Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Does Anyone Really Believe This Bull$hit??

Barack Obama ordered assault team be large enough to fight its way out of Pakistan if necessary, newspaper reveals


The strained US-Pakistan relationship has come under further pressure after it emerged that the assault team which killed Osama bin Laden was prepared to fight its way out of Pakistan if necessary.

President Barack Obama ordered two helicopter-borne backup squads to shadow the main US attack force in case it came under fire from Pakistani security forces as it stormed Bin Laden's house.

President Obama ordered what? Are you $hittin me?? Is this UK newspaper now getting it’s feed from the associated press? The only thing he likely ordered was what cold drink he wanted while viewing the video feed from the air conditioned situation room.

Let Gun Shy give you his opinion of how this most likely went down. Our genius military strategists at JSOC, who run these highly skilled Tier One Teams came up with a plan that we will call "A". Then they came up with plan B, plan C, plan D, etc, until they had an adequate number of contingencies in place in the event of mechanical failure, communications problems, or other unexpected 'interruptions' that might occur.

This well designed plan of action was then presented to Mr Obama, which was probably so overwhelming to him that he didn't know whether to crap or wind his wrist watch. He then sat on it for sixteen hours hoping that it might go away, and then finally feeling the intense pressure he signed off on it...end of story.

I am wondering who is trying to paint Mr Obama as some kind of gutsy military strategist. He was not a West Point graduate, has no experience in the field, and as far as I know, he wasn’t even a Boy Scout...

...unless maybe they taught that at community organizer seminars.


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