Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Seize His Assets Revoke His Citizenship and Send Him Over to the Hell Hole Where His Jihadi Buddies Are...

...and maybe he might just catch a drone strike.

Federal agents charge Ashland man with targeting Pentagon, Capitol with aerial explosives


Rezwan Ferdaus, a US citizen, was also charged with attempting to provide material support and resources to a foreign terrorist organization, specifically to al-Qaida, in order to carry out attacks on US soldiers stationed overseas, the US attorney’s office said in a statement.


So just how long was this Rezwan a US citizen?

Also did you see this politically correct disclaimer?

She added, “I want the public to understand that Mr. Ferdaus’ conduct, as alleged in the complaint, is not reflective of a particular culture, community or religion.

Now read this excerpt from this article:

"Ferdaus envisioned causing a large 'psychological' impact by killing Americans, including women and children, who he referred to as 'enemies of Allah,'" the DOJ's statement said. "According to the affidavit, Ferdaus' desire to attack the United States is so strong that he confided, 'I just can't stop; there is no other choice for me.'"

Only in Massachusetts...

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