Sunday, March 31, 2013

And No One Had a Gun...Well...

Welcome to California, the land of Pelosi and Feinstein, who are going to 'keep you safe'

Driver Crashes Into San Jose Walmart And Attacks Customers

And in low crime New York City aka Bloombergistan, the only people who had guns were the kidnappers, who obviously weren't very concerned about breaking the law:

Police hunt for kidnappers as young couple are snatched at gunpoint off Manhattan street in broad daylight

Oh...and this guy who executed a person in daylight on a busy street had a gun also. I wonder if he had seven rounds in it according to the law:

Man shot execution-style on busy NYC street in broad daylight; gunman sought

Obama and Friends Attempt to Ban Guns Anyway They Can

Obama's new slogan should be "Let the Constitution be damned!"

U.S. Reverses Position on U.N. Arms Treaty


“This abrupt about-face on the long-standing United States requirement for ‘consensus’ illustrates that the Obama Administration wants a sweeping U.N. arms control treaty,” said Lawrence Keane, NSSF senior vice president and general counsel. “We are troubled by the timing of the Obama Administration’s decision to abandon consensus on the eve of the Senate debate on pending gun control measures. The United Nations treaty would have a broad impact on the U.S. firearms industry and its base of consumers in the U.S.” Industry analysts have identified three major areas of concern with the treaty text. The treaty clearly covers trade in civilian firearms, not just military arms and equipment. It will have a major impact on the importation of firearms to the United States, which is a substantial source for the consumer market. And it will impose new regulations on the “transit” of firearms, the term defined so broadly that it would cover all everything from container ships stopping at ports to individuals who are traveling internationally with a single firearm for hunting or other sporting purposes. “We hope that the Members of the U.S. Senate are closely watching the White House abandon its principles and promises in the rush to ramrod this flawed treaty into effect. Not only will they later be asked to ratify this attack on our constitution and sovereignty, but they will also be lavished with new promises from the administration in its drive to push a broad gun control agenda through the U.S. Senate when it returns from recess. They would be right to question those promises strongly,” concluded Keane.

If you also read this commentary, you can start to get the picture  that Obama and his cronies will stop at nothing, which poses the question, what are they afraid of? The readers must be wondering if all of this just a coincidence:

Democrats Push Legislation to Remove Sheriffs Who Refuse to Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Laws

SHOCK VIDEO: St. Louis Gun Control Activists Call For Turning US Rights & Sovereignty Over to United Nations

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hypocritical D.C. Tyrants Attempt Bully Tactics on Sheriffs to Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Laws

Once again, it's Chicago thug politics as usual. Click here to watch a video of a Colorado Sheriff who refuses to enforce illegal gun laws, but even more serious than that we knew they were going to try an end run around to supersede the Sheriff who is elected and given authority by the people, and here it is as Colorado becomes the trial balloon:

Colorado governor grants Secret Service vast new powers

Obama Uses Executive Powers to Create a Million Dollar Ad Campaign Aimed at Safe Gun Ownership?

You have to be kidding me. With all of the qualified tried and proven gun organizations teaching firearms safety effectively, now he is going to take this over? Gun Shy expects that he will have the same level of success that he had with Chicago housing, GM, and fixing the economy. Do you think he will use his pals in the above pictures as the 'experts' on staff? 
Please note that the firearms in the above pictures have a magazine inserted, the bolt is closed, the safety is off, and their fingers are on the trigger as they muzzle everyone in the room. All they need to do now, is enlist Joe 'shotgun' Biden as a training consultant and the circus will be complete.

Gun Grabbers 'useful idiot' Takes Nose Dive in Ratings

Let's face it Piers...America is just not into you. 

Primetime: Piers Morgan Falls to Near-Last on Last Place CNN

Last place on a last place network. This is your just reward. Now piss off and go away you pathetic tosser.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Illegal Drunken Uncle...OTAY...German Home Schoolers...DEPORT THOSE CRIMINALS!!

Obama Drunken "Uncle Omar"  Gets Amnesty

Home-schooling family who fled to U.S. from Germany face deportation: Parents face charges and $9,000 fine for taking kids out school as Obama officials prepare to send them back

Welcome to New DORK State (a territory of socialist demokratic Bloombergistan)

That's right, they are going to have to rename it now that we have confirmed that Bloomberg and his pals from the Brady Bunch are writing the citizen disarmament/gun confiscation laws, and then elected officials such as handy Andy Cuomo are signing them without reading them.

Cuomo Blames Bloomberg, Brady Campaign for SAFE Act

Now that Andy has outed him, I don't imagine Bloomberg will be backing his 2016 presidential run. It is sad, but anytime Gun Shy hears anything about New York these days, there is an expectation of circus music and a troupe of clowns entering the building.

Obama the 'jobs' president: You Mean the Gun Industry Employs Twice as Many Americans as GM?

Oh no Obie, Bloomberg, Feinstein, Schumer, and Biden... say it isn't so!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

THESE Politicians Love the U.N. Small Arms Treaty

Make sure you put them on your list for the next election, When you read the list of FORTY SIX, it isn't really that surprising.

What the hell is Going on With the Ammo??

Click here to hear an interesting opinion of what really may be going on.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

As Usual the Leftists are Attempting to Stack the Deck in Order to Enable Their Gun Control Schemes

Law would fire sheriffs for defying gun control measures

Does anyone see a pattern here?  From an earlier commentary:

Converting Useless Trash to Shooty Treasure (Jim Carrey photo)

Hah!… Gun Rights Supporter Sells Jim Carrey Photo on eBay So He Can Buy Glock

Gun Shy's opinion of Jim Carrey, is that if the Canadian transplant who has enjoyed the American lifestyle and the ca$h he has gleaned from American wallets isn't happy with our freedoms, then he should move back to his native gun free Canada where he and his family will be safer statistically... because they count homicides by the number of incidents, and not the number of victims involved, and where the majority of the gun crimes are perpetrated with unregistered weapons, even though Canada has some of the strictest gun laws anywhere.

In Mr Carreys case, art imitates life ie liar liar /dumb and dumber. Maybe he and Piers Morgan can go on a gun hating tour across America together.

Hopefully the man selling the photo will yield a windfall from an obsessed (hopefully liberal) Jim Carrey fan, so he will have some additional money to by an AR15, a few extra 30 round mags, and a couple thousand rounds of ammo.

And Jim, if you happen to be reading this, snack on that...ya freakin' hoser!

To see a real Canadian hero, click here.

To see a smart young Canadian lady, go here and also here. 

Click here to get your fill of how Canadian gun laws 'work', and see how this could be the model here if the gun grabbing politicians have their way.

Since Mr and Mrs Demings are For Gun Control in Orlando Maybe They Should Start Here

Police: Child finds OPD officer's handgun, accidentally fires it

Some other commentaries that may be relevant to the topic:

CAHGGMDDIF: Citizens Against Hypocrite Gun Grabbing Mayors Driving Drunk in Florida

Yet another one of Bloomberg's anti gun buddies. Gun Shy wants to pose this question. What is more dangerous? A law abiding citizen with a firearm, or a person driving a 3000 pound missile under the influence? If Gun Shy ruled the world, this guy would be immediately removed from office. After is for the children.

Watch this guy's name vanish off the MAIG list faster than a party dress on prom night.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hey Janet...What are All Those Bullets, PDW's, and MRAPS For Again??

As the readers know, Gun Shy presents information, and then it is the readers responsibility to sift through it and filter the content. Here are a few more commentaries for your perusal.

Special Forces commander: 'Constabulary force' coming

Army-sponsored report suggests new 'police force'

Maybe He Needed the AR to Shoot the Dog?

Denied: Gun Store Owner Refuses to Hand AR-15 over to Mark Kelly

Gabrielle Giffords’ Husband Pulls Daughter’s Dog Off Sea Lion In Laguna Beach

Is it just me, or are these gun grabbers becoming more cartoon like every day. Their personal dramas are starting to look like an episode of Jersey Shore without the fake boobs. Sorry that you couldn't get your rifle Mark, but you wouldn't have been able to take it to California with you anyways because of ... well...because of people like yourself that have pushed for so called assault weapons to be banned.

Warning to Feinstein, Bloomberg, Biden, Schumer, and Friends

What ever you do, DO NOT click on this link, because it has the potential to immediately induce pant $hitting hysterics for you and your gun grabbing citizen disarmament followers.

And remember...this is for the children.

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Assault Weapons Ban is Not Dead

Listen to this gun hating liberal talking head lay out their strategy for you. As Gun Shy suspected, it is still being pushed under the radar.

Hitler Survivor Says Keep Your Guns and Buy More Guns

Click here to find out why from someone who lived under Hitler's rule, and witnessed the events first person.

Just for fun, here is a bonus link of one mans opinion that may tie in with the reason why Americans should possess their own means of personal protection.

The Ironic Arrogance of Michael Moore

Maybe we should re-label him as Michael no Moore or Michael MORE guns for him. Click here to shake your head in wonder.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Retired Army Officer: DHS Must Surrender Their War Weapons to Dept. of Defense

Click here to read the commentary by the above title. It appears that more people are starting to take notice, while the mainstream media continues to hide out with their fingers in their ears and their head in the sand.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Is Obama the Global Leader of Al Qaeda??

That is the allegation put forth in this video. They also do a tie in with the DHS ammo purchases. As with everything that Gun Shy posts, use your filters to determine what is provable fact, and what is speculation.

Is Bill Gates Really a Do Gooder Philanthropist?

The people reporting in this video say absolutely not. Gun Shy is a believer in 'truth is where you find it' no matter what the source. Truth can sometimes be found in Pravda, and even in the New York Times on a rare occasion. I find info wars to be a somewhat super sensational type of reporting venue, but since they have supporting video, you might want to take a closer look.

Bill Gates Surprised by Eugenics Question

How does this agenda fit in with the first, second, and tenth commandments found on the mysterious Georgia Guidestones which some have labeled as the ten commandments of the new age / new world order.

1. Maintain humanity under 500.000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
2. Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.
10. Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature.

More on the Guidestones here.

If You Look Closely at Gun Owners Heads You Can See the Little Tiny Horns...

Well, at least that is what many of our liberal politicians, mainstream news people, and even the public school systems have inadvertently tried to portray gun owners as being through its own calculated form of demonisation.

Click here to read an interesting commentary, and be sure to watch the video.

Here is the quote of the day:

A liberal is a conservative who hasn’t been mugged yet.

Friday, March 22, 2013

DHS Denies Massive Ammunition Purchase

Yep...and they also denied any knowledge of Gunwalker. SOP is to admit nothing, deny everything, make counter accusations.

Click here to read the commentary by the above title. 

Click here for my earlier commentary on the topic.

Info-tainment Instead of News?

Click here and decide for yourself.

New York: Gun Grabbing State in Turmoil

NYSRPA Files SAFE Act Lawsuit

Gun Shy hopes that we the people New York Chapter shoves it to Cuomo so hard that he can't walk. This petty tyrant act hopefully will  be the one that ends his career in politics.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

New York Turning Good Guys Into Bad Guys One Veteran at a Time

Iraq War Hero With Brain Injury Is First Man Charged Under NY Safe Act

The readers may remember this combat vet who was also arrested and charged earlier.

Biden and Bloomberg: Grave Dancing Duo

Biden and Bloomberg urge Congress to have ‘courage’ on gun laws


NEW YORK—Vice President Joe Biden and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg issued a joint appeal to members of Congress, urging lawmakers to ignore politics and do the “right thing” by passing new federal gun-control laws.

By 'courage' what they really mean is having the lack of character which will allow them to go against the oath they swore and vote for unconstitutional laws. 

"The vice president signaled the White House wasn’t giving up on its push to ban assault weapons, insisting “this is not about anybody’s constitutional right to own a weapon.”

Actually Joe, that is exactly what it is about. Just because your conscience allowed you to break your oath (sure its not the first time) don't mistakenly label this act as courage. 

“In the end, what Congress has to decide is whether it’s politically popular or is it the right thing to do,” Bloomberg said."

What Congress has to decide, is will they also break their oath as this deluded duo has done, or will they uphold it. That is what needs to be decided.

 The rest of the article consists of gleeful grave dancing. Gun Shy can't think of two bigger putzes standing on the same stage.

Maybe it is Time for Them to Move to 'free America'

Of course, 'free America' is Gun Shy's reference to the movie Red Dawn, where parts of America became occupied territory at the hands of the collectivist communists. Since many progressives are socialists on their way to communism, it would appear that the reference is fitting.

Colorado now ‘occupied territory’ and Magpul is leaving

The good news, is that before Magpul leaves, they are going to blanket the state with normal capacity 30 round magazines for all those still trapped behind enemy lines.

Do You Hear That D.C. and Chicago?? (gun crime)

Florida firearm violence hits record low; concealed gun permits up


NAPLES, FL - In the so-called Gunshine State, home to the most gun permits in the country, firearm violence has fallen to the lowest point on record.

As state and national legislators consider gun control laws in the wake of last month's Connecticut school shooting, Florida finds itself in a gun violence depression. The firearm-involved violent crime rate has dropped 33 percent between 2007 and 2011, while the number of issued concealed weapons permits rose nearly 90 percent during that time, state records show.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bill Clinton on American Gun Owners

Click here to check out what he said recently.

Anyone who was around for the first AWB,  probably remembers this stuff:

"Assault Weapons", the Clinton Gun Ban Story

The People's Republic of New York...More Communistic by the Hour

New York State Sets Up Gun Snitch Line With $500 Award

Just call the snitch line comrades, and turn in your once law abiding neighbor for extra cash, and besides, it's good for the collective. Pretty soon they will have large statues of Cuomo and Bloomberg in all the parks.

Meanwhile, in the Police State of New Jersey

What was once a sense of pride for young men, has now become a sense of shame and wrong doing:

Family Says New Jersey Overreacted To Boy’s Gun Photo On Facebook

If you don't believe that times have changed in America, click here and read this commentary


Here is another article referencing the incident:

Police State Raids Family’s Home: “The Fight Has Officially Been Brought To My Front Door”

Hey...Gun Shy Has an Idea...Lets Become 'safe' Like Gun Free France and England!

Oh wait...that was our liberal politicians who had that idea...anyhow:

Clockwork Orange: France a 'savage' nation, book claims - A controversial book claiming France is becoming a "savage" nation with thousands of thefts, rapes and attacks going unreported daily has turned into an unlikely best seller.

The most violent country in Europe: Britain is also worse than South Africa and U.S.

Wow...and that's from a British newspaper. Sorry Piers. You're still a statistic denying buffoon.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It Was the Big Bad 'eeeevil' Black Rifle That was the Problem in Newtown

Oh wait....maybe not:

Adam Lanza reportedly studied other mass killings before Newtown

Hey...even the libs are getting it:

Adam Lanza Kept Spreadsheet Of Murderers For Years Before Newtown Shooting: Report

Oh mean this was a premeditated isolated incident, and the gun didn't randomly drive him to do evil? Too bad that Bloomberg, and all those riding on his gun grabbing ship of fools doesn't get it.

Of course we now have grave dancer and resident fat body Michael Moore threatening to show the pictures of the slain children purely for shock value. The only thing possibly more grotesque and shocking than those images, would be Michael Moore with out clothing.

The Wicked Anti Gun Witch of the West Is....Well...

Of all people, Harry Reid was the one who poured some water on her:

Assault weapons ban won't be in Dems' gun bill 

I would advise the readers that this isn't over yet, and to keep an eye out for some sneaky, under the radar slimy type tactics before its over.

Now, a word for Ms Feinstein from Gun it today.

At What Point Will Americans Say ENOUGH!

 First, they issue a document stating that returning warriors are potential extremist, then Hillary makes her now infamous statement of "what difference at this point does it make" when a couple of our former SEALS are killed, then the Marines are told to "save every round" while federal agencies have 1.6 billion rounds coming in, then they cut college benefits for returning warriors, but not so for illegal aliens who also get food stamps, and now this:

TSA agents 'humiliated' wounded Marine with aggressive inspection: report

Maybe in light of this treatment, Americans should be asking how many terrorists has the TSA caught so far.

It appears that the nation is currently being run by the 'despise everything good and noble about America' crowd. 

White House reporter Bob Woodward, who has been in the news recently for stating that Obama is off the rails, wrote in his book The Final Days, chapter 14 (1976) that in Alexander Haig's presence, Henry Kissinger referred pointedly to military men as "dumb, stupid animals to be used" as pawns for foreign policy.

Eliminate Guns...Eliminate Jobs and Revenue

Click here and also here to watch two videos that demonstrate how guns fuel America's economy.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Even Florida Newspapers Keep Propagating the Lie

 UCF death: Male commits suicide at dorm, police find guns, improvised explosive devices - All classes at UCF's main campus starting before 12 p.m. are cancelled.


In addition to the handgun, police also found an assault weapon and improvised explosive devices in the room, Heston said.

Gun Shy is curious to see just what this assault weapon and improvised explosive device are, and will be updating this commentary with some facts as soon as they are made public.


The gunman is identified as James Seevakumaran, a business major. The 30-year-old had not enrolled for the spring semester. Police said evidence found in the room showed it was a planned attack. He was found dead with a .22 rifle and .45 handgun nearby.

As of yet the so called 'explosives' have not been defined, but it was reported that they were rendered 'safe'

Sunday, March 17, 2013

There's a Bullet With Your Name On It....THUG

Thugs are getting shot on a daily basis by law abiding citizens with a gun. Click here to see how it all goes down.

A Lot of Talk About DHS Ammo Acquisitions

I recently read a commentary attempting to give an explanation for the DHS recently proposed acquisition of  somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.6 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition in various calibers over time. The article did not reference the 2700 MRAPS that they also allegedly recently acquired or the PDW's that they are in the process of acquiring. There was a point that was made in the article about agents training with the same hollow point ammo that they carry for duty which is valid, so that is not an issue.  The question I raised in an earlier commentary, is do we really want someone who has smugly admitted to an agency under her authority releasing illegal alien criminals back onto our streets (some of who have already been re-arrested), in charge of those recently acquired assets? Many recently have decried the militarization of law enforcement, and as we have seen with a number of botched SWAT raids that have even outraged liberals, and there are admittedly some inherent problems with giving local police agencies assaulters kit and having them under the impression that they are now operators. I guess the bottom line, is would the powers that be turn these recently acquired assets on American citizens? I guess a good place to start would be to ask the civilian survivors of the WACO operation that question and see what their answer is, or maybe the people who were at Kent State.

So the most important question for Gun Shy, which really isn't being asked, is not why the government is purchasing this ammo. The important question is why is there no ammo available to civilians at this time starting as far back as four years ago in stores that used to be stocked floor to ceiling. This in light of the fact that some politicians and anti gun groups have suggested there be a mandated limit on how much ammunition a person can buy, while others suggested that large ammunition purchases be reported to the authorities. Could this shortage be the precursor to those strategies being implemented? Maybe we should be questioning who facilitated this problem (what deals were cut behind closed doors). Could this shortage be a by product of the general public hoarding, or was this shortage created intentionally to coincide with other anti gun mandates, and if so could those same people restrict other items if they decided it necessary to manipulate the civilian population supply chain in order to achieve their under the radar agenda of restriction or worse yet the total elimination of selected goods to civilians.

On another note, is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that there is an overabundance of wide screen tv's, beer, and hollywood fantasy available to keep people fat and happy these days?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

More U.N. Small Arms Treaty Follies and the Sellout Politicians Who Love Them

Yep...they're at it again. Gun Shy loves this quote from Hanoi Jane's pal John Kerry:

“The United States is steadfast in its commitment to achieve a strong and effective Arms Trade Treaty that helps address the adverse effects of the international arms trade on global peace and stability,” Secretary of State John F. Kerry said in a statement. “We will not support any treaty that would be inconsistent with U.S. law and the rights of American citizens under our Constitution, including the Second Amendment.”

That is rich John. What the hell is the administration that you represent attempting to do right now here at home?

Oh, and here was the big surprise of the day...not:

The Obama administration, which has wavered on the treaty, signaled Friday that it was willing to support the accord.

Let Gun Shy state for the record, that what you see is not so much of a problem, as what they are doing under the radar.

Is America on the Brink of Civil War?

Some say America is. Click here to see what this guy believes and make up your own mind.

No...'CHUCK YOU' Schumer

Schumer Attacks Gun Owners

I guess this is what some gun owners were waiting for when they said "when the schumer hits the fan".

Click here to see the moob man that will be 'keeping you safe' once he disarms you.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Now Gun Shy Understands Why They Need to Disarm EVERYONE in New York

Top Photo:
From the 'don't look now, but your EOTech is on backwards' file, that guy is fixin to have a surprise if he has to use his rifle. No wonder they are afraid of anyone owning guns. Also check out the trigger indexing on guy with the shotgun. I guess he was absent for the four rules segment of the lecture. In the bottom photo, someone must have trained ALL of them that common vehicle glass offers good cover from a rifle pistol, or shotgun round. BTW, these pictures are from a SWAT standoff in Herkimer New York where Andrew Cuomo happened to be visiting at the time. Gun Shy wonders how Cuomo feels that his new gun laws are working.

On a positive note, at least New York state is consistent with New York City's standards.

Ted Went Cruzin...and Feinstein Got a Constitutional Bruisin

So much that she had to enlist two of her gun hating friends to bail her out.

Explosive Exchange at Gun Hearing Between Ted Cruz and Dianne Feinstein

Oh..and no one cares about what you feel or what your experience is Dianne. All we are interested in, is what does the Constitution clearly state.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New York Counties 'tyrant slap' Cuomo

2/3 of NY counties have already passed resolutions rejecting unconstitutional NY SAFE Act

Nothing warms Gun Shy's heart more than watching we the people New York chapter tyrant slap handy Andy in the nads.

Now THIS is Something Everyone South of the Mason Dixon Line Can Get Behind

Mississippi passes 'anti-Bloomberg bill,' banning local limits on portion sizes and requirements to post calorie counts

Now if they can just amend the bill (like Schumer does) to state that if he comes down here to try and start his brand of tyrant trouble at a gun show, that he is to be turned around at the state line and sent back North, then the bill would be perfect.

We Forgive You Lance...Bill...You're Still an Arrogant Douchebag

Frankly, we don't care about your steroids Lance, because at least, you did not have sexual relations with that woman. Bill on the other hand, with his '94 AWB, restricting Chinese gun, magazine, and ammunition imports, all the idiots that he groomed in his cabinet that are now in the current administration, while still trying to shoot his mouth off...naw.

Lance Armstrong: People will forgive me like they did Bill Clinton

Marines May Have to Shout 'bang bang' When Terrorists Attack

Click here and you will roll your eyes and shake your head. I guess they needed to set some extra money aside for Obie's vacation golf balls.

Meanwhile in 'gun free' 'if it only saves one life' Mexico

If Mexico keeps up at this rate, it will be worse than...well...Chicago or Washington D.C.

'Four trucks filled with bodies' after Reynosa firefight

And remember, Michelle Obama says Mexico is a great and safe place to vacation.

The Failing Two Party System Explained

Click here for the explanation.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Should We Blame Bill Clinton Partially for the Current Ammo Shortage?

If Gun Shy remembers correctly, it was Bill Clinton who banned the importation of Chinese weapons, magazines,  and ammo during the original assault weapons ban in 94 (while transferring secrets to them). This took a lot of ammo out of the supply chain, and also eliminated competition for the Russians. I have a sneaky hunch that the BITTER GRABBERS are going to try and do this once again, only this time it will be with all of the east bloc suppliers. Once they eliminate those guns and ammo, then American companies can raise their prices with absolutely no competition, and less expensive ammo will be a thing of the past.

Washington D.C. is a Gun Free Paradise...Well

It appears that this will throw the Brady safest cities statistics into left field:

At Least 12 Injured in Drive-By Shooting in Northwest D.C.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Aw Dianne...They Named a 'large capacity ammunition feeding device' After You...

...and it isn't because anyone really, really likes you, and no they didn't call it the tyrannical bitch model. It is starting to appear that defiance is becoming a way of life for the liberty/pro second amendment crowd.

New 3D Weapon Download: The "Feinstein AK Mag"

Like Gun Shy Has Told You All Along...You Are 'on your own' When it Comes to Your Personal Protection

Click here to re-enforce what the readers have known all along.

For the full under cover footage, click here.

An remember, as Gun Shy has been telling you all along, your personal protection begins with you.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Aw...Soo vewwyy Sorry...No Gunz for You Gun Gwabbing Plicks.

Gun Shy wonders how that false feeling of superiority and control is working out for them now? These tyranical douche nozzels have been needing a 'constitutional enema' courtesy of we the people for a long time...BOHECA baby.

UPDATE: Number Of U.S. Gun Makers Refusing Sales To Gov't In 'Firearms Equality Movement' Triples In Two Weeks

Meanwhile, on the "do as I say and not as I do" hypocrisy front.

For even more hypocrisy, click here.

Tac-tards and Mall Ninjas Unite!

Click on this link and this link, also this one, and watch these guys play out the whole tactical craze sweeping America in a comedic fashion.

Click here for a funny bonus video.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Todays Lesson Kiddies: Guns and Soldiers BAD...Politically Correct Bull$hit GOOD

 More from the touchy feely hopey changey crowd:

School Confiscates Cupcakes Decorated with Toy Soldiers

School Suspends Child For Biting Pop-Tart Into Shape of Gun

TSA Two-fer

TSA Allowed at Least 11 Airport Employees With Criminal Backgrounds To Receive Security Badges

TSA screeners allow fed agent with fake bomb to pass through security at Newark Airport

Screw All You People at Gun Shows Who...

...are out there selling a box of .22 ammo that is worth $20.00 for $80.00+.  You are the guys who stand at the Walmart counter daily waiting for the ammo to come out so you can snag as much as they will allow you to buy, have your wife buy additional boxes, and then turn it around at the gun show for four times the profit. Your so called capitalism preys solely on peoples fear, and those of you are offering these pricey items that take advantage of the buyers panic that is currently going on are clearly selfish self centered money whores, a poor example of a true American, and are no better than the people who created this panic. People who do this during a perceived crisis are clearly showing themselves to be the money grubbing users that they are. My only hope is that the market becomes flooded with ammo, and then you can insert your inflated priced box of .22 in your a$$, because after all, if you ammo is $80.00 dollars worth of good, then a good thing can't hurt you, right?  If you are one of these people, and this commentary offends you, then TFB. Suck it up like the joy of shooting robbing  prostitutes that you are.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

"If Banning Them Just Saves ONE Watermelon"...

The gun grabbing hypocrites are drawn to each other like flies to crap:

Bloomberg-Backed Anti-Gun Lobbyist Enjoys ‘Assault Weapons,’ photo shows

Meanwhile in Piers Morgan's Gun Free Paradise...

If this story doesn't make you sick, I don't know what will. If someone had been armed, the POS could have been neutralized, and a promising young girl could have gone on to do great things.

Don't Worry About Those Drones, Because We Wouldn't EVAH Think to Do that

First, the most transparent president EVAH told Gibbs not to discuss the program, and now:

Yes, Lethal Drone Attacks on Americans Are Allowed, Says Atty General

Yep, but don't be concerned, because he is going to close gitmo, bring home the troops, balance the budget, believes in the second amendment and is not going after your guns, will not raise taxes, and oh...will be the most 'transparent' rule of law president evah, blah blah blah.

65 Outrageous Lies by President Obama

Obama, Which One Did You Vote For?

7 Lies In Under 2 Minutes

21 Blatant Lies Obama has Told you Directly to your Face

Obama Lies Compilation

Americans need to demand a new standard from politicians. Tell the truth, follow through on what you say, or GTFO.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Concealment Does NOT Equal Cover

Learn it, live it, know it  by clicking here. It could save your life, or the life of a loved one.

Florida Gun Owners Aren't 'angry' Senator...They Just Think You're an Idiot

Anger Management Course Required for Those Buying Ammo

Trained Citizen Soldiers...the Way it Was...the Way it Should Be

With budget cuts and Law Enforcement layoffs, the need for trained armed citizens is more relevant now than ever. All one needs to do, is take a look at the cities where the law abiding citizens have been disarmed, such as D.C. and Chicago, and the problem becomes crystal clear.

City looks to make gun ownership mandatory


One police officer patrols Nelson, Georgia for eight hours during the day. That leaves 16 hours overnight when the city is basically unguarded. "When he's not here we rely on county sheriffs--however it takes a while for them to get here," said Nelson City Councilman Duane Cronic. That's why Cronic proposed the ordinance. "Every head of household will own and maintain a firearm," he said. Bill McNiff lives in Nelson, carries a pistol and supports the law. "I think every city should do it. I think it should go countywide too," McNiff said. The Nelson ordinance is modeled closely after the 1982 law passed in Kennesaw.  

Kennesaw Georgia is another fine example, of taking personal responsibility for one's self defense. As many of the readers know, citizens have no personal right to protection by the government as the supreme court has ruled. 

It is Gun Shy's opinion, that America in its early formative years in the old West once had it figured out, and men who posessed the pioneer spirit carried a side arm and a rifle. We need to act on the lessons that Israel and Switzerland have learned, and make every able trained American, a citizen soldier that can mobilize instantly when trouble rears its ugly head.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

And the Politicians Want to Sign a Small Arms Treaty With These Guys??

So much for states rights if they do:

UN: Colo., Wash. legal pot violates drug treaties 


A United Nations-based drug agency urged the United States government on Tuesday to challenge the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in Colorado and Washington, saying the state laws violate international drug treaties.

There it is. The shapes of things to come if our idiot politicians sign a small arms treaty. America needs to tell the UN to kiss off now. 

Here is a little walk down recent memory lane:

Obama Administration Endorses New U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Negotiations

Is There Anything About Obama That is Real and Truly Transparent? (gun control)

Obama Admin Aims Keyboard Commandos at Gun Control

Monday, March 4, 2013

Do Liberals Support Rapists?

Why do liberal gun control schemes target honest citizens? Wild Bill has a theory here

Some more proof of the liberal 'logic':

Arrogant CO Democrat Scolds Rape Survivor at Gun Ban Hearing: Statistics Weren’t On Your Side

Here is another commentary of interest:

The Sneaky Gun Grab

And of course, the liberals hate Bill and write him letters.

Well...They Need Something to Move All That Ammo Around In Right??

Nearly 2 billion rounds of ammunition is heavy right? Click here to see your tax dollars at work, and remember. Armed guards at schools to protect the children is a costly foolish idea.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Brief and Bloody History of Gun Control

A Brief and Bloody History of Gun Control

Department of Justice Memo Blasts Assault Weapons Ban

Feinstein Wouldn't Intentionally Lie to Millions on National Television Would She?

Feinstein on Gun Control: 'All The Police' Support My Gun Ban

Well...maybe she didn't really 'intentionally' lie, did she? Maybe when she said 'all', it didn't include this guy, or these guys, or this other group of guys, or this very large group of 'police'.

What an incredible fantasy world the Bitter Grabbers live in, where if they just say something and believe it themselves,  then it must be so, and their supporters parrot it everywhere as if it were gospel.

She also testified at one time, that she was "trained in firearms".

Click here to see how well she was trained. In the picture she is muzzling everyone with an AK47 variant,  that has a seventy five or one hundred round drum mag, the bolt is closed and the safety is not only off, but her finger is on the trigger.

"Deadly Weapon of Mass Destruction" AR15 vs the "Not so Deadly" Shotgun??

Below is an excerpt from an earlier commentary, that Gun Shy thought should be a stand alone post:

If the gun grabbers ever got a clue about the power that can be unleashed from a fighting shotgun which holds multiple rounds (more than two), they would become overwhelmed with pants $hittin hysterics, and push to ban them too. The logic is very simple, and Gun Shy is thankful that the BITTER GRABBERS know absolutely nothing about firearms, ballistics, or features and function,  therefore all they can do is look at pictures in gun magazines and decide what is evil, and then embarrass themselves when they present their expert findings to the gun knowledgeable public. Here is the simple easy to follow breakdown. At close range where velocity is not as critical, you can choose an AR15 with a 30 round 'high capacity' magazine of 22+ caliber 55 grain projectiles, or you can use a shotgun with eight rounds of 15 pellet double ought which are 33 caliber and roughly the same weight in grains. In the summation, it ends up being 30 smaller caliber projectiles vs 120 larger caliber projectiles. Even with a shotgun that is limited to five shells, you still have 75 projectiles. The AR15 is a 'surgical' tool and the shotgun is more of a brute force tool in some ways, but when it comes to inflicting injury and or death, they both are capable of doing the job quite effectively in the right hands at close range, with the AR being better for distance shooting. In the end, the Bitter Grabbers want to ban all firearms anyways, so we should let them stay in the dark a bit longer, while they smugly cling  to their double barreled shotgun ultimate defense fantasy.


Oops...Gun Shy spoke too soon. The Bitter Grabbers in Colorado is already wringing their hands.

Popular Standard Shotgun Could Be Banned Under Proposed Bill


This video proves Gun Shy's point.


This article further supports the above facts. 

Hey Adam...the 'list' Just Got Shorter...AGAIN

For the readers who do not know who Adam Gadahn is,  click below first:

Hey Adam Gadahn...Have You Noticed That the List is Getting Shorter?

Abou Zeid killed

Al-Qaeda traitor Adam Gadahn warns "Crusader West" to leave Muslim lands or suffer "economic and military hemorrhage"

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Your guy is doing a great job insuring that there is now a MASSIVE number of rifles 'behind every blade of grass' (with plenty of optics, magazines, and ammo)

Click here to see the only positive thing (unless you count vacationing) that has occurred during his term.

Hear That? It's the Sound of Connecticut's Gun Manufacturing Jobs Going South


As Gun Shy said in an earlier post, y'all are welcome here in Florida, and bring some ammo manufacturers with you.

Thank God Most People are Smart Enough Not to Take Joe Biden's Advice

Biden Advises Shooting Shotgun Through Door - Virginia Beach man charged for doing exactly that

If the gun grabbers ever got a clue about the power that can be unleashed from a fighting shotgun which holds multiple rounds (more than two), they would become overwhelmed with pants $hittin hysterics, and push to ban them too. The logic is very simple, and Gun Shy is thankful that the BITTER GRABBERS know absolutely nothing about firearms, ballistics, or features and function,  therefore all they can do is look at pictures in gun magazines and decide what is evil, and then embarrass themselves when they present their expert findings to the gun knowledgeable public. Here is the simple easy to follow breakdown. At close range where velocity is not as critical, you can choose an AR15 with a 30 round 'high capacity' magazine of 22+ caliber 55 grain projectiles, or you can use a shotgun with eight rounds of 15 pellet double ought which are 33 caliber and roughly the same weight in grains. In the summation, it ends up being 30 smaller caliber projectiles vs 120 larger caliber projectiles. Even with a shotgun that is limited to five shells, you still have 75 projectiles. The AR15 is a 'surgical' tool and the shotgun is more of a brute force tool in some ways, but when it comes to inflicting injury and or death, they both are capable of doing the job quite effectively in the right hands at close range, with the AR being better for distance shooting. In the end, the Bitter Grabbers want to ban all firearms anyways, so we should let them stay in the dark a bit longer, while they smugly cling  to their double barreled shotgun ultimate defense fantasy.


Oops...Gun Shy spoke too soon. The Bitter Grabbers in Colorado is already wringing their hands.

Popular Standard Shotgun Could Be Banned Under Proposed Bill


This video proves Gun Shy's point.