Friday, October 21, 2011

Gun Shy Loves the Asians!

I was at a Chinese buffet today, and it reminded me of how hard working and focused the Asian people are. In my early life, I was fortunate to have an Asian mentor who I lived with for a time, who shared his in depth knowledge of combat arts with me. He taught me a lot about focus and discipline within the structure of the systems that he had mastered throughout his life. Coming from a military family, and having a dad who was an exemplary warrior in his own right, I had already been given a good foundation in which to build on at an early age. As I moved on in life's travels, I studied with other Asians from different countries, in an attempt to diversify my warrior portfolio. In hindsight, I guess Gun Shy owes a debt of gratitude to the Chinese, Filipinos, Koreans, Okinawans, and Thai, as well as the Japanese, because they shared knowledge with me that was later demonstrated to be of great value. Throughout my life, it has been my experience that Asians are humble people of honor, and also trusted loyal friends. As the readers have probably surmised, Asians for the most part, have the Gun Shy welcome to America seal of approval.

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