Monday, August 19, 2013

Two Images That Says It All: The emperor Has No Clothes

Click here for even more of the reality check. When McCain says that the U.S. has no credibility in the middle east, what he really means is that he and his douche canoe pals have no credibility.

Friday, August 16, 2013

This Will Surely Piss Obama Off

Egyptian military chief vows to rebuild Coptic Churches

America's so called 'christian' president and his administration has done more to destroy Christianity and kill/persecute Christians in the middle east than anyone. When he got involved in Libya, churches got burned and Christians were murdered, and the same with Egypt where he supported the side that was doing the killing. Thankfully, this time the Egyptian people said no freakin' way.

Oh are some of Obama's peace partners now:

Horror! Muslim Brotherhood Torches Christian Orphanage – Christian School – Christian Shops 

An Interesting Speech About 'security'

"We're Building a Domestic Army" While Gutting Our Military

Sunday, August 11, 2013

What is the Difference Between East St Louis, Detroit, And Mogadishu Somalia??

What is the difference you ask? The Green Line in Mogadishu (of Black Hawk Down fame) pictured at the bottom  is much nicer aesthetically in Gun Shy's opinion, and probably just as safe as the other two cities named. (East St Louis and Detroit pictures are one and two)

Where are Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, and Holder When You Need Them?

It is starting to appear that if you are OTB (other than black) violence against you is just the price of doing business in the current hope and change environment.

Click here to watch the video.

More of the Long Hot Summer??

Suspected lethal nerve agent discovered at JFK Airport mail facility; two customs agents given emergency treatment

Undocumented Democrats and One of the Faces of Illegal Immigration

If they just open the borders granting full amnesty, without a vetting process, this is how it will turn out.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Does Anyone Find This to be a 'litle' Bit Suspicious?

Heroin came from the golden triangle into the U.S.

Marijuana came from Panama into the U.S.

Coke came from Columbia into the U.S.

Opium is most likely coming from Afghanistan into the U.S.

And now this:

Snow Job: U.S. Air Force Flies Cocaine from Costa Rica to Miami

Here is an interesting blast from the past.
Snow Job: U.S. Air Force Flies Cocaine from Costa Rica to Miami - See more at:

Conditioning and the Manufactured Culture of Fear: From the Cradle to the Grave

Above are pictures from the 1960's of young adults and children waiting fearfully for the bomb that never came. They are probably all now in their sixties and seventies.

So never mind if the security people are juggling your testicles or massaging your wife's breasts to check you out, because it is for your own safety, even though they have never successfully thwarted a single attack.  Conditioning is an interesting study. If people are fearful, they will not only give up their freedom, but will throw money at security theater to make them feel safe, even if they are not. After all, these are the safety/security experts, aren't they??

A Closer Look at Obama's Dangerous Failed Policies?

Electing the Enemy – Anti-American Philosophies Underlying Obama’s Policies

And while we are at it:

A List of Obama’s Constitutional Violations

Monday, August 5, 2013

An Interesting 'what if' Commentary About the Current Security Threats to America

Gun Shy hasn't verified anything in this commentary, so at this point it is merely entertainment, but it is interesting none the less:

Switzerland’s Intelligence Service Considering “Grave Danger” Alert for the United States 

Bring It Douche Nozzles

We have been informed by the people who CAN'T keep you safe, that there are a plethora of new supposedly credible threats against Americans from Al Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula. (AQAP) If they do attack, it will probably occur in cities in the Northeast or California where the citizens have been mostly disarmed. If they for some reason, lose their minds and decide to mount an attack here in the South, Gun Shy recommends neutralizing them in an extremely painful fashion, and then putting their heads on a stick while broadcasting it on the international news. These terrorists abhor weakness, so America needs to harden the f*ck up and stop depending on those who have created nothing more than a massive security theater facade at a very high price to the taxpayers, and give up any hope of them actually being effective, because as evidenced by the recent Boston marathon incident, they are not.

CBS News: Terrorists Already Have Orders, Could Be In Place For Attacks

Some Strong Opinions About What Obama Really Believes, his Practices, and his End Game

With all that has gone on such as Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS Gate, Arab Spring, his anti-gun agenda, etc, this guys allegations makes you wonder. Be sure to read both pages.

And then there is this and also this.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

If We Get Rid of All the Guns We Can be Safe and Sound Just Like Oakland??

Welcome to West Pelosiville just down the road from Feinsteinville:

News Crew Robbed of Cameras in Broad Daylight in West Oakland

Reality Quote of the Day

The Obama, Holder, Jones Anti Gun 'trifecta'

Jones Confirmed as ATF Director


Jones was confirmed in spite of the fact that there are unresolved allegations of mismanagement and retaliation against whistleblowers in his capacity as US Attorney for Minnesota, and in spite of his apparent connections to the inception of Operation Fast and Furious, which put some 2000 AK and AR-style firearms into the hands of Mexican drug cartels...

...Since his appointment as Acting Director, Jones has stirred up some controversy by failing to take strong disciplinary action against ATF staff involved in the Fast and Furious scandal – even approving a sweetheart, double-dipping deal for one manager in the scandal who was allowed to take a position with J.P. Morgan bank in Southeast Asia while still collecting a check from ATF.Jones was also roundly criticized for issuing an introduction video to ATF staff which included what appeared to many to be a warning against whistleblowing. He quickly backpedaled and issued a statement saying that he had not intended to suggest that there would be negative consequences for whistleblowers, but agency insiders say the damage was already done, and that employees were extremely leery of the new boss. Allegations that Jones retaliated against whistleblowers in his US Attorney’s office gives a ring of truth to the suggestion that Jones was indeed sending a warning.

While Jones does not have a record as an anti-rights zealot, he is a close friend and confidant of Attorney General Eric Holder, and has a reputation as a 100% company man who will march to whatever orders he receives. He has also been strongly endorsed by anti-rights groups like the Brady Campaign and Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Guns.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The People Who Keep You 'safe'...for F*ks Sake

F.B.I. Said to Conclude It Could Not Have Averted Boston Attack


But F.B.I. officials have concluded that the agents who conducted the investigation and ultimately told the Russians that there was no evidence that Mr. Tsarnaev had become radicalized were constrained from conducting a more extensive investigation because of federal laws and Justice Department protocols.

And so it goes. THIS ADMINISTRATION has castrated the agencies ability to do an effective investigation because of political correctness. The same administration that has absolutely no problem reading YOUR e-mail and tracking YOUR google searches.

America's Violent Teens (part 2)

Why would anybody shoot unarmed teens?

What Does the Path to Tyranny Look Like?

Click here to learn how to identify potential tyrants and discover what the path to tyranny looks like.