Sunday, October 23, 2011

More New York Trash on O-Town Streets

A large part of the crime problem in Orlando is transplants from places like New York and Chicago, which by the way, are gun free zones. I guess their growing up in those supposedly 'safe' places did not remove their pre-disposition for evil.

Police arrest second suspect in downtown Orlando murder


A second suspect was arrested Friday night in September's random shooting death of Victoria Straughter in downtown Orlando. 19-year-old Jonathan Garcia was arrested Friday night and charged with accessory to first degree murder and false reports to law enforcement. Sources tell WFTV Garcia knew what happened that night and lied to investigators to cover up the truth.
Garcia was with Ruben Rodriguez last month when he allegedly shot and killed Straughter as she drove along Garland Avenue with her nephew early in the morning. Police say nearby surveillance cameras caught the men walking on Church Street just minutes before the shooting...

...Rodriguez was arrested two weeks ago near Buffalo, N.Y. Sources told WFTV Garcia helped him get out of Florida and the two even made calls back and forth when Rodriguez made it home to New York.

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