Friday, May 13, 2011

How Many Fairy Tales Have We Been Told?

Considering all of the many conflicting reports in reference to the official Bin Laden story, maybe Americans should start examining with closer scrutiny if this is the SOP of the government talking heads who are supposed to be keeping the American public informed with real substantiated facts, instead of some feel good fantasy that they make up as they go along. If we review the recent project gun walker scandal and the cloud of suspicion surrounding the current ‘most transparent’ administration and their involvement, as well as the Pat Tillman incident, the Jessica Lynch Incident, the Ruby Ridge incident, the Waco incident, and so many more, it appears that the powers to be, whether democrat or republican just can’t get the facts straight when it comes to truthful, factual reporting. It is time for the American people to start demanding a higher standard of accuracy in reporting what really happened.

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