Wednesday, March 13, 2013

We Forgive You Lance...Bill...You're Still an Arrogant Douchebag

Frankly, we don't care about your steroids Lance, because at least, you did not have sexual relations with that woman. Bill on the other hand, with his '94 AWB, restricting Chinese gun, magazine, and ammunition imports, all the idiots that he groomed in his cabinet that are now in the current administration, while still trying to shoot his mouth off...naw.

Lance Armstrong: People will forgive me like they did Bill Clinton


ocopek said...

My opinion is that Lance is a POS. He not only lied, but he took advantage of our patriotism to support him when he said he was being unfairly attacked by the French because he was American.
He also gained our sympathy for his recovery from cancer. He lied in order to build a huge charity. Some may say he has done a lot for cancer research but I say he has just dashed the hopes of those suffering from cancer. Those who believed him when he said they can beat cancer now wonder if that is just another lie. I am a cyclist. I believed and supported him, but not anymore.

Gun Shy Tourist said...

I get what you are saying Oc, and I really don't know all the facts about Lance. I was just trying slide by Lance to get to the commentary on the other guy.