Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Film at Eleven?


President Obama was watching on a TV screen as a commando gunned down Osama Bin Laden.

Via a video camera fixed to the helmet of a U.S. Navy Seal, the leader of the free world saw the terror chief shot in the left eye.

President Barack Obama and Pentagon officials watched the Pakistan-time midnight raid with “real-time visibility” back in Washington.

The footage of the battle in Bin Laden’s Pakistani hideout – relayed to the White House by satellite – was initially said to show one of his wives acting as a human shield to protect him as he blasted away with an AK47 assault rifle.

However later a White House official said those reports were wrong, and the woman who died with three other men, including one of Bin Laden's sons, was not the terrorist's wife.

According to this Australian report, there is a helmet cam video of the operation. This should be proof positive that this was Bin Laden with a before and after head shot. They need to release this segment of the video. Click here to read the rest of the report.

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