Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Act of Valor - Brief Review

Gun Shy went to see Act of Valor today. I thought the movie was well done, with non stop action. I had seen a few reviewer comments that the SEALs aren’t actors. Well, for those who have said that, you probably aren't operators, so lets focus on the movie, which their lack of 'fine acting skills' did not affect negatively in any way. The helmet cam on the ripping motorcycle ride through traffic down the city streets in the Philippines was excellent, the operator helmet cams really set the mood during the assaults, and the hot exfil scene with the boats and the run and gun combat scenes were indeed fast and furious.

The only thing that they could have done to make the movie more realistic, was if they had Obie playing himself, planning and leading the whole operation single handedly...just like he did when he led the SEALs (according to the liberal media) during the assault on the Bin Laden compound in Pah-kee-stahn. (Gun Shy rolls eyes)

Act of Valor - Behind the Scenes

SEALS Parachute Into Act of Valor Premiere

Act Of Valor (2012) Official Trailer

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