Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Don't Worry About Being Disarmed by Cuomo and Bloomberg...The NYPD Will Protect You??

Subway Stabbing Victim Can't Sue NYPD For Failing To Save Him


A man who was brutally stabbed by Brooklyn subway slasher Maksim Gelman two years ago had his negligence case against the city dismissed in court yesterday, despite the fact that two transit officers had locked themselves in a motorman's car only a few feet from him at the time of the attack.

Gelman stabbed Joseph Lozito in the face, neck, hands and head on an uptown 3 train in February 2011, after fatally stabbing four people and injuring three others in a 28-hour period. Lozito, a father of two and an avid martial arts fan, was able to tackle Gelman and hold him down, and Gelman was eventually arrested by the transit officers. Lozito sued the city, arguing that the police officers had locked themselves in the conductor's car and failed to come to his aid in time.

The city, meanwhile, claimed that the NYPD had no "special duty" to intervene at the time, and that they were in the motorman's car because they believed Gelman had a gun. And Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Margaret Chan has sided with the city, noting that there was no evidence the cops were aware Lozito was in danger at the time.

Detroit: The Democratic Blueprint for Corruption and Destruction

Click here to watch the video about what happened, and also to see what the future blueprint for Chicago and D.C. looks like. Nothing like corrupt politicians and drug dealers , when it comes to destroying a city.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Cops and Gangs: Sometimes it's Hard to Tell Them Apart

This is a symptom of urban decay in America. Gun Shy believes as decay and bankruptcy occurs in other cities, the same behavior will manifest itself there as well. If there ever is complete societal breakdown, expect gangs of rogue cops acting badly.

Craig: Detroit, St. Clair Shores cops robbed men at gunpoint

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Irony of Trying to Ban Guns and Eliminate Stand Your Ground

Never let a good crisis go to waste is the mantra of the current administration, but Gun Shy finds it ironic that these people are trying to ban guns and change gun laws in the name of a young man who appears to have actually liked guns as evidenced by the pictures on his cell phone and the content of his text discussions, some of which were alleged to be with his father who is now behind the anti-gun push as well. Go figure.

Honor Martin – Ban Guns!

Holder targets Stand Your Ground laws

What is most ironic about this, is that they are all trying to ban stand your ground because of the shooting, but stand your ground was never invoked, and is not even relevant to the case. The progressive strategy, is to keep the lie going long enough until uninformed people finally view it as the truth.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Maybe Floridians Should Boycott Any of Our Tax Money That Goes Through the Federal System to Jackson and Sharpton

Jesse Jackson Wants a Boycott of Florida… But Smoking Cigars With Castro in Cuba Was OK

More people that many Floridians could care less about:

Trayvon Martin Protests: Jay Z, Madonna and Other Stars Boycotting Florida, Report

I had to laugh when I read that Justin Timberlake who was made famous by Disney here in Florida was part of the boycott. Gun Shy is going to let you in on a little secret. When Timberlake and Ben Affleck were filming a movie in the Carribean, Gun Shy just happened to be there.  Even though Gun Shy doesn't agree with Aflfeck's politics, he really is a genuine guy who treated the Hispanic people of Puerto Rico very well. Gun Shy really can't say the same for Timberlake, who walked around with his two big bodyguards all the time for protection, like anyone in PR  really even gave a crap. Maybe Timberlake is just not that fond of Hispanics (zimmerman is hispanic) and that is why he is taking up this cause. Who knows?

This once again demonstrates that celebrities are not that bright and or well read, because the zimmerman verdict had absolutely nothing to do with the stand your ground law, because it was never invoked. Much like the demand a plan video that MAIG put out, with all of the stars who make a living simulating gun violence on screen, the hypocrisy of the posers is shining through brightly once again.

Old Marxist Say Whaat?? (zimmerman circus)

HARRY BELAFONTE Stirs Up Trayvon Mob at Florida Capitol – Warns Situation Could Become “Ungovernable”

Oh look...he is wearing a hat from the same group that the DOJ funded to stir trouble against Zimmerman originally:

Harry Belafonte joins with Fla. Capitol protesters

If you research the leadership of the dream defenders, some of their history, and who they are associated with, you will fully understand why Belafonte is present as their spokesman. Once again, mostly outside people agitating in Florida.

This is an interesting quote from here:

The group has also had to deflect allegations that it is pursuing a union-driven agenda. The property services workers' union 32BJ SEIU pays Agnew $29,000 annually to run the Dream Defenders. And Pendas was on the union payroll for several months last year. Both deny that the union created the Dream Defenders or has any control over the group's mission or policies. "To say that some union is masterminding us is an insult," Agnew said. "Give a little more credit to the youth of Florida."

Here is some of Belafonte's earlier suggestions:

Belafonte’s Advice to Obama: Imprison Opposition “Like a Third World Dictator”

Marxist Harry Belafonte Recommends Obama Imprison Conservatives

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Glorifying the Pop Culture Terrorist

Since he didn't fit the right wing extremist narrative created by the leftists, they now feel the need to give him a make over in an attempt to lessen the seriousness of his act.

Let's Ban Guns and Make the Rest of America Safe....Like Chicago?

Guardian Angels: Don’t Let Mag Mile Become “Muggers’ Mile”

Remember the song Gangsters Paradise? Here is Gun Shy's version:

I only got mugged and beaten once or twice

Living in progressive gun free paradise

Look at Detroit, D.C. and Chicago to see what happens when progressives rule the roost.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Three Things That Aren't Goint to Make Holder, Jackson, Sharpton and Company Very Happy

It appears that Floridians are indeed standing their ground when it comes to petty tyrants trying to usurp states rights, because this is just another example of how we roll here in the gunshine state.

Florida shop offers free gun to George Zimmerman

BITE US: Florida Gov. Rick Scott Tells NAACP He Won’t Repeal “Stand Your Ground” Law…

Whoda thunk. Even a writer from of all places Chicago offered to buy Zimmerman a gun and ammo:

Brad Thor’s Testy TV Exchange After He Offers to Buy George Zimmerman a New Gun

Read the earlier commentary here:

We Don't Like You George so You Can't Have Your Pistol Back

America's First White/Black President Weighs in on the Zimmerman Incident

Gun Shy took his racially descriptive 'cue' from the beloved mainstream media. Since Obama and his people never commented on Zimmerman being called a white/hispanic on every occasion, I have to assume he would be okay with this when describing him. Recently the associated press stated that zimmerman 'identifies' himself as hispanic. I wonder when they will state that Obama 'identifies' himself as being black. Does anyone see a double standard here?

Obama: 'Trayvon Could Have Been Me'

Note to All Progressives: Please Boycott Florida Now!

And be sure to tell all of your progressive friends that they need to get out of Florida as soon as possible, and move to a more sane, progressive controlled place....like Chicago or Detroit.

Jesse Jackson: 'Inclination' To Treat Florida As 'Apartheid State'

Meanwhile in Jackson, Obama, and Holder's hometown of Chicago:

61 Murders in Chicago During Zimmerman Trial

Wow...sixty one in just a few weeks time. Now THAT is something to march about.

Now let's take a look how Jackson's pal is doing:

Grassley to Holder: Why is Your Department Hiding New Fast and Furious Murders?

Gun Shy thinks that maybe Jackson and Holder should get busy with their hometown of Chicago. and leave Florida alone. On another related topic:

Florida lawmakers urge overhaul of 'Stand Your Ground' law

The media is still pointing to the stand your ground law as the reason why zimmerman got off, when in fact, it wasn't even invoked in that case.

Former Black Panther Now Chicago Area Congressman Weighs in on the Zimmerman Verdict

Click here to watch the video.

Here is a quote about Bobby Rush:

After co-founding the Illinois chapter of the Black Panthers in 1968, he served as its "defense minister". After witnessing fellow Black Panther Fred Hampton being killed in a police raid, Rush made statements saying "We needed to arm ourselves" and referring to the police as "pigs". Earlier that same year Rush stated the philosophy behind his membership in the Black Panthers saying, "Black people have been on the defensive for all these years. The trend now is not to wait to be attacked. We advocate offensive violence against the power structure." Despite the group's engagement in violence, Rush nonetheless worked on several non-violent projects that built support for the Black Panthers in African-American communities, such as coordinating a medical clinic which offered sickle-cell anemia testing on an unprecedented scale. Rush's own apartment was raided in December 1969, where police discovered an unregistered pistol, rifle, shotgun, pistol ammunition, training manuals on explosives, booby traps, an assortment of communist literature, and a small amount of marijuana. Rush was imprisoned for six months in 1972 on a weapons charge, after carrying a pistol into a police station.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

We Don't Like You George so You Can't Have Your Pistol Back

They should have just come out and said it. Do they think this pistol is some kind of a magic talisman that will render them special knowledge of zimmerman's secret hidden racism? Let them stomp their feet and throw a fit for all of America to see. I am sure zimmerman is not sitting there watching the clock waiting anxiously to get his pistol back. He would probably be happy if he never saw it again. It is an inexpensive ($275.00) tupperware pistol with a long heavy double action only trigger and average sights. With the boat load of money he most likely will get from CBS for defamation, he can purchase any pistol he wants, that is if he ever decides to even own a gun again. This guy does not fit the deranged killer profile, and his actions that tragic night will probably haunt him for the rest of his life. He should advise those who are 'holdering' his property however, that when they are done with it they are welcome use it as a suppository.

So Who are the Real People Behind the Supposedly 'grass roots college kids' Dream Defenders Anyhow?

Yet more of the hope and change deception. The transparency is overwhelming. Just another case of rules for radicals  being the main strategy.

Trayvon Martin protest leaders revealed

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's Good That Jackson Invoked the U.N. and Sharpton Called on the DOJ to Investigate Racial Motives...

...because after they re-investigate what the FBI already investigated and once again find that there was no racial motives in the zimmerman/martin incident as they already did in last years thorough investigation, those agencies/organizations will have plenty of free time on their hands left over to investigate these two cases for racial bias, and maybe even set up some snitch tip lines:

Four Georgia men arrested for 'beating to death' former Marine who survived TWO tours of duty in Iraq

Mableton teens linked to gang are accused in beating death

And with all that spare time, they also might want to check out the racial motivation behind this brutal crime, which happened in Sanford shortly after the shooting incident there. 

And then there is this.

Racism in America is a two way street.

How to Turn a Hispanic Democrat Who Voted For Obama Into an Angry White Racist Conservative

Fact: George Zimmerman identifies himself as Hispanic.

Fact: George Zimmerman is a Democrat

Fact: George Zimmerman voted for Obama.

Fact: George Zimmerman took a black girl to his high school prom

Fact: George Zimmerman had a black business partner at one time

Fact: George Zimmerman and his wife mentored black children

Fact: George Zimmerman organized a push for action when a white youth attacked a homeless black man who died in Sanford.

Fact: George Zimmerman has black heritage on his mother's side.

Don't take Gun Shy's word for it. Here a a few links to get the readers started. Do the research.

Zimmerman Brother: George Supported Obama, Wanted to End 'Club of White Men'

In 2010 race-related beating case, George Zimmerman pushed to discipline same officers who investigated Trayvon Martin shooting

This is what a racist does?: In 2011, Zimmerman publicly defended homeless black man who had been beaten by the white son of an officer

Click here to see some of Zimmerman's Afro-Peruvian ancestors (great grandfather) on his mothers side holding Zimmerman's mother as a baby.

Another picture here.

Click here to see what his mother stated about her ancestry.

Click here for some other facts and or allegations related to the case.

So who's fault is this mess? Click here to find out.

Rules for Radicals, Outside Agitators Funded by Your Tax Dollars, and the Sorry State of the DOJ

Welcome to hope and change as envisioned by this guy, as well as his appointee, who is now heading up a witch hunt against Zimmerman.

So why aren't the DOJ funded dream defenders who are run by Hispanic and union organizer Gabriel Pendas protesting the illegal guns that were smuggled into Mexico, and the large number of dead Hispanics that lost their lives because of this deliberate criminal action? Maybe it's because the DOJ, who is at the center of that controversy won't fund that.

DOJ helped bogus "student group" target George Zimmerman and the Sanford police chief

Monday, July 15, 2013

Nancy Grace the Uninformed Race Baiter

Gun Shy fails to see where this woman is an expert on anything:

Nancy Grace says fu*#ing coon on air

Newsflash Nancy, this was already settled at the beginning of the investigation, so it appears that you are as clueless as you appear. If you are reading, click here to see what the audio experts determined.

Americans will stay ignorant of the facts, until they stop letting the ignorant inform them.

You Don't Need a Gun in California Because the Police Will Protect You...

...except when they don't:

At about 8:30 p.m., police opened the intersection to traffic. But it quickly deteriorated when demonstrators surrounded frightened drivers who found themselves trapped. The crowd forced them to turn around. Oakland police officers that had been near the corner retreated, leaving the helpless drivers without police protection. It's unclear who gave that command. 

Shades of 1993 L.A. riots. You can read the complete article here.

Gun Shy hates to be the one to say he told you so, but when people allow themselves to be disarmed, they become sitting ducks. Take a look at any city run by liberal progressives where guns have been banned, and it is evident. After all, it is more noble to be beaten to death or raped, than it is to fight back in the progressive mindset. Of course those who espouse that silly doctrine to the masses, have private security guarding them and their families around the clock.

A Media and Gun Grabbers Guide to the 'deadly' Assault Rifle

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Was Obama Associated With Another Racially Charged Case Here in Florida?

According to David Webb, who is a radio talk show host, he stated that this is not the first time Obama associated himself with a racial case here in Florida.  According to Webb, Obama was initially associated the Martin Lee Anderson case in Florida in 2006 when he was a senator from Illinois.

It's the White Progressive Media's Fault

It all began right after the shooting with the initial reports about the big white guy George Zimmerman and the young black child complete with a much earlier pre-teen photo of him.

Obama immediately came out with "If I had a son" in an attempt to bias the case (and to get votes), and the media got major mileage out of it.

After the media found out Zimmerman wasn't white, they invented the term 'white Hispanic' to seal the racist deal. This is the same media who labels Obama as America's first black president, even though he is also mixed race the same as Zimmerman.

Then the media tried to intentionally doctor audio tapes in an attempt to prove that Zimmerman was an evil racist 'white man'. They got caught and are currently being sued.

Next the media released a statement that Zimmerman had no injuries. This was also proven to be false. As evidenced by the trial photos.

After all of the initial errors were pointed out in the reporting, the media forged ahead unaffected, and used the same pre-teen photo while referencing Trayvon as an unarmed black child for the rest of the trial, and are still doing that even now.

Now the media is pushing every angle/ story they can to get the DOJ to prosecute Zimmerman on civil rights charges. This is the same media that doesn't give a damn about all of the Hispanics killed with Fast and Furious guns. It should be clear by now that the media doesn't report the news, the create it by controlling the narrative. It is also interesting how the progressives and their media mouth pieces love the system as long as it works in their behalf, and when it doesn't, they just go around it.

If there is one thing we have learned from this, is that media outrage is determined by the race of the situation and if they can exploit it for ratings.

UPDATE: You can find a more comprehensive evaluation by clicking here

In this case, even Heraldo Rivera got it.

So Why Isn't THIS All Over the Mainstream Media??

Maybe Al Sharpton is right. There isn't equal justice in America, at least when it comes to media outrage, especially when it doesn't fit the narrative.

Mableton teens linked to gang are accused in beating death

Four south Cobb teenagers are in custody in connection with the beating death of a 36-year-old Mableton man on Mableton Parkway early Sunday morning.

Jekari Oshay Strozier, 19; Antonio Shantwan Pass, 18; and Johnathan Donald Anthony, 18; all from Mableton, are in the Cobb County jail without bonds on charges of felony murder, aggravated assault and violation of the Georgia Street Gang Act.

The fourth suspect, 18-year-old Kemonta Bonds of Mableton, turned himself in to police Tuesday afternoon.

They have been accused in the beating death of Joshua Heath Chellew, 36, of Mableton and all but Bonds were arrested Monday afternoon by Cobb County investigators.

According to the warrant, the four teenagers are accused of starting a fight with Chellew at a Chevron gas station in the 6200 block of Mableton Parkway near Community Drive at about 1:20 a.m. Sunday. They repeatedly punched and kicked him, according to police.

While attempting to escape, Chellew backed into the center five-lane highway and was pushed to the ground and knocked unconscious, the warrant states.

They then walked away from Chellew, “leaving him helpless,” and he was eventually hit by a car, the warrant states.

The readers will note that the four youths involved in this incident were roughly the age of Trayvon Martin, and the attack appears to be unprovoked. Where is the media outrage now? It has been eleven days since this attack, and not a peep from the mainstream media. Hypocrites.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Waiting for the Fallout...

No, Gun Shy is not talking about the potential riots that have been threatened, although the new black panther party was in Sanford tonight. What Gun Shy is referring to, is what may transpire as the media in conjuction with people like Sharpton and others, push to try and get Holder behind an inquisition to torment Zimmerman by pushing a civil rights crusade against him. After all that has gone on, with the recent revelations of the DOJ's prior involvement behind the scenes, Gun Shy thinks that it is a given. Time will tell.

So for Obama, Holder, and the rest of the cast who refuse to admit that racism in America is a two way street, the cases they deem 'important'  will stay in the limelight (dead Mexicans with Fast and Furious guns aren't important evidently), while others will never even be mentioned by the mainstream media.

Amnesty and Citizenship for Hizbollah Members???

Click here to watch the video and learn the shocking truth about what could be happening if the the gang of eight gets their way.

So the next time someone from the current administration tries to tell you that the borders are secure, politely inform them that they are full of crap.

Dumbass Wannabe Thug White Kid vs Dumbass Black Thugs

It was reported that a 15yr old white kid from the Chicago area was arrested for making a threat on twitter:

Report: Teen arrested over Zimmerman tweet

I agree the kid should be arrested to find out his true intent, but there have been scores of black kids making all sorts of threats on twitter, and I haven't heard a peep about that. And of course, then we have this guy making all sorts of murderous threats, and the only reason he got is arrested, was he got busted for carrying and illegal firearm in NYC.

And let's not forget about these threats

So let's just say it out loud people. The Department of Justice is a sad, sad, joke, and Holder's racism is showing with every decision he makes.

Gun Shy is Glad THIS GUY Won't be Around for the Verdict...

...because THIS GUY is currently residing in a NYC jail on a felony gun violation. Not to worry though, because there are still an abundance of haters to fill the void and foment violence.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Are American Cities Minutes Away From That Long Hot Summer? (zimmerman final verdict)

Pastor Believes Miami Will be “Ground Zero” for Violence and Looting

Scroll down to read the ground zero remark.

Below are two different views of the potential for violence:

View #1

View #2

Additional bonus views here and also here.

This Kind of Reminds Gun Shy of What the Defense is Saying and What the Judge is 'hearing' (zimmerman trial)

There is humorous profanity in this video, but after watching the last couple of days of the circus antics in this trial, this video might just illustrate a 'wee bit' of the frustration that the defense team may be feeling, and how they might like to respond if only they could.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

It is Starting to Appear That the Federal 'fix' Was in From the Beginning (zimmerman trial/long hot summer)

And even with all the pressure, they still haven't gotten what they want, so new pressure is being applied as a last ditch effort to get something/anything, and at this point it is has gotten pretty bizzare.

‘Justice for Trayvon’: Audio released of DOJ member urging action against George Zimmerman

From the 'if I had a son" statement, to the prosecution withholding evidence and then the judge disallowing it,  to all of the other recent carnival like stuff where the judge threw a fit and stomped out of the courtroom, it appears that something has been obviously up from the start, but it most definitely wasn't a strong argument with solid evidence on the prosecution's part. 

Now we have the former chief of police speaking out about what happened, and the reports are not good. Meanwhile, no one upstream gives one damn about the recent report of more minorities (hispanics) being killed with a fast and furious gun. I guess some minorities are more important than others. You just can't make this stuff up.

Who knows? With all of the prior threats of violence from the new black panther's, and the recently reported statements, could it be that they are the new enforcement arm of Holder's DOJ?

More Murder and Mayhem From Obama and McCain's 'peace partners'

Pro-Morsi Mob Hacks Christian to Death With Axes

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Whole Lot More on That Long Hot Summer and the Anticipated Zimmerman Verdict

There has been unsubstantiated rumors that the new black panther party is busing in people to Sanford in anticipation of the Zimmerman verdict which could come any day. Well, if the rumor is factual, there is at least one guy who probably won't be attending:

Infamous member of New Black Panthers arrested in New York

The readers may remember that this is the guy Eric Holder refused to prosecute on civil rights violations for intimidating white voters in Philadelphia.

There are other members of the party who are leadership that might not be able to attend as well:

Black Panther, Mikhail Shareef Muhammad, Who Offered Bounty For “Dead or Alive” Zimmerman Arrested in Jacksonville For “False Imprisonment”

After the recent revelations below, it has become abundantly clear what change has brought to America.

Documents Obtained by Judicial Watch Detail Role of Justice Department in Organizing Trayvon Martin Protests

Some additional information about the trial:

Disorder in the Court! Judge throws hissy fit, storms out of Zimmerman trial

Is Obama and Jay Z 'tight'?

The readers might remember Jay Z and Beyonce's visit to the white house, the controversial Cuba trip and rap lyric that followed. Obama issued the challenge that we should judge him by the company he keeps, so click here for some other revelations.

How Obama Got Elected TWICE

Forget about low information voters, click here to view no information voters.

Genius has it's limits, but idiocy has none. Click here and also here to see this clearly demonstrated. 

Click here to view the final bottom line.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Buy American...Buy Oscar Mike Now!

Go to the link below to learn all about a great new startup company making all American made apparel.

Oscar Mike Apparel – Made in America By American Veterans

You can find their website here.

And remember, you can either buy American, or send the rest of your money to China, but when there are no more jobs, it will be your own fault.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Militarized Cops Acting Badly...Again

Nevada Family Says Police Occupation of Homes Violated the Third Amendment

More Cops gone wild here

So are militarized police trained enough to put on the kit?

The short answer is some are, but many are not

Click here to view a map of additional botched raids.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Could This be How the Out of Control Fires Out West Got Started??

'Unleash Hell': New Al Qaeda magazine describes in detail how to start huge forest fires across the U.S..with instructions on how to make 'ember bombs'

Oh look...they followed the instructions from Inspire magazine, just like they did for the pressure cooker bombs. I hope that the hellfire missile that the drone shoved up the author of the magazines a$$  as well as the editor's was really painful.

Jihadist Group: We Started Arizona Wildfires

"Show Me a City Run by Liberals That is Not a Violent Crap Hole"

Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, and D.C. are a few of the many that come to mind, where progressive liberals have disarmed law abiding citizens, and now violent crime is rampant.

Click here to find out California's new scheme to disarm law abiding citizens.

Click here for additional information on the subject.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Thought For Independence Day

Egypt Got It's Independance From Tyranny Yesterday

When will America get it's independence from the same tyrants who caused and supported the original Arab spring uprisings and are striving to divide and destroy our nation? As one commenter stated, the Arab spring fiasco is not the fault of the American people, because the only Muslim Brotherhood supporters here are in the White House, and that is where the blame squarely falls.

Click here for the wake up call in photos.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Sign Says it All (Egypt)

Click here to find out what the people who Obama DIDN'T Back think about his policies.

Billionaire Doomberg Uses YOUR Tax Dollars to Screw You

Despite Vast Personal Wealth, Bloomberg Funds MAIG with Taxpayer Resources

An Interesting Twist in the Zimmerman Indictment

A private grand jury made up of citizens and lawyers has stated that the prosecutor intentionally falsified or eliminated evidence in order to bias the case:

Zimmerman prosecutor Angela Corey criminally indicted by citizens' grand jury for allegedly falsifying arrest warrant and complaint

More on that long hot summer Gun Shy has been talking about here.

How to Survive a Riot 

More additional reading here.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What is the Best Pistol Caliber for Self Defense?

I received a survey in my email asking which caliber (9mm, .40, .45) is best in my opinion and why. Mark, if you are reading, here is my take on the pistol caliber wars.

First, a question for the readers:

Which one would you rather be shot with?

Gun Shy knows people who have been shot with five rounds of .45 hardball ammo, and lived. All hits were through and through, with no vital organs. Gun Shy also knows another guy who was shot eleven times with a full size 9mm with hardball and lived. I guess the point that Gun Shy is getting at, is that when it comes to terminal ballistics, shot placement is key, and your choice of ammo can also play a part in the lethality equation.

I will leave the readers with this some what humorous analogy:

Your 9mm may expand, but a .45 with never shrink. :-O

The Only Way to Stop a Bad Guy Child Abductor With a Knife...

...is a good guy with a gun. This video demonstrates why every one who carries a gun to defend their life, or the lives of others need to have solid training.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Obama 'smoked' his Way to the White House, Holder Allowed Weapons to be Smuggled to Drug Trafficking Narco Terrorists and now ....

... the people under them are arresting non resisting kids with riot squads because they smoke dope. Ironic isn't it?

Maybe the police would be better utilized in Obama and Holder's home town of Chicago stopping violent thugs with illegal guns from killing people, or on the border stopping the dope from coming in.

Click here to watch the video.