Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Warning to Would Be Terrorists Foreign or Domestic

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There has been talk in the media recently about the possible threat of Mumbai type attacks happening here in America. There are plenty of Americans that are current and former Military, as well as a number of Americans who have trained in combat arts for most of their life, and let's not forget all the Americans who live in the mountains and outlying country areas, where "one shot one kill" could be the difference between dinner on the table or their family going hungry. All of the people named above would be more than happy to help any terrorist that openly attacks Americans take an instant dirt nap if that is what is needed. Americans cherish our way of life, so keep kicking the American dog fools, and see how fast you end up at room temperature. Once the Dogs of War are unleashed on the scale that will happen if we are under attack here, there will be no calling them back.

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