Sunday, March 31, 2013

Obama and Friends Attempt to Ban Guns Anyway They Can

Obama's new slogan should be "Let the Constitution be damned!"

U.S. Reverses Position on U.N. Arms Treaty


“This abrupt about-face on the long-standing United States requirement for ‘consensus’ illustrates that the Obama Administration wants a sweeping U.N. arms control treaty,” said Lawrence Keane, NSSF senior vice president and general counsel. “We are troubled by the timing of the Obama Administration’s decision to abandon consensus on the eve of the Senate debate on pending gun control measures. The United Nations treaty would have a broad impact on the U.S. firearms industry and its base of consumers in the U.S.” Industry analysts have identified three major areas of concern with the treaty text. The treaty clearly covers trade in civilian firearms, not just military arms and equipment. It will have a major impact on the importation of firearms to the United States, which is a substantial source for the consumer market. And it will impose new regulations on the “transit” of firearms, the term defined so broadly that it would cover all everything from container ships stopping at ports to individuals who are traveling internationally with a single firearm for hunting or other sporting purposes. “We hope that the Members of the U.S. Senate are closely watching the White House abandon its principles and promises in the rush to ramrod this flawed treaty into effect. Not only will they later be asked to ratify this attack on our constitution and sovereignty, but they will also be lavished with new promises from the administration in its drive to push a broad gun control agenda through the U.S. Senate when it returns from recess. They would be right to question those promises strongly,” concluded Keane.

If you also read this commentary, you can start to get the picture  that Obama and his cronies will stop at nothing, which poses the question, what are they afraid of? The readers must be wondering if all of this just a coincidence:

Democrats Push Legislation to Remove Sheriffs Who Refuse to Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Laws

SHOCK VIDEO: St. Louis Gun Control Activists Call For Turning US Rights & Sovereignty Over to United Nations

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ocopek said...

Go to this document and scroll down to the section "at the national level" and read what the UN wants the US to do.