Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Song Tribute to the Taliban

A parody song, of course. Sung to the tune of Send in the Clowns.

Send in the Drones

Isn't it rich?
Are we a pair?
The Tal dug in on the ground,
While our drones seek them out from the air
Send in the drones

Isn't it bliss?
ACLU don't approve
Some Hell Fires tearing around,
Tal’s frozen with fear they can't move
Where are the drones?
Send in the drones

For a moment it stopped
And they closed their front doors,
Believing that it was over,
And there would be no more
Hell Fires make an entrance again… with their usual flair,
Confirmed is the strike,
Tangos vaporized... no one left there

Don't you love fire?
Because that’s what they fear
If they would just play nice
We wouldn’t have to pack all that ordnance so deep in their rears
But where are the drones?
Quick, send in the drones
Don't bother, they're here

Isn't it a bitch?
Isn't it queer,
They thought Obie was their pal
And then out of the blue they got smeared?
And where are the drones?
There ought to be drones
Don't look now...they’re already here

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