Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What is the Best Pistol Caliber for Self Defense?

I received a survey in my email asking which caliber (9mm, .40, .45) is best in my opinion and why. Mark, if you are reading, here is my take on the pistol caliber wars.

First, a question for the readers:

Which one would you rather be shot with?

Gun Shy knows people who have been shot with five rounds of .45 hardball ammo, and lived. All hits were through and through, with no vital organs. Gun Shy also knows another guy who was shot eleven times with a full size 9mm with hardball and lived. I guess the point that Gun Shy is getting at, is that when it comes to terminal ballistics, shot placement is key, and your choice of ammo can also play a part in the lethality equation.

I will leave the readers with this some what humorous analogy:

Your 9mm may expand, but a .45 with never shrink. :-O

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ocopek said...

It only took one bullet from a Keltec PF9 to kill Trayvon. Shot placement is the most important thing. Cops empty hundreds of rounds from 9, 40, and 45 doing "ammo dumps" in order to take down the bad guy. That is the only way when you have less than a 10% hit rate.
From what I have read the 40 is a great round but they say the recoil is brutal. Glock has even released the Gen4 to try and deal with it. I can put 5 very fast 9mm rounds from a 92FS into the kill zone because my adrenaline helps me hold that full size pistol with almost no muzzle jump.
Your ammo choice should be made in relation to the gun. Smaller frame = smaller round.