Tuesday, April 30, 2013

America's 'gradual suicide' by Politician (guns and bombs edition)

First of all, the Boston Marathon bombing should have never happened.The dead and injured shouldn't have happened, and the house to house at gunpoint should have been unnecessary as well. In the last week we have learned that our government agencies were given the intel on a silver platter, but because of political correctness, and the expunging of realistic training materials for agents, they didn't know how to process it or what to even ask when interviewing suspected terrorists. As a matter of fact, they are still searching for a reason why these two terrorists did this, because they just can't understand why. In the end they probably will label it as sports place violence. The current administration (clown act) has been instrumental in disarming law abiding Americans while negligently putting them in harms way, because they don't know their a$$ from their elbow when it comes to keeping Americans 'safe'. Now as a result, the hens of destruction are starting to come home to roost. Does anyone really believe that this is the last attack of this type on America? Most politicians are only interested in one thing, which is expanding their voting base so that they can keep their cushy, high paying, benefits rich job alive. Americans will either wake up and speak up, or sadly they will only be able to 'hope' for more of the same in the future without any 'change'.

After the Boston Marathon bombing, if America doesn't believe that we are under attack from without AND within, then they never will, and should learn to accept this as the new norm from here on out, stop their complaining, and just learn to suck it up.

EXCLUSIVE: Saudi Arabia 'warned the United States IN WRITING about Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2012'

Russia had elder Boston suspect under surveillance

Boston Manhunt ‘Missed the Boat’ as Police Skip Street

Despite Warnings From RUSSIA and SAUDI ARABIA Obama Praises FBI and Homeland Security in Boston Blasts

The Boston Marathon Bombs 'initially' Only Cost American Infidels $100K But...

...now it has cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars, not including the lives and injuries of Americans which you can't put a price on. Clueless Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick tried to keep this information secret, but someone at the closed hearing decided the public should know.

Tsarnaev family received $100G in benefits

Click here to learn more about the refugee resettlement program, and the cost to Americans.

Click here to learn more about Deval Patrick

Click here to learn more about Bloomberg's brother in citizen disarmament Boston Mayor Menino 

More on Meninno, Patrick, and the Boston Mosque here.

It is Gun Shy's opinion, that with these two at the helm, Boston is screwed.

Monday, April 29, 2013

So Where is the Dash Cam Footage? (Boston/Watertown Shootout)

It now appears the statements that the Watertown Police Chief initially issued were a wee bit embellished. The suspects were not both shooting at the officers, because they only had one 9mm pistol. It is now also known that they also did not have a long rifle as one media outlet reported. ( the New York Times originally reported  "The authorities found an M-4 carbine rifle — a weapon similar to ones used by American forces in Afghanistan — on the boat where the younger suspect was found Friday night in Watertown, Mass". NOTE:  The M-4 carbine is a select fire weapon capable of firing fully automatic or multi round bursts). The terrorists were reported to have been lobbing improvised explosives at the Watertown police while in pursuit. The question on Gun Shy's mind, is can anyone get the facts straight these days? They need to stop with this 'undisclosed source" bull$hit and report the proven facts. As an aside, Gun Shy is curious why they have not shown the dash cam footage yet so that Americans can see exactly how this pursuit/fire fight went down. The Watertown police did a good job and stayed in the fight in Gun Shy's opinion...the Watertown Chief??  Not so much.

Suspects Throw Grenades at Cops

Officer may have been hit by friendly fire

Intentionally Steering the Narrative to Control the Discussion (terror attacks)

Take a look at this statement from the commentary linked below:

Boston’s unanswered questions

As we learn the hows and whys from the Boston Marathon bombing, we should be moving into a new phase of understanding and responding to the rapidly evolving threats presented by this brutal attack. Osama bin Laden wrote after the plane attacks on New York and Washington, “It was not an army or nation state or tanks that attacked America, but 19 post-graduate students.” On Patriots’ Day in Boston, two students blew up crude bombs, killing three and wounding 170 people and paralyzing a city.

Whaaat??? So the narrative was just shifted from two radical Islamic jihadists with connections to a larger terrorist group looking to kill American infidels, to now just two students?

Politically correct America is in hard core denial mode, which will get more Americans killed until those who understand say enough. Now watch the two part discussion linked below, and then read the commentaries:

The Boston Massacre and Our Jihad Denial (Part 1)

The Boston Massacre and Our Jihad Denial (Part 2)

Bomber Mama Zubeidat Tsarnaev Told Her Sons to Go to Palestine and Wage Jihad

Boston jihadi's family was on welfare while he went to Russia in 2012 -- who paid for his trip?

The Difference Between Newtown and Boston

The Premature Mirandizing of a Terrorist

Why Eric Holder Shut The Mouth of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Boston Bomber Magistrate’s Middle Eastern Connections

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Saturday, April 27, 2013

While the People Who Keep American's 'safe' are Afraid to Even Say 'Radical Islamist Terrorist' (the Boston Bombing)

Russia detains 140 suspected Islamic extremists


Russian police and security agents have detained 140 people at a mosque in Moscow on suspicion of involvement with Islamic extremism. A statement from the Federal Security Agency reported by Russian news agencies said among those detained in the Friday action were 30 citizens of unspecified foreign countries. The detentions come a week after the two suspects in the fatal Boston Marathon bombing were identified as originating from the Russian region of Chechnya and sympathizing with Islamic extremists.

quote from here:

President Vladimir Putin said in a television appearance on Thursday that the Boston bombings justified his tough line against militants in the North Caucasus and that Russia and the United States must step up cooperation against militants. RIA reported that law enforcement authorities said some people who had been at the prayer room in the past had joined an Islamist insurgency in the North Caucasus. 

So, while our politicians and so called news agencies are falling all over themselves to excuse away the Boston attacks, Putin is actually taking action because of the incident HERE IN AMERICA. (not even in Russia) You will also remember that Putin warned us on a number of occasions that the Boston Bombers had ties to terrorist groups in Russia, but the 'people who keep America safe' did not heed the warnings in a proper fashion. So as Obama, Biden, Holder, and Napolitano sit wringing their hands silent or explaining away the attack as well as the detained Saudi national as to not offend anyone, it is now Vladmir Putin who is keeping America safe by default? (Gun Shy shakes head)

Gun Shy has to wonder what is next? Will these people detained in Russia now claim persecution  and then come to America under a refugee status, and get full benefits (food stamps, housing, private school and college education) as the Tsarnaev family did, to prepare them for the next attack on America?

The readers might also remember, that when the Chechens pulled off the subway attacks in Moscow and other attacks in DAGESTAN, Putin responded by stating publicly that he would drive them from the sewers where they were hiding, and also stating that he would "find and wipe them out". (not lawyer them up) So in essence, instead of taking away the rights of law abiding citizens, Putin instead takes away the rights of the actual terrorists. What a concept. (Gun Shy shakes head again)

Friday, April 26, 2013

A Brief Review of Last Weeks Boston Attack Now That More Information is Available

Let's review what happened in Boston last week:

One guy (older brother) who most likely had some terrorist training and support, and his little brother who tagged along to help out but didn't even think to wear his hat brim forward with dark glasses to mask who he was from the cameras (as his older brother did) caused multiple deaths and serious injuries, as well as major fear and terror at the Boston marathon and in the surrounding cities and towns. The older brother was on TWO terrorist watch lists, and the Russian government and others had warned  our agencies about him recently on numerous occasions, but no one seemed to follow up on his current activities like his recent six month 'vacation' in Dagestan, where he may have spent some quality time with his peeps, so the investigating agencies didn't even realize who he was initially when the photos were released. To the credit of the Watertown Police, they took the fight to the brothers and stopped them from any future carnage, and then were rewarded by being ordered to stand down and back away from the situation so that 'big dogs' could handle it. Those agencies had canines and helicopters with FLIR, but they ended up losing the suspect that evening.

Let's review some additional items now that new facts are coming out:

1) The next day the mostly disarmed citizens of Massachusetts were ordered to shelter in place and the city was placed in lock down mode, which in theory is martial law. This order most certainly originated at a federal level.

2) People were removed from their homes at gunpoint and their premises searched for the suspect.

3) The streets were filled with many government agencies with all of their assets: ATF, FBI, SWAT, Boston Police, State Police, as well as police agencies from all over.

4)  In the end, the next evening after the area was declared safe and people were alowed to return to their homes or come outside, a un-armed civilian just by chance discovered the second suspect wounded and hiding in his boat in his backyard, where he had been since the night before slowly bleeding out.

5) The SWAT team then came in and riddled the $50,000.00 boat with a large amount of rifle rounds, but fortunately for the un-armed and seriously wounded younger brother, he was down low in the hull so all of the rounds missed him completely and he was taken alive so that they could interrogate him and gather intel on what had happened to learn if there were any future plans of additional bombings. The SWAT team spokesman issued a report that their officers had come under fire from the suspect which is what prompted them to return fire, but the suspect had no weapons at the time of his capture, and we have now learned that he never possessed a firearm throughout this ordeal, and that there was only one pistol which the older brother had, but the caliber has never been disclosed. The news wrongly reported that the duo had additional pistols and an M4 rifle.

QUESTION: How would the disarmed citizens of Boston have felt huddled in their homes, if this had instead been a larger number of heavily armed well trained terrorists with select fire weapons in co-ordinated attacks roaming the streets of their city and surrounding towns engaging in fire fights with law enforcement?

After all that America has been through this week, gun grabbing politicians hell bent on citizen disarmament didn't miss a beat and are pushing forward in their insanity, but unfortunately for them they couldn't use this incident as an exploitable example because the terrorists did not have any 'assault rifles' or any other 'legally' owned firearms for that matter.

It is Gun Shy's opinion that this recent attack will be used as a probe for future attacks, and terrorists from around the world will study this situation  and learn to overcome and adapt in reference to any mistakes that these two made for the next time some of them become tired of all the taxpayer funded handouts (welfare, free education, etc) that they received while living here, and decide to kill some more American infidels

In closing, Gun Shy has been known to say in the past, that the Calvary isn't coming , so I would advise all law abiding citizens to acquire a firearm, and train on a regular basis to learn how to fight with it to protect yourself, because in the end your personal protection, and the protection of your loved ones begins with you.

The Last Warriors Who Fought Chechen Terrorists

In Memory of Fallen Men From Spetsnaz Teams  Alpha, Vympel, (and all the innocents who perished in Beslan School terror attack)

Terrorist Watch List? Just Check the White House's Frequent Visitor List Instead

First This:

Exclusive: FBI Informant Claims Taliban Members Are Living In America

Now Read These Two:

 Breaking: Saudi Student Alharbi Visited the White House Several Times

Michelle Obama Visited Saudi “Person of Interest” in Hospital… Skipped US Man Who Lost Both Legs

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Obama and Holder: Making America Safe and Secure for... Terrorists???

Boston jihad bomber clams up after being read Miranda rights 32 hours before it was required

Did Holder Initiate the Legal Process For Boston Bomber To Shut-up And Lawyer-Up?

Napolitano: Systems Contained No Derogatory Info On Brothers

It's Like This Guy is Reading Gun Shy's Mind on the People Who Supposedly Keep American's 'safe'

 Gun Shy can tell you why terror attacks are successful in America under the current administration. Just check out what Holder, a person who can't even bring himself to say the term "radical Islam" has done to the counter terror training of the FBI, and then check out what Napolitano is doing as well with the DHS. In other words, the terrorists can smell our politically inflicted weakness, which makes us a prime target for attack.

Rep. Tom Cotton speaks on the Obama Administration's counterterrorism efforts

What Gun Shy Stated...What Was Later Proven in the Boston Bombing Investigation

In this post Gun Shy stated:

"Jihadi groups have been openly threatening this type of attack for a while, and there are publications out there teaching people how to 
make improvised explosive devices out of readily available materials."
"Below is an article about a group that may have influenced this type of attack:"

Al-Qaeda newspaper: Make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom

PROVEN: They used the article from Inspire magazine as the
blueprint for the construction of their explosive devices.
In the same post Gun Shy also stated:

The devices looked to be a lower yield, possibly with some
 fragmentation type of hardware (BB's, screws, etc), that was meant to be a more  localized anti-personnel device (hence multiple devices) instead of creating large scale destruction.


In this post Gun Shy stated:

"I have looked at all of the photos posted on the various news sites,
 and these guys look almost like they are east bloc in my opinion."


Meanwhile, in the early morning of the shootout, the media released the incorrect names of two individuals who were Indian (from India) and Ethiopian.

In this post Gun Shy stated:

"Gun Shy has a feeling that these two are only a few of the many that may be here in the nation asleep waiting to create additional havoc."

 Now the circus of misinformation is telling Americans to 'never mind" the trips the older brother made to Dagestan, the fact that one of their associates had a vehicle tag that said 'terrorista', and the fact that the government agencies were originally investigating a 12 man cell in this  incident.  After all, we don't want to 'offend' anyone which would mean alienating part of the current administration's voting base. This my friends is  a recipe for disaster, and innocent Americans will be the ones paying the price.  You may want to go the the blog to read all of the commentaries related to this incident by clicking here.

Watertown Police HEROES...Boston SWAT...Well...

As Gun Shy said in an earlier commentary, the Watertown Police were brave WARRIORS for standing up to the brothers as they were lobbing improvised explosive devices at the patrolman who were ill equipped to deal with this type of situation. Meanwhile, the DHS funded hyper militarized Boston SWAT team appears to have had some major errors not only in judgement, but also in their recounting of the incident. As days go by and new reports are issued, they are starting to look more and more like Bloomberg's New York City 'counter terrorist team' who shot all of the innocent victims at the Empire State building while trying to contain a single armed suspect. I guess time will tell.

Did the Boston PD lie about the “hour-long firefight” with Boston terror suspect?

Bob Owens Has also done some earlier reporting on the incident:

Boston strong! Company-sized police unit fired 40+ rounds at UNARMED terrorism suspect

The Boston Civil Rights Massacre

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Time For Gun Shy to Blow the Whistle and Throw the Bull$hit Flag on Media 'Violations' in the Boston Spin Game

It is time for the media to quit apologizing for the terrorists, from parroting incorrect information, and to get real about what is happened in Boston, and the events that led up to the terrorist attack.

First violation:  'They acted alone'. Give me an freakin' break. SIX MONTH trip top Dagestan. Do your homework people.

Second violation: The mosque they were attending asked the older brother to leave because he was spouting radical rhetoric...really??

Absence Of Outrage About Motives Of Boston Jihadists – Has America Lost Her Soul?

Mosque that Boston suspects attended has radical ties

Boston Marathon - - Only the Beginning: More Chechen Terror to Arrive Soon

NPR's Dina Temple-Raston explains who the Marathon Bombers will likely be

Imagine if Obama Gave THIS Speech After the Boston Bombing

And it’s not surprising these Islamic radicals get bitter, they cling to their bombs or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them, or anti non-believer sentiment or anti-American sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."

Here is the original speech Obama gave earlier in his career referencing Christian gun owners:

And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."

Why Doesn't CNN Ask the Important Questions About the Boston Shootout?

Click on this link to watch the interview, and then wonder why Jake Tapper not once asked the person being interviewed what kind of weapons the attackers had. A pressure cooker bomb is mentioned, but it is not once specified whether they had pistols or rifles, even though various groups of the media disinformation circus of continuous non factual reporting have stated various conflicting details. It was first reported they had pistols, and then one outlet described one of their weapons as a long rifle. Now they are reporting that they killed the MIT security guard to try and get his pistol, because they only had one and needed two. If they had an ASSAULT rifle why would they bother? Let me now ask the readers this. After the Sandy Hook shooting, how many times did you hear specifically the term Bushmaster AR 15 ASSAULT RIFLE? Could it be that this attack does not help support the narrative promoting their prime agenda of banning the deadly weapon of mass destruction? Also please note, that when law enforcement were shown on TV walking around with their rifles slung, they were on occasion referred to as AR15's and never referred to as an ASSAULT RIFLE. If they were select fire weapons which is a good possibility, then by definition they actually are ASSAULT RIFLES, unlike the sem-automatic rifles that citizens have which are incorrectly labeled as ASSAULT RIFLES by the mainstream media.

In other news it has been rumored that a bill is being rushed through titled the patriot pressure cooker act that bans those large capacity 6 liter pressure cookers like the ones used in the Boston Marathon bombing. As an aside, it was also rumored that New Jersey's Frank Lautenberg in his typical knee jerk reaction was frantically drafting an emergency bill to ban propane gas for cooks stoves. As of the July 4th deadline, possession of anything larger than a 3 liter pressure cooker will be a felony with a mandatory sentence of five years in the state of Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and other states not part of free America. Of course, existing 6 liter pressure cookers will be grand fathered in providing they are registered, and with the distinct stipulation that they can only be filled with 3 liters of any substance. Devices will be available to retrofit existing 6 liter cookers to insure compliance with the new law. Lawmakers stated that the reason for this ban, is that it makes the device less lethal forcing them to use multiple devices, and therefore when they are trying to reload in order to detonate the second device, they could be rushed and disarmed. Lawmakers were quoted as saying "why does anyone need a high capacity six liter assault cooker anyways?", "if it only saves one life" and "it's for the children". (sarcasm off) 


One news outlet mistakenly may have reported that the Boston TERRORISTS had an M4 carbine and others have picked that up. If it truly was an M4 as I am sure the readers know, that is a TRUE select fire assault weapon by definition, which is capable of firing fully automatic. If this ever proves to be factual, the next time Feinstein, Piers Morgan, or one of their citizen disarmament parrots asks “Why does any one need an AR 15 with a 30 round magazine?”  the answer should be “to defend myself against jihadi’s with select fire M4′s with 30 round mags”....and even though I am seriously ‘out gunned’ I will attempt to make do with it”

NOTE: 'outgunned" is a term that gun grabbers like to use when referring to law enforcement, who they say are outgunned  when it comes to confronting armed criminals. They use this constantly as part of their citizen disarmament argument.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

From the Same U.N. That Wants to 'oversee' Your Gun Rights

UN Official Justifies Boston Bombings as ‘Retribution’, Blames America & ‘Tel Aviv’

Why Aren't Holder, Napolitano, and Our Weak Ass Politicians Uttering THIS Word Publicly? (Boston Bomber)

De-naturalization…look it up in the legal codes. The suspect just recently received naturalization on 11 Sep 2012. Through a legal process he could potentially be reverted from citizen to non-citizen combatant. Below are some of the possible grounds:

Belonging to a subversive organization or group within five years after you become a naturalized citizen can lead to revocation of your citizenship. Terrorist groups are the textbook example of a violent “subversive” organization.

Also, at the time he took his oath of loyalty he was most likely involved with this plot to do terror against his adopted nation, meaning that he submitted false information on his application That is additional grounds.

As recently as this year, the DHS announced that they were reviewing the de-naturalization process in consideration of making it even easier to administer this process swiftly.  Once his certificate of citizenship is revoked then the status of combatant could possibly be levied, so why aren't they talking about this action, instead of lawyering up the defendant?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Boston Politicians Demonstrated Weakness...Boston Got Attacked

Gun Shy has repeatedly stated in earlier commentaries, that it was not if but when, and the areas where attacks would probably most likely occur, would be the areas where the citizens were disarmed. Thus far is has been Boston, New York City (attempted Times Square attack), World Trade Center (twice), and attempts in New Jersey. Terrorists are cowards not soldiers, so they seek out soft targets where they can kill or injure a large number of people while encountering little or no resistance. A city where the citizens are disarmed constitutes such a place. The people of Boston are tough, but unfortunately the politicians are not. Mayor Menino, a close associate of Bloomberg is fully signed on to the idea of citizen disarmament. He, and the governor of Massachusetts both have some interesting associations. Click here to watch a video that may be of interest to the readers.

For more of Menino's clueless in Boston antics click on the link below. 

Boston mayor: Bombing suspects acted alone

Maybe it is time for Americans to 'demand a plan' to remove these weak ass politicians from office before they get more innocent Americans killed, and get some real leaders in control who understand the threat. Thank GOD for the heroes of the Watertown Police department, that took it to the attackers with a vengeance. They fought through the initial shock of what they had unknowingly gotten themselves into, and immediately took the violence to the attackers, and halted further destruction from happening. It appears that these brave WARRIORS fully understood, that when  you encounter individuals whose sole objective is to perpetrate violence, death, mayhem, and destruction, the intelligent option is to meet them with an even greater violence of action immediately, because at this point it has been established with certainty the time for talking is long over. Those who mistakenly believe that if we are 'nice' to people who despise us and our way of life, that maybe they won't harm us are deluded. The idea of holding a pair of scissors while cowering in the corner hoping that he/they will let you live as recent DHS personnel has instructed Americans, is not a reasonable option, nor is it rational thinking. Having a weapon and shooting him/them dead is far more rational in Gun Shy's opinion. Those who believe that lying scared and helpless on the ground while a gunman walks around executing people are insane. This is never nor will it ever be the rational choice regardless what any politician advocating citizen disarmament or their politically appointed police chief who they bring as a supporting witness says at a press conference. Ending the violent POS with extreme prejudice so that  innocents will not be harmed is. A Gun Shy salute to the Watertown Police and to those who rushed to support them, because those brave warriors  overcame shock with resolve, stayed in the fight, and saved countless lives by their quick heroic actions.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Deceased Boston Bomber Made Six Visits to Militant Mosque in Russian Republic of Dagestan

Looks like the FBI who was 'monitoring' these guys has some explaining to do. In all fairness, their hands have been tied by the current administration's political correctness, coupled with the fact that the top man in charge can't even bring himself to say the term 'terrorist' or 'radical Islam'. Maybe it is time to bring in Allen West, Dave Grossman, and Jerry Boykin and others to run this investigation, while the DHS and the DOJ take care of important security issues like confiscating toy eggs at the border, and attempting to close down guitar manufacturers for allegedly possessing illegal wood.

Boston bomber: FBI 'dropped the ball' over Tamerlan Tsarnaev

Since we now pretty much know where this attack was orchestrated from, maybe it is time to get on the phone with Mr Putin, and arrange a joint 'training' exercise in Dagestan and surrounding areas with our best Tier One operators (Delta, Seal Team Six, etc), and their top Spetsnaz teams of Alpha and Vympel. Nothing like a little unexpected return to sender as they are rejoicing in the streets over their perceived victory.

The Boston Bombers and the Gun Control Politicians of Massachussets

In an earlier post while the second terrorist bomber was being sought, Gun Shy stated this:

Gun Shy can't help but wonder  how the disarmed helpless law abiding citizens of Boston are feeling currently while locked down and huddling in a back bedroom or basement as armed Chechen terrorists are roaming the streets of Boston wreaking havoc as they rob stores, ambush and murder a security guard in cold blood, carjack people at gunpoint, shoot a transit officer,  and then have running gun battles in the streets of residential neighborhoods with rounds flying through their living rooms. So much for Teddy Kennedy's utopian gun control in a state that brags it has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation. Hopefully, someone will have the ball$ to ask Bloomberg's MAIG lackey Boston Mayor Menino how that gun control thing is working out for him. It should be noted it was reported that the terrorists used pistols, which neither can legally own.

Since the older brother had a domestic violence charge from 2009, he could not legally pass a background check to own a firearm. Because his younger brother was only 19, he could not legally possess a pistol.  The bottom line, is all of the gun laws in the world can not stop terrorists seeking to do violence against the population.

Click here for another excellent commentary on the subject.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The 'prophet of doom' aka Gun Shy Hates to be Right... (Boston Bombing)

...because if I am right, that means that there is the potential for more havoc brewing.

Gun Shy stated in an earlier post that this group was deep.


Gun Shy has a feeling that these two are only a few of the many that may be here in the nation asleep waiting to create additional havoc...

...They need to take this guy alive so that they can acquire intel on any possible future attacks, because it is starting to appear that they are possibly trained and well financed, which means that this is not a lone wolf type of operation.

 Now we have this report:

FBI Looking for 12-strong Islamic Sleeper Cell Linked to Boston Bombers

How are Those New Gun Laws Working Out For Ya Colorado?

Oh the irony:

Police: Shots fired at Colo. pot holiday gathering

Friday, April 19, 2013

JIHAD IN AMERICA: Some Things You Should Know

If you go to the links below, there are three commentaries that I covered a while back, but I believe are pertinent to re-post for such a time as this.

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Reported That More Shots Just Fired in Watertown Mass @ 1900hrs

Go here to watch the live feed now.

UPDATE 1940hrs: Just saw the video of the shots fired. It sounded like three or four shooters unloading 30 round mags. (more than 100 rnds) It could have sounded like more due to echoing off buildings, but if the suspect didn't have effective cover, it is highly unlikely that he will be alive when they bring him out. 

UPDATE 2000hrs: A neighbor came home and noticed that the shrink wrap on his boat had been cut and there was some blood. When the team came in to investigate they received fire from the suspect, and then returned fire. They just flash banged the shit out of him. 

UPDATE 2052hrs: They have the suspect in custody and he is currently alive. Medical is on the scene because he is wounded. 


One Boston Bomber D.O.A....One Still on the Loose

There was a shooting at M.I.T last evening. The two suspects 'Mike' Mulugeta (ethiopian name but he doesn't appear to be) and Sunil Tripathi (indian name) reportedly shot and killed an M.I.T. security officer, and then the melee ensued with gunfire and explosives. Rumor has it that Mulugeta was riddled with multiple gunshot wounds, and may have been strapped with an explosive device and clacked himself off (or was set off), but their is no verification of that. Tripathi escaped and is believed to be in the Watertown area which is currently locked down. Unfortunately he might off himself before authorities get to talk to him. Below is a lot of good dialog about the initial situation from first person witnesses on twitchy.

UPDATE AFTER THE FACT: The media reported incorrect names and identifications above.

The suspects were positively identified by a person who lost both of his legs from the knee down who watched the suspect set the package down in front of him right before it exploded.

Click here for a live feed. Gun Shy has to admit that Boston Police as well as their SWAT team are looking sharp in their handling of this situation thus far.

UPDATE 0630hrs :

One news outlet reported that the suspects are from Turkey, and were here as students. The suspect that was killed may have been, but I am not sure about the suspect still on the loose with the name that is typically from India. It is also rumored that one or both have prior military experience from Turkey (or another foreign country)

UPDATE 0649hrs: 

It appears that there may have been false ID's involved. These guys are two brothers with the last name Tsarnaev from Chechnya (Tamerlan age 26 D.O.A. and Dzhokhar age 19), who had been living in Turkey before they came here. The readers may remember the Beslan massacre in Russia, where Chechen Islamic terrorists killed a large number of innocent school children. As I had stated in an earlier post, they are east bloc as I suspected. 

For more on what the brutal Chechen terrorists did to the innocent children and parents of Beslan, click here and watch the videos.

Gun Shy has a feeling that these two are only a few of the many that may be here in the nation asleep waiting to create additional havoc.

Gun Shy can't help but wonder  how the disarmed helpless law abiding citizens of Boston are feeling currently while locked down and huddling in a back bedroom or basement as armed Chechen terrorists are roaming the streets of Boston wreaking havoc as they rob stores, ambush and murder a security guard in cold blood, carjack people at gunpoint, shoot a transit officer,  and then have running gun battles in the streets of residential neighborhoods with rounds flying through their living rooms. So much for Teddy Kennedy's utopian gun control in a state that brags it has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation. Hopefully, someone will have the ball$ to ask Bloomberg's MAIG lackey Boston Mayor Menino how that gun control thing is working out for him. It should be noted it was reported that the terrorists used pistols, which neither can legally own.

UPDATE 0900hrs:

Law enforcement is going door to door in Watertown looking for the suspect. He is possibly armed with a pistol and explosives. They need to take this guy alive so that they can acquire intel on any possible future attacks, because it is starting to appear that they are possibly trained and well financed, which means that this is not a lone wolf type of operation. The whole city of Boston has been warned to stay inside, and is on lock down, I am sure jihadi's all over the world will be blood dancing with joy due to this incident and the carnage and chaos it has caused, and will be empowered by this.  

UPDATE 0943hrs:

It has been reported that D.C. Police are currently at the house of an uncle there. The house is taped off with yellow caution/crime scene tape. 

UPDATE 1000hrs:

A local auto body shop in their neighborhood told the media that they had expensive cars with New York tags on them. The day after the bombing they came in the shop to pick up a Mercedes that was still partially apart, and they told the owner of the shop they needed the car and left with it minus the bumper. The plot thickens. 

UPDATE 1020hrs:

Boston jihad bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev: "I'm very religious"

Boston jihad bomber's YouTube page features videos by Sheikh Feiz Mohammed, who called on Muslims to kill enemies of Islam 

UPDATE 1327hrs:

Feiz Mohammad: Radical Muslim Preacher Who Inspired Boston Marathon Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev

Beslan Comes to America 

Quote from Dave Grossman:

“Osama bin Laden has promised that what has happened in (Beslan) Russia will happen to us many times over,” Grossman said. “And Osama tries very hard never to lie to us.”

UPDATE 1451hrs: 

People come to America from other countries, enjoy our lifestyle and freedoms, and then turn on Americans like rabid dogs.

Are Boston terrorists refugees?

UPDATE 1621hrs:

Boston Bomber Could Have Been Deported After 2009 Arrest

UPDATE 1745hrs:

Gun Shy can't validate these claims, but am putting it up for your perusal:

Two Dagestani brothers nembers of Chechen Wahhabi cell identified as responsible for Boston terror

The Chechen Theater Bombing of 2002 Was Likely Financed By Saudi Arabia

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Latest Suspects in the Boston Marathon Bombings

I have looked at all of the photos posted on the various news sites, and these guys look almost like they are east bloc in my opinion. (for what that is worth) No matter where they are from or what they believe, they need their heads put on sticks in Harvard Square when they are finally captured and convicted.

FBI releases images of two suspects in Boston Marathon bombings

FBI Releases Images of 2 Men at Boston Marathon

OFFICIAL VIDEO & PHOTOS of FBI Boston Marathon Bombing ‘Suspects’

More links to pictures will be added as better ones become available. 

One Of The Boston Marathon Bomb Suspects Was Wearing A Bridgestone Golf Cap

REALITY CHECK: Asking the Hard the Questions About Boston Marathon Bombing

Click here to watch the video.

Click here to watch another important video interview.

There are two interesting commentaries here and also here that may help to fill in some blanks about student visa issues.

And then there is this:

Steve Emerson: Saudi national questioned in Boston Marathon bombings to be deported on national security grounds next week

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hey Bloomberg: A Double Finger Salute to You, Your People, and the Gun Control Donkey You Rode in On

Ditto for Feinstein, Schumer, Cuomo, etc.

Bloomberg Rips Senate For Failing To Expand Background Checks For Guns

Feinstein Assault Weapons Ban Amendment FAILS

Maybe it would be prudent, if Mr Bloomberg and friends took some gun safety advice from the NRA.

NEWSFLASH: The System DIDN'T Work!

If the report linked below is valid, and there were bomb sniffing dogs at the marathon working the crowds at the starting and finish lines, then the reality of this is that there really is no security that can stop these types of attacks here in America. Israel is the size of the state of New Jersey, and their counter terrorism teams are highly trained, but still they have bombings there.

UM Coach: Bomb Sniffing Dogs, Spotters on Roofs Before Explosions

For a good clearing house of information about the bombing incident, click here.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Not Surprised: The Bombs in Boston

Watched the video of the Boston incident, and quite frankly Gun Shy is not surprised. Jihadi groups have been openly threatening this type of attack for a while, and there are publications out there teaching people how to make improvised explosive devices out of readily available materials. What they need to do, is find the person(s) responsible for this no matter what group they belong to, and hang their head(s) on a stick in Harvard square as a 'notice' to anyone considering this kind of terrorist act in the future. 

The devices looked to be a lower yield, possibly with some fragmentation type of hardware (BB's, screws, etc), that was meant to be a more localized anti-personnel device (hence multiple devices) instead of creating large scale destruction. I am sure that is not comforting to those who lost limbs or the families of those who lost their lives. These type of devices are used mainly to create fear in the general population, and are sometimes used to probe the tactics of the response teams. They can also be used in conjunction with a secondary or tertiary blast that is much larger in nature, with the initial blast being used to draw responders to the site in order to get a higher body count with the latter explosions.

Below is an article about a group that may have  influenced this type of attack:

Al-Qaeda newspaper: Make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom


Just read that they have a Saudi national in custody. Let me take a guess...college student here on a visa? No details as of yet. Gun Shy will update as facts become available.



There is no suspect in custody, authorities say, but some people are being questioned, including some with injuries who were taken to Boston hospitals. One of those, a person in whom there is some interest, is a young person who was here on a student visa," NBC reports.


Well, as usual our media isn't giving us much. An Aussie news source reported that they have security video of the person(s) putting the back packs into the trash cans. Since intel has a shelf life, I imagine that the boys from Quantico and Langley are already on the scene chatting with the  person(s) of interest.

UPDATE 4 (tuesday morning) :

It was reported that the devices were filed with Ball Bearings. A British news site has a fairly comprehensive report here


Take a look at this asshole warming the hearts of the al jazeera viewers with the right wing terrorist narrative.

Asshole number two can be viewed here

Click here for some interesting reading about the narrative that the mainstream media wants to keep alive.

UPDATE 6 (tuesday afternoon): 

They now have more information on the physical construction of the devices. All they need now is to report the compound used in the explosive.

UPDATE 7 (tuesday evening)

If you read my first entry, you will see that my accuracy in calling this one so far has been pretty consistent. Here is some more information that may be of interest:

Al-Qaeda Propagandist Called for Attacks on Sports Events


Boston Marathon bombs: al-Qaeda's Inspire magazine taught pressure cooker bomb-making techniques

Al Qaeda Link Probed 

America’s New Bomb Threat


EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Boston Marathon bomb 


The same media people who tell us not to jump to conclusions sure like to push their narrative. Click here

UPDATE 11 (wednesday afternoon): The device is definitely the design that has been promoted by AQAP (Al Qaeda Arabian Peninsula) Could someone else who is not associated with that group have used that design? Of course anything is possible. The main stream media is still pushing the domestic extremist angle in order to imbed their chosen narrative into the minds of Americans while their disinformation circus can't seem to get their facts straight as per usual. Who ever did this, they attacked Americans, and as I said in my opening post, their head(s) need to be put on a stick in Harvard Square for the whole world to see as a future warning.

UPDATE 11: (thursday morning) 

Steve Emerson: Saudi national questioned in Boston Marathon bombings to be deported on national security grounds next week


Sunday, April 14, 2013

But I Thought They Said They Wanted to Have Open Meaningful Discussions About Gun Control...

I guess that was before they shoved their unconstitutional disarmament law down the citizens throat as Obama cheered them on and then did the victory lap. How ironic. The vehicle tag in Connecticut say 'the Constitution state'.

CT Governor’s Office Threatens Veteran With Arrest For Questioning Gun Ban


I saw a bumper sticker on a car today, that spelled out co-exist in symbols of various faiths or personal beliefs. The symbols represented were those of Islam (the first symbol), followed by a peace symbol representing pacifism, a gay rights symbol, a symbol representing witch craft or paganism, Judaism, Buddhism, and Christianity. As I started to analyze this bumper sticker, I wondered if the person who designed this did any research at all, and here is why. Islam forbids gay rights and homosexuals have been hung by some followers  in the middle east and beaten in Europe,  it forbids witch craft and people have been put to death for being accused of practicing it, their overall view of Jews is abundantly evident, and some followers have been actively attacking Buddhists and Christians world wide. Do the millions of people who have these plastered on their cars have any idea of the reality behind their utopian co-exist concept?

It's Not the Guns...It's the Drugs Stupid!

The above title is addressed to all the gun grabbers who still want to blame an inanimate object for bad actions perpetrated by people whose thoughts are steered by a regimen of psychotropic drugs. Here is the latest on James Holmes, the Aurora shooter:


...police seized movie posters, video games, apartment lease papers, numerous computers, 48 containers of beer and other liquor and stacks of school textbooks. They found prescription medication for sertraline, a generic version of Zoloft used to treat depression, panic disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder; and Clonazepam, usually prescribed to treat anxiety and panic attacks.

The rest of the article can be read here.

Another little tid bit of interest:

About a month before the Aurora movie theater rampage left 12 dead and at least 70 injured in July, James E. Holmes told a psychiatrist he was having homicidal thoughts and she concluded he could pose a danger to the public, according to documents released Thursday. University of Colorado-Denver psychiatrist Dr. Lynne Fenton told a campus police officer about her concerns June 12, the day after she met with Holmes for their only session. Her fears were revealed Thursday when the new judge presiding over the case unsealed a host of search warrants and arrest documents. Fenton also told Lynn Whitten, a campus police officer, that after she stopped seeing Holmes he "threatened and harassed her via email/text messages," the documents said.

There's Nothing New Under the Sun When it Comes to Seizing Citizen's Guns

Cuban Immigrant Exposes All Gun Grabbers Plan for Disarmament

Saturday, April 13, 2013

After the Benghazi Cluster it Should be Evident That Unqualified Loons are Running the Asylum

Click here for a more accurate view of what transpired and who is responsible.

You Mean Biden, Obama, Feinstein, and the Mainstream Media Lied to Us Again???


Bottom Line Conclusions

Quite clearly, the majority of officers polled oppose the theories brought forth by gun-control advocates who claim that proposed restrictions on weapon capabilities and production would reduce crime.

In fact, many officers responding to this survey seem to feel that those controls will negatively affect their ability to fight violent criminals.

Contrary to what the mainstream media and certain politicians would have us believe, police overwhelmingly favor an armed citizenry, would like to see more guns in the hands of responsible people, and are skeptical of any greater restrictions placed on gun purchase, ownership, or accessibility.

The officers patrolling America’s streets have a deeply-vested interest — and perhaps the most relevant interest — in making sure that decisions related to controlling, monitoring, restricting, as well as supporting and/or prohibiting an armed populace are wise and effective. With this survey, their voice has been heard.

Click here to read the complete survey.

For additional reading click below:

Feinstein Wouldn't Intentionally Lie to Millions on National Television Would She?

Are 'Anti' Hate Groups Actually Hate Groups in Disguise?

King of Fearmongers

Friday, April 12, 2013

Why the NRA is Old News

Until the NRA gets a realistic rating system for politicians that actually reflects their true views as well as disputing false statistics that are spewed by liberal media constantly, this is the guy who is currently doing the heavy lifting when it comes to American's gun rights.

Click here to watch the full Larry Pratt interview where he exposes the false poll statistics being used by the gun grabbers.

Click here to see one of the NRA's last bastion of hope.

How the Elites View Your Constitutional Rights


Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is quoted as saying, “Before the Freedom of Information Act, I used to say at meetings, ‘The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer’,” during a 1975 conversation which included a Turkish and Cypriot official.

Who is Henry Kissinger? Click here to learn more.

White House reporter Bob Woodward, who has been in the news recently for stating that Obama is off the rails, wrote in his book The Final Days, chapter 14 (1976) that in Alexander Haig's presence, Henry Kissinger referred pointedly to military men as "dumb, stupid animals to be used" as pawns for foreign policy.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Don't Take a Ball Bat to a Gunfight...

That is good advice unless you live in Chicago, where the law abiding citizens have been disarmed by the corrupt politicians, and only criminals now have guns, and the politicians have armed security.

VIDEO: Chicago Gunless Citizen Takes a Bullet, Still Defends His Property With Bat and Wins!

Yep, gun free Chicago is just about as safe as gun free D.C.

Second Body Found Floating Near Tidal Basin In A Week

This is the Gun Grabbers Dream for America

Take a look in the crystal ball as Aussies spiral on down the gun control gurgler.

Queenslanders handing in 500 guns a week

So You Believe Guns are the Problem With Active Shooters? You Had Better Watch This

Click here to watch a video that may change your views.

Click here to see how it all ties in to active shooters.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Low Information Humans...They're Everywhere

This hilarious/sad survey was done in California, which is kind of like baiting them.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Double Trouble With Schumer and Reid

Gun Shy wonders when the NRA is going to get a clue, and put Reid's rating in the toilet alongside Schumer's.

Senate “background checks” are anything but; ban anyone but owner from touching gun at almost any time

700 Retired Spec Ops to Congress: Investigate Benghazi

They are trying to sweep Benghazi under the rug, just like they have been doing with fast and furious. This is the most embarrassing incompetent administration ever in my opinion.

The Growing Militarization of U.S. Police

It is important to watch the video:

Thousands of SWAT-type raids changing face of law enforcement

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Border Patrol Experiencing an Ammunition Shortage??

Really?? Billions of rounds and nothing for the Border Patrol??

Which begs the question, how much ammo went across the border during fast and furious? It is bad enough that some border patrol agents were murdered with rifles that the ATF allowed to be smuggled into the hands of narco trafficers, but should we now wonder if they also furnished them the ammo to shoot Brian Terry and others as well?

Border Patrol Now Experiencing an Ammunition Shortage

Evangelical Christian and Catholic Suicide Bombers Use AK 47's to Shoot Helpless Victims and Then Detonate During Rescue Attempt to Kill Hundreds More

All this mayhem as they shouted "Jesus is great!!"

No wait...sorry about that..my mistake...they used soup kitchens to feed the homeless and then gave warm clothing to hundreds more to keep them alive during the harsh winter on the cold streets...as they left the missionaries shouted "God bless you"...

Now this from the ya gotta be $hittin me file:

U.S. Army lists Evangelical Christianity, Catholicism, and "Islamophobia" as forms of "Religious Extremism" with Al-Qaeda and Hamas

I wonder if Obie is proud of his new and improved Army. This in no way reflects on the men and women who are serving, but falls squarely in the lap of Obama's appointed leadership.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Obama, DeGette, Schumer, McCarthy, and Feinstein: Five Clueless Peas in a Pod When it Comes to Firearms Knowledge

If you want to make it an even half dozen, you can throw Joe 'shotgun' Biden in there as well. Meanwhile, these supremely uninformed babblers have appointed themselves as the experts, who should enact the legislation for all the little people.

Obama: Newtown Shooter Gunned Down 20 Children With 'Fully Automatic Weapon'


 I just came from Denver, where the issue of gun violence is something that has haunted families for way too long, and it is possible for us to create common-sense gun safety measures that respect the traditions of gun ownership in this country and hunters and sportsmen, but also make sure that we don’t have another 20 children in a classroom gunned down by a semiautomatic weapon -- by a fully automatic weapon in that case, sadly.  

Quote of the Day: Legislation Without Comprehension Edition


“I will tell you these are ammunition, they’re bullets, so the people who have those now they’re going to shoot them, so if you ban them in the future, the number of these high capacity magazines is going to decrease dramatically over time because the bullets will have been shot and there won’t be any more available.”

Initially Gun Grabber McCarthy Didn't Even Know What a Barrel Shroud Was... (gun grabbers hilarious 'knowledge')


Interviewer: Do you know what a barrel shroud is?
McCarthy: I actually don't know what a barrel shroud is...
Interviewer: OK 'cause it's in your legislation...
McCarthy: I think it's "a shoulder thing that goes up."
Interviewer: No it's not.

quote from Schumer:

Well what we're saying is, when you put these extra things on, they become guns that no hunter. or marksman, or someone who needed protection would need, but they become what's called an assault weapon which is used to kill people.

Feinstein Proposes Assault Weapons Ban


 “Military-style assault weapons have but one purpose, and in my view that’s a military purpose, to hold at the hip, possibly, to spray fire to be able to kill large numbers.”

“Assault weapons were designed for and should be used on our battlefields, not on our streets,” Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., said. “We know that there is no inalienable right to own and operate 100-round clips on AR-15 assault rifles.”

Magazines and Clips are Kind of Like a Barrel Shroud Ms DeGette

Quote of the Day: Legislation Without Comprehension Edition

Using any Means Necessary to 'control' the Gun Control Narrative

 Colorado sheriffs hold rally opposing more gun control laws, before Obama's speech in Denver

Be sure to stay on the page for a while and let all the videos run.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Texas AG Says 'hell no' on UN Gun Treaty

Was Fast and Furious a False Flag Operation Against Gun Dealers?

'Fast and Furious' called false flag against gun dealers

One in Four Americans Believe That Obama is the anti christ??

One in four Americans think Obama may be the antichrist, survey says

You see, this is a perfect example of low information opinions and beliefs. Obama can't be the anti christ, because he doesn't have the proper credentials. As a matter of fact, he has no credentials at all, and besides...the anti christ wouldn't need a teleprompter to remember a speech that someone else wrote. I am sure the anti christ could write his own. Also, the anti christ would have the backing of satan, and so his endeavors would initially be successful. Everything this administration has attempted has been a dismal failure. Sorry to hurt anyone's feelings, but this just doesn't add up.

You Mean it is 'hurting' You in Your Attempt to Wipe Out the Middle Class, Trash the Constitution, and Take America Down the Tubes?

Maybe that is what they meant:

Obama Senior Adviser Complains That The Drudge Report 'Hurts What We're Trying To Do'

Many Americans from all walks of life now after the last four years have a clear picture of what Obama is attempting to do to this nation, and Drudge has been a good clearing house for the need to read articles. The only plan that has worked for this administration so far, is to invite in as many people as they can who hate America, and then give them free stuff in order to retain power so that they may finish the cycle of destruction (UN small arms treaty, gun control/elimination, out of control spending, dismantling the military,  vacations, vacations, vacations, etc). As the old expression goes, some people work to live, and some people vote to live. What they should add to that is some people who have absolutely no experience in anything become career politicians to 'live' on the backs of taxpayers.Their only true credential being, that they are effective liars.

Liberal Logic 101: North Korea is Threatening to Attack Us, Al Qaeda is Threatening to Attack Us, Violent Drug Gangs are Taking over America's Cities, Flash Mobs Are Attacking Innocent Citizens...Hey...Let's Disarm Law Abiding Americans

North Korea Puts Artillery Forces on High Alert, Threatens US

U.S. faces new Al Qaeda threat as terror group's 'strike map' is revealed

Cartels dispatch agents deep inside US

Hundreds of teens mob pedestrians on Chicago's Magnificent Mile

Criminal justice under siege in Texas

Connecticut deal proposes toughest gun laws ever seen in the United States

St. Louis gun control rally - turn over rights to UN

Gun rights advocates fear U.N. treaty will lead to U.S. registry

Schumer's 'Background Check' Bill Criminalizes Most Gun Loans and Registers Firearms

If any gun grabbers are reading this and it is making you angry, then watch this video and get a clue about what your actions will really achieve, which is nothing: