Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Obama, Holder, Jones Anti Gun 'trifecta'

Jones Confirmed as ATF Director


Jones was confirmed in spite of the fact that there are unresolved allegations of mismanagement and retaliation against whistleblowers in his capacity as US Attorney for Minnesota, and in spite of his apparent connections to the inception of Operation Fast and Furious, which put some 2000 AK and AR-style firearms into the hands of Mexican drug cartels...

...Since his appointment as Acting Director, Jones has stirred up some controversy by failing to take strong disciplinary action against ATF staff involved in the Fast and Furious scandal – even approving a sweetheart, double-dipping deal for one manager in the scandal who was allowed to take a position with J.P. Morgan bank in Southeast Asia while still collecting a check from ATF.Jones was also roundly criticized for issuing an introduction video to ATF staff which included what appeared to many to be a warning against whistleblowing. He quickly backpedaled and issued a statement saying that he had not intended to suggest that there would be negative consequences for whistleblowers, but agency insiders say the damage was already done, and that employees were extremely leery of the new boss. Allegations that Jones retaliated against whistleblowers in his US Attorney’s office gives a ring of truth to the suggestion that Jones was indeed sending a warning.

While Jones does not have a record as an anti-rights zealot, he is a close friend and confidant of Attorney General Eric Holder, and has a reputation as a 100% company man who will march to whatever orders he receives. He has also been strongly endorsed by anti-rights groups like the Brady Campaign and Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Guns.

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