Sunday, July 14, 2013

It's the White Progressive Media's Fault

It all began right after the shooting with the initial reports about the big white guy George Zimmerman and the young black child complete with a much earlier pre-teen photo of him.

Obama immediately came out with "If I had a son" in an attempt to bias the case (and to get votes), and the media got major mileage out of it.

After the media found out Zimmerman wasn't white, they invented the term 'white Hispanic' to seal the racist deal. This is the same media who labels Obama as America's first black president, even though he is also mixed race the same as Zimmerman.

Then the media tried to intentionally doctor audio tapes in an attempt to prove that Zimmerman was an evil racist 'white man'. They got caught and are currently being sued.

Next the media released a statement that Zimmerman had no injuries. This was also proven to be false. As evidenced by the trial photos.

After all of the initial errors were pointed out in the reporting, the media forged ahead unaffected, and used the same pre-teen photo while referencing Trayvon as an unarmed black child for the rest of the trial, and are still doing that even now.

Now the media is pushing every angle/ story they can to get the DOJ to prosecute Zimmerman on civil rights charges. This is the same media that doesn't give a damn about all of the Hispanics killed with Fast and Furious guns. It should be clear by now that the media doesn't report the news, the create it by controlling the narrative. It is also interesting how the progressives and their media mouth pieces love the system as long as it works in their behalf, and when it doesn't, they just go around it.

If there is one thing we have learned from this, is that media outrage is determined by the race of the situation and if they can exploit it for ratings.

UPDATE: You can find a more comprehensive evaluation by clicking here

In this case, even Heraldo Rivera got it.

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