Monday, April 30, 2012

One Arm Chair Commander Praises Another Arm Chair Commander

Even the liberals are tired of Obama spiking the Bin Laden football

Bill ‘Bubba’ Clinton has been in the news for praising the ‘gutsy call’ that Obama made on the Bin Laden raid. If Gun Shy were working as a reporter for the mainstream media (fat frreakin chance) I think I would be asking Obie’s newest cheerleader just what the hell happened in Mogadishu Somalia in 1993, when the Clinton administration refused to listen to the commanders on the ground, and failed to commit the needed assets for the operation. I would also ask Mr. Clinton why later he didn’t have the guts to intercede in Rwanda where millions of men, women, and children died due to non action by his administration. This would highlight just how much his opinion means when it comes to greatness in relation to military decision making. For the readers who don’t know, Bill Clinton did spend a little time in ‘uniform’, and you can view a picture of him all spiffed up and all ready for inspection by clicking here.

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