Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Converting Useless Trash to Shooty Treasure (Jim Carrey photo)

Hah!… Gun Rights Supporter Sells Jim Carrey Photo on eBay So He Can Buy Glock

Gun Shy's opinion of Jim Carrey, is that if the Canadian transplant who has enjoyed the American lifestyle and the ca$h he has gleaned from American wallets isn't happy with our freedoms, then he should move back to his native gun free Canada where he and his family will be safer statistically... because they count homicides by the number of incidents, and not the number of victims involved, and where the majority of the gun crimes are perpetrated with unregistered weapons, even though Canada has some of the strictest gun laws anywhere.

In Mr Carreys case, art imitates life ie liar liar /dumb and dumber. Maybe he and Piers Morgan can go on a gun hating tour across America together.

Hopefully the man selling the photo will yield a windfall from an obsessed (hopefully liberal) Jim Carrey fan, so he will have some additional money to by an AR15, a few extra 30 round mags, and a couple thousand rounds of ammo.

And Jim, if you happen to be reading this, snack on that...ya freakin' hoser!

To see a real Canadian hero, click here.

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Click here to get your fill of how Canadian gun laws 'work', and see how this could be the model here if the gun grabbing politicians have their way.

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