Monday, February 28, 2011

Will the 'sacrificing' Never End???

Obama's jetset fitness trainer helps shed pounds, adds to global warming


With a schedule as hectic as President Obama's it must be hard to stick to a training regimen without help -- but why does he insist on having his old trainer fly out from Chicago to D.C. regularly when Obama and his wife exhort the rest of us to drive less? And in a recession? According to Ashley Parker at the New York Times, Obama's fitness czar Cornell McClellan comes out to D.C. every week:

Everyone Must Have Some Skin in the Game… Obamas Fly in Personal Trainer Once a Month

The Cult of Multi

For many years, everyone was drinking the kool aid. Now it appears that the whole move is being reconsidered.

Denial is NOT a River in Egypt (or D.C.)

Another one of Obies boys on display.

Additional discussion here.

More reality here.

Fasten your bull$hit belt before you click here.

Oh...But They Surely Don't Do That Anymore (wink wink)

Grisly US Gov't Testing On Humans Revealed

Here is the bottom line. People with evil in their hearts crave money, power, and influence. That is why many of these types are attracted to government positions, because the pockets are so deep and they can feel that they are above reproach. It is no different than above ground testing of nukes in the West so that the fallout would blow across the whole country, when if they had tested them on the East coast, it would have blown out to sea instead. It is true...LOVE of money is the root of all evil. Some day they will all stand before God and give an account. I hope they enjoyed their life of comfort for those few short years that was built on the hurt and misery of others that they caused.

The Future of America?

Click here to watch the video and see if you recognize any of the similarities.

The Higher Education of Jihad?

Click here to watch the video.

Some additional footage here.


Read the commentary by the above title by clicking here.

The Ted Kennedy Legacy

Well, we were was worse than we originally thought:

Judicial Watch Obtains Previously Redacted Material from the FBI File of the Late Senator Ted Kennedy


* “While Kennedy was in Santiago he made arrangements to ‘rent’ a brothel for an entire night. Kennedy allegedly invited one of the Embassy chauffeurs to participate in the night’s activities.”

* “[I]n each country Kennedy insisted on interviewing ‘the angry young men’ of the country. He wanted to meet with communists and others who had left-wing views. …Ambassador Freeman, Bogota, said the first person whom Kennedy wanted to meet was Lauchlin Currie.” (The document subsequently identifies Currie as a person who “had been mentioned in Washington investigations of Soviet spy rings.”)

* “[I]n Mexico Kennedy asked Ambassador Mann that certain left-wingers be invited to the Embassy residence where interviews could be held. Mann took the strong position that he would not invite such people and stated that if any such interviews were to be conducted, all arrangements should be made by Kennedy himself.”

Live by the Sword Die by the Sword


Five making bomb killed in explosion


KOCHI: Five Muslim League members were killed in an explosion while they were making crude bombs at Nadapuram near Kerala's Kozhikode.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Obie?

Obama to face Shariah court? - Cleric says president 'must embrace Islam' or be tried when Muslims take over U.S.


President Obama must embrace Islam as a way of life or face the consequences of a trial under the Shariah Islamic court system, declared British extremist cleric Anjem Choudary.

Choudary, founder and former chief of two Islamic groups disbanded by the British authorities under anti-terror legislation, is planning a Washington protest later this week in which he says he will call on American Muslims to revolt against the country and implement Shariah law...

...Choudary has publicly stated he believes the flag of Islam will fly over White House. He repeated that contention in his interview with Klein today.

"I do believe that as a Muslim every part of the world will be governed by the Shariah," he said. "So symbolically the flag of Islam will fly from every single country, every single nation."

Well...There Ya Go Al...

Let's not give Al Gore any more ideas.

Small Nuclear War Could Reverse Global Warming for Years

Rapidly Escalating Gas Prices and Now This...

Farrakhan: Mideast uprisings will come to US


Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan predicted on Sunday that America faces imminent uprisings that mirror those in the Middle East.

“What you are looking at in Tunisia, in Egypt … Libya, in Bahrain … what you see happening there … you’d better prepare because it will be coming to your door,” Farrakhan said in a booming voice, thousands of followers cheering in his wake.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Coming to a Bus in New York City Soon??

Click here to watch the video.

If you have any doubts, then click here and see what you think.

Triumph of the Human Spirit

Click here for a feel good video that will make you want to soar.

Hat Tip to Gun Slinger

Some People 'get' the Obama 'strategy'...

...or lack thereof.

Niall Ferguson Completely Destroys Entire MSNBC Panel on Obama’s Foreign Policy Disaster

Alan Keyes on Second Amendment Logic

Click here to watch the video.

For Any 'christian' Readers Who Voted for Obama

Behold your 'christian' president...

Why Obama Is Not A Christian:

Reason #1

Reason #2

Reason #3

Reason #4

Reason #5

Reason #6

Reason #7

Obama Vs. Keyes: Christianity

An interesting video can be found here.

A word of advice for those who say they are Christians from the New Testament:

Matthew 7
20 Therefore, by their fruits you shall know them.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Once You Pull the Pin Mr Grenade is NOT Your Friend

Click here to watch a Chinese epic fail.

Oklahoma is Cutting Edge When it Comes to 2A

Lots of gun friendly laws being proposed in Oklahoma

Young Pseudo Hippy Protestors Get a Lesson in Respect

Go over to Black Five and read Uncle Jimbo's latest here and be sure to watch the video.


Are these the people who are going to be controlling the destiny of America in a few years? This is the face of those who elected Obama.

Obie Was Partying as Our Teams Were Standing Down While Americans Were Stranded...

...while the Brits teams were getting busy.

UK Military Planes Make Secret Libyan Rescues


The rescue mission was bold because few planes have been able to fly through Libyan air space. It was not immediately clear if it was a British special forces mission, but the government has not ruled out using the SAS to evacuate Libyan oil fields and rescue trapped Britons.

Here is what the stranded Americans got.

The Gun Industry Will be Making a 'Mass' Exodus Shortly

From the state that Teddy Kennedy built:

Microstamping Bill Introduced In Massachusetts


As it is, microstamping is an unproven, untested, and unreliable technology that can be defeated with a common nail file. If the true intent of Rep. Linsky and his fellow compatriots was to drive the gun makers out of the Commonwealth and kill job creation in Massachusetts, then they just might succeed if this bill passes.

Well...Hillary Probably Thinks it is a Good Idea

Click here to watch the video.

More of your tax dollars at work.

More 'charitable' Acts From the religion of peace

Islamists Shouting “Allahu Akbar” Stab Coptic Priest to Death in Egypt

Murder of 70-year-old Chaldean man in Baghdad raises fears of more attacks

Even the liberals are starting to figure it out.

Check out this and this as well.

Will Obie Ever Stop 'sacrificing'?

Woo-Hoo… Another White House Shindig- Gladys Knight Will Perform For Obamas On Monday

Yet another case of Obie Partying While America Burns.

Mexican American Mayor Wants a Six-Foot Security Wall Erected Around His LA Mansion...

...Aren't sanctuary cities great? Welcome to the Mexican gang capital of the world...the 'house' that you help build...mayor.

L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Wants a Six-Foot Security Wall Erected Around His Mansion

Here is a quote from wikipedia:

Los Angeles County is considered the Gang Capital of America, with an estimated 120,000 (41,000 in the City) gang members[15] although Chicago actually has a higher rate of gang membership per capita than Los Angeles. Also, the state of Illinois has a higher rate of gang membership (8-11 gang members per 1,000 population) than California (5-7 gang members per 1,000 population).[16] There were at least 30,000 gangs and 800,000 gang members active across the USA in 2007.[17][18] About 900,000 gang members lived "within local communities across the country," and about 147,000 were in U.S. prisons or jails in 2009.[19] By 1999, Hispanics accounted for 47% of all gang members, Blacks 31%, Whites 13%, and Asians 6%.[20]

How's that sanctuary city working out for you....mayor?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Financial Shell Game Explained

Click here to be enlightened.

Americans Need to Learn the Law...

...especially when it comes to their Constitutional rights:


§ 1983. Civil action for deprivation of rights

Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State or Territory or the District of Columbia, subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress, except that in any action brought against a judicial officer for an act or omission taken in such officer’s judicial capacity, injunctive relief shall not be granted unless a declaratory decree was violated or declaratory relief was unavailable. For the purposes of this section, any Act of Congress applicable exclusively to the District of Columbia shall be considered to be a statute of the District of Columbia.

ATF on the Hot Seat

Click here and watch the video.

It should be interesting to see what CBS does with the story.

Can Someone Tell These Knuckleheads That They are Fired Already?

Whats next? Stopping people at red lights and making them get out of their cars and go through scanners? Watch the video.

TSA Harasses 9-yo Boy and Other Train Passengers After Their Trip

Those Who Hate Us and Our Way of Life Coming Here to Protest on American Soil

Click here to watch the interview.

I Guess We All 'sacrifice' in Different Ways

The term sacrifice in Obamanese actually means PARTY!!!

White House to celebrate Motown with tribute concert

True Grit and the Reality of War

Watch these two video’s of Mil blogger David Bellavia.

If you do not do well with the rough stuff, watch this one.

If you are accustomed to the violence of war, then you should watch this one. It may be a bit hard for some people to handle so be forewarned, but it will break down the myths of a so called sterile war.

The good news, is that David is getting into politics, like many others who are former Military such as Allen West.

Maybe David can straighten out the slimy mess that is Noo Yawk politics.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Allen West Sets the Record Straight

Click here to watch the video.

Don't Look Now But They Are Surrounding Us

I have been watching this trend for a while, and I am glad that someone is reporting on it finally:

Hezb'Allah (the "party of Allah") in Mexico

Pussyfooting With the Pirates

Pirates add ammo, men to ships after 4 US deaths


The U.S. military said that 15 pirates detained after the Americans were slain Tuesday could face trial in the United States.

In Gun Shy's opinion they should have faced a burial at sea instead.


What does the Quran say about a life for a life...anyone?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Is That 58 Deordorant Sticks Stuffed Down Your Pants?

...or are you just happy to see me? At least he was cool, calm, and collected down there.

Alleged Deodorant Thief Busted

Gun Shy Thinks it is a Great Idea...

... but I would like to even elaborate a little further:

Bill Calls for Illegals to Be Dumped at Offices of Congressmen - Says all illegal immigrants should be ‘taken to the office of a US Senator or Congressman and left there’

Gun Shy thinks that the illegal immigrants should be dropped off a the offices of the Mayors who run the so called sanctuary cities. I love the immigrant population from the many countries that come to America legally, and those immigrants comprise an important part of the fabric of our great nation.

This is What Happens When a President Waits to Give the Order

4 Americans on hijacked yacht dead off Somalia - U.S. Navy warship shadowing seized vessel takes action after gunshots are heard; 4 hostages apparently killed by captors, some pirates dead


CBS News national security correspondent David Martin reports that gunshots aboard the yacht were heard, and the warship took action. All four Americans were dead, killed apparently by their captors. There were more than a dozen pirates on board, some dead and others captured, Martin reports.

Once the shots were fired, the Navy could then take action. They could have taken it much earlier if the order had come down from the president. The four killed were American Christians, who had a boat full of Bibles. Just another case of Muslims killing kufar Christians. It is about time that America shows some spine, and goes in and cleans house on the somali pirates. I am sure Russia and a few other nations would be happy to do this as a joint venture.

Wake up America...

...or this is your future. You may want to watch this as well.

Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws. Mayer Amschel Rothschild, 1790

An Interesting Commentary on the Economy

Bernanke, You Stupid Bastard

Some more interesting reading here.

Not the Same/Same

Click here to see.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Noo Yawk Mikey Going After Guns Again

Watch as George Suck-up-anopoulos, who is a throwback from the Clinton debacle interviews him here.

Don't Try to Blow Sunshine Up Allen West's Butt...

Click here to watch the "discussion".

Florida in Fore Front on Second Amendment Once Again

HR 822: Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill Introduced


Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-FL) introduced HR 822 on Friday. It is:

To amend title 18, United States Code, to provide a national standard in accordance with which nonresidents of a State may carry concealed firearms in the State.

Is This What the dhimmi's Have Been Waiting For?

Maybe Obie, Bloomberg, and Hillary and others can join these chuckle heads on the white house lawn in a show of solidarity.

Extremist cleric to lead White House protest calling for Muslims to 'rise up and establish Islamic state in America'


A hardline Muslim cleric who sparked anger across the U.S. with his anti-American comments in a television interview this month is to hold a protest outside the White House.

British extremist Anjem Choudary - who once said 'the flag of Islam will fly over the White House' - has announced he will lead a demonstration calling on Muslims to establish the Sharia law across America.

This is not the first time that mr choudry has called for sharia in America.

But This Could Never Happen In America...

Really? Check out the number of privatized prisons in the U.S. these days.

'Cash for kids' judge took $1m kickback from private jail builder to lock children up

The Reality of the Gun Control Crowd

Click here to read an important commentary.

A Truly 'pimped out' Mall Ninja's Dream Gun

Click here to watch the video.

The American Public Gave Up Their Dignity for Safety...

...but sadly, they are still not safe.

TSA Source: Armed Agent Slips Past DFW Body Scanner


An undercover TSA agent was able to get through security at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport with a handgun during testing of the enhanced-imaging body scanners, according to a high-ranking, inside source at the Transportation Security Administration.

The source said the undercover agent carried a pistol in her undergarments when she put the body scanners to the test. The officer successfully made it through the airport's body scanners every time she tried, the source said.

Clever American Kids

I am not a big fan of rap, but when my young side kick pointed out this video of a couple American kids placing their order beat box rap style at a McDonalds Drive thru, I had to post the link here.

The girl taking the order had a good sense of humor, and this is just another fine example of the mixed culture that we all enjoy here in America. "I'm Lovin it".

Two Great Commentaries That Are Based in Reality

Click here to read the first one.

Let it be noted, that Gun Shy is always pro law enforcement, unless there is a petty tyrant on the loose standing behind a shield and uniform threatening people while foregoing their oath to serve and protect.

An Interesting Commentary About Possible Terrorists Sleeper Cells

Of course, Gun Shy has postulated this for many years since 911, but it is interesting to see someone else elaborating on the subject in print.

Islamist sleeper cells in U.S.--secretly lying in wait

Terrorists should note, that for every sleeper cell here in America, there are 1000 armed patriotic Americans just waiting, to assure that you get your martyr wish fulfilled immediately following your initial attack.

More bonus reading here.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

No Virginia Tech in Texas

Texas poised to pass bill allowing guns on campus

What is FOX News Trying to Pull?

Click here to read the commentary and watch the video. I wonder if this could have anything to do with it?

The Fox News connection to Ground Zero mosque - Hundreds of thousands for project's imam come from high-profile network investor


The Saudi prince whose post-9/11 relief check was rejected by former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani has found a more willing recipient in the city for his millions: the head of the Ground Zero mosque project.

The same Saudi potentate, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, owns the biggest chunk of the parent company of the Fox News Channel outside of the Murdoch family.

Tomorrow's Youth Has a Message for the Current Administration...

...and all of the other chuckle headed jack wagons from ALL political parties who wasted money flying around the world vacationing and enjoying the good life while spending the inheritance of tomorrow's youth like money was going out of style. Their let them eat cake attitude will put tomorrow's youth in the hole financially when they grow up, and will probably even affect their grand kids quality of life decades from now. For the politicians who have given them nothing but poli-tricks they should click here to view the special message just for them.

Quote of the Day

"I would rather have a German division in front of me than a French one behind me." General George Patton during WW2

Gun Shy Has an Idea How Wisconsin Can Make up Their Deficit

Maybe they should quit being one of the few anti second amendment dumb-ass states, and try issuing some Concealed Carry permits to the law abiding citizens which could raise a lot of revenue. Also, pro second amendment rights supporters might start traveling there for vacation and their tourist revenue would increase radically as well.


It is now 2010, and Wisconsin is one of only two states that completely prohibits anyone but police officers and sheriffs' deputies from carrying concealed weapons for self defense.

Our anti-gun opponents, led by Governor Jim Doyle, argue that Wisconsin has a relatively low crime rate compared to other states. Tell that to the 12,000+ victims of murder, attempted murder, rape, robbery, assault and other violent crimes that happen every year in our state.

I would strongly suggest that they closely scrutinize the protesters that have been there this week if any of them apply, because they appear to have random tendencies towards violent behavior, and may not be good candidates.

Freedom of Speech and Protest is Okay... long as it fits in with the narrative I guess. Watch as Queen Hillary ignores an American veteran's right to protest by clicking below.

VETERAN’S GROUP DEMANDS APOLOGY FROM SEC. OF STATE CLINTON - Claims vet was manhandled for silent protest

It does not matter if I agree with what he was protesting. As an American, he has that right.

Obie Quote of the Year

"If you’re a family trying to cut back, you might skip going out to dinner, you might put off a vacation."

As Obie and his family jets around the world on vacations payed for by taxpayer dollars, Gun Shy must ask "What is this guy smoking?"

A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words

(click image to enlarge)

When You Have No Defensive Weapons that Say 'HELL NO!"...

...then you have no protection against the tyrants and you disappear, and become a state mandated 'organ donor'.

Arrests after "Jasmine Revolution" call in China


BEIJING - Several top Chinese rights activists have disappeared into police custody as a web campaign urged angry citizens to mark the Middle East's "Jasmine Revolution" with protests, campaigners said Sunday.

Up to 15 leading Chinese rights lawyers and activists have disappeared since Saturday amid a nationwide police mobilisation, according to activists, while the government appeared to censor Internet postings calling for the demonstrations.

What many Americans do not realize, is that these people who went 'missing' may never be heard from again, because they will be killed and their organs harvested and sold on the black market. How do you like our 'new masters' that the politicians sold us out to America? I am so glad that Obie bowed to these monsters, as well as others. Tyrants so love gun control.

WTFU America.

Quote of the Day

Radical terrorists enjoy blowing themselves up, and we enjoy blowing them up. With so much in common, you'd think we'd get along better...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

2012 May Show Just How Stupid the Voters Really Are...

... or maybe not.

Obie and company are running the psychological operations already. Click here to read all about it.

I Am Not Feeling the Love Here...

Afghan imam: "The Jews and Christians are our enemies. No doubt about it."


KABUL - For the U.S. government, and for the 100,000 American troops fighting in Afghanistan, the messages delivered last Friday could hardly have been worse.

Under the weathered blue dome of Kabul's largest mosque, a distinguished preacher, Enayatullah Balegh, pledged support for "any plan that can defeat" foreign military forces in Afghanistan, denouncing what he called "the political power of these children of Jews."

Across town, a firebrand imam named Habibullah was even more blunt.

"Let these jackals leave this country," the preacher, who uses only one name, declared of foreign troops. "Let these brothers of monkeys, gorillas and pigs leave this country. The people of Afghanistan should determine their own fate."

Tyrants Love it When the Citizens are Unarmed... they can't return fire at the tyrants who are trying to kill them.

Shocking Video: Bahrain Army Opens Fire On Peaceful Protesters

Amnesty says 46 killed by Libyan security forces


"This alarming rise in the death toll, and the reported nature of the victims' injuries, strongly suggests that security forces are permitted use lethal force against unarmed protesters calling for political change,"...

Will the Blatant Hypocrisy Ever Cease?

More hypocritical actions from the let them eat cake crowd here.

I am Sure Israel Has a Message for You as Well Hillary

Hillary Clinton: Israeli Settlements 'Illegitimate'

What Israel should say to Hillary:

You're Illegitimate...Read the Bible.

That's right Ms Hillarious. God wrote the land deed. You, your husband, Jimmy Carter, and the other gaggle of lefty Israel haters have no say in the matter...unless you are really so deluded to believe that you are more powerful than God. Maybe you should go bake some cookies, and leave the serious decisions to the Almighty.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Is Orlando More Dangerous Than Detroit?

Is Orlando more dangerous than Detroit?

Let me answer the question posed in the title. Some parts might be. I will admit that crime has gone down during the last year or so. The problem is the gangstas that are moving in from New York, Chicago, and other cities. Although I no longer live in Orlando proper, I do travel about the city a lot when I am not off on an adventure in another area of the country. Yes Orlando is a dangerous urban environment, and there is violent crime in Orlando, and as times get tougher economically, the crime will surely increase, but as Gun Shy always likes to say, every neighborhood is a safe neighborhood when you are carrying a .45....or two.

Sexual Jihad?

You learn something new and more twisted every day I guess. Click here to read the commentary.

Swiss Gun Owners Make Swiss Cheese Out of Anti Gun Bill

The lefties lose once again. Click here to read all about it.

These Should be a Big Hit in the Public Schools

Expect a wave mass suspensions, and child protective services working overtime to interview the families who purchased these violent evil notebooks for their kids.

Something Was Brewing

2 immigrants charged with possessing 222 rifles


Jose Beltran-Bermudez is charged with possession of 142 AK-47s and five pistols. He and Yazmin Arvayo-Palafox were charged with possessing another 80 AK-47s...

...The indictment doesn't charge them with gun smuggling, but authorities say the guns were headed to Mexico.

Which authorities would that be. Could it be these authorities?

Another conclusion was that maybe they were arming themselves and their group for a little terrorism right here, or they were getting the guns for middle eastern terrorists that their narco terrorist buddies were smuggling across our borders to create chaos.

Getting Back to Our 2A Roots One State at a Time

South Carolina Considers Constitutional Carry

Why Terrorists Will Never Invade Florida

Because they are terrified of our state animal, the Florida Hamstinator, who loves his bacon and will fight to the death before he gives it up.

(click image to enlarge)

Wake Up and Smell the Terrorist Coffee Brewing in America

Click here and Bridgette Gabriel and Allen West will tell you all about it.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

'Infidels' Beware...

For all the world peace people who asks "can't we all just get along?", the answer according to these people:

‘Palestinian’ fatwa: Permissible to Kill Jews and Christians, They are Not Innocent

'Multiculturalism' Courtesy of Your Tax Dollars

Click here to find out about it.

Now read the bad news here, and here, and here, and also here.

Let's not forget the Christmas bomber.

More Vehicle Jihadi

Click here to watch the video.

An Interesting Blog for the Readers

Click here to check it out. The author doesn't pull any punches.

An Interesting Commentary on What's Ahead for America

Click here to read it and ponder the reality value.

The 'Carolyn Clip' or 'McCarthy Mag'

Choose which ever title suits you by clicking here.

A Walk Down Memory Lane for Gun Owners

Click here to take the stroll. My how times have changed.

Video's That All Americans Should Watch

Click here to watch the series.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Another Possible Vehicle Jihadi?

Taxi Cab Driver In Stingaree Crash Identified - 35 Injured After Taxi Crashes Into Gaslamp Nightclub Stingaree


Police confirmed Daly was the only person in the cab and that he stopped at the stop sign on the corner before driving about 15 miles per hour into the crowd. Jimenez landed on the taxi and suffered only bruising to his legs and hand. He was trained as an EMT and immediately started helping the victims...

...Police would not release any more information about Daly's background, but friends who know him said Daly is an Egyptian native. Friends also said Daly worked in Egypt as a dermatologist.

Hmm...GunShy is hoping that it is not another incident like the ones I reported on here:

More on the Threat of 'Vehicular Jihad'

TSA on 'display'....AGAIN

Two TSA agents busted at JFK Airport for stealing $160,000 from checked bags

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Will There be Riots in the Streets??

Click here to watch the video.

Quote of the Day

"If I had a visa to anywhere, I'd join them. But that's not going to happen," said Mohammed Khaled, a 28-year-old Egyptian doctor. "Right now, I'd settle for a gun, but I can't even find one of those."

Read the complete article here.

The Gun Control Idiocy That is Noo Joisey

A "Beacon of Stupidity"

Professor Mahfooz Kanwar Opposes Multiculturalism

You can read the article by that title here.


“If you want to live under sharia law, go back to the hellhole country you came from, or go to another hellhole country that lives under sharia law,” says Mahfooz Kanwar, a member of the Muslim Canadian Congress.

...He makes it clear, that like most Canadians, he is pleased and enjoys that Canada has citizens literally from every country and corner in the world, as it has enriched this country immensely. But it’s official multiculturalism – the state policy “that entrenches the lie” that all cultures and beliefs are of equal value and of equal validity in Canada that he objects to.

It's Starting to Get Ugly

OC protesters rally at Islamic fundraiser


YORBA LINDA, Calif. (KABC) -- Hundreds protested in Orange County on Sunday night, accusing speakers at an Islamic fundraiser of being radical Muslims.

"You're messing with Americans now. We're not England, we're not British, we're Americans," one protester yelled.

Even though the politicians in California have politically correct raisins for testicles, it seems that the pioneer spirit among native Californians is still alive and well.

Another Sign of the Times

Click here to find out what you haven't been told by the media.

Part 2 here

Part 3 here

A Sign of the Times

Click here to witness the selling off of America like a yard sale.

Speaking of the F-35...

...Uncle Jimbo has some great video of this aerial hot rod over at BlackFive here.

For All of the Parents Anxiously Awaiting Sharia...

Click here to watch the videos and let me know what you think.

Allen West on 'multiculturalism'

Click here to here Allen's spot on definition.

An Interesting View of Arizona Immigration

Click here to watch the video.

Can't We Elect This Guy as President?

Yeah...I know. He is a Brit, and doesn't have a long form birth certificate to prove that he is an American....but come to think of it neither does....oh nevermind.

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage on FOX NEWS USA - December 2010

Click here for some more classic Nigel.

Nigel heats it up here.

Oh...and don't miss this one.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The True Meaning of Multiculturalism

Click here to find out what it is.

It's a Good Thing That No Law Abiding Citizens Were Allowed to Carry a Gun

...oh wait...if someone had a gun this idiot would have been stopped immediately, but since the law abiding citizens of Zoo York have been disarmed... I guess the people who were supposed to keep the citizens "safe" were no where to be found till the end.

Maksim Gelman, accused of killing 4 in stabbing, carjacking spree caught after daylong manhunt


Gelman, described as a druggie graffiti vandal, lashed out at innocent bystanders as he cut a bloody swath through the city with six knives - sparking a massive manhunt.

"I don't recall ever seeing anything like this," said Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly. "He certainly did a lot of mayhem and havoc in a short time."

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sorry College Age Obama Supporters But... just got f&*%$d at the Obama drive thru.

How's that "hope and change" workin out for ya?

Obama Thanks American Youth For Their Vote… Cuts Pell Grants


In 2008 Obama took 66% of the youth vote. This weekend he thanked them. Obama cut $100 billion from Pell Grants.

Are we sure it wasn't 666% of the vote? Just wondering.

Former CIA chief warns: U.S. 'at war' with Shariah

Click here to read the commentary.

Quote of the Day

“Thirty years of Karate, combat experience on five continents, a rating with every weapon that shoots a bullet or holds an edge. Still haven’t found any defense against mom crying in my shirt."

Michael Weston from the TV show “Burn Notice”

Our Friends From the North are Waking Up...

I only hope that it isn't too late. Take heed America.

"It is naïve to think that all cultures are compatible with Canadian values"


"It is naive to think that all cultures are compatible with Canadian values," Shouten said. "Take the freedom of conscience, the freedom to practice, or not practice, the religion of our choice as an example. Sharia requires that those who renounce Islam be put to death by the faithful. It is never just, never lawful in Canada for a group to abridge the rights and freedoms of any other Canadian, regardless of their current or former relationship to that group, for instance apostate Muslims."

Fear of violence from radical Muslims made headlines last month when Surrey's Coptic churches requested RCMP protection during their Christmas celebrations, which fall on Jan. 7 for those following the Julian calendar.

At Least Someone Gets It

"U.S. Will Not Become U.S. of Europe on our Watch"

How Liberal Journalists Think

Click here to find out.

Time to Get Rid of the Knee Jerk

Click here for a view.

Quote of the Day

"Carry your gun - it's a lighter burden than regret." --Breda

Why They Can't Eliminate High Capacity Magazines...

...because of they did, no violent felon would ever get shot. From the people who dare to disarm you so that you can not defend yourself:

NY Police Shooting Stats

This Video Reminds Me of the "hope and change" Crowd

Click here to see what I mean. Hopefully, someone will be there to throw the hammer in 2012.

What Happens When You Don't Have a Gun...

...and you have relied on someone else to protect you.

Egyptian neighbors creating local militias


Until recently, Seif Awad worked a day job as an account manager for Cisco. But since Saturday he has begun volunteering at nights, protecting his neighborhood with a volunteer defense squad of young male neighbors armed with makeshift weapons. Last night he armed himself with a big stick. On Sunday, Awad bought gasoline canisters and started making Molotov cocktails.

The Cavalry Isn't Coming... you need to learn to be your own.

No One Heard Her Scream

Saturday, February 12, 2011

TSA Gets Myth Busted

Click here to watch the video.

Oh Girls Just Wanna Have Guns?

Click here to see for yourself.

Quote of the Day

"In God we trust, everyone else keep your hands where we can see them."

STOP THE PRESSES: Bill Maher and Alan Keyes Agree on Something

Maher Questions Obama's Christianity: "I Just Don't Believe It"

Obama Vs. Keyes: Christianity

Thanks Again Obie and Hillary

Mubarak slammed U.S. in phone call with Israeli MK before resignation


"He had very tough things to say about the United States," said Ben-Eliezer, a member of the Labor Party who has held talks with Mubarak on numerous occasions while serving in various Israeli coalition governments.

"He gave me a lesson in democracy and said: 'We see the democracy the United States spearheaded in Iran and with Hamas, in Gaza, and that's the fate of the Middle East,'" Ben-Eliezer said.

"'They may be talking about democracy but they don't know what they're talking about and the result will be extremism and radical Islam,'" he quoted Mubarak as saying.

Just Put Your Fingers in Your Ears and Say 'lalalalalala' and Maybe the Bad Man Will Go Away

Actions are demonstrating to young Americans that you should not take any action against criminals.

4 Walmart employees fired after disarming gunman caught shoplifting

Robb Allen Has an Important Read Over at His Website

It can be viewed here. And remember, don't just read it but also take action. You can learn more by clicking here as well.

The Problem Isn't "multiculturalism"..

The problem is that a group wants to come to another established nation under the guise of religion, and then change everything about that nation to fit their own personal beliefs and agenda. The bottom line, is that the established culture and views of the West is not compatible with their ideologies.

Sarkozy latest to declare multiculturalism a failure


AFP - French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Thursday declared that multiculturalism had failed, joining a growing number of world leaders or ex-leaders who have condemned it.
"We have been too concerned about the identity of the person who was arriving and not enough about the identity of the country that was receiving him," he said in a television interview in which he declared the concept a "failure."

Nothing Intelligent to See Here

Click here to see what I am talking about.

Maybe Janet's Right...Illegal Immigration is Nothing to Worry About

Tell it to the families of these people Janet:

Illegal immigrant charged with triple murder in Virginia


An illegal immigrant from El Salvador has been charged in a triple slaying in Virginia.

Jose Oswaldo Reyes-Alfaro, 37, was arrested and charged Thursday in two attacks that resulted in the shooting deaths of Brenda Ashcraft, William Ashcraft and Julia Cesar Ulloa, all residents of Manassas, Virginia. Two other people sustained gunshot wounds, and a third suffered knife wounds.

Here is a quote from another article found here:

MANASSAS, Va. – A Salvadoran man who was ordered deported nearly a decade ago but never left has been charged with three counts of first-degree murder in a series of shootings and a knife attack in a Virginia suburb of Washington, authorities said Friday.

A Thought For Today

We have been given the freedom as humans to be self reliant, but with that freedom there also comes a great responsibility. You can choose to strive to excel and allow yourself to be forged in the fire of excellence, or you can accept mediocrity and complacency as your standard. In one’s journey of martial pursuits and combat systems, you will learn quickly that today’s preparation will most certainly insure tomorrow’s success. If you are the head of your family, you have a responsibility to train your family to defend themselves so that you all will prevail when a conflict seeks you out, because those who love, trust, respect, ad look to you for leadership will also be relying on you for their security and safety when times of trouble arise. In order to do this effectively, everyone will need to test themselves daily so that everyone's limits will become self evident, and then you all will need to push the training envelope to expand those limits to the maximum, because the once safe nation that Americans enjoyed a half a century ago has exited the building never to return.

Life is too short, and too important of a gift to think that you are good enough without any established proof, or to rely on the notion that you will survive this dangerous world because you are just that lucky. As the old expression goes, the harder you work the 'luckier' you will become. Start increasing your luck today.

More Peace Love and Understanding From "The Religion of Peace"

Muslim Students in Great Britain Taught How to Chop Off Hands

Maybe the people teaching these things need to listen to this song.

A bonus song for the hand choppers.

Nothing to See Here

Homeland Security Dismisses Arizona’s Countersuit As ‘Meritless’

Why Carolyn McCarty Should Sit Down and STFU

Read the blurb and watch the video and you will see for yourself. New York and New Jersey voters need to vote clowns like McCarthy out.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Taking the Mexico's Gun Supply and the 90 Percent Myth to the Mat Hard

Hillary and friends haven't been lying to the American public all this time have they?

Mexico's Gun Supply and the 90 Percent Myth


Interestingly, the part of this argument pertaining to guns has been adopted by many politicians and government officials in the United States in recent years. It has now become quite common to hear U.S. officials confidently assert that 90 percent of the weapons used by the Mexican drug cartels come from the United States. However, a close examination of the dynamics of the cartel wars in Mexico — and of how the oft-echoed 90 percent number was reached — clearly demonstrates that the number is more political rhetoric than empirical fact.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why Do Factions of Islam Delight in Killing Jews and Christians so Much?

Oh yes…and let’s not forget Hindus when there are no Jews and Christians available. If you want to know why, click here to read a commentary that may answer some questions.

Quote of the Day

"When an armed man guardeth his home, thieves are as Swiss-cheese in the night air."
- Book of Stoner, Chapter 15, Verse 5.56

Napolitano: Threat may be highest since 9/11

But of course it is Janet, because with you at the security helm, and the people currently occupying the white house, we are now seen as a week nation just begging to be attacked. Terrorists respect strength and abhor the math Janet.

You can watch her speech by clicking here.

Nothing to see there Janet? Maybe there is something to see here.

Florida is First Crossing the Finish Line Once Again

States revolt over health reform, Florida says it's not the law here


Emboldened by Florida federal Judge Roger Vinson's decision that mandatory insurance is unconstitutional and the entire health act invalid, Republican state officials have taken the position that the law is not in effect in Florida.

As a result, they will not enforce a new rule requiring insurers to spend 80 to 85 percent of consumers' premiums on health care services.

They've snubbed $2 million worth of federal health reform planning grants meant to help states regulate their insurance industry and set up state-based insurance markets for individuals and small businesses.

A Riveting Interview With Sal Giunta

Click here to watch the video. Be sure to catch his comment at the end, which truly demonstrates how humble this young hero is.

Sometimes a Hero Happens

Sal Giunta didn't plan on being one that day. He just chose to do what was right. You can watch the video here, and be sure to read the commentary linked below.

Should he stay or should he go?

No Bloodbath in the Streets Yet...

...but the gun grabbers remain hopeful.

Locked and loaded: Concealed carry grows as critics’ fears of ‘bloodbath’ proven wrong

Speaking of the Hypocrite Michael Moore

I watched "Bowling for Columbine" yesterday. I had never seen it, and didn't realize what a liberal piece of spin garbage it was. Now the guy who apparently hates capitalism is suing some film guys for even more money. Click here to watch Glen Beck make fun of this.

Allen West 'gets it'

Click here to watch the video.

Who Needs "Extended" Magazines?

A better question might be "Who Doesn't?" Click here to see what I mean.

I am sure Ronnie was okay with large capacity "clips".

A Glimpse of Sanity is Being Restored in North Carolina

Click here to read about it.

More Bull$hit From Hollywood

Click here to get an ear full of BS.

If you click here you can see some photos of those "outgunned" New York City Police.

What WAS Gibbs?

Click here to see what I mean.

Something You Won't See on American TV Today

Making toy guns evil and eliminating kids from playing with semi realistic toy guns was part of the ongoing liberal emasculation process.

Mattel Tommy Burst TV commercial 1960s!

If Americans are not careful, their sons could end up like this.

Pretty 'fly' for a White Guy

Check out this Obama impersonator by clicking here.

The Media's "catch phrases" vs the Reality of the Egypt Situation

Click here to read the perspectives.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Now American Children Can be Asked to Recite the Koran in Arabic in the Classroom

Mandatory Arabic Classes Coming To Mansfield


MANSFIELD (CBSDFW.COM) – Some Students at Mansfield ISD schools could soon be learning Arabic as a required language. The school district wants students at select schools to take Arabic language and culture classes as part of a federally funded grant.

The Foreign Language Assistance Program (FLAP) grant was awarded to Mansfield ISD last summer by the U.S. Department of Education.

As part of the five-year $1.3 million grant, Arabic classes would be mandatory at Cross Timbers Intermediate School and Kenneth Davis Elementary School. The program would also be optional for students at T. A. Howard Middle School and Summit High School.

Oh yes...and now the school age children will be able to watch their cartoons and understand the Arabic instead of having to read the subtitles.

F-35…What is the REAL Cost?

Many of the people who are trying to give the kiss of death to the F-35 project are continually citing cost as the basis for their argument. While President Obama is spending the money our future grand children like it is going out of style, his deficit commission has been pushing to drastically cut back production of the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter, which is currently the world's only fifth generation multi-role fighter, while other superpowers such as China and Russia are coming up uncomfortably fast in the rear view mirror with their own latest and greatest in this air combat arena.

In this installment, we are going to examine what is the true cost of this technological combat marvel when all things are factored in. First of all, let’s examine the figures, and how they compare to other planes being built by other nations at this time. Initially, the projected cost of the F-35 was in the $60 million dollar range. Then the cost estimate numbers started to go up, possibly due to the fact that they were cutting back on the number of planes purchased. Now the numbers are reported by various agencies to be in the $100+ million dollar plus range. This is the same reported price range that Russia and China are projecting to develop versions of their own 5th gen fighters, so the cost is still comparable.

Now for a moment, let’s return to the scenario I outlined in my earlier installment of this commentary to try and get a perspective on the real cost. The scenario I am referring to is the one where we had a team of twelve Special Operations personnel pinned down by enemy fire with their retreat closed off and about to be over run, and it was critical to call in effective air support or the team would perish. As many of the readers know, Spec Operators are one of America’s greatest military assets, and the time it takes to train one of these Elite Warriors in the official training schools/programs is about three years. Other various elements of team training are not even taken into consideration in the three year estimate, and the projected total cost to train a Spec Operator is about one million dollars when all is considered. I assume that the number would be even higher for Tier 1 Operators such as Delta, DEVGRU, etc. In the little incident I detailed earlier, if you do the math you will find that you have twelve million dollars in human assets at risk on the ground, and that is before you even factor in the cost of their high tech equipment. Does anyone really want to be protecting our Elite Warriors using obsolete aircraft that would put our Warriors at risk to save a few dollars? Let me explain further to better clarify my position. When a Combat Controller starts calling in air support it is not just some sort of sloppy walk in the park. Fast moving planes scream in to drop their ordnance on the enemy locations, and then need to be able to turn on a dime to get back in the fight. After the first pass there is nothing but dust in the air and all visual contact with the team on the ground for the most part has been lost. At this juncture it becomes critical that the pilot has a highly maneuverable plane equipped with the best communication systems as well as electronic instrumentation and controls, because at this point, that is all the pilot has to rely on, and this is the difference between the team making it out alive because of a well delivered surgical strike on the enemies location, or the next of kin receiving a knock at their door to be regretfully notified that their son or brother has become a victim of friendly fire. Some of the readers might be thinking “Gun Shy, it seems that you have strong opinions on this and are a bit passionate on the topic”. My answer is “Hell yes I am”, because when I think about America’s finest digging themselves in to get below the blast wave and the shrapnel as they call in the strike, I want to know that the pilots are wielding a finely tuned scalpel which is capable of performing the most exacting surgical strike, and anyone who has done their homework knows that is what the F-35 is all about. To further clarify my position, while Congressman and Senators are sitting on their fat asses in Washington shining seats and voting themselves pay raises as they bask in the good life that is paid for by the blood of our warriors in the field, and people like Nancy Pelosi are enjoying their wonderful life at the expense of tax paying Americans, our President who is continually vacationing with his family and living the good life, and jetting about to global warming summits in between throwing rock concerts at the white house is looking to reduce our air assets based on cost that could mean the difference between life and death to those putting their lives on the line in the field daily. Yeah…I’m passionate about this, because our Warriors deserve the best with no costs spared, because America owes that to them...period.

In my next installment, we will look at the true cost of cutting the program in reference to American jobs that will be lost and its effect on our Nation’s economy

Monday, February 7, 2011

What is an American "Sheepdog"?

A "sheepdog" is a person who looks to guard the lives of others. Sheepdogs do not care about politics, race, or creed. Sheepdogs just do what they do no matter who it is who needs the help. Click here to learn more.

High Capacity "Clip-o-phobia"

Gunned Down By The "Extended Capacity Clip"


George Stephanopolus had an interview this morning with Kelly O'Brien on Good Morning America. Her fiancee, Gabe Zimmerman, was the Rep. Gabby Giffords' outreach coordinator in Tucson and was killed by Jared Loughner in the Tucson shootings.

Ms. O'Brien was on GMA to lend her support to bills being introduced into the Arizona House and Senate which would limit magazine capacity to 10. She is a sympathetic figure and you grieve for her loss. I think we can expect to see more of her as well as others related to this shooting being used to push for restrictions on standard capacity magazines.

This high capacity "clip" myth is almost as misleading as the Americans guns cause Mexican crime myth. Gun Shy can change the supposedly much safer ten round mags so quickly, that you can barely notice the change in the shooting rhythm. To give you an idea how fast a mag can be changed click here.

The powers to be have a much bigger problem that they need to focus on, and stop worrying about the "hardware", because the problem is in the heart of those who seek to perpetrate evil.

TSA at Work

Click here for a laugh.

"If You See Something..."

Here is a new twist for the latest catch phrase promoted by Janet N. Click on the link here and you will laugh.

Gun Shy Doesn't Hate You Obie...

...but at the same time I can't take you seriously because your actions have demonstrated that you are as full of crap as a thanksgiving turkey, so I as well as many other Americans, some whom you have slanderously labeled as bitter clingers, do not trust you.

Obama says people who hate him don't know him


WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama says he doesn't take it personally when people say they hate him. And the thing he dislikes most about being president is the constant, intense scrutiny.

"The people who dislike you don't know you. The folks who hate you, they don't know you," Obama said Sunday in an interview broadcast during Fox's pre-game coverage of the Super Bowl. "What they hate is whatever funhouse mirror image of you that's out there. They don't know you."

Since you claim to be a Christian Mr O, I will give you this admonition from the book that you say you follow, which is the New Testament:

Matthew 7
20 Thus you will recognize them by their fruits.

Let's examine some of those fruits by clicking here and also here and here.

If you are reading Obie, since you are professing to be a Christian, you might also want to read the second part of Revelation 21:8 which says:

...and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death."

Why the Gun IS Civilization

Click here to read the commentary by the above title.

The Two Sides of the Coin

Click here to learn about the deception.

Will Micky O Join This Group?

It no secret that Michelle Obama doesn't want YOU to have fast food. (although it is okay for her and her husband) I wonder if she will rush out to join this group.

While Some Americans are Going to Bed Hungry...

...Obie is throwing yet another party for him and his friends.


For his Super Bowl party Sunday evening, Obama is offering Yuengling Lager and Light, brewed in Pennsylvania, and Hinterland Pale Ale and Amber Ale, all the way from Wisconsin. Independents can pour down some White House Honey Ale if they like.

The rest of the menu for the 100 or so guests at the White House bash is tailgate-friendly even if served inside the Executive Mansion: bratwurst, kielbasa, cheeseburgers, deep-dish pizza and Buffalo wings with sides of German potato salad, twice-baked potatoes and assorted chips and dips.

I am sure that the Americans who are eating the leftovers from fast food dumpsters will be very impressed. So much for us all having to sacrifice. I wonder if Micky O planned and approved the menu. Thou hypocrites.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another Reason Why I Love Florida

Florida governor gives $200k to Wounded Warriors Project

A Solid Indicator That Gun Control is Failing in Maryland

Maryland Shall Issue supports reciprocity bill: Legislation would acknowledge permits across state lines.


The president of the grassroots group notes that Maryland’s violent crime rate is disproportionately higher than that of its neighbors despite the state’s overly restrictive gun laws and where permits to lawfully carry a handgun are almost always denied. He goes on to say, “Many residents of our neighboring states choose to spend their money by visiting the approximately 40 other states that, unlike Maryland, allow them the means to protect themselves and their families. Maryland’s violent crime rate, coupled with the restriction on the right to self-defense, dissuades many of our neighbors from visiting here.”

I agree, and that is why when I am working in Virginia, I choose to go to Virginia Beach instead of Ocean City Maryland.

America is a Lot Like the Dynamite Monkey

America and her people are a lot like the 'dynamite monkey'. Americans for the most part are fairly tolerant. When the terrorists flew planes into our buildings on 911, that was like the first nudge to the dynamite monkey. Now Americans are kind of perturbed, but not yet taunted. I am afraid if some terrorists were to successfully attack one of our cities with a dirty bomb or a chemical/biological agent, that the $hit would immediately hit the proverbial fan and the powers to be would not be able to control the response of the American people. As I have stated time and time again, a good share of Americans are armed with multiple high power weapons, and if they felt that their families or nation were seriously threatened, the terrorist could find themselves caught up in a response that they were not prepared for. So a friendly word of advice to all of those would would seek to do us harm. Don't taunt the dynamite monkey.

Who is the REAL Mob??

"Bob" is here to tell you.

How Israeli's View Obama's Position on Egypt

Part of the video is in Hebrew with sub-titles, but the humorous song is in English. Click here to watch the video.

Gun Shy Salutes America's Hunters

As I have said in earlier commentaries, if any foreign nation ever decides to invade America, I hope they drop their people in the mountains of West Virginia or Tennessee, or in the swamps of Florida or Louisiana, because none of them would ever make it out alive once the locals got a hold of them. What many in America do not realize, is that many of America's hunters are armed with what could be considered as sniper rifles which they use to hunt with on a regular basis. So how important could America's hunters be to our national security if we were ever under attack? Read the quote below and you will see what I am getting at. You can read the complete article here.

The World's Largest Army

I bet you didn’t know this. . .

In WWII, Japan's highest-ranking naval officer was Isoruku Yamamoto. Although he was Japanese, and his loyalties were unquestionably with The Empire, he studied for many years in America, graduating from Harvard University. There is an oft-repeated (and sometimes disputed) quote attributed to him regarding the possibility of any nation taking a war to American soil:

"You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass."

Here is why he was correct:

America's Hunters. The World's Largest Army.

The state of Wisconsin has gone an entire deer hunting season without someone getting killed. That's great, considering there were over 600,000 hunters that got permits this year.

Allow me to restate that number: 600,000

Over the last two months, the eighth largest army in the world - more men under arms than Iran; more than France and Germany combined - deployed to the woods of a single American state to keep the deer population under control.

But that pales in comparison to the 750,000 who are in the woods of Pennsylvania this week. Michigan's 700,000 hunters have now returned home. Toss in a quarter million hunters in West Virginia, and it is literally the case that the hunters of those four states alone would comprise the largest army in the world.

And that is just FOUR states.

The total population of registered hunters in America today ranges from 23 million to 43.7 million individuals. (Based on annual data provided by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.) As long as the American Hunter retains his right to Bear Arms, America will forever be safe from foreign invasion of troops.

Hunting – it's not just a way to fill the freezer. It's a matter of National Security.

If They Don't Like the North American Culture Why Do They Come to Canada and America?

Canada: Muslims don’t want children in infidel music, mixed phys-ed classes

The Counter Terrorism Experts in the Private Sector See What's Going On... why are the people who are supposed to be keeping America safe in such denial, to the point where they are trying to soft sell the danger?

As the powers to be keep failing to keep Americans safe, secure out borders and are even planning on giving truckers from Mexico a free pass to cross at will, here is how the counter terrorism experts view the threats to America as well as other nations that they will be discussing at a counter terrorism summit. You can view all of their lectures by clicking here.


Monday: Global Narco-Terror Nexus

The public, media, and many political leaders observe the border crisis as a one dimensional dilemma. This summit provides substantial evidence proving the border crisis as a truly multidimensional international crisis. Too many nodes are tied together which have built numerous networks that present a global system of funding terrorist activities. Participants will be presented the data points proving such statements, be capable of identifying and observing the numerous networks and grand system, and be capable of briefing such information to their peers. This class will serve as a foundation for the remainder of courses presented throughout the week.

Here is how they view the very real threat of radical Islam:

Friday: Islamic Literalist Ideology

One of the greatest weapons used by terrorist organizations against the United States and its citizens is our own ignorance of them. This presentation will disarm that weapon and provide the audience with tools to defend our principles and help defeat their ideology. We will discuss the radicals’ long term goals for the United States and ultimately what they hope to achieve. This course is a must for all in the conflict with Islamic literalism. This includes our military, policy makers, law enforcement, and educators

So once again if you are reading Janet N, I suggest that you step down from your position, so that some trained professionals with an experienced real world view can get busy protecting our nation before it is too late.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Florida Moves Forward to Put the Hammer Down on the Gun Grabbers

STOP Local Governments across Florida From Violating State Law!

How To Destabilize A Region (or a nation)

How To Destabilize A Region

Who's Keeping You Safe at the Superbowl?

It appears that you are....again.

Homeland Security Secretary Inspects Super Bowl Site, Says Fans Have ‘Shared Responsibility’ for Security at Game and Across the Country


“We are partnering this year with the NFL on our ‘If You See Something, Say Something’ campaign and launching that NFL partnership right here at the Super Bowl,” Napolitano said during a press conference on Monday at Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas where Sunday’s game will be played.

Well Janet, now that you have asked if I "see something", I guess that it is only prudent that I give you my opinion. First of all, I see our nations security at it's weakest point ever since you have been appointed to your position. You nor your agency has not been good, but thankfully we have been lucky and were able to dodge a few bullets due the the quick response of our citizens. And since I am giving my opinion, I think it is best if you resign so that they can put someone will real experience that is competent in the position that you currently occupy. Sorry if you do not agree with my evaluation...but asked, so it was my duty as a citizen to say something.

More From the 'other' People Who Keep You Safe

Death in the Desert: Project Gunwalker and the ATF Cover-Up

Is Obie About to Drop the Other Shoe on Gun Control??


Empty Hollow Arguments for Gun Control



Representative Carolyn McCarthy, who rode into Congress on public sympathy when her husband was murdered and her son wounded by a spree killer, has already introduced a new bill to ban not only extended magazines such as the 33-rounder the Tucson mass murderer used, but ordinary magazines of full capacity. She would limit us again to ten rounds, which did no good in the decade of the Clinton Assault Weapon ban, and will do no good if it passes again. The way it’s worded, however, it will ban many ordinary sporting guns and magazines that have been in law-abiding American families for generations.

I empathize with Representative McCarthy, and I understand her pain. But this is the lady who, when asked if she knew what a barrel shroud was – one of the evil “assault rifle” appurtenances she wanted to ban – replied that she thought it was something to do with the rear end of the gun.

Sorry, but those who would pass legislation controlling law-abiding use of automobiles should, if they’re not drivers themselves, at least know the hood from the trunk. When the lawmaker doesn’t know her butt from her business end about the thing she would ban or even confiscate, it is Nature’s way of telling us that, however well-intentioned and deserving of compassion she may be, she may not be the person to be making those laws.

More From 'The People Who Keep You Safe' Against Terrorists

As I always say at the risk of being redundant, "The Cavalry Isn't Coming".

Senate Ft. Hood Report Critical of FBI, Pentagon