Saturday, May 21, 2011

This is an Interesting Situation That Should be Followed

Diversity is strength alert! Massive drug bust involving Somalis/Yemenis


Eighteen US citizens or legal permanent residents of Somali and Yemeni origin have been arrested according to a press release from the US Attorney’s Office, Eastern Division of Virginia, for an international conspiracy to transport the illegal drug, khat, into the United States and to distribute it to at least 15 states.

Back in the hey day of powdered cocaine, people used to jokingly call it peruvian marching powder, because it was rumored that early Peruvian warriors would use it to deaden them to the pain of battle, which made them harder to stop. Hitler's SS had methamphetamine to assist them. Khat is the Somali/Yemeni version of an addictive drug that assists them to fight fiercely in battle, and that was demonstrated to American troops in Mogadishu during the Black Hawk down incident. US military leaders were amazed by the endurance of Somali militiamen who fought on for days boosted by khat.

More reading about khat here.

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