Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Can Only Imagine How Many are Slated For Here

200 suicide bombers 'planning attacks in UK'- At least 200 potential terrorists are actively planning suicide attacks while living freely in Britain, intelligence chiefs have warned ministers.


A senior intelligence source has revealed that the figure is a "conservative" estimate of the threat facing the country from UK-based Islamist suicide bombers.

The would-be killers are among 2,000 extremists who the security services have said are based in Britain and actively planning terrorist activity of some kind.

It should be noted that there is one little difference between the UK and America. WERE ARMED!

Brits on the other hand have been disarmed by their clueless liberal left wing government. In the end, the citizens allowed it. I spoke with one Brit living here in the states, who emphatically stated that America should do the same....TWIT.

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