Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Now That Zimmerman Has Been Arrested, and Holder Has Praised 'big Al' Sharpton…

…what about those ‘panthers’ Eric?

And Gun Shy is not referring to the world wildlife federation protection of panthers if you happen to be reading Eric.

Gun Shy finds it ironic that the guy who is praising Al Sharpton, is the same guy who has obstructed the gun walker investigation at every turn since the beginning, and is still doing so. I guess the message is that it is okay for brown people and U.S. Border Agents to be murdered with guns that were allowed to be illegally transported across the border into Mexico with this administrations apparent blessing. It appears that hispanics only matter to this administration if they can cast a vote for them at election time.

Anyhow, the unrest in Sanford, the state of Florida, and the nation has gotten a reprieve for now, but if the court finds Zimmerman not guilty, the situation will most likely revert back to square one.

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