Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What the Media Didn't Tell Us...

...and it seems like a whole lotta stuff.

Dry Runs Continue, But Does Anybody Care?


So how, despite a massive transportation and homeland-security apparatus, did al-Murisi get into this country and get on a plane? He had no keys, no luggage, $47 cash, two curious posted checks totaling $13,000, and a trove of expired and current state IDs from New York and California — where relatives said he had not notified them that he was coming. He is young, male, brought no family with him, had no job or other discernible income, and hails from the terror-coddling nation of Yemen.

Yeah Janet...inquiring minds want to know. How did he?

I know...nothing to see here.

You and your security theater baby diaper searching make grandma take off her shoes child fondling organization are a disgrace Janet Napolitano.

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