Thursday, March 14, 2013

Now Gun Shy Understands Why They Need to Disarm EVERYONE in New York

Top Photo:
From the 'don't look now, but your EOTech is on backwards' file, that guy is fixin to have a surprise if he has to use his rifle. No wonder they are afraid of anyone owning guns. Also check out the trigger indexing on guy with the shotgun. I guess he was absent for the four rules segment of the lecture. In the bottom photo, someone must have trained ALL of them that common vehicle glass offers good cover from a rifle pistol, or shotgun round. BTW, these pictures are from a SWAT standoff in Herkimer New York where Andrew Cuomo happened to be visiting at the time. Gun Shy wonders how Cuomo feels that his new gun laws are working.

On a positive note, at least New York state is consistent with New York City's standards.

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