Wednesday, September 28, 2011


In concealed carry licenses in the nation. Not only that, we are allowed to carry an expandable baton and other weapons, which you can not do with a CCW in other states.

How Many Concealed Carry Licenses Are There?


Florida: 8/31/2011: 845,828 ordinary folks and 525 for judges

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Graybeard said...

A more entertaining number - and a better one to throw at anti-gun zealots who think CFL holders are crazies planning a mass murder - is the number of licenses revoked because of improper use of their gun.

The state says that out of 2,031,106 permits issued, a mere 5702 (0.28%) were revoked because of a crime committed after licensure, and of those, only 168 involved use of a gun. That's .0083%.

It seems to me you couldn't find a better group to be surrounded by.