Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gun Shy Tourist Gets Candid (part 2)

I have never been able to figure out the logic put forth by many, that if someone wants to take your possessions that they have absolutely no right to, that you should allow them to do so because after all, it is only stuff and it can be replaced. First of all, you are giving them positive reinforcement for performing a negative action, so that they will go on and do this to another person. Second it is not just stuff, because those possessions represent a part of your life that they are stealing. If you break it down, you as a hard working American spend at least eight hours a day five days a week earning a living. That living is used to purchase your belongings. If you further analyze this, it is one third of your day five days a week, which is part of your life that once it is gone that you can not reclaim it, that you are giving up in exchange for your stuff. If you view it with this mindset, when they attempt to steal your possessions or money that you have worked to earn, they are actually stealing part of your life in theory. Now to further this insult, while you are at work in an honest venture giving up part of your life, they are at home sleeping late and enjoying themselves living their life, drinking, partying, etc waiting for you to get stuff that they can take and then turn around and sell it for a fraction of what you paid for it, further devaluating the part of your life that you expended to acquire those possessions. So the next time someone tells you that it is only stuff and it can be replaced, be reminded that it is part of your life that will be expended yet a second time to replace it. I am a firm believer that Americans need to lose the victim mentality, and deal with this situation that is plaguing America head on, and in unity. In the end, you will either be a victim or a victor, but don’t wait till you are in the heat of the battle to try and decide which one you are, because fear will paralyze you, and indecision could get you killed.

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