Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Count Your Blessings and...

We are rolling up on Thanksgiving, and it is time to ask yourself what you as an American are thankful for. Are you thankful for living in a free and prosperous nation? Are you thankful that you will be able to get together with your family and have a nice dinner this Thanksgiving? Well, if you are, then think of the troops that won’t be returning home for Thanksgiving to be with their families, because they are paying the debt of freedom for all Americans. And think also of the troops who are now home trying to get re-acclimated to civilian life. As you know, there is a program that works with returning vets to help them move forward in their re-adjustment to civilian life. Listen to this radio interview, click on this link, read about the program, and then if you would, please click on the donate link and throw a few bucks their way.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Living in America!!!

Yeah, there is currently a bunch of chuckle heads inhabiting the white house, but we’re still living in the greatest country in the world. 2012 is coming up quickly, and hopefully there will be a clean sweep in Washington, because Gun Shy believes that many Americans are tired of watching our nation spiraling down the gurgler at the hands of incompetents. If the golfer in chief gets re-elected, then it speaks loudly of one of two things. Americans have been following a media spun compass, buying into the bull$hit, and have lost their way, or ACORN (and whatever new aliases it is operating under) has been extremely busy registering illegals and deceased people in order to circumvent the system in order to get their boy re-elected for another term.

Anyhow, I refuse to let the current gaggle of jokers at the helm and the media jackals who support them take away my joy, because every morning when I wake up, I am still living in America!

Click here to watch a video, and maybe even do a little dance.

And remember, freedom isn’t free, and the REAL 1% (our military) has paid the price for the other 99% so that all Americans could raise their families in a free and prosperous America.

If you want to thank the troops for answering the call to defend our Nation, and for the sacrifice they have made for ALL Americans, (yes that includes you) read the commentary below this one, click on the link, and send a few bucks their way to say thanks for their service and to let them know that you appreciate their sacrifice, and most of all that you care.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Let’s Honor the Veterans Every Day of the Year

First of all, Gun Shy sends out a crisp salute to all the warriors who have served our nation on this Veterans day, because it is a day to honor those who chose to serve and protect the freedom of all Americans. It is great that as nation we have recognized this sacrifice, and have set aside a day in which to do this, but what are we doing for the rest of the year?

Gun Shy would like to take the time to talk to the readers about something else we can do to honor our warriors for the other 364 days of the year. I have had the privilege of working with our wounded warriors, and have seen first hand that there is so much more that every American can do. As you know, Gun Shy does not advertise on this blog, and the only time I promote anything is if I really believe that it is a worth while cause.

Please click here to watch this video to see such an organization.

I am asking the readers to show the support for our troops by donating whatever you can to this worthy cause. Pennies make dollars, dollars make hundreds, and hundreds makes thousands, so give what you can, because it all adds up. Please
click here to find out more and to donate.

So get clicking and send off a few bucks while you ponder this... can you really put a price on freedom? Our Vets didn't hesitate when they heard the call, so let's not hesitate to help the cause of freedom, and honor them by doing a little more when they return home.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Punish the Innocent Let the Guilty Go Free

The innocent being law abiding gun owners, and the guilty being...well...you know.


The scheme saw the federal government provide more than 2,000 firearms to Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel...

...Operation Fast and Furious was run primarily by the DOJ, but involved Obama administration officials spread across four Cabinet-level departments, and included direct links to the White House’s National Security Council.

...Holder used his opening statement to shift the blame to the American gun dealers — whom his Department forced to supply weapons to the cartels — and Congress...

...Senators Diane Feinstein (D-CA) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY) dishonestly claimed that the plot was an extension of the Bush-era Operation Wide Receiver. It most decidedly was not, and Holder himself refuted that connection.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Feinstein argued that the plot — in which the government forced firearms dealers to give weapons to criminals — justified more gun-control laws.

The closing statement of the commentary was this:

"Either Operation Fast and Furious is investigated by an independent counsel, or there is no rule of law in America."

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Oh...That Can Never Happen in America

There has been some press about sexual terrorists that are operating in England, and some Americans have been thinking that it can’t happen here….


Buffalo man gets 4-6 years for keeping 13-year-old girl as sex slave

If you haven’t suffered enough disgust yet, click here .

So Close to the TEA Party That You Could Never EVAH Tell the Difference

Evan Coyne Maloney quizzes the Occupy Wall Street protesters at Zuccotti Park

They are sooo sharp in their knowledge of the issues. There is nothing like a first rate college education.

Some Americans Need to Quit Looking at the Indians With Disdain

Gun Shy is speaking of the Indian people from India. Many Americans look at them as if they are terrorists. They are not, and as a matter of fact, terrorists do not like the people from India, and have been killing them on a regular basis and raping their daughters for many years, and continue to do so today. The people from India are mostly Hindu, and for the most part, they are pacifistic in nature. The men you see with their hair wrapped up in a turban are Sikhs, who are of the warrior class. These warriors fought valiantly and some died trying to save American lives in Mumbai. They have no ill will against us, and have come to America looking for a better life for themselves and their families. Like any race of people there are good and bad, but for the most part, the people of India are lovely people and their neighborhoods are peaceful and well kept. For the readers who didn't know this, now you do, so the next time you see an Indian who owns a business, you will know who they are, and how they fit into the fabric that makes up America.

Political Corectness Along With Apathy is Going to Get Americans Killed

Click here to find out how.

Click here to watch terrorists training on American soil.

Oh...and there's more here.

Yep...EXACTLY Like the TEA Party

Compare by clicking here and see for yourself.

I wonder if the a$$hole who said that OWS is just like the TEA party has realized that he/she is totally clueless?

Holder Just Waiting for the Bus...

...that Obie will be throwing him under shortly.

Holder to face gun-walking music at Senate hearing

The Company That Bloomberg Keeps

This is a post from a forum found here:

The Mayor Bloomberg Puzzler

Here is a puzzler for Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City: What two things do all 15 of these mayors (and former mayors) have in common?

Mayor Patricia Christensen - Port St. Lucie, Florida
Mayor Will Wynn - Austin, Texas
Mayor Sheila Dixon - Baltimore, Maryland
Mayor Eddie Perez - Hartford, Connecticut
Mayor Gary Becker - Racine, Wisconsin
Mayor April Capone Almon - East Haven, Connecticut
Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick - Detroit, Michigan
Mayor Delle Donna - Guttenberg, New Jersey
Mayor Roosevelt F. Dorn, Inglewood, California
Mayor Frank Melton - Jackson, Mississippi
Mayor Samuel Rivera - Passaic, New Jersey
Mayor Adam Bradley, White Plains, New York
Mayor Ray Nagin, New Orleans, Louisiana
Mayor Jeremiah Healy - Jersey City, New Jersey
Mayor Larry Langford - Birmingham, Alabama

Answer: They are all criminals, and they are all members (or former members) of your "crime fighting" organization.

Note to Mayor Bloomberg: Instead of background checks on gun buyers, you ought to lobby for background checks on mayors. But "Mayors Against Illegal Mayors" doesn't have quite the same ring to it, does it?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gun Shy Had a Thought This Evening...

...about the Bin Laden raid, and how the mainstream media tried to make the war strategist Obie the courageous mastermind behind the operation, and how Joe Biden gloated about the success, and then gave up the SEAL team who was the primary on the operation to the press. Meanwhile SEALS as well as other tier one/two operators from other branches of the military trained extensively for all of their careers for that operation, as well as many others that have never been publicized. After much thought about how inept this administration is militarily, and thankfully the only input they really have is taking credit in the history books for the success, this was my final thought:

History is rarely made by men of honor. It is more often made by aspiring fools, who willfully and knowingly sacrifice the blood of men more courageous than them in order to achieve those aspirations.

Well Alex and Bill..People in Hell Would Like Ice Water Too...

...but that has about as much of a chance of happening, as you getting rid of the second amendment. Maybe you should relay that to Lanny and Ms Whinestein as well.


After the hearing, Feinstein’s staff refused to answer when The Daily Caller asked how gun control laws would have prevented the abuses in Operation Fast and Furious when the law enforcement agents responsible for upholding gun laws were the individuals giving the weapons to drug cartels.

They also refused to say whether the Sen. Feinstein wanted to hold Obama administration officials accountable for shipping guns into Mexico, for Border Patrol agent Brian Terry’s murder, or for the murders of countless Mexican citizens directly resulting from the failed gun-walking program.

When TheDC asked if Sen. Feinstein cared about the program’s connections to the murder of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent Jaime Zapata, Feinstein’s spokesman pointed to a comment she made during a March 9, 2011 hearing. Then, Feinstein did not mention any relationship between the murder and Operation Fast and Furious.

House oversight committee chairman Rep. Darrell Issa recently indicated that Attorney General Eric Holder may be withholding more information about Zapata’s murder.

If these people are that serious about trying to re-write the second amendment and take firearms away from law abiding Americans, I think they need to go and get them in person themselves.

Why You Shouldn't Buy Your Girl a Gun...

...and then pi$$ her off.

Click here to find out.

The Reality of Taxpayer Financed Government Sponsored Immigration

Somali round-up


Late last month two Minneapolis Somali women (US citizens now!) were convicted of funding terrorist activities back in Africa. Prosecutors said the case had nothing to do with religion but alas, the defendants set the dhimmi court straight on that matter!

From AP ‘go to hell infidels!’

After the verdicts, one of the women, Amina Farah Ali, told the judge through an interpreter that she was happy because she was “going to heaven no matter what,” and condemned those in authority, saying: “You will go to hell.” She was ordered into custody pending her sentencing.

I Guess He Didn't Get the Memo on the Gun Free Zone Thingy

Campus police shoot man at Elizabeth City State University


Campus police pledged to beef up security at Elizabeth City State University after an officer shot a former student who police say was carrying an assault rifle on campus.

Officers said they spotted 24-year-old Rashaad Gardner with the firearm around 2:30 a.m. Saturday near the University Towers residence hall. When police ordered him to drop the weapon, he refused and pointed the gun at officers, campus police Chief Samuel Beamon said during a news conference.

White Punks on Dope

Obie's mostly white college student wanna be revolutionary supporters aka white punks on dope try to prove that they are 'just like the TEA party'...they failed miserably. Click here to watch the video.

Another Traitor Outed From This Administration

Congressman: Science 'czar' giving China U.S. technology - 'Following law not voluntary for administration officials'

Shades of Bill 'Slick Willie' Clinton. It appears that the current administration may have taken a page from his playbook .

More reading:

Washington Post: Armey Sees Possible Treason In Satellite Deals By Ryan Thornburg, 8/26/1998

New York Times: Democrat Fund-Raiser Said to Detail China Tie By Jeff Gerth, 5/15/1998

World Net Daily: The Clinton-Loral-China Axis By Joe Farah, 5/26/1998

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gun Shy Has Come Up With ‘part’ of the Dream Team for the 2012 Elections

Haven’t really decided on President and Vice-President yet, but for Secretary of Defense, let’s go with former Lt Colonel Allan West, and for White House press secretary, let’s go with Uncle Jimbo, a guy who would give leftists, code pinkos, and the current administration clown and his appointments nightmares and cold sweats.

UJ White House Press Brief- Reefer Madness

White House Press Brief- Health care, START & Xmas whine

UJ White House Press Brief- Smoking, Spending & Voting

Whole Lotta Refusin’ Goin’ On

More from the most transparent administration evah.

DOJ refuses to release Kagan Obamacare documents

White House refuses to provide Solyndra documents

Justice Department Obstructing 'Fast and Furious' Gun Probe, ATF Director Says

And let's not forget that yesterday this administration denied Vietnam Veteran and former Navy SEAL Jesse Ventura his right to have his grievance about his Constitutional rights being violated by the TSA to be heard by a jury of his peers. While Joe Biden was receiving five...yes FIVE deferments to keep him out of the military, Jesse served six years, with part of that being in combat in the jungles of Vietnam. Click here to read all about it.

Michael Moore Gets Caught With His Proverbial Pants Down

Finally a reporter with some integrity:

When asked if he would acknowledge that he was rumored to be worth $50 million, and isn’t he part of the 1 percent, Moore replied, “I do very well.”

Cassimy: “How are you helping these people?”

Moore: “Because I do well, I want taxes raised on people who do well, including mine.”

Cassimy: “How are you helping these people with your $50 million?

Moore: “I don’t have $50 million.”

Cassimy: “That’s what it’s rumored you are worth.”

Moore: “Well, really. Is that what you do is sell rumors?”

Cassimy: “We’re asking you for the truth.”

Moore: “You’re just punk media is all you are. You lie. You lie to people. Stop lying to people. Stop lying.”

Cassimy: “Are you not part of the 1 percent?”

Moore: “Just don’t lie, okay?”

Click here to watch the video.

Friday, November 4, 2011

TSA: Consistant as Usual

Loaded Guns On Planes “Not A TSA Issue”


In the latest scandal to rock the perpetually inept Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a loaded gun slipped through “security” at a major U.S. airport and the agency claims there was no system breakdown because it was not its duty to intercept the weapon....

...A few months ago a federal report blasted a $212 million TSA screening program, known as Passenger by Observation Techniques (SPOT), that promised to detect terrorists at U.S. airports. Instead the TSA’s highly specialized Behavior Detection Officers failed to stop terrorists from boarding planes on at least 23 occasions, according to congressional investigators who conducted the probe.

Well, at least they are consistent in their lack of ability to actually stop the threat. So the next time you are getting felt up by a TSA agent, remember that with this agency handling security, Americans who fly are consistently screwed.

Jesse Ventura is Pi$$ed

Click here to hear his radio interview about the TSA.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Look What's Goin on in ObieTown

News flash for this administration. You don't have to allow/encourage guns to be walked into Mexico, because the violent cartel criminals with guns are RIGHT IN YOUR FREAKIN BACK YARD!

‘Vicious, Violent’ Drug Cartel puts Chicago Area on ‘Mexican Border’

More 'crushed nuts' for ACORN

I thought these losers were disbanded. Obie has to somehow keep them alive, or he won't have enough registered dead people and illegal aliens to vote for him in 2012.

ACORN Officials Scramble, Firing Workers and Shredding Documents, After Exposed as Players Behind Occupy Wall Street Protests

A Wake Up Call For the Anti Gun Chorus Led by Senator Whinestein

Hello...it the gangs stupid...and restricting the second amendment rights of law abiding citizens will not fix anything.

Click here to read some facts that the gun grabbers are obviously not aware of.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Silencing of the 'infidel' Lambs

Click here to learn more.

Click here for even more.

More 'submission' From France...

See where their politically correct acquiescence got them by clicking here.

Most of Europe Has 'Submitted'...

...and this is what they get.

Will America be next??

A Great Cop Tells it Like it Is

Gun would like to take this man out to lunch.

He Warned Them Not to Park in His Spot...

Click here to watch the outcome.

Gun Shy Knew it Was Inevitable

Somali suicide bomber from Minneapolis: "Do Jihad in America"


In a clip posted by an Al-Qaida-linked militant group on Somalimemo.net today, the man alleged to be Ali urges fellow Muslims to conduct attacks in Western countries.

"My brothers and sisters, do Jihad in America, do Jihad in Canada, do Jihad in England, anywhere in Europe, in Asia, in Africa, in China, in Australia," the suicide bomber urges.

This is the thanks that American taxpayers get for taking this kid and his family out of war torn Somalia, and bringing them to the land of opportunity and freedom. It is time for the American government agencies to get smart and cut it out.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

From 90% to 66% in One Gun Grabbing Swoop

It must be the new but liars figure math.

Here is a quote from a testimony by gun grabber extraordinaire Diane Feinstein discoursing with Mr GunWalker Lanny Breuer.

FEINSTEIN: So clearly over two-thirds of the weapons used in Mexico by cartels are coming from the United States.

BREUER: That's correct, Senator.

So, how many of that 66% are guns sold by America to Mexican military who then puts them in the hands of drug cartels is Gun Shy's next question, and if the 90% lie is now provably wrong, why should we even entertain the new and improved 66% lie?

SGB Nails It

If you haven't been over to the Silicon Graybeard's blog you should check it out, especially his latest on OWS found here.

It's Time for Obie to Fold Holder

After that he can look into Janet.

Click here to watch the video and see if you agree.

A Wake Up Call for the Occupy Whatever Crowd

Click on the link below. The reality may be a bit painful, but it is good for your personal growth.

Is Anyone Dumb Enough to Believe that Obama Supports the 99%?