Thursday, May 6, 2010

HEY!!! Why no National Guard For Orlando????

First read this:

Quote of the Day


The city’s troubles are so extreme that a pair of state lawmakers are calling on a fellow Democrat, Gov. Pat Quinn, to deploy the National Guard to help restore calm. The latest figures show that Chicago had racked up 122 homicides for the year, exceeding the 116 killings over the comparable period in 2009, a very bad year.

Click here to see the murder statistics for Orlando and surrounding areas for the last few years.

It should be noted that we beat out violent Chicago in 2009 with 123 murders, and have had many other murders in years past, but there was NEVER any talk of calling in the National Guard. I will admit that the number of murders was down last year, probably because many of the thugs have killed each other and the survivors are waiting for a new crop to grow up. I am happy for the down turn, but I hope that it doesn't affect our adventure vacation packages.

Some bonus footage (if you are offended by swear words turn down sound)

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