Monday, March 18, 2013

Even Florida Newspapers Keep Propagating the Lie

 UCF death: Male commits suicide at dorm, police find guns, improvised explosive devices - All classes at UCF's main campus starting before 12 p.m. are cancelled.


In addition to the handgun, police also found an assault weapon and improvised explosive devices in the room, Heston said.

Gun Shy is curious to see just what this assault weapon and improvised explosive device are, and will be updating this commentary with some facts as soon as they are made public.


The gunman is identified as James Seevakumaran, a business major. The 30-year-old had not enrolled for the spring semester. Police said evidence found in the room showed it was a planned attack. He was found dead with a .22 rifle and .45 handgun nearby.

As of yet the so called 'explosives' have not been defined, but it was reported that they were rendered 'safe'

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