Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Got Banned From a Forum Tonight

Gun Shy never joins gun/self defense forums, because most of the discussion typically is a waste of time in my opinion. Gun Shy isn’t interested in the latest mall ninja tactics, or what the latest accessory for your shiny new jedi gun is, which sadly are usually the topics on many of the pseudo tactical blogs and forums, but I figured I would give it a try as this forum had a members only section on terrorism, and there seemed to be a few interesting members posting in other areas. As the readers are aware, I do not host ads on my blog, nor do I sell anything, because the crux of the matter in my mind is discussion and exchanging ideas, which is and will always be a free service on this ad free blog. Because of this, other blogs have intentionally linked to this blog on numerous occasions, (I am thankful for the thousands of readers they have directed my way) and I have linked to theirs as well, which has facilitated an exchange of information between us and the readers. Anyhow, I posted a couple of links on the forum I joined to some commentaries on my blog which can be viewed here and also here on the topics of terrorism that I thought the members might be interested in, and the moderator immediately took offense initially accusing me of guerrilla marketing aka 'driving traffic to my blog'. I explained to the moderator that I had nothing to sell, and I thought I had straightened this out through dialog with him, and then the owner attempted to rudely mock me on one of the threads I started. Since Gun Shy is a not a fan of cyber bullies, and a firm believer in confronting and resolving, I contacted the owner by PM and told him that quite honestly I expected better of him...and as I was in the process of removing my profile with plans of leaving the forum, they banned me which GREATLY hurt my feelings ;) ….ok...I am over it…this should make for a funny story when I tell the fellas about it tomorrow. (you joined what??? WTF??)

P.S. If the blog owner or moderator is reading this, just for laughs I checked my stats, and your 'incredibly active forum' with thousands of members sent me a grand total of...are you ready for this...fifty views. WOW..THANKS GUYS!!! I'm going to Disney Land. :)


Unknown said...

I like to join those forums. Practically everyone you meet has a sniper rifle capable of 1 MOA at 400 yds, special forces and or operator experience, and knows at least 3 martial arts forms including Krav Maga, because as Archer says "Judo is the Dane Cook of the martial arts world." I learn something new there everyday.

Gun Shy Tourist said...

Yes Craig, I agree. I have often wondered why the military sends Tier 1 and 2 operators through thirty months or so of schooling and training costing millions of dollars, when all one has to do to be just as 'qualified', is join some forums and take a few $350.00 'tactical' courses. ;)