptable. That strikes of running a policy of appeasement to drug cartels instead of fighting back. Someone has to say that not one inch of American property will be given to the bad guys and not one death is acceptable."

How's That California Gun Control Working Out For You Arnie?

They have limited the capacity of the magazines, made it hard to get a concealed carry license, and made it even harder to get ammo in some areas of California, and still:

Man Shoots Stepdaughter's Family, Kills 2, Self - 8-Year-Old Boy Among Dead; Police Say Gunman Clearly Entered Fast Food Restaurant Seeking Family


Police said several other people were in the restaurant, but the gunman clearly walked in seeking the four victims. They said the gunman had a long and violent criminal record, but did not give further details.

They are ALL Full of $hit...

...or How We've Been Duped. It is evident that they are all just puppets reading the same tired old script. Click here to see a comedian (not the MSM) expose the truth of the matter.

Hilarious Hat Tip to Gun Slinger

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Obama Says He “Won’t Rest Until Leak Is Stopped”… Then Attends Nationals Baseball Game

Read the article by the above title and just shake your head and repeat after me..."his lips are moving".

What is America Coming To?

Who would have ever believed that a young man who was patriotic and designed a hat with soldiers on it would be chastised and have his hat banned by the school officials? Anyhow, some good Americans took notice, and the young man ended up with a challenge coin and public recognition for his honorable act. How excellent!

RI boy who made banned toy soldier hat gets medal


EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) - A Rhode Island boy whose school banned a hat he made because the toy soldiers on it carried tiny guns was awarded a medal on Friday for his patriotic efforts.

Lt. Gen. Reginald Centracchio, the retired head of the Rhode Island National Guard, gave 8-year-old David Morales a medal called a challenge coin during an appearance on WPRO-AM's John DePetro show.

Centracchio said the second-grader should be thanked for recognizing veterans and soldiers.

"You did nothing wrong, and you did an outstanding job," he said. "We can only hope that kids of your caliber will continue to defend this country."

Centracchio also gave David a certificate that allows him to call himself a brigadier general.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Self Defense is as American as Apple Pie

If you don't believe me, it might be a good time to re-read the history of the nation.

Brazen home-invasion robberies stir Jupiter Farms residents to action


JUPITER FARMS — A trio of would-be robbers who shuffled up a front yard on Alexander Run with a pump-action shotgun last week had the misfortune of confronting an armed homeowner in the driveway. He stared them down until they ran off.

But if they had tried one of the neighbors instead in the rural Jupiter Farms enclave, they might not have had much better luck. In the house next door lives a Vietnam veteran with heavy firepower in his bedroom. At the two houses across the street, the homeowners were packing heat too.

It's no secret that much of an unincorporated swath of pine tree-studded acre lots, elegant mini-mansions, rugged ranch homes and rural individualism - is heavily armed. And after two brazen home-invasion robberies and one attempt earlier this month, some residents are buying new bullets and brushing up on Florida's self-defense laws.

"If they get inside my house they'll die," vowed Joe Melchiosse, a Vietnam vet and air-conditioning repair worker who lives next-door to the site of the attempted robbery. "At least they'll get hurt."...

...But it was clear many were in no mood to negotiate with trespassers. The crowd burst into applause and cheers when a Jupiter Farms resident stood and advised the other residents to gun down intruders.

"We all have guns in our house," the man said. "If you have an armed intruder in your house, shoot him."

Did Chris Matthews say Constitutional Law? (obama)


Figures. MSNBC Mockumentary Discusses Obama’s Days as Brilliant Constitutional Law Professor But Actually Shows Him Teaching Alinsky Tactics

What a freakin hatchet job and industrial strength negative spin Matthews tried to put on the tea party.

Go Ahead Hillary...Tip the First Domino...

...and then watch the effect as angry Americans turn on you and tenth amendment rights swing into action. What are you going to do when states such as Arizona and others start withholding monies and make the move to secede from the union? Well, at least you will have California on your side...oh yeah...I forgot...they're bankrupt.

Arizona Governor Vows to Fight Any Federal Lawsuit Over Immigration Law


Clinton said in an interview with a TV station in Ecuador that the Obama administration "will be bringing" suit against Arizona for its immigration law, though the Justice Department for weeks has said that the issue is still under review.

"What a disappointment," Brewer told Fox News' Greta Van Susteren on Thursday, saying she was shocked the administration would make such an announcement on foreign TV without giving Arizona officials the news first. Her office hadn't heard from the administration as of Thursday evening.

Here is the statement about the lawsuit coming from the mouth of Hillary:

Hillary Clinton: Yes, Obama is filing a lawsuit against the Arizona law

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Afghans MIA on the Streets of America??

EXCLUSIVE: Alert Issued for 17 Afghan Military Members AWOL From U.S. Air Force Base


A nationwide alert has been issued for 17 members of the Afghan military who have gone AWOL from a Texas Air Force base where foreign military officers who are training to become pilots are taught English, has learned.

The Afghan officers and enlisted men have security badges that give them access to secure U.S. defense installations, according to the lookout bulletin, "Afghan Military Deserters in CONUS [Continental U.S.]," issued by Naval Criminal Investigative Service in Dallas, and obtained by

...Each Afghan was issued a Department of Defense Common Access Card, an identification card used to gain access to secure military installations, with which they "could attempt to enter DOD installations," according to the bulletin...

As Guns Shy has said recently, something is brewing in America on the terrorist front. Maybe the Afghan's will hook up with the 300 missing Somali's and they can get something going together.

Some more interesting reading here.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Black Panthers want a civil war with the Tea Party

Liar Liar Pants on Fire???

Even the college kids who voted for him have realized that they were sucked in and drank the kool-aid. Click here for the video.

But don't worry aAmerica...he is going to "take care" of the people affected by the Gulf oil spill (wink wink)

Some More "good news"

Interpol chief: Air travel 'scares me'- Warns of lax security globally as more and more fly


Noble lamented that the current situation has deteriorated to the point where criminals often find it easier to cross borders than Interpol officials:

The Chronology of an "empty suit" (oil spill)

Click here to watch the video.

Duty, Honor, Country...

...and also remembrance.

Rolling Thunder 2010 - A Marine's Vigil

I wonder what golf course Mr Obama was on when this event was taking place? Anyhow, other presidents recognized the event as being important:

Raw Video: Bush Meets 'Rolling Thunder'

Hat Tip to Steve-o

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

All You Need to Do is Change a Few Words and Then...

Here is the original headline:

Police seize 100,000 anti-Vladimir Putin books

Change a few words and...

Feds seize 100,000 anti-Obama websites

So you think I am just fooling around?

Bill would give president emergency control of Internet

Cass Sunstein's despicable ideas on regulating the internet

Here is some more reading that might be of interest:

Jay Rockefeller: Internet should have never existed

US appoints first cyber warfare general

Oh Nancy..."Bob" Has Something He Wants to Tell you

Click here Ms Pelosi.

A Video About Islam

Click here to view.

Dealing With a Knife Attack

Self Defense Against Knives

I wrote an earlier commentary on the topic here.

Even the Kids in New Jersey Know How Screwed Up Their State is

Click here to watch the video.

Blast From the Past: How safe are you in your urban dwelling?

One of my earlier commentaries by the above title can be found here. The video is a must view.

Hollywood Gun Myths Exposed

5 Ridiculous Gun Myths Everyone Believes (Thanks to Movies)

Watch Out For Falling Approval Ratings

Obama Approval Drops to New Low


Maybe those vacations, the half dozen, or so, parties, and the several rounds of golf during the 9-11-style BP oil spill didn’t play out so well with the American public after all?

Who's Going Through Your Underwear at OIA?

Maybe they should perfect screening their own employees first.

Ex-TSA Worker Takes Plea Deal For Seeking Sex Slave


ORLANDO -- A former TSA worker accepted a plea deal Tuesday for trying to make one of his own relatives his sex slave.

War is Hell on High

New hyper realistic training gives young warriors a chance to ramp up in a controlled environment. Click here to watch the video.

Hat Tip to Capt Dale

The British are Tired

Click here to watch the video.

Radical Muslims Hurl Insults at Returning British Troops – Brits Hurl Frozen Pork Sausages at Radical Muslims

Islamic Hatred: Soldiers' Parade Ruined by Muslim protesters, Brand War Heroes ‘Murderers’ as Homecoming Parade turns Violent, EDL Stands Against Vile Islamic Supremacism

But Michelle Obama Said That Mexico Was "safe"...

You remember the video don't you?

Mexican Army Kills 15 as Soldiers Battle Gunmen in Tourist Town of Taxco


Does the dynamic duo of Mickey and Obie really have any credibility on any topic?

Too Freakin Funny...

You'll never guess what Obama saw at Gulf - Motorcade drove past electronic billboard: 'Where's the birth certificate?'


NAVARRE, Fla. – Barack Obama had a close encounter of the eligibility kind today as his motorcade drove past an electronic billboard on Highway 98 here asking the question, "Where's the birth certificate?"

At this point, Obama has lost all credibility with North Floridians because of his weak response, and they have now decided to fix the problem themselves:

Okaloosa defies Unified Command over East Pass plans


DESTIN — Okaloosa County isn’t taking oil spill orders any more.

County commissioners voted unanimously to give their emergency management team the power to take whatever action it deems necessary to prevent oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill from entering Choctawhatchee Bay through the East Pass.

That means the team, led by Public Safety Director Dino Villani, can take whatever action it sees fit to protect the pass without having its plans approved by state or federal authorities.

Commission chairman Wayne Harris said he and his fellow commissioners made their unanimous decision knowing full well they could be prosecuted for it.

“We made the decision legislatively to break the laws if necessary. We will do whatever it takes to protect our county’s waterways and we’re prepared to go to jail to do it,” he said.

It makes me proud to be a Floridian. When the going gets tough, Floridians roll up their sleeves and get busy, while telling the poser in chief to just go away.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This is Nothing That Some Teams of Spec Operators Can't Handle...

...give them a little close air support as well.

Obama Gives Part of Arizona to Mexicans

I wrote about this a while back in an earlier commentary here.

While He is Busy Appeasing Those Who Hate the American Way...

...he is busy trying to restrict firearms ownership by law abiding citizens.

Governor’s gun bill will be revived, DeLeo says


Governor Deval Patrick’s proposal to limit gun purchasers to one firearm per month and toughen penalties for gun offenses will see action on the House floor, Speaker Robert A. DeLeo said yesterday, nearly a week after lawmakers appeared to have sent the bill to a legislative graveyard...

...Under the governor’s bill, violators who purchase more than one gun per month would face a maximum fine of $1,000 or a 30-month jail sentence on a first offense, and a maximum $5,000 fine or five years in prison on a subsequent offense.

If you are not familiar with Deval Patrick's work, click here and view the video.

Click here for a solution.

From a Reader

As a rule, I don't pass along these "add your name" lists that appear in emails, BUT this one is important. It has been circulating for months and has been sent to more than 20 million people. We don't want to lose any names on the list so just hit forward and send it on.

Please keep it going!

To show your support for President Obama, please scroll to the very end of the list and add your name.

1. Michelle Obama
2. Hugo Chavez
3. Fidel Castro

Note: Gun Shy added the last two names, because I know that they are big supporters as well.

Hat Tip to Steve-o

Is it the End of the World as We Know it?

I don't know about you, but I feel fine.

Nightmare vision for Europe as EU chief warns 'democracy could disappear' in Greece, Spain and Portugal

Maybe it is More of Those Dangerous Right Wing Extremist "tea partier" Types?

Well, mayor Bloomberg and other lefty political figures would like to thinks so as they did in the NYC times square incident but...

Apparent major terrorist attack thwarted at big US base in Florida


Debkafile's counter-terror sources add: Had the couple gained entry to MacDill base,donned the uniforms and used the rifles they brought with them, they could potentially have carried out the biggest attack ever on a US military facility inside America.

Armed pair held at Central Command base

Please read my earlier commentary here, and see if you can spot any possible relationship to what may be going on. In the end, it may be nothing or just unclear reporting on the media's part, but there is definitely something brewing in regards to future terrorism in America, and Fort Hood is an obvious indicator. You can read my earlier posts here and here.

If the Shoe Fits...

Even the lefty college students that voted him in are now sour grapes. Click here to watch the video.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Comedy Mimics Reality

Click here to view the video.

It’s Been a Hectic Few Months of Dhimmitude Here in America…

...or “Don’t look now, but your dhimmitude is showing”

Comedy Central Censors 'South Park' Episode After Muslim Site's Threats

All this of course, while releasing a new show that bashes Christianity.

Comedy Central Protects Islam, Slams Christianity

Department of Homeland Dhimmitude: J-Nap cuddles with Muslim Brotherhood

Miami Transit Pulls SIOA "Leaving Islam" Ads: Living Under Sharia

Detroit transit sued for nixing 'Leaving Islam?' ad

U.S. government rejects SIOA trademark -- it offends Islam

YouTube silences Latma, removes We Con the World

Don’t be disheartened. You can find the excellent parody song re-posted here:

New postings of We Con the World

It even hit the technology sector:

Apple pulls ‘iSlam Muhammad’ app from App Store

Paypal Cuts Off Atlas: Truth is the New Hate Speech

And last but not least, let’s not forget the dhimmi in chief:

Obama White House Dumps Franklin Graham as CAIR Celebrates

"I am a Muslim," Obama Tells Egyptian Foreign Minister Gheit - Islamic Coup on the White House

...and his spokespeople:

Obama advisor John Brennan speaks about the beauty of Islam

What a Difference a Few Miles Make

I am talking about the few miles between gun friendly Virginia and rabidly anti gun D.C.

Isn't it ironic that the last attack in D.C. was by a citizen from the gun anal restrictive state of California.

In Virginia, it is legal to open carry a firearm. Click here to read about the "rules". Florida should examine some of the finer points about Virginia gun laws.

If It’s Not About Color Could it be About Religion?

Gaza already pledged 7.5 TIMES more US aid per head [$579.95] than Haiti [$77.47]


This astounding Haiti- Gaza comparison does not get much media or political or NGO notice.

This story is even much worse than it seems - when you look at both the populations and deaths involved.

CIA estimate is [ 2009 ] 1,551,859 people in Gaza, but 5,035,536 in Haiti. This means that PER HEAD, Gaza gets $579.95 but Haiti only $77.47.

Gaza was thus pledged 7.5 TIMES as much per head after the IDF operation as Haiti after the devastating earthquake.

Admittedly, there has been some talk lately about Mr Obama's belief system.

An Update About the Attempted Restriction of Free Speech by Pay Pal

I had addressed this in an earlier commentary found here.

Anyhow, here is the latest as freedom rings and Pay Pal is red faced. Serves them right. They offered to reinstate her account, but Pam decided to drop Pay Pal and go with GUN PAL.

Atta Girl Pam!

Maybe Americans Aren't as Stupid as Everyone Thinks

The Results of a USA Today Poll:

Does the Second Amendment give individuals the right to bear arms?

YES 97%
NO 2%

Based on 6978833 votes so far.

The polls are still open. Go here to enter your vote.

Thanks to Stan the man

In the End it is All About Perspective

Click here and see what I mean.

If this video was produced by AARP, it is clever, but they still suck because of their position on obamacare.

Hat tip to Steve-o

Gun Control Myths...

...or "If we repeat a lie long enough, maybe the public will believe that it is true."

Click here to read all about it.

Interesting Video About the Palestinians and Their "homeland"

Watch the video here.

It should be noted that linguistically there can't be any "Palestinians", because the Arabic language does not have the letter "p" or a letter that creates that sound. It is believed that the word Palestine was derived from a Latin word, and is an Arab pronunciation of the Roman Palaestina.

Who Has a Right to Jerusalem ?

It should be noted, that Jerusalem is mentioned 61 times in the New Testament, and 643 times in the Jewish Bible (Tenach), which Christians refer to as the Old Testament, both which predate the Koran by centuries. The Arabic names for Jerusalem which is al quds is not mentioned in the Koran once. In an expanded interpretation of the Koran from the 12th century, one passage is said to imply a reference to Jerusalem, but does not mention it specifically by name.

Top Obama Officials Now Calling Jerusalem "Al-Quds

Here he speaks in Arabic and refers to Jerusalem as al quds.

Obama advisor John Brennan speaks about the beauty of Islam