Sunday, May 8, 2011

Can Anyone Really be This Deluded and Clueless?

MCQ did a great job tearing this utter rubbish apart, but Gun Shy just wanted to add a few more points.

Wendy Chamberlain – Obama was just as courageous as the SEALs


But he made that decision to go without telling Pakistan and that took some real courage, as much courage as our Navy SEALs did in pulling off a near flawless operation.

Let me clue you in a bit Wendy. Elite Warriors such as SEAL Team 6, Delta, as well as other SF teams, Rangers, etc don't need to ask for permission to go anywhere if a nation is harboring a criminal terrorist that has killed thousands of innocent Americans. That is something that empty suit politicians who are worried about the other countries sensitivities do. American Warriors just put on their kit, and then meticulously follow the plan to achieve the objective while destroying $hit and killing people that they are there to target with no apology.

The only skin Obama had in the game as he watched a video feed from a comfortable air conditioned room with cold drinks, was if the mission was unsuccessful, he might catch some flak for it from the public. As far as inflamed Pakistani's goes, they would just need to be told to shut up and take their billion dollar welfare check. Let's not cheapen what JSOC and a bunch of rough men did on May second by comparing Obama's so called bravery to these Warriors lifetime of dedication in defending this nation.

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