Friday, October 7, 2011

Why Gun Shy Doesn't Step Foot Into Massachusetts

It is primarily because the state is run by liberal gun hating self defense denying a$$holes, much like it's sister states of New York and New Jersey. There are some great people in those states, and many of them are leaving in droves and heading south. I refuse to spend any money in those states, and wouldn't give them the distinction of even farting in their general direction. On the suck scale of 100% they are at 150% and increasing on a daily basis.

Read the article below about a young man who served his country with honor and distinction, only to be treated like a low life criminal by the useless political and legal douche-bags of Massachusetts.

Calvary Scout Jamie J. Kiklis & the Need for National Right‑to‑Carry Reciprocity

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Graybeard said...

Back when the national reciprocal concealed carry bill was being considered, I wrote Senator Bill Nelson to ask him to vote our way.

When he didn't I sent him a scathing email, telling him how disappointed I am in him for being so stupid. He said something about "preserving states' rights", as a reflex response, I think. We need to get rid of him, big time.

There was a story online some time ago, about someone in Massachusetts walking off a range with an ejected (therefore empty) .22LR shell caught in his boot tread. That would have been considered a felony there.