Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Feral New York City Cops

For the good officers who enforce AND obey the law, and uphold the Constitution as well as their oath, hats off.

To the feral cops who break the law they are sworn to enforce...f' off.

8 Officers Charged With Gun Trafficking in U.S. Corruption Case


Eight current and former New York Police Department officers were arrested early Tuesday on federal charges including gun trafficking and conspiracy to smuggle cigarettes, according to people briefed on the case.

The charges allege that the officers — five are still on the force and three are retired — were involved in illegally transporting more than a dozen handguns as well as M-16 assault rifles and shotguns and a variety of stolen property, the people briefed on the case said. The officers, along with a former New Jersey correction officer and three civilians, were arrested at their homes before sunrise by agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and investigators from the Police Department’s Internal Affairs Bureau, the people said.

The gun-trafficking allegations strike at the heart of one of the New York Police Department’s most hard-fought and robust initiatives, and one that has been a central theme of the administration of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg: getting guns off the street of New York City.

Well, in my opinion, Bloomberg is working hard to disarm law abiding citizens. Gun Shy would love to know if any of these guys were on Bloomberg's taxpayer funded 24 hr. security detail.

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