Friday, May 13, 2011

Gun Shy Didn't Even Get Nominated

Maybe it's because they think my blog sucks, maybe I didn't fit into one of their categories, or it maybe it could be possibly related to the fact that I run absolutely NO ads on the blog, because I refuse to have the readers accosted by advertisers every time they visit the blog. I really dunno why, and my sensitive feelings were hurt for a split nano-second or so, but I am over it already. The great e-mails that I get from the readers are the only reward that I need. The blog will continue to be an ad free zone, because nothing piSSes Gun Shy off more than all those freakin ads and pop ups.

The contest has a lot of great blogs listed in the various categories, so go over and vote for one of them in each category.


At least the gunbloggers recognized me as being a gun blogger. They are carrying my commentaries over there. I recommend all the readers going over there, because they are a major clearing house for all the gun bloggers on the net.

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