Monday, March 7, 2011

WikiLeaks exposes true origins of Mexican cartels' weaponry

All the time while Obie and Hillary were going blah blah blah about how 90% of all the guns used in Mexican crime originated from American Gun Stores...

WikiLeaks exposes true origins of Mexican cartels' weaponry (Hint: It's not due to the "mythical" gun show loophole)


According to State Department cables, the Mexican drug cartels are getting their weaponry from an international operation, with the cartels getting military weapons through various government channels. Some of those weapons did, in fact, come from the United States, but they weren't the result of the "gun show loophole" straw-man purchases or any of the other individual criminal acts anti-gun groups would have you believe.

Large quantities of those US weapons -everything from rifles to machine guns, grenade launchers, explosives and ammunition, came from purchases by the government of Mexico from the United States. As the underpaid, undermanned and undermined soldiers of the Mexican army skipped out on the military to put their training to work for the cartels, they took their issued-arms with them.

Others come from weapon buys from guerilla groups in South and Central America that are then smuggled into the country.

Do you mean that Obie and Hillary were knowingly lying to the American public parroting a provable untruth in order to implement tighter gun controls on law abiding American citizens???

Say it isn't so.

Now take a gander at this insanity from the liberal gun grabbing left. It appears that the facts don't fit the narrative, so they will keep using the lie to forge forward on their crusade to eliminate guns in spite of the facts

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