Thursday, January 31, 2013

Let Gun Shy Break it Down for You Mr Durbin

First, the readers need to please watch this video.

If you are reading Mr Durbin, here it is. While the New Orleans police who were being assisted by outside agencies as well as the national guard during Katrina in following a constitutionally illegal order from Ray Nagin (now under investigation for other crimes) to disarm law abiding citizens, people were getting raped and robbed, and an elderly lady was getting beat up for having a firearm by those outside 'assisting' agencies (CHP).

Or maybe Mr Durbin, Wayne LaPierre was possibly referring to a cluster f*ck like this one, or many other ones like it.

Gun Shy hopes that Mr Durbin and his buddy from crime ridden Baltimore Maryland both get their smug asses fired by the American people in the future, and if you are reading dick, you are truly living up to your first name.

204 Sheriffs Yesterday...235 Today (gun control)

And the list seems to keep on growing. Bad news for Obama, but good news for freedom loving law abiding Americans.

235 Sheriffs and 5 State Sheriffs Associations Saying ‘NO’ to Obama Gun Control

This Wouldn't Have Ended Well in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, etc.

They would have called out a SWAT team and this might have been escalated to a dangerous possibly deadly situation.

Police Won’t Charge Man for Bringing Loaded Assault Rifle Into Grocery Store

Gun Banner 'logic' 101

First a somewhat comical look at them here

Now a closer more analytical look at their so called logic.

Cuomo and Pals Get a Scolding From New York Sheriffs

Click here to get the scoop and be sure to go and read the letter. This is a clear wake up call that the idiots in New York City do not speak for the people of the state.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gun Grabbers Get Schooled by Texas Senator During Hearing

Click here to view the beauty of facts and logic. Maybe this guy will be the next Governor of Texas.

New York Gun Owners Stand Up to Cuomo, Bloomberg, Shumer, and Other Petty Tyrants

Click here to read their legal document putting everyone involved with the SAFE Act on notice.

Will the Kool Aid Drinking 'zombies' be Coming to Take Your Guns??

I am sure that Biden, Obama, Feinstein, Shumer, Holder, and all of their suck ups would like to see it happen, and probably dream about it daily, but they would never think of doing it themselves. They would try and send someone else with actual courage. 

Click here for a realistic overview of the power structure.

Rahm-bo Gets his Gun Grabbing petty tyrant ass 'slapped' by Texas

Texas once again puts the smackdown on the gun grabbers:

Sen. Cruz Invites IL Banks to Avoid Bullying by “The Godfather” & Move Business to Texas

The full letter can be viewed here.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

America's Finest Define the Rules of Engagement (gun control)

Green Berets Sign Letter Supporting 2nd Amendment

204 Oath Keeping County Sheriffs Sign on to Uphold the Constitution Against the Gun Grabbers

Something YOU need to know, County Sheriff's Honor Roll

With the rapidly mounting number of elected law enforcement professionals, who are signing on to defend the citizen's right of self defense, what will this administration do?

Check out this earlier commentary that might be of interest:

If Sheriffs All Over America Say No Way to the Gun Grabbers How Will They Enforce it??

Initially Gun Grabber McCarthy Didn't Even Know What a Barrel Shroud Was... (gun grabbers hilarious 'knowledge')

...but she had it written into her gun ban bill as an evil, dangerous feature...

...and now she doesn't fully comprehend what the RIFLE she wants to ban, the black, scary,  and very evil AR 15 RIFLE is.

And this woman is writing the gun ban bills?

Carolyn McCarthy Explains Why Women Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Protect Their Homes With AR-15s

Piers Morgan in a recent interview asked Ms McCarthy if women should own an AR15 for self defense. Here is her response:

"I will tell you, if you talk to a professional, hunters and certainly sportsmen, they will tell you that that's probably not the gun to use. A rifle is more accurate. It’s certainly easier for a woman to be able to do that.”

So a rifle is more accurate than a ah...rifle, which is what an AR 15 is.

Here is some classic Carolyn McCarthy on what is a 'barrel shroud':

Interviewer: What's a barrel shroud and why should we regulate it?
McCarthy: I think the more important thing is... (trying to change subject)
Interviewer: I read the legislation. What's a barrel shroud and why should we regulate that?
McCarthy: I'm not saying it was the best bill... (trying to deflect)
Interviewer: Do you know what a barrel shroud is?
McCarthy: I actually don't know what a barrel shroud is...
Interviewer: OK 'cause it's in your legislation...
McCarthy: I think it's "a shoulder thing that goes up."
Interviewer: No it's not.

Watch the video demonstrating her in depth firearms knowledge here.

Now we have Dianne Feinstein:

 "Military-style assault weapons have but one purpose, and in my view that's a military purpose, to hold at the hip, possibly, to spray fire to be able to kill large numbers."

You can read about her above statement here.

Joe Biden demonstrates his weapons IQ here:

Double barrell shotgun

Charles Shumer in an  interview from the first assault weapons ban in the early nineties, stated this after it was pointed out that the only difference between a legal shotgun and a banned shotgun was a pistol grip or a forend on the same weapon:

Well what we're saying is, when you put these extra things on, they become guns that no hunter. or marksman, or someone who needed protection would need, but they become what's called an assault weapon which is used to kill people.

You can view the video here.

Monday, January 28, 2013

If Sheriffs All Over America Say No Way to the Gun Grabbers How Will They Enforce it??

Check out the article below referencing Joe Biden's son Beau, and it may become a little clearer what one of their possible strategies are:

Sheriffs Bushwhacked

Controversial Texas Songwriter Addresses the Gun Grabbers Front and Center

Be sure to watch all the videos on the page.

Video warns Obama: People will fight for guns -'Come and Take It' anthem now has message for president, Congress

'Thou Hypocrite' Oath Breaker Bloomberg and the Oath Breakers Who Protect Him at the Taxpayers Expense

Question for the readers:

What person who has taken an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution would work on a security detail for that guy? Gun Shy would not take that job for any amount of pay, because it is a matter of personal ethics. It appears that Mr Bloomberg would like to strike down all of the amendments including the first. This video speaks volumes about character.

EXCLUSIVE: Journalist Accosted by Security over Mayor Bloomberg Gun Control Question

The article below was written by these officers oath breaking boss, who admits in this article that the 'assault weapons' that they have now banned are only a very minor part of the guns used in crimes, and that the majority of guns used in crimes are illegal hand guns, and not guns owned by law abiding citizens. That said, he still agrees with the ban anyways.

Scourge of NYC’s streets

Are Orlando/Orange County Florida Politicians and Law Enforcement Anti-Gun?

Gun Shy will post some information for review, and let the readers decide.

Nelson: Use common sense in gun-control debate

Demings, Nelson support assault weapons ban

It should be noted that Bill Nelson, who has been described on a local billboard as Obama's lap dog, had a poll on his website to survey how many people were in favor of an assault weapons ban. Over 90% voted that they were against it. So much for the will of the people.

Some other videos here and also here.

Here is something that the readers may remember:

Orlando Police Chief's Gun, Handcuffs Stolen (2009)


Orlando's police chief said she's ready to be reprimanded after her department handgun, handcuffs and drivers license were all stolen. The incident took place nearly one month ago.

The gun was in her unmarked SUV, outside her million dollar home in a gated Dr Phillips community.

Chief Val Demings said she isn't sure how her gun was stolen. She left the gun in a duffle bag and made sure she locked the doors. But Demings said she realizes she made the wrong decision and she's the subject of an internal affairs investigation.

When Val Demings became the Orlando police chief in 2007, she vowed to take illegal guns off the street, but she has become a victim of a crime. Her 9mm gun was stolen out her Chevy Tahoe.

Maybe Sheriff Demings 'gun control' should begin with teaching his wife how to secure her weapon, so that it doesn't end up on the streets of Orlando in the hands of criminals.

An then we have this:

Something Smells 'gun control' Funny Here in O-Town (as well as in Florida)

Group Blasts Orlando's Use of Tax Dollars to Muzzle Gun Rights

MAIG Coordinators Paid as City Employees, Saves Gun-Hater’s Money

Sunday, January 27, 2013

New York Senator Exposes Hypocrisy of Assault Weapons Ban

The guy who did this is one of the New York Second Amendment good guys.



 Brewster, N.Y. – 1/24/2013 – The Department of Homeland Security is the latest to find Governor Cuomo’s anti-Second Amendment agenda is at odds with reality. A report by Steve McGough of cites a General Service Administration (GSA) request for proposal (RFP) on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security and member components such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) seeking over 7,000 AR-15’s and matching 30 round clips.

The RFP describes these weapons as “personal defense weapons” and states they are “suitable for personal defense use in close quarters.” Governor Cuomo in his recently passed “SAFE Act” has banned these very same modern sporting rifles and clips the federal government finds to be “personal defense weapons.”

This federal government rebuke of Cuomo comes just hours after news broke that two students from Rochester lives were evidently saved by an AR-15 as armed intruders entered their home. The very same personal defense weapon Cuomo plans to take out of law abiding gun owners hands protected two of New York’s best and brightest.


The More Feinstein Talks...The Closer to Reality THIS Becomes

Petition to try Senator Feinstein for Treason


we petition the obama administration to:

Try Senator Dianne Feinstein in a Federal Court For Treason To The Constitution

The Constitution was written to restrain the government. No amendment is more important for this purpose than the 2nd amendment. The 2nd amendment was written so the power could be kept with the citizenry in the face of a tyrannical government. It was well understood the Constitution acknowledged certain rights that could not be limited by government.

Senator Dianne Feinstein has made it clear she does not believe in the Constitution or the inalienable rights of Americans to keep and bear arms. She is actively working to destroy the 2nd amendment with her 2013 assault weapons ban. For this reason we the people of the united States petition for her to be tried in Federal Court for treason to the Constitution.

Barack Obama: Gun Expert and Skeet Shooter Extraordinaire

Have any of the readers noticed that recently all of the gun banners are talking about their firearms heritage every time they say they are for the second amendment and not against firearms? It is akin to saying "I'm not racist...some of my best friends are black." while supporting the klan.  Do they think that anyone really believes them? It is the same thing that happened when they all wanted votes during the election and claimed Christianity momentarily.

To get a look at Obama's trigger discipline (with a water pistol no less) click on the link below.

Barack Obama: Hey, We Do Skeet Shooting All the Time at Camp David

Alinsky Rules for Radicals Applied to Gun Control Campaign?


5. "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage."

8. "Keep the pressure on, with different tactics and actions, and utilize all events of the period for your purpose."

10. "The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition. It is this unceasing pressure that results in the reactions from the opposition that are essential for the success of the campaign."

11. "If you push a negative hard and deep enough, it will break through into its counterside... every positive has its negative."

13. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.  In conflict tactics there are certain rules that [should be regarded] as universalities. One is that the opposition must be singled out as the target and 'frozen.'...

     "...any target can always say, 'Why do you center on me when there are others to blame as well?' When your 'freeze the target,' you disregard these [rational but distracting] arguments.... Then, as you zero in and freeze your target and carry out your attack, all the 'others' come out of the woodwork very soon. They become visible by their support of the target...'

     "One acts decisively only in the conviction that all the angels are on one side and all the devils on the other." (pps.127-134)

Feinstein: NRA is 'venal'

Sen. Schumer: NRA Fringe Group, Doesn't Represent Average Gun Owners

Bloomberg Slams NRA’s ‘Paranoid, Dystopian Vision’

Biden Slams NRA: Some Interest Groups 'Are Afraid Of The Facts'

Lautenberg: NRA’s Rhetoric ‘Disturbing And Dangerous’

Fight Crime.Stop the NRA

N.Y. Rep. McCarthy: 'We Have To Break The Myth Of The NRA'

Will Obama Stop at Nothing to Get Total Control of Guns in America?

Click here to watch a video where some serious allegations are put forth that accuse him of just that and much more. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

QUESTION: Was it New York Governor Andrew Cuomo That Said This?

"This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!"

Well no, he didn't actually say that but to some it might be believable that he could have with all of the restrictions he just signed into law. Actually, the above saying is from an internet myth that falsely attributed the quote to Hitler, who actually said this.

The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the supply of arms to the underdogs is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty. So let’s not have any native militia or native police."

Now here is what Cuomo said:

“End the madness now. Pass safe, reasonable gun control in the State of New York. Make this state safer. Save lives. Set an example for the rest of the nation. Let them look at New York and say this is what you can do. This is what you should do,” Cuomo said.

“This is New York, the progressive capital. You show them how we lead,” Cuomo said.

Here is a quote about Cuomo's bill that he signed into law:

The bill limits magazines to seven bullets; increases penalties for gun crimes; gives the state more power to take away guns from mentally ill people; and bans semi-automatic rifles and handguns that have a "military-style feature," such as a bayonet lug. The ban goes into effect immediately. People who already own such guns are grandfathered in but must register them with the state.

I guess they will now need  to amend the second amendment to state that citizens have the right to bear the arms that handy Andy in his vast in depth knowledge of firearms deems allowable for New Yorkers to own.

We Can Safely Assume That THIS GUY Wasn't Standing in Uniform Behind Feinstein When She Gave Her Gun Control Address

This is an example of the difference between an oath keeper, and an oath breaker. This guy clearly cares about the individuals right to self defense, while the gun grabbers and their oath breaking supporters don't.

Sheriff's radio ad says 911 not best option, urges residents to take firearms classes


Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. set off alarm bells Friday with a radio spot some view as a call for citizens to arm themselves.

In the radio ad, Clarke tells residents personal safety isn't a spectator sport anymore, and that "I need you in the game."

"With officers laid off and furloughed, simply calling 911 and waiting is no longer your best option," Clarke intones.

"You could beg for mercy from a violent criminal, hide under the bed, or you can fight back."

Clarke urges listeners to take a firearm safety course and handle a firearm "so you can defend yourself until we get there."

"You have a duty to protect yourself and your family. We're partners now. Can I count on you?"

It's too bad, that this guy isn't the Orange County Florida Sheriff. More on that in the next commentary.

Hey Joe, Obie, Bloomberg, Shumer, and Least Someone is Backing Your Citizen Disarmament Plan

Well, the Chinese government called for citizen disarmament of Americans on the grounds that it is a human rights violation, and now this:

Communists Applaud Obama’s Gun Grab

Speaking of Shumer, not only does he have no valid logic in the current debate, but he didn't back in the nineties when he was first singing the same tired old song.

Gun Shy is not a fan of Alex Jones, but this video has a wealth of quotes from the founding fathers on their interpretation, as opposed to Obie, Joe's, and Feinstein's interpretation.

Speaking of Feinstein, check out this interesting perspective.

If you would like to know the other goals of the communists, you can watch this video about a document written in 1963 to learn more.

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Only Way to Stop a Bad Guy With a Gun in California... a good guy with an 'assault rifle'. 

SoCal school district gets semi-automatic guns

I can visualize the wringing of Feinstein's hands and her gnashing of teeth over this one. 

Urban Areas With High Obama Voting Base Have High Percentage of Murders?

America Doesn’t Have a Gun Problem, It Has a Gang Problem


These cities are the heartland of America’s real gun culture. It isn’t the bitter gun-and-bible clingers in McCain and Romney territory who are racking up a more horrifying annual kill rate than Al Qaeda; it’s Obama’s own voting base...

...A breakdown of the Chicago killing fields shows that 83% of those murdered in Chicago last year had criminal records. In Philly, it’s 75%. In Milwaukee it’s 77% percent. In New Orleans, it’s 64%. In Baltimore, it’s 91%. Many were felons who had served time. And as many as 80% of the homicides were gang related.

This demonstrates that these people were already breaking existing laws, because they could not legally be in possession of a firearm having a criminal record.

So when Piers Morgan is citing 'his' statistics, there may be a few things that he overlooked.

The only thing that the commenter failed to cite while demonstrating that Morgan is a factually inept buffoon, was the percentage of murders done by gang members on other gang members, or innocent citizens during a criminal act.

It Appears That New York City's 'elite' May be in Need of Some 'gun control'

Bystander accidentally shot by NYPD during Empire State Building shootout sues


One of nine bystanders shot when two New York police officers fatally shot a homicidal suspect outside the Empire State Building last summer has filed a lawsuit charging that the officers - who fired 16 bullets, killing the suspect - were not adequately trained...

...“The NYPD is aware of the deficiencies in its training program,” said Stephen B. Epstein, one of the attorneys representing shooting victim Chenin Duclos, 32, a physical therapy student who was struck in the leg, shattering her femur.

“The reason they haven’t made adjustments to the training is that it would cost a substantial amount of money, and they have a budget,” Epstein said. “The reality is, they’re better off paying off judgments than changing training.”

Gun Shy commented on this situation earlier here.

Maybe they should issue NYPD's 'elite' cops thirty round pistol mags to insure that they don't run out of ammo wounding innocent bystanders before they finally hit the perpetrator.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

They Did WHAAAT with 'ASSAULT RIFLES' in California ??? No Freakin' Way!!!

California city arms school guards with 14 Colt LE6940 ARs


Fontana Unified School District police purchased 14 of the Colt LE6940 rifles last fall, and they were delivered the first week of December — a week before the Connecticut school shooting. Over the holiday break, the district’s 14 school police officers received 40 hours of training on the rifles. Officers check them out for each shift from a fireproof safe in the police force’s main office.

Fontana isn’t the first district to try this. Other Southern California districts also have rifle programs — some that have been in operation for several years. Fontana school police Chief Billy Green said he used money from fingerprinting fees to purchase the guns for $14,000 after identifying a “critical vulnerability” in his force’s ability to protect students. The officers, who already wear sidearms, wouldn’t be able to stop a shooter like the one in Connecticut, he said Wednesday.

So while Obama, Biden, Emanuel, and the rest of the liberal gun grabbers and their lapdog 'journalists' who have their children in schools with armed private security were snickering at Wayne LaPierre's suggestion to train and arm school personnel, someone in their rabid gun grabbing golden girl's state of California aka Feinsteins anti gun legislature paradise was making the wise move. How freakin' ironic.

Five Time Deferment From Vietnam Joe Biden Demonstrates his 'gun knowledge'

Click here to watch the short clip as Joe explains that a double barreled shotgun that holds two rounds, is a far better all around weapon than a rifle that has a thirty round mag. What if you have three attackers Joe? Using his logic, we should then issue double barreled shotguns to the troops, and save the huge cost of magazines and rifle ammo.

Click here to watch a longer version with some juicy facts and a whole lot more speculation by Biden.

Hey Joe...maybe we could really cut expenses and just declare Iraq and Afghanistan as "war free zones".

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Now That New York Has Beaten Up on the Second Amendment, It is Time to Work on the Fourth

NYPD Commissioner says department will begin testing  a new high-tech device that scans for concealed weapons 


Get ready for scan-and-frisk. The NYPD will soon deploy new technology allowing police to detect guns carried by criminals without using the typical pat-down procedure, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Wednesday. The department just received a machine that reads terahertz — the natural energy emitted by people and inanimate objects — and allows police to view concealed weapons from a distance.

I met some more New Yorkers the other day at the range who winter here in Florida. They are sick of the New York government, and if they didn't have family there, they wouldn't go back. 

Whinestein Introduces Assault Weapons Ban Tomorrow

Click here to view the REAL endgame.

Educating the Masses on the Truth About Gun Bans

Click here to get more informed.

Forget 'assault' Weapons...Maybe They Should Ban Gun Ownership for Democrats

The 5 Worst/Recent Mass Murders in the USA (with a Firearm) Came from Democrats


The five worst mass killings, where a firearm was used, have a common thread. Hint #1: They didn’t belong to the NRA. They don’t fit the stereotype of the “red-neck” gun owner.

Check it out …

Ft Hood: Registered Democrat/Muslim.
Columbine: Too young to vote; both families were registered Democrats and progressive liberals.
Virginia Tech: Wrote hate mail to President Bush and to his staff.
Colorado Theater: Registered Democrat; staff worker on the Obama campaign; Occupy Wall Street participant; progressive liberal.
Connecticut School Shooter: Registered Democrat; hated Christians.

Common thread is that all of these shooters were progressive liberal Democrats

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First Citizen Disarmament...and Then...

The established pattern of tyrants in the past, is to first disarm the citizenry, and then to silence by force anyone opposing them. Could there be any fact to the below accusation? Gun Shy doesn't know, but it definitely fits the established pattern. 

Litmus Test for Top Officers: Willingness to Fire on Americans

Armed Americans BAD...Armed Middle Eastern Terrorists and Drug Cartel Narco Terrorists GOOD!

Obama’s Fast and Furious Foreign Policy

Missouri Sheriffs Push Back Against Obama Gun Control

Missouri Sheriffs Pledge To Not Enforce Obama’s Gun Control Laws

This is the 'face' of Who is Keeping the 'homeland' Safe

Click here and then here, to see why America is in deep doo doo.

Larry Pratt of GOA Discusses Fast and Furious and Gun Restrictions

Watch this video to see how the Brady Campaign gets their gun grabbing panties in a bunch and tries to change the subject when Larry Pratt discusses Fast and Furious.

GOA Brings Some Reality to MSNBC

Click here to watch the factual smack down.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Will Obama and his mentors Finish What They Started?

Will They Finish What They Started?

Obie, Bloomberg, and 'their boy' Andy Cuomo Get Served

Welcome to the push back fellas.

Hit us with your best shot, Andy!


Assault-rifle owners statewide are organizing a mass boycott of Gov. Cuomo’s new law mandating they register their weapons, daring officials to “come and take it away,” The Post has learned...

...“They’re saying, ‘F--- the governor! F--- Cuomo! We’re not going to register our guns,’ and I think they’re serious. People are not going to do it. People are going to resist,’’ said State Rifle and Pistol Association President Tom King, a member of the NRA board of directors. “They’re taking one of our guaranteed civil rights, and they’re taking it away.’’

The citizens of New York have figured out that registration is just another 'under the radar' step to confiscation, which has now been exposed by Republican legislator Steve McLaughlin. 

 Here is what the Democrats, who pleaded to not have the list made public wanted:

1. Confiscation of “assault weapons”
2. Confiscation of ten round clips
3. Statewide database for ALL Guns
4. Continue to allow pistol permit holder’s information to be replaced to the public
5. Label semiautomatic shotguns with more than 5 rounds or pistol grips as “assault weapons”
6. Limit the number of rounds in a magazine to 5 and confiscation and forfeiture of banned magazines
7. Limit possession to no more than two (2) magazines
8. Limit purchase of guns to one gun per person per month
9. Require re-licensing of all pistol permit owners
10. Require renewal of all pistol permits every five years
11. State issued pistol permits
12. Micro-stamping of all guns in New York State
13. Require licensing of all gun ammo dealers
14. Mandatory locking of guns at home
15. Fee for licensing, registering weapons

This should be used as an example for other states that might be contemplating attempting this stupidity, which serves only to turn law abiding citizens into criminals in the eyes of the 'state'.

Gun Grabbing 'heroes' After the Fact: As They Get Older the Story Gets Better

Five time Vietnam deferment Joe Biden is a legend in his own mind.  

Biden’s claim of brush with gun massacre questioned

This heroic memory lapse seems to be a common problem with Democrats. The readers may remember this similar Hillary Clinton incident.

Here is another comical version of the incident.

A Shot Across the Gun Control Bow: Utah is Not Playing Along

Click here to read the stern declaration from Utah Sheriffs. Pay close attention to the last few paragraphs. It appears that the line in the gun control sand has been drawn in Utah.

Former Chinese National Becomes American Second Amendment Advocate

Check out this rallying speech from of all places, Boston Massachusetts, which is ground zero for the liberal gun grabbers. This former Chinese national knows more about American history and Constitutional rights than our current drunk with power gun grabbing politicians do.

Tiananmen Square Activist Turned American Second Amendment Activist

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Swearing to Protect the Document That he is Dismantling

Another empty hollow promise:

Swearing age-old oath, Obama steps into 2nd term


President Barack Obama was sworn in for four more years Sunday in a simple ceremony at the White House, embarking on a second-term quest to restore a still-shaky economy and combat terrorists overseas while swearing an age-old oath to "preserve, protect and defend" the Constitution.

Is anyone else besides Gun Shy confused by the above statement? He is swearing to protect the Constitution against people such as...well...himself. I have heard it said repeatedly that whether Americans agree with the president or not, they need to have respect for the office. Gun Shy is sure that it is a very nice office (joke), and maybe the current occupant should respect it by not putting his feet up on the resolute desk.

The Violence, Hypocrisy, and Unbelievable Irony of the Gun Grabbers

Va. lawmaker who brandished AK-47 during legislative session was disbarred following assault, death threat

A Constitutional Good Guy From New York Dissects and Exposes the Insanity of the New Gun Laws

Another New York  Assemblyman Rails Against NY Gun Law

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gonzo Uncle Ted Lays it on the Line About Gun Control

Click here to listen to Ted's reasoned discourse on the current gun control insanity.

Click here for some bonus thoughts from Uncle Ted.

Click here for the Nuge rant that started it all.

Click here for some bonus Ted discussion. 

Ted discusses the Colorado shooting here.

New Yorkers Get a Late 'wake up' Whiff of the Obama Coffee

An interviewer asks New Yorkers about the 'peace prize' president:

Do Americans Think We Face Tyranny?

USMA West Point Now Spiraling Down the Liberal Drain

First they tried to discourage Jerry Boykin from speaking at a prayer breakfast, then the Army canceled Ted Nugent from playing a concert over Obama remarks he made publicly, and now this:

West Point center cites dangers of ‘far right’ in U.S.

Children as Props: A Tested Tradition

Click here to see how.

New Orleans Gun Confiscator Ray Nagin Gets His Just Rewards

You can't enforce the law if you don't obey the law Nagin:

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin indicted

Former “Chocolate City “Mayor Charged With Bribery, Fraud

Click here to see Nagin (at very beginning of video) in gun control mode, and see the illegal confiscation nightmare he created for law abiding gun owners during hurricane Katrina.

If you are reading Nagin,  you are a dangerous oath breaking fool, who has now proven to be the criminal that everyone knew you were. Hopefully you will be convicted and receive a nice long term, and maybe some of your thug associates will end up with you to keep you company.

Friday, January 18, 2013

It Appears That New York May be Planning 'under the radar' to Confiscate 'assault weapons'

In this video, it seems that New York's 'common sense' approach to gun laws is eventual disarmament.

Meanwhile, Texas, a state with a solid Constitutional spine has one official inviting New Yorkers to live in a free state

Y'all come to Texas, state official tells New York gun owners

It is really incredible how many New Yorkers have moved to Florida, Texas, and Utah seeking firearms freedom. Gun Shy runs into them at the range a lot these days. Many are former military who have had enough.

And remember...sensible and sane are all in the mind of the B-Holder.

No One Was Threatened...No One Shot...No Children Died

Photos of man with rifle in Utah store go viral

A photo like this is common in Israel, where the government trust its law abiding citizens and off duty military with firearms. Israel is a country that realizes that it has many enemies, and is at war. Unfortunately for the U.S., many of its leaders haven't realized that we are under the threat of a terrorist attack daily, so they insist on moving forward with their plans for disarmament.

New York City Cops and Ex Cops are Mad as Hell...

...not because law abiding citizens have been stripped of their rights, but because in the frantic rush to ram the new gun laws through before anyone started questioning them, no one thought to exempt law enforcement from the seven round magazine restriction. They are currently issued pistols with fifteen round magazines. The cops say they can't be 'outgunned' by the criminals who will have high capacity magazines. Of course it is alright for the law abiding citizens to be. Let's face it, this is the height of hypocrisy, and the fact that New York City cops will follow an unlawful order in the first place, so that they may keep their high paying union protected jobs where there are apparently no standards enforced for physical conditioning, shows who they really are.

Not to worry though, because when you are in New York City this guy, as well as this guy which appear to be some of New York City's elite will be in charge of keeping you safe. I do not know if they are in the condition needed to pursue an assailant though....but possibly if the assailant is wearing a vest made of chocolate covered doughnuts.

On a good note, some New York lawmakers are appealing the new laws:

Click here to see one of them.

Click here to see another.

And some New York State Sheriffs have gone on record stating that they will not enforce the unconstitutional laws.

Bonus points questions:

Does anyone remember who discovered the terrorists bomber in New York City's time square?

It was a food vendor

Who was it that fired sixteen rounds at an assailant and shot nine innocent bystanders recently while 'protecting' them?

It was New York City's elite counter terror squad.

Maybe they should issue them thirty round pistol mags so they don't run out of ammo before they finally hit the perpetrator.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Why Does CNN Insist on Having Former and Current Foreign Nationals on a Panel to Debate the Constitutional Rights of Americans Who Have Been Here for Multiple Generations?

First, let's review some of the panel in the video:

Piers Morgan - British national

Christiane Amanpour - British national originally - her American husband is an informal adviser to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and President Barack Obama.

Deepak Chopra - Born in India and later emigrated to the U.S.

I wonder if Mr Chopra has ever read this quote from another high profile Indian national:

"Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest." — Mahatma Gandhi

Piers Morgan Tonight, "Townhall" Discussion About Gun Control - Dec 19, 2012

In the video, Piers, the 'expert' states that an AR15 will fire 4-6 rounds per second. I would like to see Piers take an AR15 to the range, and demonstrate that on video for his viewers personally. Of course a true assault weapon will fire upwards of 900 rounds per minute, depending on weapon configuration and if there is a rate reduction buffer to control the speed in which BCG cycles. If the AR15 is such a 'devastating' rifle and a 'weapon of mass destruction', then please explain why seventy people were shot in Colorado, and only twelve were fatalities.  If you do the math, that is a kill ratio of only twenty percent. If the AR 15 is just as deadly as the select fire weapons in the military, then why isn't the military issued the AR15 rifle, which would save the government huge costs in reduced ammo usage? That's an easy one, because they are not the same, and those pushing gun control are being deliberately dishonest to the uninformed general public.

Strong Women 'Spank' Piers Morgan Like an Unruly Five Year Old in Gun Control Debate

Is there anyone yet who hasn't owned Piers Morgan in a gun control debate?

Click here to watch attractive intelligent conservative women have 'their way' with him.

How's That Gun Control Working Out For Ya So Far mr president?

Six States Say They Will Take Action Over White House's Gun Control

Rep. Stockman threatens Obama impeachment over guns

Second pol considers impeaching Obama

47 states revolt against Obama gun control -Fed-up Americans: 'We're not going to accept this. We're against it'

Oregon sheriff: 'Unconstitutional' gun control laws won't be enforced

South Carolina Bill Would Nullify all Presidential Executive Orders Against the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Missouri Bill Proposes Jail Time for Feds Violating the 2nd Amendment

HB 0042 Filed to Stop Federal Gun Control in Tennessee

Texas Bill: 2nd Amendment is “Inviolate,” Criminal Charges for Feds who Violate it



Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This Gun Rights Video Says it All

Click here to watch the video.

Gun Grabbers Waited Patiently Since 1993 to Take New York



 “Today, we’d like to tell you what the rest of the camel looks like.” Richard Aborn, then-President of Handgun Control, Inc. 8 December, 1993

The above statement was made shortly after President Bill Clinton signed the Brady Act into law. The anti-gunners, who had long expressed desires to go further than just background checks, unveiled their wide-ranging agenda that featured incredible government intrusion into the lives of Americans. They called it the “Gun Violence Prevention Act of 1994” – but they also called it “Brady II.”


People From Differing Opinions and Political Beliefs are All Now Strongly Responding To Obama Gun Control Policies

Click here to watch the video.

The Strength of the Hypocrisy of the Anti-Gun Movement

Project Veritas did an undercover video that exposes the hypocrisy of the gun grabbers. You can view it by clicking here.

Some bonus viewing:

NRA’s new ad calls Obama ‘elitist hypocrite’

Well...if the shoe clearly fits...wear it.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Obama Plans to Surround Himself with Children During Gun Control Announcement

Obama plans to surround himself with children during gun control announcement

 Gun Shy wonders if any of those children will be Pakistani, Iraqi, or Afghani.

No Obama tears for children killed by drones in Pakistan


But a report by the law schools at Stanford and New York universities suggests that during the first three years of his time in office, the 259 strikes for which he is ultimately responsible killed between 297 and 569 civilians, of whom at least 64 were children.

W.H. Releases Letters from Little Kids Pleading for Gun Control

In the interest of balanced media coverage, do you think they will also show the footage of the crying children from overseas whose homes and schools have been destroyed? Maybe they should write letters asking for drone control.

Didn't they give this guy a peace prize at the beginning of his reign for doing absolutely nothing? Gun Shy wonders if those awards are revokable.

Not Only Has Bloomberg Broken His Oath Now He is Calling for Others to Do So As Well

No problem though, because the person he is calling on to break their oath, already has for a long time on multiple occasions anyways.

And This is What Happens in Florida and Texas...New York, Not so Much

Two robbery suspects shot dead in Hollywood, NE Miami-Dade

SAPD: Car thief killed, another wounded at Stone Oak home

And we also have this little tidbit:

Texas Proposal: JAIL Any Federal Officials Trying to Enforce New Gun Restrictions in the State

WANKERPOLOOZA (Morgan gun debates)

Watch as one trick pony Piers Morgan asks the same tired list of questions hoping to get a different answer, and then quote the same selective 'facts' over and over and over again.

Philip Van Cleave On Gun Conrtol - Piers Morgan Tonight

Piers Morgan gets mad at SAF's Alan Gottlieb

Piers Morgan Blows Up on Larry Pratt Over Gun Rights

Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan On Gun Control

Piers Morgan vs Ben Shapiro On Gun Control 

Piers Morgan vs Former Marine Joshua Boston

Piers Morgan defeated by Larry Pratt in Gun Control Debate Again ... Round 2

Jesse Ventura and Piers Morgan Argue on Gun Control

Gun Rights, Equal Justice Under the Law, and AG Eric Holder

Recently, the CEO of a tactical training group got pretty riled up about rumored executive orders and the potential gun ban situation (which would definitely affect, possibly destroy his business) and said a few things on youtube that probably weren't very well thought out at the time. After cooling down, he immediately released another follow up video recanting some of his angry tirade. The Huffington Post and other liberal media immediately ran with the original video, and the next thing you know, Tennessee Public Safety and Homeland Security asked him to surrender his concealed carry permit because of  “material likelihood of risk of harm to the public.” It appears that this almost immediate decision possibly may have been made without due process, and the urgency could have been influenced at higher levels. With the current orchestrated all out push for gun control, it would not be out of the ordinary to assume that the call for his concealed carry suspension may have come from the top down. I am curious to see if Holder or Napolitano in any way try to get openly  involved with this situation, because not so long ago as the readers may remember, a new black panther party 'soldier' was alleged to be threatening white voters outside a Philadelphia polling place, and he was in possession of a billy club at that time as evidenced by a video that was recorded of the incident.  There was a call for an investigation, and then people were stripped of their power to investigate, and because of this there was immediate outrage with some people resigning. Eric Holder refused to prosecute the panther, some say because he was black, and it was evident that  the hypocrisy was deafening. The same group later on also offered an open reward for the apprehension of George Zimmerman, and that was also not addressed.

Here is one of the 'non threatening' guys that Holder refused to prosecute, that legal counsel for the CEO who had his concealed carry permit revoked might be interested in viewing.

It should also be noted that prosecutors in the nation’s capital recently announced that David Gregory of NBC News Meet the Press, the host who did a show and tell on air with a 30-round magazine which are illegal in D.C. would not be prosecuted even though it is recognized by all concerned that he clearly broke the law.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Yeah...About That High Capacity Magazine Ban...

Click here for "the rest of the story".

Don't Mess With Texas Obie

GOP congressman threatens impeachment if Obama uses executive action for gun control

You have to wonder who is pulling the strings here:

Bloomberg urges Obama to defy Congress, implement gun control by executive action

Yeah...and People in Hell Want Ice Water Too Chucky

Sen. Schumer Asks Gun Retailers To Stop Sales As Congress Debates

The economy is collapsing, and now Chuckles wants companies to lose even more money than they already have because of this administration's gun control clown act.

Young Mensch 'pimp' Slaps Piers Morgan

In Jewish culture, the term mensch means a good man who aspires to do noble things. Ben Shapiro is one such example of an educated, and well informed Jewish young man.

Gun Shy believes that the title is fitting, because Piers Morgan through his deeds and actions has proven himself  to be a 'presstitute'.

One BIG Problem for the Gun Grabbers: Dem Good Ol' Boys

Kentucky Sheriff to Obama: No Gun Disarmament in My County

The readers may have noticed the geographical region of the list of states who petitioned to secede that were answered by the white house:


The states included in the response are Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas. The Texas petition received over 125,000 signatures, more than any other.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Boy Saves Life of Himself and His Sister Using "Weapon of Mass Destruction"

“Weapon of Mass Destruction” is what Whoopi Goldberg refers to an AR 15 as.

She has stated that it couldn’t be used for home defense, because it would “end up taking all the plaster down”, and "destroy everything it was pointed at". Whoopi is also a WMD….Woman of Mass Delusion.

Anyhow, the assailant was shot multiple times and lived. I guess that the .223 is not the devastating round that General Stanley McChyrstal tried to convince America it was. As an aside there are plenty of living Somali insurgents that were involved with the Blackhawk Down incident, that carry scars from .223/5.56 caliber ‘through and through’ wounds where they were ‘ice picked’ by the round as they over ran and killed U.S. troops.

Maybe Some of Those Fast and Furious Guns Accidently Ended Up in Some of the Right Hands

Armed vigilante groups policing 2 Mexican towns

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Maybe Florida Will Get on Board With Texas and Wyoming to Make Gun Control Illegal

Woodlands lawmaker wants federal weapons ban illegal in Texas

Here are some other articles of interest from the Lone Star State:

Robbery victim wants to thank Good Samaritans who came to his rescue

Witness opens fire on robbery suspect, police say

Do as I Say...Not as I Do.. (gun control)

The Hypocrisy of the Politicians

Enhanced firepower sought to fend off ‘radiological sabotage’ at nuclear sites


The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is moving forward with plans to outfit security guards protecting spent fuel storage sites at power plants with machine guns and other high-capacity weapons. A supplemental proposed rule to be published Thursday in the Federal Register amends a 2011 regulation giving personnel at the sites “an expanded arsenal of weapons, including machine guns and semi-automatic, large capacity, assault weapons.”

So let's examine this for a moment, shall we? Terrorists groups have openly threatened to attack malls, stadiums, churches, synagogues, and schools, and to run down people on the streets with large vehicles. What does the general public get for protection? Gun free zones, politicians stating that the NRA recommendation for training and arming school personnel is ridiculous, and an attempt to disarm the law abiding citizens who occupy these places with their families by trying to push through an 'assault weapons' ban, large capacity magazine ban, and the threat of a sweeping weapons confiscation. Are the same gun free zones that are good enough for schools and malls, not good enough for these storage facilities as well?

When there is a perceived threat at a government monitored facility, they immediately propose to increase the lethality of the armament substantially by increasing the firepower without blinking an eye. Meanwhile Americans get an unarmed mall cop and a gun free zone, even though the same terrorist groups (with their same weaponry) who are a threat to these storage facilities, are also a threat to the general public and the places that they and their families frequent regularly. Are the readers not feeling the love here?

Friday, January 11, 2013

The 'Stepford Wife' of Gun Control

Don't you just love it when liberals from up north travel down to Texas to 'educate' Texans on gun control?

You Mean Lifetime 'gun free zones' Isn't Enough?

Obama signs law giving himself, Bush lifetime Secret Service guard

And Now For the FACTS Piers...

18 Facts That Prove That Piers Morgan Is Flat Out Lying About Gun Control

Ballistics 101: For the Un-educated Gun Grabbers AND Gen Stanley McChrystal

.223 BAN - Thank you, Gen. McChrystal

Click here for the McChrystal interview where he makes his case for banning 'assault weapons'. It is troubling to Gun Shy to see this career military man who swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, now allowing himself to be a political shill for the same administration that screwed him. If he goes into politics, he will never get Gun Shy's support, because he has demonstrated that he can not be trusted.

About Your Top Brady Rated Anti Gun Utopia Ms Feinstein..

Some of 14 hostages in Los Angeles were assaulted

Well, as per usual, criminals in the gun control paradise of Kalifornia are now resorting to knives, just like in jolly old England now that guns have been banned from law abiding citizens there. How did they fix that dangerous situation? Well...they called in MEN WITH GUNS (SWAT). Now, if one of the abducted people had been allowed to have a firearm, they wouldn't have:

A) Been abducted
B) No one else would have been abducted
C) No one would been beaten up
D) There would have been no robbery
E) There would have been no sexual assault
F) You would not be looking for the assailants, because they would have been easy to distinguish by the chalk lines drawn around them on the floor.
G) The city would have saved a whole lot of money.

Repeat after me Feinstein, Bloomberg, Shumer, Holder (providing they didn't go to Mexico), and others...

More LEGAL Guns Equal Less Crime.

Wake Up and Smell the Statistical Coffee Piers Morgan

The most violent country in Europe: Britain is also worse than South Africa and U.S. 

Oh..and Gun Shy has a question for's that gun control working out for you?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Want to Hear a Gun Control 'joke'?


Attorney General Eric Holder will be the nation’s top law enforcement official as the administration tackles new restrictions on guns in a major initiative of President Obama’s second term.

Are the readers confused? The joke is that sadly, he still is billed as "the nation’s top law enforcement official" even after fast and furious. How does he, Obie, Biden, and others sleep at night, much less stand up there with a straight face and even mention the words gun control.

A Few Questions on Gun Control Mr President...

This is what I want to hear Obama say about guns

Americans 'demonstrate' Their Support for Anti Gun Measures...well...

NRA: 100,000 new members after Sandy Hook shooting

Obama didn't listen to the will of the people on Obamacare. We will see what he does with this.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Piers Morgan and The Violence of the Anti-Gun 'anti violence' Crowd

You can view the hypocrisy by clicking here.

Yep...Americans are DEFINITELY Anti Gun...

...and clearly the proof is right here:

PANIC: One Million AR-15 Magazines On Backorder

Georgia gun sales and permit applications soar post-Newtown

Utah town makes arming households a top priority

Gun Sales Skyrocket in Savannah - 'Folks are grabbing just about any gun they can get their hands on'

"Unconstitutional Laws Aren't Laws"...or "Keeping Your Oath"

The young former Marine in this video hit the nail on the head when he answered the CNN reporter with "unconstitutional laws aren't laws.

After Obama shoved it to him, Stanley McChystal is now taking up Obama's gun control cause. Maybe Mr. McCrystal should put his political aspirations aside for a moment, and re-examine the oath he took. If you are reading Stanley, I decided not to read your book, and read Jerry Boykin's,  who is a true American patriot instead.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Florida County Gets Proactive on Gun Violence in Schools

Lake County school board member wants teachers to carry guns


Mathias said he is a gun owner and he believes the proposal is the most logical tactic to keep students safe. “If you try to come on our campus and try to hurt one of our students, there’s a good possibility you will leave in a body bag. That would be a deterrent for anyone in Lake County,” he said.

Gun Shy read the proposal document in its entirety. Gun Shy agrees, that the random school shooter is a problem, but as Mr Matthias mentions in his document, the terrorists past threats of attacking schools are the bigger problem.

Maybe other counties will get on board with this as well.  Who knows? There might even be some volunteer work in Gun Shy's future to help keep America's children safe, because after all, they are our most precious resource, and should be viewed as everyone's kids by all Americans.


It appears that other states are becoming proactive as well, instead of looking to the gaggle of gun control numb nuts in washington.

Teachers In Ohio, Texas Flock To Free Gun Training Classes


In Ohio, more than 900 teachers, administrators and school employees asked to take part in the Buckeye Firearms Association's newly created, three-day gun training program, the association said.

In Texas, an $85 Concealed Handgun License (CHL) course offered at no cost to teachers filled 400 spots immediately, forcing the school to offer another class, one instructor said.


Was Alex Jones Too Much for Piers Morgan and the CNN Producers to Handle?

Typically, it is Piers Morgan who shouts down anyone who doesn't agree with his position, but the interview went sideways early on as Jones flipped the script and used Morgan's own tactics to use the CNN prime time platform as his very own bully pulpit. So in return, Piers Morgan and his producers threw Alex Jones off the show after the second segment, stopping him from debating gun lawyer Alan Dershowitz  in a third segment as promised by Morgan, and then Piers and Alan go on and attack  Jones who was not there to defend himself, in their feeble attempt to put "the toothpaste back into the tube" so to speak. Gun Shy agrees that Jones could have used  better tactics like Larry Pratt of GOA did, but Jones still managed to expose a few important facts none the less.

Here is a video of Dershowitz debating John Lott.

Does the 'poster child' for Gun Control Have Questionable Ethics??

Say it isn't so Ms Feinstein. Could it be that the rules are just for the 'little people'?

Dianne Feinstein Still Dogged by Allegations of Conflicts of Interest

Feinstein quits committee under war-profiteer cloud - Report documents military contractsfor firms owned by senator's husband

Monday, January 7, 2013

If Piers Morgan Had any Ass Originally, He Doesn't Have any Left Now

Alex Jones vs. Piers Morgan: "1776 Will Commence Again If You Try To Take Our Firearms"

As usual, Alex Jones goes off the chain, but he does manage to make a few good points anyways.

Watch as Jesse Ventura give Piers and his audience a quick lesson in logic

Canadian Government Moves Forward as This Administration Moves Backwards (gun control)

Canada still has a long way to go, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.

Long gun registry abolished (Offer not valid in Quebec)

Click here to see some logical intelligent discussion about gun control from a Canadian gun lawyer

Could this be a look into the future for gun owners in America if they implement a registration?

The Canadian view of the U.N. small arms treaty

It appears that gun grabbers have a 'universal' language.

Click here for a great bonus video.

WHAT??? You Mean Obie Lied to us About Gun Control???

Watch the video and say it isn't so...

FLASHBACK: Obama: I Will NOT Take Your Guns Away

Upon closer examination, it appears that he didn't do very well in the truth telling category period.

Americans are Angry About Any New Proposed Gun Control

Here is a comment made by one distributor on their entry page:

Due to the threat of gun control instigated by Barack Obama and supported by NRA backed Congressional leaders, we are experiencing a higher than normal order volume.

Below are a few articles that demonstrate this:

AR-15 Magazines, PMAGS Out of Stock Nationally – Ammo Dealer Puts Blame on Obama
If Obama is opposed to guns, why did his administration just purchase 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition and sniper rounds?

The Question Feinstein, Cuomo, Bloomberg Don’t Consider & The Media Won’t Ask

Now Banks are Setting Gun Control Policies?

UNREAL! BofA Freezes Gun Manufacturer’s Deposits Saying: “We Believe You Should Not Be Selling Guns On The Internet”

Americans are soooo anti-gun

Yeah right. Who are you going to believe? The scripted talking head anti-gun media 'experts' and their select politicians, or the American people and their most recent aggressive gun buying trends. I guess these huge crowds didn't get the memo. This is not just a regional phenomenon, but is nation wide, even in areas with ridiculous restrictive gun laws like Chicago and California. Gun Shy could have linked to pages and pages of these types of headlines, but I believe this will suffice for the readers.

Guns Flying Off The Shelves Amid Debate On Restrictions, Sellers Say

Ontario Gun Show Draws Thousands Looking to Stock Up, Send a Message

Orlando gun show sales reach record amidst control debate - 8,000 people attend 1st day of gun show, organizers say

Northwest Arkansas Gun Show Sees Record Attendance

Attendance at gun show spurred upward

Attendance doubles at local gun show

Local Gun Show Sees Record Attendance

Organizer expects record turnout this weekend at Las Vegas gun show - Surge in gun sales accompanies calls for gun control in wake of Sandy Hook massacre

Roanoke Gun Show Draws Record Crowd & Concerns Over Gun Laws

Now just to prove Gun Shy's point, take a look at this article:

Fewer excited gun buyer in Colorado and Connecticut

But don't miss this fact in the article:

The numbers of checks in Colorado rose from 35,009 in October to 53,453 in December; checks in Connecticut went from 18,761 to 29,246 during the same period.  

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Here is What Gun Banners Would REALLY Like

Below is a quote from the comments section of an article about a huge turnout of 8,000 at a local gun show. The readers should feel free to respond to this individual.

How many more children must die in order to satiate the right wing gun nuts?

The Second Amendment was targeted at a Militia and the world has changed – the Constitution is a relic that must also change… we’re no longer talking about muzzle-loading muskets.

It’s time for some common sense Federal gun legislation:

- No automatic or semi-automatic weapons (i.e. only manually operated actions allowed – e.g. bolt, pump or lever action)

- No external magazines or clips (these are too easily re-loaded)

- No speed strips or loaders

- No ammunition capacity greater than five rounds (give the poor deer a chance)

- No hollow-tip or +P ammunition (hollow-tips are banned by the Geneva Convention)

- No steel core ammunition (can penetrate Law Enforcement vests)

- No bi-metallic jacketed bullets (can start forest fires)

- No lead bullets (too harmful to the environment)

- No bayonet lugs

- No handgun capable of muzzle energy greater than 250 ft-lbs

- No rifle capable of muzzle energy greater than 750 ft-lbs

- No handgun with a barrel shorter than 5 inches

- No plastic or “polymer” framed firearms

- No rifle or shotgun with a barrel shorter than 18 inches

- No rifle or shotgun with a pistol style grip or retractable/folding stock

- No flash suppressors or threaded barrels

- 100% registration of all firearms (with serial number & ballistic print on file)

- A 10 business day waiting period on all firearm sales

- No concealed or open carry

- No sales of firearms or ammunition through the mail

- No sale or possession of more than 100 rounds of a particular cartridge type

- Gun locks required for firearm transport and in homes with minors under the age of 21

- Limit gun purchases to 1 per month

- A 75% sales tariff on all gun and ammunition sales

- All gun owners required to purchase mandatory liability insurance

- Federal annual permit required for all gun ownership... includes fingerprinting, photo and mental health evaluation

This would be a small step in the right direction. We must protect the children.

Here are some more of his responses to another article:

Give President Obama a bit more time... and these gun nuts will be disarmed

We'll see who wins... be prepared to turn in your assault guns... i hope you didn't pay too much for them

The Gun Grabbers HATE These Kind of Headlines

Ga. mom shoots intruder 5 times, hides children

And remember.. 'common sense gun control' is being able to hit your target, multiple times if necessary.

Does Anyone Know First Hand What Really Happened During the Sandy Hook School Shootings?

Americans didn't want to believe that the Fast and Furious operation was to be used as a tool for gun control leverage, so shouldn't Americans question what has happened here? Why did anti-gun Eric Holder who said "we need to do this every day of the week and just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way" go to Connecticut to meet privately with the first responders at Sandy Hook, and why is everyone so tight lipped about what happened?

Below are links to a two part video that may be of interest to the readers:

Part 1

Part 2

There are now many theories abounding, and these would not be allowed any credibility, if there were not so many inconsistencies. 

It should be noted, that Gun Shy is not into conspiracy theories, but just as the Bin Laden story that changed on numerous occasions issued by this administration turned out to be hinky, this story need to be vetted for accuracy, because of all the inconsistencies.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Don't Let Logic or Facts Bother You Gun Grabbers

The readers should click here to watch a debate that may be enlightening.

If any gun grabbers reading need a little more logic, click here

Now watch as Britwit Piers Morgan and his two anti gun sidekicks try to gang up and shout down or talk over any logic that could be presented by John Lott in a typical gun grabber attempt to silence anyone who doesn't agree with their position.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Maybe They Should Call Them 'deadly high powered killer military style assault hammers' and Then Push for a Nation Wide Ban

FBI: More People Killed with Hammers, Clubs Each Year Than Rifles


According to the FBI annual crime statistics, the number of murders committed annually with hammers and clubs far outnumbers the number of murders committed with a rifle. This is an interesting fact, particularly amid the Democrats' feverish push to ban many different rifles, ostensibly to keep us safe of course. However, it appears the zeal of Sens. like Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Joe Manchin (D-WV) is misdirected. For in looking at the FBI numbers from 2005 to 2011, the number of murders by hammers and clubs consistently exceeds the number of murders committed with a rifle.

Maybe Ms Feinstein should organize a boycott of all the hardware stores that sell these deadly weapons of mass construction.

Feinstein's Silly Socialist Style Sound Bites on Gun Control

Here are some of the many terms Ms Feinstein has coined to describe what boils down to a small caliber semi automatic rifle:

Assault weapons, killing machines, military style weapons,
military style 'assault' weapons, killing weapons, weapons of war.

Here are some of her sound bites with a little Gun Shy commentary below them:

I don't BELIEVE the second amendment covers them.

No one cares what you believe Ms Feinstein. You didn't author the document that guarantees the right to keep and bear arms to all Americans. If you can determine the latitude of the second amendment, then we should be able to define the parameters of the first. That would mean that you would be limited to standing in the town square on a soap box to speak or writing a letter to get your point across to the masses, as the bill of rights never mentioned the use of television, newspapers, or radio, because they didn't exist at the time of the writing.

The rights of the many to remain safe, are more important than any right you may THINK you have to have a military style assault weapon.

This is typical 'democracy logic' where 51% make the rules for everyone else. Unfortunately for Ms Feinstein, we live in a Republic, where everyone is guaranteed their rights equally under the bill of rights, a document that men better than her and her cronies (Biden 5 time deferment, Bloomberg deferment for flat feet, Bill Clinton 'education' deferment) fought and died to defend. Shall not be infringed is not some whimsical subjective term that Feinstein gets to define. It was paid for with the blood of courageous heroic men...who used firearms to defend the rights of Americans.

Please repeat after me Ms Feinstein:

I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America, and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands...

Oh, and while we are chatting, how are you doing on that Oath you swore to uphold and defend the Constitution? She goes on to say:

And the only thing that's consistent in all of them, is the guns. And that's the conversation we need to have...

It may take a year, it may take two, it may take three...

It appears that she tipped her hand with these statements. She has a plan with start point, and an end point, and the goal is to ban all the guns eventually. Guns Shy has an idea for Ms Feinstein. Maybe she should try banning and confiscating all the guns in her home town/district of San Francisco first as a model. After all, tough gun laws worked out really well for Obama and Rahm Emmanuel in Chicago...the murder capital of Illinois, and possibly even the U.S...

...or maybe even the world. More people were killed in Chicago than overseas this year. Maybe we should 'pull out' of Chicago.

If you are reading Ms Feinstein, here is a video especially for you:


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How Many Armed Guards to Protect America's School Children Would $7 Million Dollars Buy?

Gun Shy asks that question, because that is the cost of Obama's latest vacation, just weeks after his last one which was $4 million dollars. Let's do some simple math, shall we. If each trained security guard was paid $50,000.00 per year, then $7 million would hire approximately 140 guards, and $11 million would hire 220 full time guards. If you add in the costs associated with Michelle's vacations and the cost of the girls spring break vacations, which some have stated that the total cost is $1.4 BILLION for the family, the possibilities for increasing the safety of our schools is mind boggling. To use the gun grabbers favorite phrase, "If it could save just one life, isn't it worth it?" for Obama and family to give up their vacations, because after all..."It's for the children".

Meanwhile, Sheriff Joe, the man who Obama and Holder love to hate and used every alinsky trick in the book in an attempt to  intimate and destroy him, and who they never apologized to is actually doing something pro-active that is effective in protecting the kids, which are our most precious resource.

Sheriff Joe To Send Armed Posse To Guard Maricopa County Schools

Gun Shy believes that this administration is the most embarrassing lot that we have ever had in washington. These people are truly pathetic.

Hypocrite is Spelled FEINSTEIN

Busted: Mark Levin Exposes Dianne Feinstein On Gun Control

Click here to watch the original video.

Now watch as Lindsay Grahm schools Ms Feinstein while she gets visibly agitated (watch her eyes) as he spoon feeds her logic. Here is a quote from Ms Feinstein before the schooling starts:

'They aren't good hunting weapons...I mean no hunter in my view worth his or her salt would use an assaualt weapon to hunt...and they're not necessarily good defensive weapons..."

I guess Ms Feinstein is not aware of the fact, that the AR 15 rifle comes in multiple calibers. Maybe she should actually do some real research, then travel to Texas and other states to see how the feral hog population, that is doing incredible damage to the farmers crops, is being effectively controlled using AR 15 rifles in various calibers.

Also, the AR 15 is the perfect home defense weapon (sorry Whoopie) in the .223 caliber because the light weight bullet will shred and loose velocity upon impact with sheet rock, making the penetration between rooms less than a 9mm pistol round or a shotgun.

It appears that once again, the people have spoken on gun control:

Gun purchasers set new record in December: FBI

Gun Shy would like to direct you to the complete Feinstein collection for further reading and enlightenment here.

Some bonus video of Lindsey Grahm handing anti gun (except when shipping them to Mexican cartels) Eric Holder his ass on another topic.

How Will Military & Police Respond to an Attempt of a Systematic Gun Grab?

If the readers click here, you can watch an interview with Stuart Rhodes of Oath Keepers. The interview is done by Alex Jones, who Gun Shy views as a person who likes to super sensationalize everything, but the content is still of interest.

The idea of gun confiscation is a Feinstein wet dream. Will it ever happen? Probably not without massive bloodshed.

Figures Don't Lie But... (crime statistics)

...liars with an anti gun agenda do figure.

Choose Your Own Crime Stats?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


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The reasoning is strikingly clear. The cops are the experts on the current criminal trends. If they have determined that a “high capacity” semiautomatic pistol and a .223 semiautomatic rifle with 30-round magazines are the best firearms for them to use to protect people like me and my family, they are obviously the best things for us to use to protect ourselves and our families .

here is a quote from the comments section:

Civilians have a greater need for high capacity magazines than the military or police have. The military and police usually go into combat in groups. They can cover each other when it is time to reload. Civilians are usually alone when attacked, and, as you say, they can often be outnumbered. Why do the military and police need high capacity magazines? They don’t, but we trust them, and want them to be safe.

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In Case You Were Wondering Ms Feinstein...

Yeah...Americans, including many  military and law enforcement (current and former) are sick of your endless anti constitutional, anti gun rhetoric.

Marine to Gun-grabber Di Feinstein: 'No Ma'am' 

In case you are reading Ms Feinstein, here is something that may be of interest to you (but prolly not):

What happens when governments disarm their citizens?