Saturday, March 2, 2013

Thank God Most People are Smart Enough Not to Take Joe Biden's Advice

Biden Advises Shooting Shotgun Through Door - Virginia Beach man charged for doing exactly that

If the gun grabbers ever got a clue about the power that can be unleashed from a fighting shotgun which holds multiple rounds (more than two), they would become overwhelmed with pants $hittin hysterics, and push to ban them too. The logic is very simple, and Gun Shy is thankful that the BITTER GRABBERS know absolutely nothing about firearms, ballistics, or features and function,  therefore all they can do is look at pictures in gun magazines and decide what is evil, and then embarrass themselves when they present their expert findings to the gun knowledgeable public. Here is the simple easy to follow breakdown. At close range where velocity is not as critical, you can choose an AR15 with a 30 round 'high capacity' magazine of 22+ caliber 55 grain projectiles, or you can use a shotgun with eight rounds of 15 pellet double ought which are 33 caliber and roughly the same weight in grains. In the summation, it ends up being 30 smaller caliber projectiles vs 120 larger caliber projectiles. Even with a shotgun that is limited to five shells, you still have 75 projectiles. The AR15 is a 'surgical' tool and the shotgun is more of a brute force tool in some ways, but when it comes to inflicting injury and or death, they both are capable of doing the job quite effectively in the right hands at close range, with the AR being better for distance shooting. In the end, the Bitter Grabbers want to ban all firearms anyways, so we should let them stay in the dark a bit longer, while they smugly cling  to their double barreled shotgun ultimate defense fantasy.


Oops...Gun Shy spoke too soon. The Bitter Grabbers in Colorado is already wringing their hands.

Popular Standard Shotgun Could Be Banned Under Proposed Bill


This video proves Gun Shy's point.

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