Friday, May 6, 2011

Here....Have a Seat

Retired Brit tourists fought off Somali pirates with deckchairs


We were on one of the upper decks but his rope was attached to one of the lower decks meaning he didn't have that far to climb to get on board.

'Luckily just as the pirate was nearing the lower deck level a chair thrown by a German passenger connected with him, sending him tumbling into the sea.'

Although the makeshift band of defenders had managed to repel the pirates initially, the furious Somalis made another attempt at boarding and opened fire on them.

John, a retired builder, said: 'They started to fire at us with their machine guns.

'They were still close to the ship at this point so they didn't have a great angle to hit us.

'I think they were trying to scare us off so they could try with another rope, but we stood our ground and continued throwing things at the boat.

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