Sunday, October 16, 2011

Trust Fund Babies With 'Hope and Change' Wet Brain

First of all, watch this video.

News flash Jr. You more than likely voted for the hope and change, and like a drunk who has pickled their brain due to years of abuse, have sucked down gallons of the Obama Kool Aid which has given you residual soggy logic. In other words, you voted for a fat cat who courts corporate greed, the same greed that you are supposedly protesting against. Don’t believe me? Check out these videos.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

It's time to face the facts kiddies. You all have been lied to and bent over and used like a cheap whore by the most transparent administration ever, and now they are trying to manipulate your emotions yet again through their winking pseudo solidarity to try and get your vote again in the 2012 election. The greatest con man of all time, has successfully whipped you into an emotional hope and change frenzy that has absolutely no truth or substance upon close examination. Keep on drinking the kool aid kiddies, because eventually you too will sell out once you are done with your expensive liberal logic numbing Ivy League college education that mommy and daddy paid for, when you get tired of playing hippy dress up, and when the reality sinks in of what it is going to take to get that Beamer, Merc, or Lambo, the luxury SUV, and the house in the Hamptons and all of the other creature comforts that mommy and daddy afforded you during your pampered, privileged childhood.

Gun Shy firmly believes that you and your leaders are the worst kind of selfish self serving hypocrites walking the face of this earth.

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